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  1. @[DE]Tweep, any updates on this? It's been over a month already and it's still unclear whether Stasis not being capable of pausing status duration is intentional or not. Limbo still even has that specific tip in-game.
  2. @[DE]Tweep Thank you for replying. The changes are working as intended. What I would like to be clarified though is this particular change: Limbo wasn't mentioned anywhere in the post but I still assumed it was gonna be affected by the changes because his Stasis ability behaved similarly (just without the "Frozen" status effect that I mentioned above). And just as I expected, it got changed along with the rest to no longer having the ability to pause status duration when the Saint of Altra update dropped. If it's no longer intended to be able to pause status duration, I hope it gets reconsidered and be brought back exclusively for him. @(PS4)Ozymandias-13- You're right. It's intended. Or was. I just checked in-game and found this:
  3. @(PS4)Ozymandias-13- Yep. It no longer pauses the duration of status effects post-Saint of Altra update. It could've been affected by the change because of how status duration used to work. Status duration, according to the Wikia, is tied with enemy movement speed i.e. the slower they are, the longer the duration (the linked post mentioned Cold procs which used to behave accordingly), and with abilities that can stop enemy movement entirely, status duration is halted. What separates Stasis from any other ability is that it doesn't have that "Frozen" status effect that Petrify and the like share so it still allowed new instances of status effects to be inflicted to enemies in Stasis. What they probably did is a catch-all solution of no longer tying status duration with enemy movement and letting it expire normally under any circumstance.
  4. Regarding the recent change on how frozen enemies receive status effects now: Cold Status Effects & how they block new Status Effects. Coming Changes., the duration of status effects can no longer be paused which is a reasonable trade-off given how much of a buff the change is in effect. However, when it comes to Limbo, there's a particular niche geared towards survivability as demonstrated here (which is something other frames affected by the change don't have problems with i.e. Avalanche Frost, Gara, Atlas): https://www.youtube.com/embed/E_wbXR1O5Jc?start=832&end=891 Granted, it may be too much work for an arguably minor detail and his survivability already relies on his manipulation of the Rift to avoid getting damaged but I believe other ways of playing him should stay in order to promote build diversity. EDIT: Just saw this in-game today.
  5. @[DE]Rebecca This is a gamechanger, thank you! Can Limbo keep this one though: It's a niche he has with status effects lasting indefinitely under Stasis. Helps boost his survivability since he's quite squishy and isn't like Frost (w/Icy Avalanche), Gara or Atlas. And lastly, kinda related, can Ash's clones stop preventing us from inflicting damage on the targets they're currently attacking. It just doesn't feel right when I shoot my Opticor and it deals no damage since my clone is attacking the enemy I'm shooting at.
  6. What exactly is being changed here? If this means removing the innate increase of the combo counter via attacks made by the clones, then it's already a major overhaul of the ability.
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