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  1. Hi, i know that DE don't love too much the Codex, but i think is time to sort and upadate this section of the Codex.

    Here some ideas:

    1) If you go in the Relic and Arcane section, you now have just a long list of thing. Will be surely better to have everything sorted in his menu with his button. 

    Example of menu: [Common Arcane - Uncommon Arcane - Rare A. - Legendary A. - Lith - Meso - Neo - Axi - Requiem]

    2) When you find a relic and an arcane, you must have it permanently unlocked in the CODEX, instead of being forced to have "one of each thing" in your inventory.

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  2. Ther's only a little problem... people were interested in "kuva lich with mask, nice shape, strong weapon and ephemera", before see how they were managed in the RJ system. So... i doubt someone could be interested for the lich itself. Maybe someone for the ephemera.

    Otherwise... wrong forum section =)

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  3. 41 minutes ago, thefancyghost said:

    i kind of want to start my own clan, and i have a few questions

    1. would it be theoretically possible to create a clan, run it solo but keep all the benefits  of a normal clan?
    2. how difficult would it be?
    3. if you leave a clan, you keep its blueprints. can you wipe those blueprints from your account?

    p.s. conclave tag because for some damn reason there isnt a clans tag and its the closest i can get

    1. yes, a lot of people do this. Also the events are balanced to permit also to "ghost clan" with 1 member to partecipate and take all the reward.

    2. depend on how many resources you have and what you want to build. Clan for a player that should yet build weapons and frame and explore the game, is expensive. The creation require a lot of Forma (1 for each room and 1 for trading post) and some resources. If you want to build also a "decorated dojo" you should plan the use of thousands resources of each type.

    3. the one you buy in console with credits are your and you can sell for credit, but in your dojo you have to make all the research

  4. 2 hours ago, (XBOX)TyeGoo said:

    The issue is they went ahead and took people's words in a literal sense of LITERALLY copying 'old warframe' into railjack. 

    Because since launch of empyrean, there never were any issues on my side if the host didn't live in a cave of course regarding enemies spawning a) on the ship, b) in space c) on even TWO side objectives in Grineer Skirmish missions at the same time and the ai didn't bug out and or 'failed'. 

    So yeah, I was hoping they would build upon that and not just copy GOD DAMN DEFENSE missions from the WORST tileset into railjack.. 

    I'll stick to Grineer Skirmish, and when they go ahead and copy another part into it, that's when I drop it. 

    Also RIP Gian point and other exclusively space exterminate missions.. 

    Also, I've yet to read 'I love corpus proxima defense/OV, I'll play that until update 50+!' from someone which is like half of the entire update. 

    Nothing to say... this guys has told the truth on everything. Just quoting this for make people read this once again.


    PS: worst for me is just that defence map (a giant, ugly skyscraper where enemies spawn 1000 meters away), not the tileset =)

  5. 16 minutes ago, DestyJay said:

    i can add antitoxin mix from the market into the mixer for extra rewards on Cervantes the earth sabotage mission.

    Yeah... you could get the mission longer drop chance or the +50% mission boring. I know someone that also have found the +100% useless thing.

    3 minutes ago, yarl5000 said:

    Sadly since it doesn't do anything it is just ignored.  I realized it after seeing the prompt show up one time and looking it up, then got sad since it seems like just a relic of a past that goes unused.  It would be cool way to give us a bonus resource cache or something for using the various antitoxins to give a reason to do it.  I want more of those optional side objectives in missions that you can go for if you want but aren't required for completion. 

    I also like this idea. Side objetive for little reward could be a good idea, you should think to make a post about this.

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  6. I've read "nerf" in the title, so i opened the post just to see who was the author of the post.

    Now that i know who is the author, i just say ABSOLUTELY NO...

    Yes, i have not read his post, but i have read all the other he had make, and in fact are just list of bad idea. He should create a blog and call it: "nerfy things that must not absoltely considered for a healty and funny warframe game"

    Edit: ok now i've also read the post...

    Point 1) Have high level enemies more easy to kill? In fact the community is complaining for the opposite, the balance should be on make enemies more "competitive" and "intelligent", not stornger or weaker.

    Point 2) We have weakier point on enemies that we could use to make more damage

    Point 3) The damage reduction work well on sentient, and is a thing that could be implemented for more faction, but the mob you are talking about have special particular dinamics,and should stay like now.

  7. Ok... i've made another post about this, cause probably the people don't have understood what i really want to know in the post before.

