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  1. I would also like more customization for the liches. I started farming them again because of the new railjack crew. I'm looking for a very specific lich (fire, ember graxx head on the shoulder, bramma, helmet and mask). Almost every aspect can be influenced by choosing the right larvling but i'm still at the mercy of rng when it comes to the lich's helmet/mask. 10 liches in and i haven't created a single one with a mask. I probably have terrible luck and other people get a masked lich way sooner than me. Still, it would be cool if we could take some rng out of it. Idealy i would want
  2. This. I prefer armor, especially with metallic parts or with a regal aesthetic, over the bodysuit and plastic. Not saying the other sets look bad. For the longest time i wore the smelter chest because it kinda looked like a cuirass. More metal and ornate armor would allow to imagine, to ''role play'', some elite operators who managed to control their void abilities better than the rest and rose in rank and standing amongst the Dax. I'm getting sidetracked here tho XD.
  3. I know that changing the face to female allows me to wear the ''better'' (in my opinion) armor. It's just that i'm male so in any game with character customization i prefer to play a male character. Just for immersion XD. Except, if the female character has better clothes/skins/outfits. Also people would like to mix and match between the different armor pieces.
  4. Yeah, i also prefer the female armor set. I originaly started playing with the male character but changed to a female after this set has been released XD Yes. More specifically i would want the female set on my male operator, minus the boob plate ofc. Mabey the male arms. I Would also like to see the male legs but with additonal loincloth similar to Teshin. Not a fan of the thighs but Teshin pulls it off pretty nice. I just like the metal armor :)
  5. @[DE]MarcusSo it has been over half a year since Tennocon. It was once said that the team wants to make the 2 sets interchangeable in a ''post-Tennocon'' future. Has anything become of this? Has the idea been cancelled in the meantime or have you just not found time to work on it yet? A small update on the matter would be appreciated, just so that we know it hasn't been forgotten.
  6. Was the script, giving formerly owned necramech's heads, part of the update? I owned a Voidrig but deleted him quite some time before the update. Currently only have my Bonewidow head available.
  7. For the next update please bring back ''In Cert''. I just saw that the update delpoyed and that was just by chance. That ''mid point check in'' that people want and you promised clearly doesn't work. ''In Cert'' was already perfect for a mid point update. Before Cert, what would even be worth reporting? After Cert it only takes a couple of days to launch. Please change it back. Personally, i don't know a single person who disliked the extra cert status.
  8. In the past they did in fact say when they started development. Every update thread in PS announcements always started as ''In Dev''. It was litteraly the same as now, just with ''In Cert'' instead of some unexplained ''mid point check in''. This ''mid point check in'' is the confusing part. What exactly is this going to tell us? That the update is in cert? Then it's basically the old system. That the update passed Cert? Then it's not realy mid point anymore, except if they plan to delay the release to make it a mid point mark. Megan told us on stream that the next thing we will hea
  9. Regrdless of this system being better or worse. I don't really understand the argument of this system being ''more transparent'' than before. Look at the Deimos Arcane announcement. In the past we went through In DEV -> In CERT -> Launching on xxx -> Live. Now In Cert is being cut out, so this gives us less information. That's not more transparency. Also when looking at Arcana the ''Launching on xxx'' phase was the same day as the update going live. We didn't have several days in advance as a headsup. We had hours before launch. This is why people prefer In Cert. In Cert doesn't mean
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