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  1. Relogged, restarted several times Still can't see the mask Quills maxed rank
  2. Abstract: Bad experience for solo players; Advices for sanctuary onslaught; vote to kick idling players. Thanks for the beasts of the sanctuary update. Though it does bring some problems, but it gives us two vandal weapons. Firstly, the gameplay is gradually getting ill-suited for solo players. (Somehow, I can't join or become hosts, and I believe I am not alone) To take a look into past modes, the tower capturing speed for interception scale with the number of players; those endless missions have enemy amount scale with the number of players. Yet the Eidolon boss fights are the same for 1-player-squad or a full squad, simply one single eidolon. It would take me nearly 20 minutes to solo a Teralyst, while in a squad it could even be shortened to 5 minutes. Also, considering the new sanctuary onslaught mode, it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to reach 13 waves and above. How on earth can I compete with 4-player-squad without 4 corrosive projections and so many buffs? Within a map big like that, with the enemies hiding behind those covers, with my efficiency dropping at the same rate as those full squads. The major difference between solo players and teamed players is the speed of taking down enemies, and this difference was magnified after above modes had been introduced. For this specific mission type, I believe simply making the efficiency draining rate scale with number of players would be much better. I believe there are more players out there have the similar technical problems preventing us from teaming up, so why not give us a better experience? Sometime I (somehow) joined a squad and would probably find out some players very irritating (idling, intendedly using tower laser to kill other players and many other behaviors). Why not add a choice to kick one player out after voting? Other issues: 1. Excalibur Umb… oh never mind, Shhhhh... 2. Two handed Katana? 3. IPS system 4. Melee system rework 5. After the nerf of Ember, are you onto nerfing other experience-breaking Super AOE frames? 6. Removing the focus cap and scale the focus as you said in (one I can’t remember) Devstream so that we don’t have to farm eidolons to earn most of focus. Anyway, thanks for bring all these new contents and reading this comment. (If you can find this poor little helpless reply in all those pages of comments and finish the reading)
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