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  1. Yeah. I can see it since Tatsu. Cool weapon with noob stance. And then here comes Pennant which is only for heavy attack bruh
  2. Like when they release Tatsu with a bruh two-handed nikana stance animations and then release Pennant which is obviously only for heavy attack build? I hope not. Better fix it and make it better right now
  3. I tagged ALL the platforms because this suggestion applies to the game mechanic itself, which might effects every platforms as long as they have the weapons, the mods, and the arcanes there
  4. First the Galvanized mods and arcanes. In high level missions, they are technically only useful on meta/top and good tier weapons which can kill enemies quickly. The other weapons in low tier have too little, if any chance to gain the buff from "on kill" condition (and it means on kill with only that weapon). Which narrow down the weapons choice variability you want to widen. My suggestion is add another condition like a small chance on hit or so. So the lower tier weapons which take many hits to kill high lv enemies would have a chance to gain the buff (which they are exactly the weapons that need it) too. This also make you gain the buff (which I am sure you need it) in a boss fight without anything else around to kill. So the buff are not limited for only the already-good weapons in the time they don't even need and cannot be gained when you really need. When there is something supposed to make weapons better, nothing within its capability should be left behind by them, even a rivened Stug. Second, the glaives throwing. After you adjust the glaives throwing charge time with the reason "to prevent accidental throw" (which does not help much and I know you actually want to softly nerf glaives throwing), the glaives with throw-focus build does not affected much. They can still work fine (with roughtly the same charge speed as glaives without Heavy Attack Wind Up Speed mods before the adjustment) and can still be "accidentally" thrown like just before the adjustment. But all the damages go to the glaives without throw-focus build, the glaive with normal attack builds like Pathocyst. Without Heavy Attack Wind Up Speed mods, they take too painfully long to charge a throw, makes them lost their utility throw uses, destroy the uniqueness of glaive weapons unless with throw-focus build. The thing you want to nerf is not the glaives themselves, but it is the glaives with a specific build. My suggestion is fix the charge time to be like before the adjustment and, if you adjusted it because you want to nerf the throwing glaives, you can make it gets less (if any) effected from the Heavy Attack Wind Up Speed mods. So the glaives without throw-focus builds are still intact, saved from the nerf hammer. And you can still do the same effect on the glaive with throw-focus mods you want to nerf Hope DE and anyone read this will get my point
  5. And add more icons too, at least for Necralisk. Why they don't add it even until now??
  6. Same here. it stuck at Cave icon Also, Please add more icons. At least for the Necralisk. It looks like they stop adding new icons since the Orb Vallis patch
  7. He means the warframes. He have dissected one (or more) so he kinda know what warframe is made of. They are human with a special strain of Infested. (find out more in The Sacrifice) He knows nothing about the Operator themselves. He assumes we are just living warframes. (He is one of a few people who know that warfrrame is not a suit)
  8. Why the good looking leg set comes with ugly stat?
  9. Not only the Magnetic proc. But also the need of Granum Void in creating a Parvos Sister (Corpus Lich). You need to run Granum Void (or at least get in, wait for it to fail, and get out) to make the Sister spawn. And go stab her to make her a queenpin. Why do they have to make it more complicate than Grineer Lich?? Not to mention that it requires Xoris to do it effectively. It's like DE indirectly forcing everyone to have Xoris in hand. I am sure you will see almost everyone using Xoris and/or Mesa for a while after the patch is released.
  10. I want it as a new infested glaive weapon I can use. Maybe I can get the bp from Father's shop or drop from the Jugulus itself (like Gorgon) or at least a new glaive skin Dont worry. This is just a captura. Deimos Jugulus invading a relay is not real. It cant hurt you
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