    So i make this other post, and now the question is really simple and is made extremely linear: Gunnery point, on a crewman used as pilot, has some influence, or not on the use of his weapon (nose turret)?

    Cause If you look at the description in game of "gunnery" say more or less this: "Accurcy and heat accreation when using a turret", and if you go in the railjack screen where you equip the weapons, you have both: Nose turret & Swivel turret (pilot turret & the 2 back turret), so the pilot in fact use a turret, but on the wiki it say it has just effect on the "side turret". I've tried to test, but can't figure how to make an effective testing...

    So please avoid to tell me "don't use pilot", "go fortuna for better stat", "i prefer use engineer" and other infinite list of obvious thing.  

    Real help will be really appreciated =)

  8. 16 minutes ago, Fallen77 said:

    What do you mean nothing is explained by warframe ?

    Have you tried hovering your cursor over the different stats ? It simply and efficiently tells you what each stat does. There is nothing to be wondering about, it's pretty straight forward.

    pilot : 5 endu, 5 combat, 3 pilot

    so he can defend ship when I'm at the wheel, pilot stat just gives speed. Might even want 3 gunnery instead of pilot actually.

    Yes... that's the problem... what "popup from cursor" say is ambigual and wiki say a thing, reddit another and also if you read this post, people say different thing. So since is not only me that have this confusion, i think the problem is exactly how "simply and efficiently tells you what each stat does".

    As i say, the other role are ok for me, except the pilot, and as i say every one figure how "pilot work" in a different way.

    In game Gunnery: "Accurcy and heat accreation when using a turret"

    In game railjack weapons page: Nose turret & Swivel turret (pilot turret & 2 back turret), so the pilot is a turret, but...

    If i should look at this, look like the "Gunnery" also influence the pilot when he shot with his turret.

    Wiki Gunnery: [...]Railjack swivel turrets (there is specify swivel turret, meaning no Nose turret, so no pilot)

    Other people on this post: "he doesn't need gunner and that everything is handled by Pilot" ; "Might even want 3 gunnery instead of pilot actually" 2 different thing again.

    So... you understand what i mean with "nothing is explained by warframe"... everyone say a thing and all the thing are different, meaning that is not me the one that don't understand, but this thing is not explained... 


  9. Hi... i was inserting a sigil on my rj crew and i notice that they work better there than in the warframe. Why? Now i explain...

    1) Height, width, and other attributes of the sigils in RJ crew have a value from 1 to 100 and you can move in that range. In you warframe you can only do with precision the "maxed" and the "lower" possible and if you want to change something you should approximate. If you want to go back to mid value you should ue the "reset" that is a global reset and not only for the stat you want to do.

    2) Syndicate sigils have no influence. And one of the most important thing to change from syndicate is this. The partecipation to syndicate should be something like "a glyph" that stay there no matter your equipment and you can change when you need, but should be a "profile thing". Maybe in glyph section, allow also to equip a syndicate sigils. If something like this will be added in the game we'll have this advantages:

    • Can use the "sigils" slot of each warframe for what you want, instead of sacrifice one for syndicate
    • You could use each syndicate sigils without penalities (for example i like ceph. suda, but we are enemies) 
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  10. Hi, i want to have a strong crew, so i was looking for the best combination on competency point for every one of my crew member.

    What i want to have is 1 pilot, 1 engineer, 2 gunner and 1 defender/on call; and change for this role when i need or when i want.

    But of course nothing is explained by warframe, and the wiki don't say anything about what i need (or i miss it), so i ask here.

    Defender/on call: Max endurance & combat; easy and maxed with 10 point

    Gunner: Max Gunnery; useful max endurance, other point on combat

    Engineer: Max Engineerig all the other point in endurance and combat 

    Pilot: ok i know a lot of people don't use/like this role, but i want one of my crew to be a pilot, but i have a problem for the point on this crew member.
    Of course 5 points on piloting and since he is exposed to invaders also would be ideal to have maxed endurance but this is worth? And the other point? Pilot also use the weapons of the ship, so he also need some gunner point? Add "gunnery" influence his performance using the weapon of the pilot or is just for the side turret? And last but not least, he need combat, cause when you take control and go pilot, he go combat. 
    So, the main problem for me is if gunnery influence or not the pilot.

    Thx in advance.

  11. 19 minutes ago, VoidArkhangel said:

    Missed the point by a mile.

