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  1. Not really. On PC it's very easy to get to intrinsics 7 without really playing, since at least one person per squad usually knows enough to get each item done. Heck, I've seen squads where one person does everything in every region including veil, while the other 3 just derp around not really contributing. While it's true that some are probably trolls, I have a hard time believing 2/3 of the players in Veil are trolls and not just uninformed, especially since once provided information, they will (usually) readily use it.
  2. I have found lately, that there's a lot of people in Veil Proxima who have no clue how to play railjack. People lacking basic understandings of how enemies work, hazards work, etc. After some thinking, I've decided the I think the most elegant solution is to add solar rails (Junctions) to the Proximas. The test could be directed by Cy (or no one at all, but Cy directing it adds character and lore), as it would be very in-character for him to watch out for his crew by making sure they're prepared to fight the enemies up ahead. Some general points of knowledge that I'd like to see people have by the time they get to the highest level place in Railjack: Abilities How they work How to equip them What they do Plexus Mods Where you get them (generally) How to equip them How they work (personal vs. squad-wide, etc) Auras Intrinsics Specialization Earning Points Combat Basics Lead Indicator Weapon Heat Missiles Lock-on time Crafting Advanced Combat Boarding Pods Minelayers Crewships Shields Shield Walls (on Corpus Crewships) Blowing up the reactor Using the Forward Artillery Healing Zones POI effects on the battlefield AI Crew This is quite a long list, and it can be difficult to figure it all out on your own. I expect some of this to be common sense and require simply directing people's attention (falloff), but some of it (healing zones) might need some explanation, and some should be tested. This is just a basic concept, but here's how I'd lay them out: All 5 Proxima Regions' Junctions would have 2 components: A stat requirement (i.e. Have intrinsics above 7 in one category and at least 4 T2 Components installed), and a Test consisting of a few consecutive modules (i.e. Kill a shielded corpus crewship). Lore-wise, these could be conducted in something akin to the (or inside the actual) simulacrum. Solo tests without AI crew (they would undermine the attempt to teach new skills), just your ship, plexus, and yourself. Potentially, there could be a way to ask Cy for direction on a specific requirement (How do I install a component? How do I spend Intrinsics?), as well as contextual in-test assistance: Shooting a crew ship with your guns for several seconds after it hits 0 hp? Maybe Cy should advise you to try the artillery or board it, depending on mission objective (and once you board it, be clear that the reactor is your target). Trying to down a minelayer with your guns alone? Might want to try missiles! Run out of dome charges? Time to craft more! Trying to shoot an enemy outside your falloff range? Cy should tell you to get closer! etc Tentative requirements: Earth Proxima -> Venus Proxima: Rank 1 in at least in 1 Intrinsic At least 1 non-default part in your Railjack At least 1 plexus mod Test: Kill 15 fighters (dealing with overheat) Kill a Minelayer (learning missiles) Kill a Grineer Crewship via boarding Venus Proxima -> Saturn Proxima: Rank 3 in at least 1 Intrinsic At least 4 T1 parts in your railjack Equip an Aura in your Plexus Test: Use an Ability (energy is provided by Cy, or commentary if using a non-standard frame such as Hildryn or Lavos) Repair a ship hazard Kill a Grineer Crewship via Forward Artillery (comments about the engines being weak points maybe?) Saturn Proxima -> Neptune Proxima: Rank 3 in at least 1 Intrinsic Rank 1 in all intrinsics At least 1 T2 part in your railjack Test: Use the forge to make more shells Kill a Corpus Crew Ship with FA Take out an inbound Boarding-pod Neptune Proxima -> Pluto Proxima: Rank 5 in at least 1 intrinsic At least 1 Passive mod, 1 Tactical Avionic, and 1 Battle Avionic equipped At least 4 T2 parts in your Railjack Test: Kill a shielded Corpus Crew Ship via boarding Do the inside part of a simple POI (with comments on the effect it has on the battlefield) Disable and enter a Corpus Galleon Pluto Proxima -> Veil Proxima: Rank 7 in at least 1 intrinsic At least 4 passive mods in your Plexus At least 1 T3 part in your Railjack Test: Kill 15 fighters in a healing field Kill a shielded Grineer Crewship Do the outside part of a simple POI (with comments on the effect it has on the battlefield) I think these might at least help with the number of T0 ships in Neptune+ proximas, as well as the number of players there who don't understand how to perform basic railjack functions. They're not intended to be hard; they're intended to teach players mechanics in an isolated environment, and ensure they get how to deal with things. In among the chaos of combat in Saturn or Veil proxima, it's hard to even notice a healing field for the first time, much less figure out what it does, and how to get rid of it. Even learning that you need to use the FA to kill a crewship is hard if someone else shoots a crewship with FA while you're using your gun on it. Given that it's supposed to be a mechanics test and not a skill or gear test, it might be worth neutering the enemies (fighters + crew ships can't fight back, boarding pods don't spawn enemies, no non-necessary enemies in POIs, etc), with the excuse from Cy being that it's unhelpful to distract you from your learning. If you've read this whole thing, thanks! I know it's very long. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!
  3. I did try that, but after 40 minutes with no drops at all, we assumed it got patched out. I have a problem. (Completing my mod kit)
  4. Looking to complete my mod collection, and wouldn't you know it, there's a ton of mods I'm missing (Ok not a ton, but I'm so close). All flawed mods. I have, in the past, tried farming flawed mods by helping a new player through Vor's Prize (by which I mean I brought a looting frame and just sat around looting enemies), but didn't get a single flawed mod in over 40 minutes of farming. Has anyone had any luck with reacquiring them? Side note: DE please make Vor's Prize replayable (and fixed so the mods drop for us) so we can do this ourselves without dragging in new players. Or give us some other way of obtaining flawed mods - Reverse transmutation, market, something.
  5. Just holding ctrl as you fall (no tap) will make you do several hundred damage, but no AOE. Landing on an enemy will kill them, and count.
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