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  1. Improvements in this area would be most welcome; and very beneficial to the Warframe community as a whole.
  2. Day 1 of Ropalolyst was buggy but playable. Maybe 40% of speedruns that reached the Arena had to be aborted for various reasons. Day 2 and 3 of Ropalolyst are incompletable. 15 attempts = 15 bugs. Either he runs endlessly in circles, gets caught in an endless loop of running off the edge and respawning, or he freezes in mid-air and won't agro to charge towers. Sometimes I don't even spawn in the Arena after touching the console. I have done everything I can think of to change up my methods, different frames, different speeds moving to the Arena, cycling which towers I do first and second (never get to the third anymore), different weapons, different timings before damaging shields or moving towards towers (trying to give him more or less time to recover), different methods of moving towards towers, different timings for grappling with him, etc, the list goes on. Even my most recent attempt where I did everything in my power to go as slowly as possible (to replicate the typical player) didn't get past the first stage. A few friends of mine are still running it normally with no increase in bugs between Day 1 and Day 3, but as far as we can tell, there's nothing that they are or are not doing that I haven't tried replicating. Judging from the lack of outcry on social media my experience is part of the minority. Was hoping this was related to Phorid invading the Ropalolyst node but that has now expired and the bugs persist. Hopefully some fixes towards this soon.
  3. It was a long-term goal. Nightwave finally pushed me (and 49 others) to complete the last bounties I needed for Breath of the Eidolon. I think I needed almost 400 total.
  4. I literally just finished crafting a full set of every single Cetus and Quills arcane a few days ago. Remember your excuse for never changing the Hema cost? Not wanting to give a big "#*!% you" to everybody that had already put in the effort? Thanks.
  5. A shame, to be sure, but we all saw it coming. 😛
  6. Level 30+ is extremely difficult.
  7. Oxium change is actually infuriating. There is no legitimate way to farm it and you just keep deleting every viable method people manage to find. Just delete the resource already and save yourselves the hassle.
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