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  1. Used 35k standing to buy an 11th loadout slot for Conclave only to find out the UI only supports 10 slots. I know Conclave is lower than low in priority but a UI fix would be appreciated (its like this for PC too)
  2. It makes mostly everything invisible with some exceptions like the fire sugatra you can get from Baro it makes the energy colour on items like those white
  3. I tried my best to detail ways of balancing this and am open to suggestions of how to change and rework Minimap or OD, but sure I just wanna give everyone the op wallhacks
  4. I noticed while using S&O my black energy channel (primary) for my weapon was completely invisible I was thinking adding a black energy on primary and a red on secondary would make the sword swings look like a inky black sword trail (hmm kinda like the Mortal Blade from Sekiro) if its not too much to ask for a opacity bar on the side of the energy channel UI it would certainly give players some extra creativity with their fashion. Edit: very sorry if this isn't the place to post something like this 😞
  5. As it is right now Overcharged detectors is polarising in its utility as it only marks players at max energy on the minimap this is not helped by the fact all players allies or opponents get the red arrow icon regardless this just makes it confusing for players that actually utilize the minimap to look for opponents I'd like to start with the minimap rework as I think it'll be fairly simple remove the possibility of a teammates Warframe icon to be turned to a Red arrow by OD or Firing a alarming weapon, ideally id like to see these little icons reworked to add a arrow to see were they're facing and when they open fire or die (this could turn into a red Warframe marker to symbolise bleedout in PvE same goes for companions) and as for opponents and their red arrow indicators nothing much needs to change but perhaps also maybe a greyed "X" were players have died that would fade out in a couple of seconds. Now I'd like to talk about changing Overcharged Detectors. Firstly I'm not a big fan of how it currently is with its 0 to 100 mechanic, instead I propose to change its mechanic to a gradient to change it to a proximity based mod that plays into the red aura opponents get in Conclave, example: 20 Energy: 1m see Red aura through walls 50 Energy: 3m see Red aura through walls 75 Energy: 6m see Red aura through walls Maxed Energy: 10m see Red aura through walls + Constant arrow marker on minimap This red aura would be just the normal one but this mod would tweak it to were it would be able to warn you by seeing it through walls and the red aura would fade depending on your distance to the opponent this could also be turned off with Invisibility or standing still to prevent a afk player with max energy of being caught afk. This would certainly stop players from being surprised by running into a Nezha only to get one shot by his 4th and promote ranged play to take a little bit off the constant Telos Boltace and Arca Titron spam Ps Regarding the see through walls aura's meters i tired to balance its ranges based on general abilities such as if 20 energy had a 7m warning sign an excal would never be able to dash slash you because you'd see it coming so making it 1m seemed balanced to me same goes for the other energy ranges i tried to make them useful enough to warn you but not op enough to give you omnipotence over opponents locations. thats why i didn't go crazy with meters and i would like it if being at the very edge at the distance the aura is essentially not there just enough to were if your bullet jumping willy nilly and suddenly see a flashy red aura its too late to react I still like the through walls thing but certainly nothing above 8-10m at max with effect range being a faded near invisible blurry aura and at very close range being a very visible defined aura (Sorry im spamming post, I'm just really passionate about Conclave and I'd like to see it become fun for the few players dedicated to it. ;-; and sorry for my mobile formatting)
  6. Make impairment and knock downs such was Valkyr's 1st or equinoxes sleep and excal's 1st cancel charged and held weapons I've been killed far too often buy knocking a Staticor user down with Valkyr's 1st to go for a counter shot just to still get the projectile thrown at me close range while im locked in my animation and my opponent is on ground. I don't really see this is absolutely necessary but its a little infrequent exchange I'd like to see gone.
