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  1. Visual Update Plans!

    If you can get photo's, I'll add it to the Visual bugs.
  2. Yea I just thought you had looked up a schematic on how to place everything, knowing the wiki it would be on there but if you did it all yourself then im impressed over the calculations honestly.
  3. Currently compiling a thread to mach up some UI changes and fixes.
  4. Visual Update Plans!

    [VISUAL FIXES AND ADDITIONS!] You want 'em, we need 'em! Warframe is getting to be quite the game recently, but some of it hasn't aged well, or just feels, lacking, don't you think? Below is a compiled list of things that could be potentially added and fixed in a visual update, including but not limited to: Orbiter decor! Known Visual Buggeroos! Additional Tiles and Tile reworks! Visual functionality! And more! Any suggestions below that pose WORTHY helpful towards the game's visuals and/or are a good idea for addition to the game will be added to the list with credit to the user. I will also link other threads below in the respective categories of other users posts with notable additions with credit to the user. [Orbiter] [UI] [Visual Bugs] [Tiles] Ideas, Agreements, Disagreements? Drop 'em below!
  5. More Ordis Voice Lines For The Love Of The Galaxy !

    Bumping this, very important. More dialogue gives more depth to Ordis who I feel players hear the most when frequenting the text channels.
  6. Clan Emblems.

    I've been playing Warframe for quite some time now, since before the Emblem edit to make it slightly transparent, but both before and after, I've had many issues with being satisfied with my Emblem. Its solely because of the transition from image to game, you just don't know how well it'll turn out because of the way they're displayed, especially the preview on the site, which just slaps the image you upload onto an Excalibur. Below is an image of my current Emblem which I've been reworking for the past 20 minutes because of this issue. White, its just too bright, and I also had made the mistake of having a black background instead of a transparent one: To cut to the chase, I'd like to suggest and edit or two if you will, or an addition in a sense. I'm not too sure if this will come to the eye of DE per say, but I would like to propose Emblem Trials, which would consist of adding a secondary option to the Emblem upload function on the website, where you could "test" your emblem and have it applied in-game for a short period of time, say 1 hour, 4 hours, etc Basically you could avoid wasting plat (even if it is just 150) and getting stuck with an ugly emblem, you could display it in game to see what could need adjusting before your final upload. This function and visual change could also be limited to Clan members that have the Ruler role so that it only affects the people that are working on the emblem change, and not a clan-wide "temp emblem" to rustle confusion. Another function that I wouldn't mind seeing is the option to toggle the current translucency between the classic emblem opacity (100%) and the current emblem opacity (75%~), even as something so minor. Thoughts and agreements, disagreements, etc anyone?
  7. Hotfix 19.13.1

    Nth post. :D