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  1. "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" You have 59 post (when i'm writing this) and i think almost 58 are "Still not fixed. Bumping for visibility". Otherwise... i suggest you to write to support. Here in the forum no one could help you and i don't know is some DE look really at forum or maybe just look to theyr tread or other. I suggest to take screenshot and send a ticket support. --- Another idea... since is a really strange bug, is possible is a problem of your "client" that have missed some texture or something? Have
  2. Hi, i don't figure how to make this challenge... i've finish all the other, but this one is still 0/100. I tried almost everything, from ignis to necramech weapons to melee. I suppose "burn" means use "fire" as elements... Some suggestion? Someone has burned at elast 1 infested pod?
  3. I've no image... but i can give you some tips: -) Look at other people dojo to take ideas, maybe the 5 in star chart or when you got invited for a trade, but don't copy them. Build an orokin dragon/phoenix/gudam/etc... etc.. has stopped to be original when 99.9% of the dojo have one inside. -) Build things with an idea in your mind and plan what you are going to build. Without inspiration, building is pointless. -) Don't try to be fast... sometimes, specially when you do large thing, you get bored after have placed houndred decoration and you want just to finish. Well... stop
  4. I think we need an expanded orbiter, with at least one or two more room. (Better would be if they give us something buildable like the dojo but with less room capacity). There are really a lot of decoration for our orbiter, and a lot of more could be added, but inside our little orbiter ther's not enought space to put everything...
  5. And i answer this post more or less like the deleted one: -) Priorities is for never-winning dojo that's why they put ghost eveywhere if other partecipant have already win But... This is really a true thing... have never win should not be a method for choose the winner. They should at least be sure that a partecipant has really decorated the dojo. have 1 room decorated, with 3 random decoration scattered around should not allow a people to take the same reward of a people who spent hours, and hours, and hours decorating the dojo, making it interesting and original
  6. Guys... I love to read your story... I'll try to create one (but english is not my language sry) ----- ----- ----- From the diary of Commander T0045 It started like any other day on the Station E45. The morning was boring, like every other morning, like every other day here. The sector was one of the less important and less dangerous of the entire system and we spent all day repairing stuff and looking at the sensors screen. Yes, we continuously look at the screen to track any movement in the area... alwys calm; day, after day, after day. I think was 3 weeks ago the last t
  7. Ok... if you think link is her best ability, probably you don't know how trinity work and wich possibilities you have with her. But reading your post i understand the problem... really... the problem is people that don't understand that not every warframe should be an AOE nuke. She's a support, and one of the best support. She heal, regen energy & add defence buff. But people don't like support in this game... oh well... they like, but just when are other people to use them, so the "Th!s U0rfRaMe is Cr4P CaUsE H4s NO nUK3" people could easy nuke the map.
