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  1. I meant the stone body bits. What are your graphics settings? The hair still looks like proper crystalline glass on my screen (all max settings), not at all like in your screenshots.
  2. Please don't revert the Wukong Deluxe changes. I don't understand the whining, it looks so much more realistic now rather than wet plastic.
  3. Maligna skin is still low-res. Fix either didn't work or is too subtle to notice.
  4. Please don't forget to fix the Spore Ephemera. On most warframes the energy effect doesn't cover the whole frame as it's supposed to.
  5. Please fix amp parts, many have been broken since release. Patch 25.5 only made them worse. Fortuna braces are backwards, Fortuna scaffolds are upside down, and Cetus scaffolds post-25.5 are now rotated incorrectly forward into the operator's hand.
  6. Nothing was fixed with amp parts. All you did was break Cetus scaffolds which were not bugged prior to 25.5, and did nothing to fix the Fortuna braces/scaffolds that are still bugged (all of them). https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1116546-somehow-fortuna-amp-parts-are-even-more-broken-after-the-latest-fix/?tab=comments#comment-10931188
  7. But.. why. Consoles have always gotten everything a few weeks after PC, why does that suddenly have to change? Holding PC back for the sake of consoles is setting a very unpleasant precedent.
  8. "on the Dev build" I take that as confirmation it won't be live today either. Please update the status thread accordingly.
  9. Please stop announcing release windows if there's ANY doubt you'll make them.
  10. You still haven't fixed the bugged sugatras and now you're trying to sell more of them?
  11. So another week with zero content? Y'all need to learn how to break up these big updates into smaller chunks.
  12. Where's Tennogen? Melee 3.0 info? It's been almost a month since we've had any new content (and even then it was just some not-very-good augments).
  13. Please fix elemental FX on melee weapon skins not being the proper chosen colour.
  14. Thank you for reverting the archwing changes, but if you haven't already PLEASE look into the many serious fishing bugs on Fortuna. Dye just doesn't work in most places, and spears will bounce off the water in some cave ponds.
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