    First of all, the only true captured warframes we know of is Mesa and Valkyr all of the others you reffer are Lotus' operatives (agents from our faction but not literally Tenno), there could be more obviously but before the Awakening the corpus were not capable of match the Grineer on militar power so all the warframes found before the Awakening most likely would've been destroyed. After saying that, no one but the Entrati (maybe) and the queens know about the Tenno, everyone else knows that the warframes are the Tenno but they don't know that they are controled by a magical kid.

    Second and most important, Vala and her sisters are Corpus.

    What bothers me is Parvos, didn't he escaped since Protea is dead? I mean, if he stayed any longer he would've died because Protea was his life support and heck even Vala asks Parvos during the mission to allow the usage of heavy guns... maybe we are seeing another familiar man with Parvos' appereance?

    Also it is just me or does Vala's eyes on the final scene looks... different

    About what you say "second" i can say both yes or no, cause all of what i've writen is just "supposition" based on my thinking and of course, as you can say, i culd also have missed the point by a mile.

    But what you say about the "first of all", this is not true. I don't remember the story of Mesa, but i know the story of Valkyr. They are not the only one.

    First of all, if you talk of rescue mission, yes, they are operative, but the guys in the orokin/derelict map are inside orokin cryopod. If not everyone, at least some of them must be Tenno. Is basic lore and how each of us has started the game.

    Second, look at this: 

    This is the old trailer of "Zanuka Project" as you can see there are a lot of thing interesting:

    -) there is an Excalibur warframe and then a Mag (so at least also those 2 were captured)

    -) Alad V know exactly what is happening, so means he have done that experiment more times

    -) Seems like they have a lot of warframe to use, not only for how the video is made, but also cause you can't create a succesful venture thatuse warframe as primary materials wihout have warframe

    -) The entire zanuka project is based on "vivisect warframe" and use theyr part as technology; since this part of the story Corpus has started to know that something in warframe/tenno is not regular; maybe they don't know all of what we know, but for sure they know that warframe are "organic but remoted controlled".

    Third important thing is this: i don't have talked about warframe, but i have talked about Tenno. Tenno as i say are scattered in Orokin/Derelict Tower/Ship/Void etc... there are a lot of Tenno, and without theyr warframe and when they are just removed from cryopod, they are just normal human, meaning that they could be captured easily from a regular corpus crewman or a grineer. 

  12. Hi, i was hearing "Sleeping in the cold below" and i'm trying to figure what this song meas and of course wich spoiler for the future update it could contain. Please read all before arrive to the conclusion.

    First strange things: "Sisters" and "from mother's hands", this make me think one thing. Tenno refer to Lotus as "Mother" so is possible that this song is some kind of "Tenno Song"? If you mix this with the dialogue and history of the last quest, could be possible that the base destroyed by the tempestarii was a research center for some kind of experiment on tenno, and the sisters were a group of female tenno. And knowing what should be the next update, is not difficult to know wich one could be that experiment. Another interesting thing is related to kuva: tenno have innate transference and don't need to use the kuva for enter and exit in warframe, necramech and orokin worm, so this could solve the puzzle on "how corpus kuva lich will work at lore level?"

    Note: we have forgot one things. We sometimes try to save Tenno from Grineer and Corpus, but not every tenno is rescued. Maybe Corpus have some of them (Alad V for example use tenno for his experient of Zanuka), so probably they are mixing the "child" magic with theyr technology.

    If you continue to read the song text, you discover that who is singing (vala?) probably work for corpus and like any corpus must work hard and pay debt to "avoid the hell". But... but then we have this: "There's a man on high. With the Devil in his eye. And a golden hand" Of course this man is Parvos, but why use the word Devil? If you talk of your leader, you don't call him "Devil" like any grineer will never call "Devil" the queens, so, for now i don't say more about this, but thise gave me another important piece of puzzle for the conclusion and also i will not say nothing about this: "When it's my time to go. Won't you lay me down. Under Granum Crowns", but for me is another important piece; if you are a Corpus you want ot die under the granum crown, so, why not?

    Before the conclusion ther's another important thing: "Sleeping in the cold below" Hello Dreamers... Who sleep in the cryopod, who sleeep in the Void?

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

    So here my conclusion (merging the song with the quest): The entire quest is like a tale; in a future a free corpus lich (tenno) create this song, but we hear this now cause the song, sing of this story from "outside the game", like an external narrator that escort the events. The narrator of the story know everything (and now is telling us: those poor tenno still didn't know what is going to happen...) , but the character (we, the tenno) are just discovering everything following the event path. Ok this is about the song... but what about the story the song is about?

