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  1. Yeah it's kinda annoying and unrealistic. He's like beaten up, stands on his knees, you try to execute him and he just stands up and straight up murder your overpowered space ninja ass like it's nothing in addition to a fact that your mates just stand there and watch him do it. More logical outcome would be if he just noped out of there OR the one you killed stays dead, but since grineers are clones, his more powerfull copy comes to continue haunting you and only correct runes can dissipate his kuva energy and stop grineer from imbuing his another clone with this energy, effectively stopping him being a threat to you.
  2. Well guess what, I'm done with the content already in days, and I think more and more people will get tired of this nonsense and be done with it. Imagine all the duplicates when you got one or two weapons left to gain, it will be very hard for people to force themselves through such unrewarding content. And that we are talking only about getting all weapons. Imagine the grind to get high bonus of the ones you liked.
  3. So we could chose whether we want that lich or not before giving mercy to a larva. Because seriously, that's not even funny, I got 7 kuva weapons and 7!!!!! duplicates already, last 3 weapons were the ones I already had with S#&$ bonus % and not even for good weapons. Duplicates were tolerable before murmur farm nerf(shared murmur for lich attempts), but after the nerf they're not. I personally will ignore lich game mode until something will be done. Did someone seriously think people will see all this RNG and spend their time in this mode?
  4. Wow, that's some nice choices to address lich system issues!
  5. I tested it in simulacrum and yeah, it seems like a "bullet" drop. I forgot they did similar thing with Euphona. But the question still remains, doesn't weapon have enough downsides without it?...
  6. Oh, I see. Well that sucks, it hits hard but who would want to take bullet drop into account in such fast-pace shooter?
  7. Any good reason why it do that? Low reload speed, fire rate, no accuracy without aiming are not good enough downsides?)
  8. Oh, that's why getting runes is such a grind
  9. I'm not complaining it's long, I'm complaining that it's WAY too long and that it's longness was unnecessarily and deliberately increased. But also I'm suggesting how to decrease longness and increase replayability and fun and make game mode much more pleasant.
  10. Well if you're having fun and you're ok, that's absolutely wonderful. But the thing is, we both can have what we want, what a surprise, right? With not random weapon choice, nothing changes for you, you can take your time and get your weapons in 1.5 months(guaranteed btw). And I get my super-mega-uber-hyper-cataclysm META. Or at least not being forced play game mode I don't like much more extra time, if I just want the weapons from it.
  11. No it's not. Mission spawned thralls, stop spawning when they give you approximately 20% of your reqiuem bar. But if you keep him alive while you at the mission, you get more than 20% from that mission.
  12. People not trying to execute their lich is a response to a horrible murmur grind. Currently I know of two benefits you get, if you don't try to kill him.
  13. So, am I getting this right? You say that for example if you liked Brakk, and wanted to farm different versions of it, you're willing to spend MONTHS of many hours grind, farming it? Because there's only a 1/13 chance that lich will even pick it? Or you'll spend a couple of weeks getting all weapons and then abandon game mode altogether?
  14. I think there should be a quick way to make lich switch his weapon or choose weapon he will use for him, because making him switch the only way possible now - is to deal with him, either kill or convert and that takes WHOLE LOT of time. And there is quite big chance that you will get same duplicate weapon again. I know you wanted to make replayable endgame content, but with weapons pick randomness, no sane person will try to farm anything out of it and will abandon mode rather sooner. I know lich weapons are quite powerfull, but there's nothing to kill with them anyways, except leveled up lich's minions. I feel like an ability to choose weapon lich uses, will make mode much more replayable, I certainly would replay it in that case, trying getting different versions of weapons I liked.
  15. Good ember rework, which is totally killed by that her 3 and 4 not damaging enemies through walls
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