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  1. I would like to see either the electric slide or running man.
  2. So we were kept in the dark for almost 2 whole months and don't even get Round 14 from back in September AND most of the new things added in hotfixes for Fortuna 2.... This is thee most inflated update to date. No offense but to be honest I would have preferred waiting longer to get EVERYTHING. But to everyone else enjoy the update I guess.
  3. I bet you will either be happy being new to warframe or experience everything it has to offer because it is just that good and enjoyable that you want improvements to it. I personally want to know if the 'inviting people to our ship' bug(s) will be addressed since the chimera update was introduced. so many people visited my ship only to tell me the door(s) are locked aka not opening and my operator floating without the transference station
  4. When it drops I will be getting my Nef Anyo on and buying all the things, one question. I seen a comment on Youtube about purchased K-Drives not giving mastery? can anyone confirm? if not then I will just be happy at MR 26 with a speedy K-Drive asap. \m/-
  5. Yay... Glad to see my penta and akvasto get bumped but seriously the thought of a riven making bad weapons good really isn't worth the effort than just putting 2 or 3 forma on a "meta" weapon in my opinion conpared to 5 on kraken(pistol) knuckles. Just a cheap way of "improving" weapons just like raids... Oh wait Edit: typical DE for introducing a system left untouched for X amount of time only to wait until thee worst time to do this. Oh well glad I didn't spend more than 2k for most of these weapons even the 5k I wanted for my personal Sigma & Octantis riven since melee 3.0 will be going the way of the trials "return at a later date" :/
  6. Whatever happened to Melee 3.0? I thought I heard from the past 2 devstreams that is was almost done... seems like with everything else that is needed to be looked at is once again thrown on the back burner 😐
  7. Whatever happened with the lato vandal skin that made it look like a real pistol. or the shotgun pistol skin that made it look like a sawed off double barrel
  8. Awesome. Another incomplete tennogen round for consoles... Can't wait for 2019 to be 4 tennogen rounds behind. Or at least receive QoL updates. Connectivity errors? Console UI fixes? Etc
  9. Thank you so much!! Sorry I was so negative on the last two updates about tennogen round 13. this is honestly worth the wait and then some
  10. So nothing really changed besides the ability to choose Sigma on day 100? Nice
  11. So its about wanting more for less time? if we get one then cool... honestly I prefer DE focus on other aspects of the game than some weekend.
  12. So you just want more? almost like warframe is the grind so I doubt it will happen. look at the Tac Alert(s) I bet in 2 months we will get a special weekend of some sort. if its earlier then cool
  13. I would love to see that for the funzies. I don't know about a mode but how about just removing that riven challenge entirely
  14. Can we fix trade windows in this scenario? Person wants to buy Akstiletto Prime... I want the ability to put up 2 Akstiletto Receivers in that one window/box seeing as it takes 2 trades for the 2nd one to be technically wasted is beyond me. Akstiletto Prime Receiver x2 is much better in my opinion and two windows being slotted up.
  15. Who needs a double resource weekend when we get free boosters? especially recently with twich prime. just my personal thought
  16. I have two answers for what song have I listened to from start to finish. For warframe it was the Mortal Kombat Theme For a song not in game is Trivium-Down from the sky
  17. Awesome, can't wait for fortuna and be 5 tennogen rounds behind
  18. Why can't accessories have a primed noggle or something extra? I always asked "why don't the accesories have the primed glyph?" also the vala sugatra... I know its asking for a lot but can we get the sugatra seperately? Most of the people here have targis already and seeing a duplicate set will honestly make me very unhappy just like the helmets back when arcanes went on syandana's and helmets and surely I am not the only one who feels this way.
  19. The only thing I look forward to is tennogen, and I honestly would have preferred a delayed launch until after tennocon to bring it ALL and catch us up but nope... gotta keep the new players invested asap right?
  20. If I wanted the UI change... then I couldhave purchased a custom gaming rig but this just does not sit right with me personally hopefully a few fixes will make me enjoy it but I am not impressed. sorry
  21. Yay, I was considering picking up an Xbox One X later but seems I might have to push that forward.
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