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  1. I really like sang's suggestion but still I would like this system being removed. BUT, considering how melee slams and telos boltace (who got nerfed in pve) work now... I would even want some health gates (no, I don't mean it) Also Daikyu and Spring-Loaded Broadhead seems to be dead, and I think this may be one of the hardest weapon to use and master, now it's ability to one-shot ppl from 15m away is gone and I don't think landing a headshot as a bow is as easy as snipers. It seems weird how bleed work (ash's). It can bypass shield but what happens when shields are depleted and invulnerability is granted... weird right? And the shield/armor type need a change, some ppl use to have an impact gun and a puncture gun to use them specifically on shields and health, now I find no reason doing so.
  2. Aight, some updates. Shield gating isn't bad, but definitely need rebalance. Daikyu and Spring-Loaded Broadhead are down. And the new shield + armor type (if I tested correctly) cause the damage mods and weapon choice to matter not that much, this need rebalance, too. Still no nerf for slam attacks and telos boltace ragdoll
  3. I saw that in hotfix 27.2 Well it's a great improvement, but I still can't see any effort in balancing the conclave. New slide damage is still high, enough to immediately cause shield gating, and slam attack is still like what it was before. AND I see no changes for telos boltace and we lost the dual swords to counter that dumb ragdoll. Still, DE has improved in trying to respond to our feedback on this gamemode everyone think is dead.
  4. 近几个版本武形密仪近战伤害出现了很大的问题,包括但不限于滑砍伤害过高、震地伤害过高、范围过大、控制过强、格挡能力过强等极为严重的平衡性问题 建议回滚至过去版本或是将近战武器删除
  5. I like how weapons in Warframe are designed and balanced. In destiny 2, you can use lord of wolves to gain free kills in close range. Here in Warframe, you can give you free kills in any distance! Just use this new kuva weapon and you can kill other players, sounds good right? Please stop saying things like "conclave is dead", this gamemode exists and I do not think because of few play it can be the reason of not fixing it. I remember both two-handed nikana came with very "PVE" damage in conclave, and tatsu released in march 2019. I am very interested in the reasons why this mistake has been made multiple times.
  6. Melee weapons really need some buffs, so far they can only block every bullet in the front, and only telos boltace can cause ragdoll that is long enough for someone to die 10 times. Also, compared to guns, guns (snipetron to be specific) can basically one-shot every frame under the 2nd zoom except those who has overshields and no mobility mods, just move the crosshair to their head and shoot. See? EASY. But when it comes to melee (dual keres), you need to do a slide attack to one-shot someone, which requires you to hold W and press ctrl + e. Oh dear, this sound so much HARDER than just move your mouse and press LMB. Oh, and the flying hammer thing, you need to charge it to one-shot someone, you need to hold E, now this is the move that require some hardcore skills, hold your E isn't that simple. I believe melee need buff so that they can one-shot every frame, using any melee, under any circumstances, at any range, require no aim at all, and only with a single press. Oh, they also need the ablity to reflect bullet from any directions so that we can avoid getting killed by those skillless snipers which only require a headshot to kill (if not reflected) TL:DR version We should be able to kill every other player in conclave when we press E. This is better than current melee system, the current one is not so efficient, so I think this buff can make it even easier. Oh, any potential fixes for shawzin problems in conclave public hosts?
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