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  1. actually now that i see the recording is WAY worse. what happen was the scrap my carcinox icon WAS in the option of scraping a junk cryophon turret option. i knew that when scraping it ask you if you are sure, well i was sure that it was a cryophon. like i say im not mad at DE, i just wish this stuff where address. don't take it as an attack as more a way to improve please.
  2. i must mention that went i did this, i wasn't aware of this option,plus i was looking at a junk turret but it happen so fast that it was too late when i saw the materials screen that i realize what i done. i will most likely get a response in much much later, but i will do regardless, i posted this to spread awarness for those who suffer this scennario that i am right now. i have a better roll of 59 fr, but im mad that my time and ressource got scraped away, it makes me feel less mad and more paranoic realizing that ts possible to scrap a reactor vidar, kinda glad happen this way and no the other way around, but the issue remmains, i know empyrian was rush, but i hope like no man's sky, it gets better.
  3. I'm mad, not at DE but myself, please fix this, when you wanna scrap your weapons in railjack, why not make it you to go to INVENTORY and there delete it, insted of make it where you get scraping you junk for dirac, and accidentaly scrap you perfect vidar reactor, please, like most of the stuff you delete are by this norm of going to inventory and there delete your stuff, now i have to be careful to play with the inventory without getting my stuff i work hard gone forever. EDIT: I submitted a ticket and now got my carcinox back, Ty DE, and I hope to hear they fix this bug, I most certainly gonna be careful from now on.
  4. i got pretty good recommendations and in all i see that i got pretty good stats. i'm waiting for the update to test my railjack, tysm for the suggestions.
  5. i shall test it once i get the hotfix. that's pretty good.
  6. the closest i have is a zekti photor mk3 with 29.7% dmg, i think the max is 30 for this turret. but idk.
  7. i'm wonder if a combination with munition vortex and carcinox with fire rate is possible. edit: i still gonna hold on my heat reduction avionic just in case
  8. if you're asking if archwing mods drop on railjack mission? the archwing mods drop from only archwing missions, although some drop from the profit-taker.
  9. so, i saw people complain about the dmg nerf of the cryophon on veil. I'm in ps4, and 1 of my clanmates said that the carcinox was meta, right now i have a zekti cryophon mk3 of 58,8% and a zekti carcinox mk3 of 58%. any pick that i should get or any other suggestion, i heard that the apoc vidar was good cause of particle. but i would like more insight from experienced players.
  10. Yep that's mainly my concern, that I have only use the tools that the game gave me to achieve my goals, but then I saw some people getting reported for getting past the mark, so I been lurking into the forums for more insight as to how it was trigger the abnormal rewards and hours in a single mission, now I can keep doing survival and interception in peace. Thank you for your reply.
  11. I forgot that I mainly play solo in endurance, but I guess it's irrelevant to the staff that reviews it. Still Ty for replying
  12. So I know that using any type of exploit are reasons to getting banned, I mainly been using ivara prowl and redeemer, and extract the mission at 2 hour mark if not early, but If I where to go any further than that like 5 or 8 or 12 hours, what's the best way to keep playing the game and not suffer for any reason, reason being that I don't want to deal with losing this account and play as much as I can.
  13. I would hope that wasn't the case. If it is, then maybe there's something that we can do about it.
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