    Corpus have made an experiment using Tenno that are not being rescued (or captured in some way) and those experiment was a success, probably creating a sort of "slave army" but with ultrapower tenno weapons and power. We don't know tempestarii had those base as target for a purpose or was just casual, but the base (or one of the bases) of that experiment got destoryed killing the "sisters" of Vala, meaning that Vala is not only a Tenno, but is Tenno enslaved by the Corpus. Now Vala is looking revenge for her sister and that's why she is searching Tempestarii in the quest and the fact she command a Corpus ship means also that the "subjugation" has worked and she is currently working for Corpus. So probably in the future we should have to rescue Vala, removing what control her mind and free those tenno (and also the other corpus lich) from Corpus.

    What you think?



  13. On 2021-04-16 at 9:26 PM, MollAgdeduba said:

    Ok imagine this... you log-in the game, and instead of be in your orbiter you are in your Railjack. Not the actual railjack, a better bigger one. The ship will be different from now cause all the function of the orbiter now are inside this new ship (so helminth room, operator room, foundry, relic, mods, breeding, market, decoration etc... etc...).

    You have just logged but is not only the ship that is changed, is the game itself. Usually you log in in the planet of your last mission and now is the same, except one thing: you can move the ship. 

    So you enter in the pilot seat and and you can move in a free space with asteroids, enemies, station, ships, secrets, and every other thing that could be generated in the space. And all will be like an "open world" but a little different. Everything is random generated around you and removed when you go too far, making this in fact an endless randomly generated map with infinite thing to do. In the space you should be able to farm resources (the one of the planet you are near) and kill enemies and do any other things you usually do in RJ. In this map you will be able to go archwing, enter in station, asteroids and ships, fight on the ground and in the space, explore randomized asteroids belt and enemies station, old orkin ship and long forgotten infested bases.

    But take a look outside your cockpit... you don't see only the endless space and the randomly generated things... outside you have a skybox, and press the right key and on the screen will appear some beacon for travel to mission or other planet. Align your ship with a beacon, press the right button on your keyboard and voilà... you travel in the mission. (Of course if you don't like this you could also use the navigation system still working like now). Here an example of you aligned with "Apollodorus" on Mercury. If you take the "To Venus" you will travel to another space random generated map but with Venus skybox and Venus mission, Venus Theme (venus is corpus so you will find almost only corpus thing) and Venus resources.


    Planets with regular and RJ map, will display both the type like beacon, and pointing one or other you could know if is a RJ mission, a Archwing mission or a ground mission. Pointing a beacon, will also give you the option to choose if play that mission in regular mode or stell path (if available), or any other type of special mission (syndicate, relic, nighmare etc... etc...)


    1) as i say: you could also use the navigation to access the missions and the menu with invasion/relic/nightmare, will be still like now.

    2) When you log-in you start in a "no fight zone" and you can go back in no fight zone maybe kiling all enemies in the area or when RJ healt is 0 and not repaired (so forced X times of no fight zone) or just press something on keyboard... 

    3) you could invite people, friend, clanmate, ally and people from chat to your "session" and will be like the actual "invite to orbiter". This people could use weapon, exit and do thing.

    4) you could allow "online" and match with other people for do some random stuff together like you do in the open world.

    Post:[ https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1259555-immersive-railjack-deep-railjack-idea/?tab=comments#comment-12124101 ]

    Enter in mission like this? =)

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  14. 3 minutes ago, (PSN)Quiet_Hakkai said:



    what are you saying? On console the 50-75% discount is apply on skin and other things on the market. In this type of transaction the other player didn't pay the "real price"

    So... a guys say: "hei! i have a discount available, give me plat and i use for you!". And you go fast to give him plat without nothing back thinking you are the smartest person. Then you lost the plat and the guy go to have fun with you platinum... 

    The problem is the same... a people thinking to be the smartest, found another people that think to be the smartest, and only one oculd win...

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  15. 2 hours ago, (PSN)Crayzer87 said:


    Is funny, cause probably you were thinking to be the smartest person in the world... the one that was trollig another player taking for really low price something of value, the only one that could spend just 30 plat for a skin of (how much? 150, 100 or maybe a $ only tennogen?), while other player must pay the real price. And that's what happen when you think you are the smartest... I'm totally not sorry for what happened to you, but i hope this will teach you. 

    Your 30 plat are probably lost forever, and probably that guys will never gat any punishment. Now he is enjoiyng your 30 plat, while you are here, crying out on the forum.

