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  1. Kid, take the info and be happy. jeez you sound like me in the past... PS this is bait I know angel and he carries me at all times. because he is awesome
  2. So you adjust rivens based on how often its used... Why is it when baro brings ignis everyone and their dogs hop into hydron does that data play into your "adjustments" because its SUPER faulty on paper as is personally
  3. Hopefully the leaderboards can be reset. Just to make sure because its dumb in my opinion.
  4. So those people who got 60k on the leaderboard I am sure wasn't legit. sweet
  5. Agreed. I really dislike using a Dish satellite even if its good, closing in on 2 years and this has been requested yet not addressed as far as I am aware.
  6. I would like to see either the electric slide or running man.
  7. So we were kept in the dark for almost 2 whole months and don't even get Round 14 from back in September AND most of the new things added in hotfixes for Fortuna 2.... This is thee most inflated update to date. No offense but to be honest I would have preferred waiting longer to get EVERYTHING. But to everyone else enjoy the update I guess.
  8. I bet you will either be happy being new to warframe or experience everything it has to offer because it is just that good and enjoyable that you want improvements to it. I personally want to know if the 'inviting people to our ship' bug(s) will be addressed since the chimera update was introduced. so many people visited my ship only to tell me the door(s) are locked aka not opening and my operator floating without the transference station
  9. When it drops I will be getting my Nef Anyo on and buying all the things, one question. I seen a comment on Youtube about purchased K-Drives not giving mastery? can anyone confirm? if not then I will just be happy at MR 26 with a speedy K-Drive asap. \m/-
  10. Yay... Glad to see my penta and akvasto get bumped but seriously the thought of a riven making bad weapons good really isn't worth the effort than just putting 2 or 3 forma on a "meta" weapon in my opinion conpared to 5 on kraken(pistol) knuckles. Just a cheap way of "improving" weapons just like raids... Oh wait Edit: typical DE for introducing a system left untouched for X amount of time only to wait until thee worst time to do this. Oh well glad I didn't spend more than 2k for most of these weapons even the 5k I wanted for my personal Sigma & Octantis riven since melee 3.0 will be going the way of the trials "return at a later date" :/
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