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  1. You’ve never run an endless Survival for resources I guess. It’s true that we are dirty-handed resource hunger genocider. But we lore wise doing that on purpose, mainly to slow them down from taking over the system and doing bad things to other people orminor factions (Grineer/Corpus) or spreading over the system and causing some apocalypse (Infested). And I dont care much about Grineer cus they are mass product clones made to be disposable workers and military forces, that means no matter how many you have killed, they can still build as many more as they want. Much like nowadays low-ran
  2. As Voidrig is range/all-round mecha, he does not have any melee "weapon" at all but compatible with modern Archguns. And DE say Bonewidow will be a new Necramech focus on melee and shield, I expected Bonewidow to use only her own grenade launcher and be compatible with modern Archmelee apart from her own. But what I see from this seems more like otherwise, she can equip any Archgun like Voidrig, but for melee, she can use only her own (as an excalted) making her still be a gunbot like Voidrig. Not to mention that Archmelees are relatively crap and rarel
  3. Actually, I want they to change the Lich max Lv to 20. To increase difference between bad luck people and people who dont care about how the requiem sequence works. No matter what the Lich max Lv is, if you do it right you will have to deal with only up to Lv5-6 Lich. But someone just try to stab the Lich on sight right away no matter what the requiem (or no any) in their parazon for more murmur (and many times, try to forces others to do so with their Liches) and end up struggling try to beat the Lv max Liches they try to have with the cost of 3-4 revives. Note: I never say I want
  4. A big OOF. I guess it’ more rarely used than even the Voidrig mech melee lol I think we need a gunblade which can actually switch between gun mode and blade mode, and make the blade mode as useful or a bit more than gun mode. Both Redeemer Prime and Stropha (the current mainstream gunblades) are only good at being a shotgun with HeavyAtk builds, and Sarpa is too outdated for the current game and non-HeavyAtk shooting with stances is too dope to be practical.
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