    If you trde and what you are looking for is not in the "Trading Box" of the other guy, don't trade...

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  16. Ok, i've notice this. When you finish a mision, almost every parts you drop is a "Zetki", while "Vidar" and "Lavan" have just one or 2 blueprint. This is cause "Zetki" could be dropped by almost any enemies in the map, while the other 2 house are dropped only by crewship. So... why farm those weapons is too difficult compared to zetki counterpart?

    -) Corpus mission spawn 1 or 2, max 3 crewship (and sometimes one is not a tier 3 but tier 1) while grineer spawn always 4 sometimes 6, making the farm for corpus weapons slower, since corpus mission are also slower.

    -) Table drop of crewship includes also Zetki weapons... so... came on! Zetki are dropped literally everywhere and in the only enemies that could drop the other house, you have also to hope that if something drop is not a zetki?

    If i can suggest, number of crewship in corpus mission should be raised, and zetki drop from crewship should be removed (is in the other enemies) or at least reduced, while raised the one of the other house.

  17. Ok... i was bored and to make time pass, i had this idea: make a comparison to the real world story, with the warframe story. 

    At the beginning there were Orokin. Is impossible to not notice that Orokin are inspired at the Roman Empire. The two empires shares a lot of similitudes: both were great empire that collapsed, both ruled on immense territory and different people and on those territories now there are just ruins as evidence of those ancient civilization. Other thing that support this similitude are the words: orokin use a lot of latin words and also "theyr theme" is a latin song. 

    But the most similitude between Orokin and Romans is not what they have done, but what they left, abandoned and ruined in theyr ancient domains. Using a quote: "we are dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants" and this is true. In both cases the technology, the greatness and everything was lost, not forever, but just since it is slowly being rediscovered. And that's exactly what we are doing now in warframe; slowly recovering relic, and technology of an ancient forevergone era. The ancient orokin science, for the tenno, but also for other faction, is like something "magic", cause is too advanced for us, so everyone try to study and to replicate those things, and we are discovering again little peice of that technology. 

    Another faction in the game that has some similitude and fit perfectly in this comparison are Corpus. The roman/orokin empire fall and centuries after this fall, is time for merchant to rule the world/system. The story of Corpus is really interesting if looked form this point of view. If orokin were sytill alive, probably corpus will be still merchant, but subjugated to their "golden master". Now they rule. We don't know what happened to the corpus in the ages that separate the fall of the orokin to our current time, but we know how they started and how they are now. Instead, we know what happened to the humanity in the time from the fall of Rome to the age of more similar to our currently state. The war corpus/grineer is like the free cities nad the other alliances that fight against the Holy Roman Empire.

    So, now i want to present the "Holy Grineer Empire". Grineer  have an empire, lead by orokin queen that claim to be the successor of the Orokin Empire and want to conquer back all the territories that was of the gold master. In fact grineer are still loyal to the orokin empire, cause they follow and work for """orokin""". Of course grineer empire shares with the Holy roman empire two things: the first, both are not legitimate to claim to be the successor of the previous empire but both want to claim it, and recreate the ancient empire. The second is both are made of people thatduring the Empire were at the edge of the society. Grineers were some slave/labour force/soldier for the Orokin. German tribes were a strange part of romans society; they lived outside the "wall", since the romans avoid to conquer those territories after Teutoburgo disaster, but live out of the empire doesn't mean that the were out of the society. In fact those tribes were allied, protected and sometimes enemies wih romans but most important germans were (at the end of the empire) a very important part of the legions.

    So.. supposing that the Infested could be thinked like a wave of a plague more than a real entity or state or reign, what could have inspired the invasion of Sentient? Well.. this is difficult to say. Probably sentient could be the Mongolian Empire or maybe the Ottoman Empire. Both arrived from far, far away, and both show that internal division (Sol System for warframe, Europe in real history) were pointless and most important thing was to avoid that internal problem will lead to become all vassals of a 3rd great power. 

    The great, final question... the Tenno? Tenno probably are the thing most similar to a Crusader. Both are surrounded by a type of religion ("Tenno, that power is sacre!" cit. Lotus ) and both are warrior. Like the Catholicism, that start under the Roman Empire, the tenno start in the Orokin Empire; both helped a lot for the fall of theyr ruling empire. Without a master, both achieved an immense power.  

    Ok... thax for have read all... i hope could be at least a little bit interesting or touched your curiosity... Glory to Rome!

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