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  1. Your major issue is the weapon type. Braton and Boltor are spam weapons, so they're made to shoot a lot of bullets quickly and hose a group with bullets to kill lots of weaker enemies. In Disruptions, you want to kill single targets quickly, so you want weapons that have a lot of single shot damage, even if they shoot slowly, stuff like Tigris, Hek, opticor, etc pack a big punch to kill the big targets. After that you cab bring something better for cleaning up groups on your secondary or melee slots.
  2. Yep. Ember, Frost and Loki Prime. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Prime_Vault
  3. Yep, i hate it especially on relic missions, cause then you're at the 4 minute mark, and half the people have like 7-9 relics, and the other half have like 2, and you're going to have to run around hunting for reactant...
  4. That's odd.... Usually more players = more mobs, i'm not aware of it being different in SP. Maybe the other guys are just better at killing stuff, and wipe out the board?
  5. I stand corrected. To be honest this patch was such a clown fiesta that i stopped engaging with the patch notes, and the game, a few paragraphs in. So i didn't take in all the particulars like this. This just shows how poorly conceived the whole thing was. Its just sad, but DE seem to shutdown creatively as Tennocon approaches.
  6. You realize the primary means to get those weapons would be killing liches, not doing these missions, right? That means its highly unlikely they're boosting these chances, since it would just further invalidate liches. Its just that DE realized that liches aren't well thought out, and instead of improving the system, they threw this bone at us, since Void storms are also a crap mode. Classic tale of trying a "two wrongs make a right", except it doesn't.
  7. There's already enough there to prevent this. This is just to force people to play Granum void again. I mean they made it, would be a shame if people stopped playing it. I mean, its the same for void storms, people only use those to farm sevagoth, so they had to add something else for people to grind there. Nevermind making it so that people actually want to open relics there, nerp, lets remove the one reward that would get people going back, and add a new currency that allow people to bypass the Lich system entirely. Personally, its just sad. I mean, i've never seen so many fails in a patch, and i haven't even finished the patch notes. I mean i came here without any expectations, and still was disappointed. I mean, its just bad.
  8. Guns, stat-wise were, and are better than melee in a lot of cases. thing is melee has combo counter, and mods that work off of the combo counter, which guns don't have. That was always the only issue, guns needed their own counterpart to the combo system. But that's too much work for Pablo, so we got the broken mess of the current patch. This is the sad part of DE, they start the year all excited and full of energy and promise, and by tennocon, they're always back to the same old business. Its sad, and its tiresome for the players, and honestly, this whole patch is just a wanton mess, so i'll come back by the next mainline, when they're reworking all the reworks they reworked on this patch. I mean if there was ever a patch that they should have put on the test servers, for a month or two prior to release, was this one, but nope. They forgot they had that one. I'm done.
  9. Holy crap, i've never been so disgusted by a patch in a game. And i didn't even make half way through it. I think DE has Tennocon syndrome, the closer you get to it, the more you shut off from the community and ignore feedback. New Lich system is somehow worse than previous ones. You reduced the time it takes to finish murmurs by a small fraction, only to force us to kill the lich twice (Once with the parazon, another with the final battle)... Instead of doing the smart thing which would be instead of decoding the parazon, we'd be decoding the location of the capital ship to go and kill the lich, that would also allow you to remove the mercy kills and leave the parazon as the hacking tool. Instead of having you try to make that crap relevant, you know it won't be relevant, that's not the game you built. We can't afford to give special treatment to enemies, because there's just too many of them. Also, in before people start complaining they can't kill liches and eventual nerf... Cause if void rig can't one-shot it, boy... Also, nice job invalidating our preparation you alluded so much. I mean if no matter how prepared we go, you still deny our builds... Having to do Granum Void to get korpus liches is a bad joke. That's the worse mission type in the game, and if i haven't done it again to farm my second Protea for helminth, you can sure as hell bet i'm not going to go there again just for the forma sink that are kuva weapons. Maybe i'll do it once for Plasmor. Maybe, if somehow i actually end up wanting to play warframe, cause right now... That's really not high in my list of things to do. The tone-deafness of the reward change for void storms, is just appalling. I mean, at the best of times it takes twice the time, and instead of improving the rewards, or doing what you should have done, allowing multiple openings, no, you remove the void traces, which were actually the only good thing about them, to introduce a new currency to get something that should be only tied to the liches. I mean, its not like players were playing those missions to open relics anyway, right? So i guess instead of fixing it so that players actually play the void storms for the void storms, you just went full in, and gave them another reason NOT to open relics in those missions. Honestly, might as well just remove the relic opening aspect from those, you clearly don't want that to happen. Its like you know both the lich system and void storms are incredibly unrewarding so you just mix them up in a disgusting pile of half-assed. I mean, you know you failed, when you have people in the forum saying that the only thing they're looking forward in a release like this is the Ember Deluxe skin. That's how sad this release is. Since that won't be going away, i guess i'll wait until you release something nice. Good luck with Tennocon.