  7. So at first I was going to just make this a list of weapons I think should be nerfed or removed those being (Staticor, Telos Boltace, Snipetron, and Arca Titron.) But I decided maybe not, Instead I wanna try to get some feed back from DE or someone, on who specifically handles Conclave balancing and what exactly is their design philosophy and intended purpose to what they add and don't add, and also why its a good thing to listen to the community and sometimes bad (especially in the conclave niche) but mostly good. I'd like to first start off with the sheer unbalance of it all at the moment and how this breeds a toxic environment. Example: a person with a nidus+telos boltace combo would be almost impossible to beat especially if they learned how to be very good at a not so hard to use weapon and frame, this regrettably from my experience this will feed their ego and will absolutely get to their head, especially when the victim has no possible way to counter it with their loadouts or refuses to use meta/cheese things due to some made up honour. Most shrug it off but for those that don't it just ends up being a toxic fest of laughing at eachother or seeing who's better in a "1v1 me bro" situation this in my opinion is one of the primary reasons its important to keep balance in conclave it will both make it "fair" and more enjoyable for the overall conclave player and at that theoretical point the one player complaining would actually be (for lack of a better term) a scrub that needs to invest a bit more time in learning conclave, instead of most complaints today that have legitimate reasons. Secondly, the question of weapon/frame balance and what is the intention behind it, Ideally I wouldn't want DE staff to be forced to figure out conclave and balance it from their own experience, because like many a fighting game for example, the player base will far exceed developers expectations I'm also not naive and say DE should just listen to the "pros" or the 2 Conclave YouTuber that exist" so in that sense I'm not entirely sure how we could keep Conclave at a consistent balance between balanced and op (I'll give a little anecdotal personal thing tho, the Daikyu I personally think its not op if you were told it one shots, alot of people would say its op but its charge rate, travel time, and small hitbox requires the user to have some ability with aiming same goes for the Opticor even though its hitscan and does alot more damage) this is just a fear I and maybe others have, nerf something the majority of casual players complained about in one match? Or listen to the consistent players with actual time and hopes to see Conclave be somewhat popularised and balanced but the majority voice (casual players) will be better heard. Lastly, yes nerf the weapons listed above but not to obsolete, yes this is another wishful pipe dream post of 'how to fix conclave' I just want the toxicity and unbalance to end ;-; sowwy. I just want feedback or a stable update of Conclave for 5 months TL;DR I talk outta my oro
  8. Orgis can have a discussion about being mediocre or not as for the other explosive weapons I'm not sure, (not enough testing), but the same thing applies to sniper rifles they dont have and reload on holster mod and im sure its intentional (or accidental) design as burst damage weapons with small magazines and relatively fast reloads would be broke. (As for a personal comment Orgis is pretty good in Conclave i think a holster reload mod would give it too much of an edge? Like imagine a good player with a holster reload on a sniper, 1 kill, switch to secondary to keep up dps or kps switch back to the fully reloaded sniper rifle with high damage output now imagine that with someone that's good at using AoE)
  9. Playing PS4 Conclave regularly noticed the Staticor being unusually powerful compared to other secondaries in the game mode, I'll describe the ways I think its unbalanced and others might agree I personally dont have any issue with the Staticor's damage output, my main gripe with it is its large AoE explosion (something that isn't helped by P2P latency and ghost range) from my experience this weapon being used a both a crutch and counter is annoying. A lobby would become nothing but Staticor spam to counter someone elses Staticor spam and the game would just become a 1 to 1 Kill/Death match that's no fun to play, and all the colourful AoE hurts my eyes. It's hard to describe the Staticor and make it sound worthy of some sort of nerf in text, but hopefully the other real conclave players on the forum can see how the Staticor has issues especially in a lobby full of Staticor users. (Brief way I'd personally nerf Staticor, cut down the AoE and add self damage to the explosion, dont touch damage values.) EDIT: Just found out it auto releases when you just jump into someone, never mind just remove it from PvP I gave Staticor users too much credit thinking they actually had to try to release it point blank nope its Automatic gg Nidus users
  10. Clan name: Regalia under the Moon Clan tier: ghost Platform: PS4 Role: Founding Warlord Link to all current dojo pictures http://imgur.com/a/VOX5LMY
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