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  1. No fix for Ticker's debt bond inventory being broken? You guys changed it a while back to ensure rare debt bonds would be available, but at some point this year that broke and it's back to commons only. REALLY hoping you can get a fix for this fast, considering how many Familial bonds are required for Star Days.
  2. "Fixed Vault bounties always pulling from Common rewards, and not giving a bonus reward at the final stage. " How the #*!% did this make it past the testing stage? How the #*!% was this allowed to happen, and not fixed early day 1? Hours last night spent grinding those bounties, the entire squad complaining of bad luck, and you tell us now that 'oops it was bugged'? After that much wasted time and effort, I'm not sure I'll go back.
  3. So are you going to add proper textures to the Vitrica with this update, or are you going to leave it looking like laminated cardboard?
  4. Forgotten, along with the Vitrica's textures and Xaku's buffs.
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