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  1. Please don't give up on the original Moloch syandana concept. The worm looks cool and I hope it's accepted too but I'm tired of 99% of syandanas being 'single thin dangly thing'. We need more things that alter the silhouette of a frame and your original Grendel syandana did just that.
  2. I am aware of the update. The updated version still sits nearly flush with the frame's chest and is angled nearly perpendicular as chest armour should be. The preview on stream, however, was sticking way out on the attachment post, not even close to being flush, and was angled weirdly upwards so that the bottom stuck out in front. It looked nothing like how the updated workshop item was placed.
  3. I really hope that Prime Time preview of the Kishikami chest armour just wasn't properly sized and oriented yet, because if that's the final version it does a massive disservice to the artist and everyone who voted for it. On that note you guys really need to give us custom sizing and orientation of armour pieces similar to melee holster customization. Players have way more time to do it properly than devs.
  4. We're not even getting the Draugr syandana dude. It wasn't accepted, though it should've been.
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