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  1. It's not a button or an option on PS4, I've looked. What's the default key on PC for changing it? I have my keyboard plugged in for easier trading and might have hit a wrong key...facepalm ensues.
  2. https://twitter.com/chaoscontrol71/status/1180644845616074756?s=09 After trading in my dojo, I returned to my Orbiter and found that my Warframe was standing on the right of the targeting reticle instead of the left. After playing 1600+ hours on my account, it presented a bit of a challenge running through a Tridolon Bounty on Cetus, however, my time in previous games gave me the adaptability to make in through without an issue. While I am, without a doubt, able to adapt and overcome, I would rather like to return to my intended orientation sooner rather than later.
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