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  1. But.. why. Consoles have always gotten everything a few weeks after PC, why does that suddenly have to change? Holding PC back for the sake of consoles is setting a very unpleasant precedent.
  2. The creator already posted the "factors" that were given to him and each and every one of them lacked credibility. I genuinely think the program needs to re-evaluate its style guidelines to be less arbitrarily restrictive. "Too much cloth" is not a good reason for ANY skin to be rejected, for instance. Many of the Graxx skins are almost entirely cloth (Ember, Harrow, Limbo, Mag, and Mesa off the top of my head) despite the actual Grineer using very little cloth in their designs, yet those skins were accepted immediately (and very much deserved to be accepted). That is the definition of arbitrary.
  3. You rejected Corpra Mesa because "Hoods aren't faction appropriate"??? ARE YOU #*!%ING SERIOUS? THEN WHAT THE #*!% IS THIS
  4. "on the Dev build" I take that as confirmation it won't be live today either. Please update the status thread accordingly.
  5. Please stop announcing release windows if there's ANY doubt you'll make them.
  6. I adore Lukinu_u's stuff but this is ridiculous, four frame skins and three operator accessories all in the same round? And with so many other incredibly popular skins out there right now that could've been used to balance this round out?
  7. When charging the Balefire in a standing position, the Balefire rotates out of her arm at a strange angle. See comparison shot for the non-bugged animation when aiming while moving.
  8. Almost every chest piece causes the operator's neck to clip through the base suit when used with the Unairu animation sets. This clipping gets significantly worse in missions, quest dioramas, and during any animation (including the idle animation). . Also, why are the Koppra faulds STILL not fixed? These were broken last year with the operator cosmetic "rework" and never got fixed. They're stiff, clip through the legs when moving, and most importantly still don't actually connect to your body.
  9. You still haven't fixed the bugged sugatras and now you're trying to sell more of them?
  10. On further testing, it may be linked to his 1, but is generally inconsistent (but consistent enough to seriously impact gameplay). It definitely seems to occur more often when running.
  11. The latest hotfix seems to have broken/adjusted Wise Razor's pause combo window on Nezha in particular. It used to be super easy to pull off, and now I'm struggling because the window is incredibly small now. In addition, when I fail to pull off the pause combo, the frame briefly plays what looks to be a blocking animation (even in an empty captura tile where nothing could be damaging it). Seems to still work fine on other frames.
  12. So another week with zero content? Y'all need to learn how to break up these big updates into smaller chunks.
  13. Where's Tennogen? Melee 3.0 info? It's been almost a month since we've had any new content (and even then it was just some not-very-good augments).
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