  10. Dread was the first weapon i ever catalysed and forma'd... I know how good it can be, just not good enough. It makes sense, sure. It doesn't make sense coupled with the rest of the melee nerfs, and ineficient primary improvements, AND the fact that they singled out the melee version, while the primary version of that interaction is apparently being kept. If they're nerfing guardian set, they should nerf vigilante as well. Also, doesn't address the fact that a lot of warframes that rely on exalted (and exalted adjacent) melee skills are getting a huge nerf, especially considering that melee 2.9 was incredibly detrimental to that. Exalted weapons are universally worse than regular melee. There's really no reason to use them, and DE is just making that divide even worse, because they're incredibly out of touch with the game.
  11. The entire game is set in our solar system. Considering that, its already amazing how many different "races" they added. There's little to no reason to have an intelligent alien race in warframe at least in the current world dimensions.
  12. Ah, no, stuff like Dread will still have red crits, too bad its a useless weapon because it doesn't matter against 300 enemies at once, which is what the game throws at us.
  13. LOL More melee nerfs. Why no Vigilante Mod incompatibility with the rest of Sentinel weapons? Its exactly the same issue. Or are you realizing that your attempts to fix the divide are going to be useless, and you're just thrashing around nerfing what you can without making it too blatant. I love how you nerf things that are used a lot by players, but then have no qualms to remove the only reason why players actually diversify builds, and remove that choice. So in 3 months time, you'll be nerfing Vulpaphilas, because being undying is now the only use of pets.
  14. I kinda missspoke. I don't really grind that much for MR. Or at least i don't grind for MR at all. I will usually just do it more or less passively, if its something i consider MR fodder, it'll just go into a slot, and i'll play around not having to use it. I use Hydron, SO and the like when i'm grinding for forma, mostly. I might do that for a weapon that i'm curious to forma and try out, but mostly i use them regularly to get a feel for them, and then i'll rack the grind for forma. On Kuva weapons that actually does give MR as well though.
  15. I use Hydron to rank up some of the Archguns, otherwise, its SO all the way, or just normal gameplay. I hit MR30 when i was doing the "new" Railjack stuff, wasn't even thinking about it, but finished Bonewidow and a few other stuff, and bam, there i was. I hadn't even played the game properly in a while, since most people i played with aren't into it that much anymore.
  16. Just take a good build for wukong, with plenty HP and armor, and lots of duration, especially for spy missions, subsume hysteria if you want, i've been using base wukong. Now you need a good kuva nukor or another priming weapon, like cedo, etc. Also get a good status chance zaw (preferably plague zaws, since they have built in viral), with a CO build. Set yourself to melee (long press the weapon swap key). Your clone will prime the targets with condis, and you'll be doing a crazy amount of damage on enemies. This build works perfectly for everything, except defense and disruption, where it still works, just not as good. Also, anyone that tells you to take Ivara on spys, laugh in their face, wukong's cloudwalker can go through EVERYTHING undetected, while allowing you the FASTEST movespeed outside Gauss's dash, and you're invulnerable, AND HEALING while in cloud form. Also, you're basically immortal, with 3 allowed deaths per match on top of a ton of baked in survivability from his kit. For defenses i tend to use either Saryn or Gara, Saryn cause you don't need to defend if they're dead, and gara for higher level stuff where they can get near the defense thing. For disruption, i ALWAYS use Slowva with Khora's Ensnare subsumed on #3 (no portals, but the enemy can't get near the consoloe). Slow Molecular prime makes enemies look like they're walking on molasses, and also makes them squishy. But even with MP the demolists still run fast as hell, so you have ensnare to make sure he doesn't move while you're killing it. For killing take either the previous combo of a good CO weapon (again, plague zaws are awesome for this) or some good one-hitting weapons like opticor family or snipers (or both, i tend to carry opticor vandal + KNukor+zaw for disruptions).
  17. Maybe because ranged weapons are trash damagewise, and so you take stuff with utility. Like proboscis cernos, Cedo, etc.
  18. Opticor vandal is an awesome weapon dude. sure it has less damage per shot, but the speed improvements more than make up for that, allowing for a much higher DPS.
  19. Your answer is in your question...
  20. Macros that do repeated actions are a very grey area, and i advise against it. You can get away with making keys for stuff like spin dash and bullet jump (as in, create a key that does crouch+ jump and crouch+melee, but stuff that does that on repeat is a tenuous line between you playing the game, or the macro playing the game for you.
  21. First of all, you don't know gamers, sorry. I've been bored of Warframe lately so i went back to Guild Wars 2, and i constantly get grief for not skipping a specific part on a fractal. I don't because the mobs on that part have a high rate of dropping a rare material that i need for my next legendary. And people know that, and still will not engage even though its actually a gold loss. In warframe its the same thing. People won't do the relics on Railjack because its faster to skip that while farming for Sevagoth, while you could wait a few seconds and do both. Most people don't look for medallions on Syndicate missions, even though that's where most of the standing. If you think the majority of people don't want to get through stuff as fast as they can, you're delusional. Also, half the community don't engage with the kind of content where these changes are relevant. Because i can steamroll the star chart with most primary or secondary weapons without having to put up an effort, we're not talking about the kind of content that is for half the community. Its the kind of content for people that like to engage with the game and understand its systems. In fact the changes in this will definitely make ranged weapons ridiculously overpowered in normal star chart.
  22. You read the word effective, correct? Given the repetitive and grindy nature of this game, steamrolling is how you need to be playing it.
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