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  1. The use of plat could work like every other resources in the clan vault. If you ask this kind of question probably you don' have ever managed a dojo cause you should know how this already work. The clan warlord could access a panel where he can manage the various rank inside the dojo, and set the player inside the dojo to the rank he prefer. For each rank you are allowed to chose the option of "what he can do" and, other than a lot of other things, you can give the permission of use the resources in the clan vault. So, as you can see is really easy to choose who can and who can'
  2. Wow... your arguments are so detailed. If you don't know, you can actually buy decoration from market and donate them to the dojo. The interesting thing is that with this console you can use the platinum in the dojo for the dojo.
  3. Hi, if i'm correct my dojo has arrived at second position in the "Winter dojo contest" , and looking to the reward, other than prestige and a little ammount of resources, inside the Clan vault there should be a huge ammount of platinum. Now i'm a little perplexed... how i'm supposed to use all those platinum? Boring people now will say: rush decoration, rush construction, and rush everything. But i don't like this. The idea of use al those ammount of platinum just for rush thing look so useless for me. Since now i've builted and decorated my dojo for years, and wait for things to be build
  4. I think they will show us this evening in the devstream
  5. Imagine what you could do with those decoration: CART: TRAMWAY SET (RAIL & CART):
  6. The best part of the forum, is looking desperate people asking for the ugly and useless raid back again. NO. NEVER AGAIN. YOU'LL NEVER HAVE THOS USELESS MISSION BACK! [inert maniacal laugh here] Why instead of think about those useless repetitive and boring puzzle, you don't think about a total new idea of gamemode with 8 player? For example: -) some mission with more than one objective where people need to cooperate to win -) Railjack with more than one railjack inside and more enemies and objective -) Endless mission with super strong opponent -) Mission w
  7. Here some question for you =) Question 1: We'll see in the future some extension of our Orbiter with new room buildable like a "personal dojo"? Question 2: If question 1 answer is "probably no" (but also if yes), we'll ever have a "Orbiter Drydock" in our dojo, working like railjack drydock, but with Orbiter Parked? Question 3: Talking about dojo, are u working in a method to store/move room, for change the dojo layout without destroy month of construction and decoration? Thax and sorry for bad english
  8. I will take my moment of winning befor got forever forgotten ...
  9. Nothing there. Is possible that my "Chat ban" avoid me to take the drop?
  10. Hi, before create a ticket to support i want to know if someone has a problem like, and maybe some solution about "twitch streaming reward". -) First of all, i've followed the [DE]Megan post fo link and unlink the account, and everything look ok. -) Monday i've watched the stream for the Octavia noggle, but nothing has been given to me. I've thinked about a problem cause i've not started to watch the stream from the beginning but when it was already started. But to be sure i've again unlinked and linked the the account. -) Yesterday i've set an alarm and i started to see the str
  11. Well... why don't make him work like a "syndicate stalker team"? In some mission, where the trigger requirement are satisfied, you could have the chance of him spawn to hunt you...
  12. OK... i don't understand why, but the reward of infested nighwave and the glass nightwave are 100% available on the map while the wolf is a punish to get something. -) Wolf is the oldest nightwave we had. His reward is still locked behind a 50 NW credit beacon! I repeat: 50 NW credit for a single fight where you need to be really really really lucky to get what you need. -) Infested nightwave could be simply played in the star chart. If you need something just do it: 0 NW credit needed. -) Glass NW is finish 2 week ago, and if you have not played it you could simply buy from th
  13. That's true, but you can put 50 open space and full them with decoration, and those wil load more than one open sace with double capacity i think...
  14. Title say everything. Why i'm creating this post? Well... in my dojo i've 5 open space room, and 4 of them don't have too much decoration slot to be considered "complete". The problem is this: in the open space room there are a lot of decoration slot, but if you use the room to create a closed space (a hall, a room, a cave or something closed), you need to use more than half of the slot just to "close". After the wall and floor are constructed, ususally tou don't have enought decoration slot to create something really detailed inside the room. Here some image about my "open spac
  15. Wow... meeting in dojo really used as meeting... don't know is you live 20 years in the past or 100 years in the future 🤨
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