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  1. Yes... more space is needed! But also if they give us more room will be best...
  2. Emblem are little patch that show your participation to event, or are bought to show that you have done particular things. Usually theyr color is white but some have other color. Since white is a "neutral color" it could stay on each color build without any problem, but if you start to use other type of emblem (scarlet spear, conservation, and a lot of more) they have fixed colors and this work really bad with almost any "fashion build". So there are 2 solution: 1) Like the "Sekhara emblem": take the color of warframe/companion energy ad change the color to fit the one of your w
  3. Wow.... when they distributed humility, someone instead took a double dose of arrogance... But i want to comment this: -) Not all people have the majestic build of you, the great unkillable player. Some meaybe don't have all the mod or arcanes, some just have build focused not only to defence, but what does this matter? Nothing compared to the great build of you. -) Our great lord don't use useless stuff... please ask DE to remove everything in game that is not in Ukretor build. People that use other thing than the Uhkretor build are just stupid! Everything is stupid except you
  4. Yeah! i agree 100% Also my favourite is PoE and i really hope in future we could have some "expansion". I don't think to the mountain, but i hope to the Unum tower
  5. Welll Darvo Deals work exactly how they are supposed to do... If you want deluxe accessory, buy all the pack. This is the only game i know that allow people to trade with the "premium currency", so farm some relic, search some mod and sell for platinum. PS: When you buy an item it say if is inside some boundle. This is supposed to help people to buy boundle instead each item one by one. But if you buy one by one... why ask a discount? Note: i'm against the useless filler (like credit and endo and nanospores just to raise the price of a boundle) that DE is putting in his last bo
  6. Ask about credits is for boys... ask about nanospores is for real men
  7. Sure... i pefere them to be a useful little concrete support for an entire mission, than a 3 minute ultrapower god. Tat's because the mission where you need them are endless and strong... in capture or exterminate are pointless, but now are pointless everywhere Reduce accuracy/dmg? ok... force them to use unmodded weapons? still ok... but at least allow them to stay. If not with a revive, at least until they die
  8. Yes, yes they do. -) They need a "scaling system" for healt and shield based not only on "endurance stat", but also on the levl of the map you are playing. 4k healt on lvl 1 mission means "immortal"; 4k on steel path means "he die before the spawn lag has ended". -) They need to be "in map since death" and not a 3 minutes sytem. they should work like a a kavat. Stay there, allow revive, but when die is die for all the mission. -) If you play Solo, friend only or start a mission without any other people inside, it shoud auto spawn at the beginning of the mission (supposing you ha
  9. Hi, i've thinked this: we have some arrow skin, that we can equip on each bow" but the "native" arrow and the "skin" arrow are just relative to that item, why don't change this? I explain better: Now i have 6 different skin for the arrow available to equip in my inventory, but what if each bow (that come with his arrow) and each skin (that come with his arrow) also give the ability to use globally that arrow skin? For example now i waschanging some apparence to my Dread. I am using the "causta bow skin" that come with his arrow, and i was thinking what if i could use the "c
  10. Ok... i think i will agree 100% on this. In fact i entered this topic just to say that the idea to give more deco-capacity to DD is a good idea, but now, that i've read this i'm here to support you!
  11. Totally agree... if you want to reload, just reload...
  12. no w8... i was sarcastic and troll.....
  13. On the website they have a "work with us" section, but i doubt they need some "story"... probably they have all the story written since the beginning of the game. But you can try. Or try to see if in "contact support" ther's something that could be useful to you... can't help you more, sry.
  14. Try to color your Simulor, your gammacor or the boolean syndana or anything also based on the same concept. No matter what you do. they will always have a boring blue/purple shadow that make all your colors ugly.
  15. It depend on you... if you ask this probably you are new to the game, so i suggest Rhino
  16. Sometimes happen.. that's why we have powerful frames and weapons... so when a guy leave, you could finish the mission and/or do easily the 8 round ESO... If you can't do it by yourself, why other people should do it for you? And they should also be penalized if they don't want to stay with a licher? Sometime i'm curious to know where some idea come from...
  17. What i really hope for the future of the orbiter? What i think? -) Expansion: i really hope our orbiter could become bigger. (in concept is really a massive ship). As you can see form this image taken from internet, we miss really a lot of thing. near the light red area you can see a liset docked, just to compare. Under the "Expansion" voice there are infinite thing that you could imagine: all could be regrouped in just 3 words: "Like A Dojo" orbiter tyleset: a set of room and hallway using orbiter tyleset to build your orbiter like a little dojo (and also with some decora
  18. "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" You have 59 post (when i'm writing this) and i think almost 58 are "Still not fixed. Bumping for visibility". Otherwise... i suggest you to write to support. Here in the forum no one could help you and i don't know is some DE look really at forum or maybe just look to theyr tread or other. I suggest to take screenshot and send a ticket support. --- Another idea... since is a really strange bug, is possible is a problem of your "client" that have missed some texture or something? Have
  19. Hi, i don't figure how to make this challenge... i've finish all the other, but this one is still 0/100. I tried almost everything, from ignis to necramech weapons to melee. I suppose "burn" means use "fire" as elements... Some suggestion? Someone has burned at elast 1 infested pod?
  20. I've no image... but i can give you some tips: -) Look at other people dojo to take ideas, maybe the 5 in star chart or when you got invited for a trade, but don't copy them. Build an orokin dragon/phoenix/gudam/etc... etc.. has stopped to be original when 99.9% of the dojo have one inside. -) Build things with an idea in your mind and plan what you are going to build. Without inspiration, building is pointless. -) Don't try to be fast... sometimes, specially when you do large thing, you get bored after have placed houndred decoration and you want just to finish. Well... stop
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