  8. Hi, they have explained this already in the "contest topic". If the partecipant dojo have already win, they give that spot to a never-winning dojo of another tier. This mean that you wil be shown again when no other dojo will be available. About this i agree. If i should say my opinion, is ok to give possibility to all dojo to participate and win the contest, but behind there should be really a "decorated dojo" not just a room with some grass on the floor and a tree in the middle and claim the prize just cause other can't be allowed to win
  9. Yeah... this system is terrible... and also is different from player to player. So every day all my available crew have skill randomly generated in all of 5 stat, making that "not the best" while my friend, that play just something has visit the shop 1 day and found two crew with the stat only in endurance+another. -) Give ability to train the crew must be a thing. -) Totally agree with you for rename them
  10. Nice idea! I complete agree with remove conclave and put all the reward and the effort in a pve method, like some arena vs npc or other! And another advantage is that DE could focus on other things than the useless & unfunny pvp! Oh... wait... you didn't say that? Ok... now i'll give a non hironic answer: NO, cause add a stamina bar in a dead mode, making it more harder and unfunny will surely not help to revive conclave. Want to know what could help to revive conclave? -) Remove all the stat from the profile. Since i have 1.7 kdr made a long time ago i don't absolut
  11. Your is a crazy challenge! My completionist challenge is a little different: -) Have all mod maxed - (need 1 or 2 from RJ) -) Have all weapon/frame/other Maxed+potato+forma+lens, usually with different build for regular & prime - DONE -) Have everything could be taken with plat. - DONE -) Max the codex - need more or less 10/15 entries but some are impossible to find -) Impossible thing to obtain - Wolf mask & Wirmius poster
  12. Hi since decorate the dojo is one of the ctivity i like the most in this game i want to say something to reply in this topic. -) Contribute all deco: i really like this idea... usually i prefer build small part, fund them and go work in another part of the dojo to other small project, going back to the first just when is constructed. I will also say that the actual "preview all deco" should be an automatic and endless feature while in "build mode",so you can see how the deco look like when you are placing them. Also a "Noclip" feuture for the decorator could be useful (limit will be the
  13. Hi... i was looking for a website or a forum post or anything that could have helped me to find a particular color using the HEX code (in my cases i was looking for some particular tonality of "roman empire red"). I've found this website... i think everyone could find it useful. https://polychrome.seldszar.fr/
  14. I don't understand this... we have 3 competency point for each crew member, and not 3 competency point to share with the various member, so what this "tips" is talkng about? This should explain, but is more confusing me than anything.... someone could explain?
  15. My personal solution is this: -) Revivable companion: work like now -) Sentinel: if Sentinel die, auto-regen after some time (maybe 1 minute or 2). Regen mod, instead of allow multiple revive reduce this time, allow sentinel to regen really faster with primed regen maxed. -) Other companion: (i think about the new crewman for RJ) scale with map level instead of have fix stat and we should be able to revive the "on call crew" when is downed in regular mission
  16. Yeah! We have another volunteer for our dark, deep and dangerous iron mines! Queen will be pleased... Glory to the queen!
  17. You are little bit confused between "Escort mission" and anything else.... Looking to your eyes everything is an escort mission... in the morning you wake up and escort yourself to have breackfast, then you escort your coffee to the table, and go on; one escort after the other...
  18. I will be honest... reading the title i was tinking you will be talk about some kind of useless and unneeded politically correct things, so i come here just to troll you. Instead, after reading the text, i think yours is a curious question... What i think? Well, if tooday North Corea announces the creation of a warframe army, almost each one of them will be against the Geneva Convention and some will need the convention to be upgraded. You talked about Saryn and that's true. With our military technology saryn will be something already banned from the warfare but there are worst night
  19. Hi, this topic was probably discussed other times, but i want to bring it back if i can. There are Pros and Cons for each method of gaining resources and i want to discuss about them. Railjack Method: The resources (and exp) are shared to all the team, no matter how far a people is Farm map is faster and a team could do different task without losing anything at the end of mission Afk people could benefit from this Low level player, without mod and vacum and knowledge on "how to farm the map" could find a lot of interesting thing at the end of the mission make their
  20. You just described a regular mission with the extraction WP broken... "If you can't beat them, join them"
  21. Simple idea... if a dojo is active (do contest, do events, etc...) reward it with more room space to create a bigger structure
  22. "kimono"... in the image is closer to a bikini than a kimono... Don't misunderstand... i like both, but please don't try to tansform this game in a random korean MMO game where all character are undressed sexy girl
  23. This is also a thing that need to be reworked... People want all the stuff and some syndicate have better (untrdeable like cosmetic) thing than other... Take other syndicate stuff with higher price could be interesting Is not "serious/non serous" is a background problem. For some syndicate the idea of pay them twice could be ok (perrin & meridian maybe) but for oter syndicate this is absolutely out of theyr background. If you create a story with a background, the characters must follow theyr background. Both Veil and Arbiter are fanatic with honor and have theyr moral code.
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