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  1. What scenes come out of the Deimos rare containers? I don't see them on the official drop table. Edit: They're in the ingame capture selector; Deimos Cenote, Crypt, Depths, Forsaken, Heart, Membrane, and Verge scenes, which are also missing from the wiki. @[DE]Skree any chance we could get that container added to the official drop tables online?
  2. As much as I think the move needs explanation at least, and most likely a revert, there's no need to devbash. They're people too. They will make mistakes, and there's no need to attack them for it.
  3. It's also worth pointing out that the player may not have as much control on where shots are landing as they maybe should, given how badly Heavy Cal affects accuracy on the Ogris etc. I've had shots hit the floor in front of me while I was pointed forward, close enough to throw me back.
  4. If you ever need help finding where to farm things, this page is the official drops table, and has most of that information https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html Heading there shows me that zetki mk III drops from these missions: Calabash (Exterminate) and Numina, Lu-Yan (Volatile) in the Veil at 7.23% from mission completion Arc Silver (Defense) Rotation C at 17.14% Erato (Orphix) Rotation B at 13.64% As well as from these enemies: Elite Exo Outrider at 11.11% Vorac Weaver at 0.13% Given the above, I'd go hit up some hig
  5. What does people dying have to do with how easy his healing is to use? You turn it on, and it runs until you turn it off, get nullified, enter a reset zone, or run out of energy. You don't need to *do* anything to keep it running. That has nothing to do with how effective it is at keeping you alive; that falls under the purview of how powerful it is.
  6. Oberon's healing is passive. Harrow's relies on your ability to kill enemies despite your teammates. Obereon's abilities have short cast times, and long durations. He also only has 2 abilities that should be up at all times. Meanwhile, Harrow's abilities have long cast times, with shorter durations, you have to manage not 1, but 2 resource pools for casting, and have 3 buff timers to keep track of, plus headshots are important. Oberon's buffs and healing are set-and-forget for the most part. Harrow's are far more powerful, but require significant player input the whole time. Ha
  7. Also worth noting that the farthest back part of Oberon is in Veil Proxima, so it's very much not new-player accessible. This would be fine if it were a frame like Harrow that's highly technical and very powerful, but he's not. Oberon is one of the key early frames for new players, and is really important. If you really want to put a frame in Railjack, put Xaku in; they fits thematically, and they're a fairly technical frame with a high investment minimum that has no business being as early as Deimos.
  8. I'm one of only 2 in my clan of 24 who had a good enough railjack for Veil Proxima. Since this update dropped, 2 more are working on it, but I don't think any of them have noticed they need 100k+ endo to actually get their mods to good ranks for Veil. I suspect I won't be flying with my clan in Veil again. Apart from one (who's already stretched beyond reckoning for Endo and Credits) they're casual players, and 100k endo might literally take them more than a year, even if they didn't rank up any more mods. They don't care about Railjack that much, and I don't have the endo to spare to max thei
  9. Previously, maxing a top-tier Avionic and the grid it was on took about 5-10 missions in Veil; 4k for the avionic, 2k? for the slot, and each mission awarded an average of about 800 dirac (rewards were 1000 and 1200 iirc in Veil). Now it takes between 50 and 75 missions in the BEST CASE. This only gets worse as you go to lower level areas. On top of this, previously, Railjack didn't require the same resources as main development, so there was never any conflict, but now a player (with very limited endo and credits) must choose between the main game progression, and Railjack progression. Of
  10. Odd - I did my testing primarily in the Void. Maybe that's the issue?
  11. I tried this, and the 3 I tested it on all tracked me just fine regardless of when I went invis. and with or without movement while invisible.
  12. Update: Looks like All acolytes ignore invisibility. Please look at fixing this DE; this means stealth frames can't play steel path properly, especially since most stealth frames take a mobility hit for their stealth.
  13. Catchmoon is a kitgun part, and as such is available as both a primary and a secondary. If you're not using a primary made with it though, that is a bug.
  14. 403 Forbidden on those links You should probably describe what your issue is, and what Items it's effecting.
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