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  1. Improvements in this area would be most welcome; and very beneficial to the Warframe community as a whole.
  2. Now that Operator Arcanes are a thing, and the Arcane system as a whole is still garbage, it'd be convenient to own multiple copies of the same suit and helmet to toggle between Arcanes without having to constantly distil items and go through the entire ranking process every time. I already do this on all of my Warframes and there's nothing but profit and gratitude to be gained by the addition of such a small quality of life change. Thanks.
  3. I find the Lenz to be awesome fun, ten out of ten, will use again. Even solo'd sortie Sargas Ruk with it! As Hydroid! Best fun I've had in this game in a while. :P
  4. I would also like to see this. I loved the aesthetic and negligible recoil, but it couldn't content with the other weapons I had at the time. If it can compete now I'll definitely rebuild/riven it.
  5. I do agree the costs are too high, though it'll never change, I personally bought the weapon with platinum. And I also find the Soma Prime to be overrated, but it is considered to be part of the meta by the community, so it was a fair comparison. Every sortie is possible with every Warframe, and most weapons, yes. Zhuge was a big favorite before the Hema, still probably in my top 5 primaries. With my Riven (124.8% Multishot + 120.8% Toxin) it takes just under a clip to kill a level 145 Corrupted Heavy Gunner, which is still super solid. They did speak about increasing the drop
  6. Ah, you're totally right. I forgot that a Riven mod is what defines if a weapon is good or not. I guess I'll go farm out an 'extremely godlike' Riven for my Lato, of course it'll melt the enemies. The fact that the Hema has a neutral disposition and is capable of getting such Riven mods is another point in its favor. I have an 'extremely godlike' Riven on my Tonkor too, but at the levels demonstrated, the Hema is far more efficient. As you said, the Tonkor has no chance against armored enemies, but, in Warframe, armor happens to be the scaling factor that we all have to combat. So yes, I
  7. When the Hema was originally described, I thought its health drain on reload was actually the only ammunition it needed, which made sense to me as a unique feature. But now that it's been introduced and it takes your health and has an ammo pool that it draws from, seems pretty pointless, an annoying and wasted opportunity. I'll agree with you there. :P
  8. Soma: Serration / Split Chamber / Point Strike / Vital Sense / High Voltage / Malignant Force / Argon Scope / Bladed Rounds. Without a Riven your Soma doesn't hit any harder than mine. Hema: Multi+BaseDmg Riven / Serration / Split Chamber / Infected Clip / High Voltage / Malignant Force / Rime Rounds / Vile Acceleration. Yes, Hema does have a disposition advantage over the Soma, another reason it doesn't need a buff. My point wasn't to S#&$ all over the Soma, it was to compare the weapon you think needs a buff to the meta critical assault rifle in a semi-realis
  9. The Hema drastically needs a buff, it is definitely not viable in its current state.
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