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  1. I've never itentionally killed a syntesis target, but after reading this idea, i think is time to begin... Read it gain and tell me is a good idea. A good idea could be mark better the syntesis, instad of show him when is already dead, or maybe make him immortal just after you discover that a mob is the syntesis. But your idea is absolutely NO. I have a clanmate that have fun to kill syntesis target just cause he know other people don't like that. If he kill faster the syndesis die and he troll us, otherwise we take the syntesis and we troll him. Playing online is a lottery. E
  2. Totaly agree... in a post on this forum, made by a DE people about the dojo, they talked about the corpus decoration (added in recent update), the kuva decoration (to be added) and the placeable NPC. I'll try to find that post, and i'll edit this post if i find! Edit: found it!
  3. I'm not a founder but my opinion is not completely against this. Will be ok if they make the badge like a glyph, so you can use for your profile and for your Rj. But I'm against the decoration and against any other idea on this matter. I don't know if is a case or not... but in this week i've seen another post on the forum of a founder asking for "new and more special item for the founder". You guys already have your special item, and just that. If you have bought something limited edition, this don't mean that randomly , sometimes you could have the right to claim other specia
  4. Since i've seen that character in the Devstream, the only thing i've thinked was that it look like Kylo Ren from Star Wars
  5. Yeah... probably the idea was this... BUT... as always they will find this mechanic too difficult to implement and the 3rd orb will be like any other boss: hit something specific (an object or boss part), boss stop to be immortal, hit boss, repeat 2, 3 or 4 times, congratulation, you kill it! Almost every boss on Warframe is like this... except the glorious and immortal "the sergeant" and the little infested pet "phorid"
  6. Before the update the fact that a syndicate was enemy or friend with other syndicate, was really, completely illogic and this mechanic was rich of problem, just unsensed in some cases, deeper and severe in other cases. There are a lot of thing that we do for "breaking our syndicate rules"; here the examples i've in mind but i'm sure there could be more and more and a lot of more: -) Quest from syndicate wich you are enemies [Hei! i really hate you, but i will help you to find this super weapon] -) Trade with enemies syndicate with Arbiter/Veil in relay or from Palladino [Hei! i reall
  7. Thet's exactly why i've put in the same type. Both Tennogen and deluxe change the model, but is not "model change" i'm interested in this post =)
  8. Hi... this is my question: what if DE add more "color scheme skin" for our warframe? Skin are divided in 2 categories: -1 - Shape change skin, like Tennogen and Deluxe skin. -2 - Color scheme skin like Immortal or some event skin. What i'm asking in this post is to add more skin of the second type, to have a lot for each warframe and weapon with different drawings and lozenges, of course platinum purchasable, to better color our equipment.
  9. Ok... is difficult to find a title for what i'm trying to explain here. Please read, and tell me what you think... Some words before explain the idea: if you are a people like me, that like to go visit other people dojo to see what they could have created and maybe take some idea for your dojo, this could be an interesting thing. The idea: Now under our dojo icon in navigation, we have other 5 clan to visit. Those clan are the winner of the seasonal contest but for 1 month you can oly see one clan for each rank. This is great, and this thing will remain, but other than this, i want
  10. Before the update on veil proxima we had a map where only spawn fighter and crewship (gian point maybe). No asteroid mission, no secondary objective. Just kill fighter and crewship. Of course it was the only mission where you could find some people playing RJ and was easy, fast and fun. Now has gone, everything replaced with longer mission full of side objective (and corpus with the new orrible taxi mechanic). This post is simple. I'm just asking to have on each planet a map with RJ unit only (fighter and crewship) where a people could really play railjack, cause now railjack is tota
  11. You are the hero we need but not the hero we deserve.... ty mate.
  12. Hi, some day ago i notice that in Fortuna the Conservation mode was broken, cause from lure wheel disappear the kubrodon lure and from pheromone wheel the kubrodon pheromone. About this i've already make a post, but is better to remind. Tooday i've done the Fish nightwave on PoE; the Fish Bait wheel has the item all scattared around, with a lot of empty slot (instead of be from slot 1 to 8). The fish item wheel also has the item trolling around (and there are just 2 item there -.-).
  13. Don't know if is a bug or they changed this, but when update come out, after a RJ mission (with all objective completed) you were rewarded with 4 different thing. Now, the reward is 2thing... is this a bug or they simply don't want people play this mission?
  14. Hi, i post again somthing in this post cause i've found other room with skybox not editable: -) Drydock (we already know) -) Juno water garden -) Starlight Market -) Orokin Lab. (ok this is not properly a skybox but more a relic of a an ancient era)
  15. I'm talking about the wall, roof and floor in the Tenno room (like hall and hallway). They look really outdated compared to the detail of new room and new decoration. They are pixelated. Please, refresh those texture to match the new level of datail we have in game. Consider also the idea of create some "skin" for various room to put color in different way and not only "tenno"
  16. Hi, i was making the NW mission to conservate animals in Orb Vallis and i notice in my gear wheel i don't have the Kubrodon lure (but i have buyed it from the vendor) and also i don't have the kubrodon pheromone (but the vendor say i have 145)
  17. Ehm.... but the function "on time call" is already in the game, they added this with the last RJ update, and you unlock this when you are ar Rank 9 of Command. Whith this function you can already summon your crew member in regular mission. I'm not asking for a thing that is already in the game; i'm asking to give people the possibility to set a crew member without change it manually every time. To make an example on something similar, now you can change your build manually, and change every part of the equipment one after the other or you can have a loadout with the equipment you need fo
  18. Ok.. english is not my language, but you have not try to read what i have written here.... @Vaml77 @ChaoticEdge as i say: the solo squad will be always of 3 bot + you, the 4th slot is in case you want the "on time call" be a different one of the guys you have equipped for help you in your railjack. What you equip in the 4th slot will NEVER spawn in your RJ, cause there just spawn the first 3, but you can put there, in the 4th slot another crew member, and set that as "on time call". If you want the "on time call" be also one of your RJ crew member, no problem, set the "otc" in the
  19. Well... in you case is simple... assign the "on time call" at the one you prefer and leave the 4th slot empty, or just put inside a crewman that could never spawn
  20. Inside your RJ if you play alone you can now have a maximum of 3 people helping you. This 3 people are equipped in 3 different slot and for each one you can assign a role. Ther's no problem unless you want to equip a "on time call" crew different to the other you usually use. Now i speack for myself, but i think is the case of almost everyone here: All the role you can use have stat for that role (pilot, gunner and engineer) and they are really useful, but the perfect "on time call" should have the combat stat. I think really few people wil use a crew member just for defend the ship, caus
  21. Faction is the part of codex where you find some info on enemies. Those info are earned scanning the various enemies you encounter in map, but i think how this work could really be upgraded in a better way. Here some problem and improvement ideas: The enemies with "black figure and a ?" are totally useless. Is like to say: "hey you have to scan one nemies, now search for it!" I think the enemies with the "?" should at least share some information, like theyr name and "where to find them" [i mean a really place where to find them, not a useless information! Take tha Jackal Eximus, t
  22. What i'm talking about? Well... when you enter in navigation, it open the solar system map and from there you can choose the planet and then a mission you like, but there are 3 different "solar system: the regular one, the steel path one and the raijack one. Why don't merge in a single system, more ordinated and less dispersive, using the system we already have in game. Now i explain how i think they should be merged: Steel path: steel path mission should work like any other gamemode that influence a node, like relic, invasion or nighmare. When you click a node, it open the menu whe
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