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  1. i have no real hard evidence to back this up besides a bunch of players saying this over the years, but apparently DE doesnt check these forums very often for fan ideas like this, which i s a shame because im in love with this idea. i recommend and am basically begging you to repost this on the warframe reddit. i know that DE staff rolls through there often, and imho, this idea is brilliant.
  2. this is a really fantastic question, and honestly im surprised no ones jumped in to help you out with this. considering that you started playing at week 2 of this nightwave, welcome to the fun. theres a TON to discover from hidden kurias to secret rooms to random other things, so i really hope this game gives you nothing but fun. that being said, theres som stuff that the nightwave cred store has that are kind of necessary. i'll just start giving my opinion. so, on the question of whats necessary, i think youve pretty much got the top one. Vauban. hes fun, but hes kind of niche. you can build hiim for trolling or fer legitimite gameplay, i hope you like him. i dont know about anyone else, but im personally surprised that someone new to the game saw nitain extract and thought it worth buying. dont get me wrong, it absolutely is with all that requires it, im just saying im surprised you caught that so quick. nicely done. this is really where i might say something others might disagree with, and thats fine. i dont know if you really >need< any more auras than the three most common as far as i know. corrosive projection (which you were clearly observant enough to already get), Energy Siphon makes life a little bit easier, and then the melee one... whatever that ones called. if i rememeber correctly, that one has the highest capacity boost. whereas everything else gives 14 if matching the polarity of the aura slot, i think the melee damage one gives you 18. its kind of nice, and i know a lot of newer players tend to melee spam a lot more than gunplay, so that might be a thing youre into. After all that, the only thing i would have to say is the Potato hoarding. grabbing as many Orokin Catalysts and Reactors as you can will definitely be something that will make life easier for you, especially having started playing so recently. sorry for the wall of text, i hope this helped. and again, Welcome to warframe.
  3. So, let me start by saying im not sure if this is an intentional oversite or a bug or just accidentally not implemented, but i thought it worth mentioning. During the dog days event, myself and another clanmate decided to farm up a couple of the floof balls; a decoration with both collision and physics features... thats unique on its own without even considering that its from a limited time event. it got us thinking about what else we could do with them besides just letting our pets play with them. what we came up with was this https://imgur.com/a/nSuXncL a dojo soccer pitch, complete with goals and our own clan rules. it was a fantastic idea until... you cant donate the floof balls from the event to the dojo. its not that i mind that my work was to waste, but this seemed really just strange. i thought id bring it up as feedback, and like i said, not really sure if this was a buf or just an oversight, but it seems like a really simple fix to add the floof ball to the list of donatable decorations to the dojo. thought i ought to bring it up
  4. Omni Voice, without a question. i dont know why, but his skits get me. second would be this youtuber that i found once. two, VERY long words was his name. a lot of C's and Z'x and a bunch of Y's... i couldnt make a guess as to what it was if i tried. all i remember from one of his videos was a cursed ayatan statue formation on the cieling of his orbiter that played the soviet national anthem. i really wish i could remember their channel name... i only found it once. -edit- NEVERMIND I FOUND THE CHANNEL! his youtube channel name is "Szczebrzeszyniarz Brzeczyszczyczmoszyski" never in a million years would i remember that name, but the content is imho gold.
  5. so, first and foremost, the kavat gene code drop rate is ridiculous, and definitely needs to be changed imho. the -only- way that i could do the grind and not feel cheated was to use the synthesis scanner with the widget that has a chance for a double scan, plus a double pickups booster, on a double resource weekend. one genetic code, if the widget procced, gave me something like 8 gene codes, and as unncessary as this whole system sounds, it was really the only way i could be convinced to do the grind with how abysmal the drop rates are.
  6. i dont know if anyone has posted this suggestion, there are 8 pages of replies, but just a though: after someone hits rank thirty with the nightwave rewards and prestiges(?) for lack of a better word, i feel like an option should open up in the rewards offerings to purchase a wolf spawn beacon for like 150 wolf creds. at that point, clearly youre a dedicated player, and have put in a ton of time. it would still take an exorbitant amount of effort to get the beacon, but it would gove players extra incentive to actually keep going with it. if what youre aiming for with this nightwave system is increased player attentiveness and gameplay time, that would certainly do it for a lot of us. just a thought.
  7. banned for posting on a thread thats been active for 6 years now
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