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  1. On 5/4/2016 at 0:54 PM, Azarakidragon said:

    Keep in mind that the visibility/effects of black energy behave differently on different graphical settings and monitor setups. I didn't used to have any problem with black energy, but when I got my new monitor, it got harder to see.

    also ivara is the only frames who has invis use her energy colour.... which you can see as clear as day if u are vs an ivara in TDM

  2. 30 minutes ago, sh00chu said:

    I read and understood the entire thread perfectly fine. It's a bunch of whining about a mechanic that is functionally no different than the examples I mentioned. Just as a smart player wouldn't go head-up with someone shooting them in the face with a hit-scan weapon, they not follow a Vauban or Nezha too closely, knowing full well that they have abilities that can be set as  traps regardless of energy color. These abilities have an extremely simple hard counter, don't follow these enemies too closely and watch your corners. This thread is just full of confirmation bias. Just because you and other people have decided in your minds that a thing is unfair, doesn't make it so.

    basically saying people who do not have 20/20 vision like yourself are inferior right?, your argument is no deeper than a chipmunks anus, just because you can do it doesnt mean everyone else can ya know?, would you feel nice if you had bad vision and you got hit by a near invisible black molecular prime wave on the corpus near black bakground of the Uranus map? yea, me neither, i am a person with pretty bad vision myself, and i cant believe people like you actually defend this cheese. wouldnt it suck to die to an invsible hollowed ground? or would you just say "hey i could've avoided that invisible floor of death". please, next time you make an argument defending something that does not bother you, make sure it wont bother anyone else when you think about it? got that?

  3. 2 hours ago, Popstupid said:

    Just my personal opinion but 50 health per second for 20 seconds max is too much considering it's just one target. Maybe reduce it 15 health per second but not 50. That's a maximum of 1000 health, Ivara can't even reach that much. (Maybe with Maxed Vigor and Vitality, I'm not sure)

    Second, i think prowl is a little strong, I'm not sure about this one.

    Also, for Orion's bow, it is way too strong, the damage of every arrow turned into one and considering the charge isn't that bad, it is way too strong. I don't know everything about Ivara and in concept, these are really good but the stats bring it down.


    Just my 2 cents

    made slight changes :3 

  4. ive had some ideas for ivara augments in mind..... hope u enjoy!

    navigator:-> leech shot: hitting a target with navigator will give you 50 health per second for 5 seconds at max rank

    prowl:-> hunters touch: ivara will force any enemy she pick pockets into sleep and the enemy that is put to sleep will make a 3 m burst at max rank that will put every enemy within to sleep... (cannot chain after initial pick pocket)

    artemis bow:-> orion's bow: artemis bow's arrows will now turn into a singular arrow which will do 100 percent of all the damage all of the arrows that artemis bow volleys when fully charged and shot, quick firing will result it being only 25 percent. 


  5. 4 hours ago, (XB1)CFE CALiPRIME said:

    Rubico is 1 of my favorite gun to use and its have been nerf its a 3 shout kill headshot 2 I specialized in useing these weapons and the rubico needs a buff badly its a sniper and with a headshot its only need 1 shout body 2 

    do you use lie in wait xD... without that rubico is trash xD

  6. SInce there will no longer be pvp in darksectors, i would like to ask the community to put some ideas down in the comments for a competive pvp gamemode, that give reasonable rewards.


    If you guys like an idea, +1 it, and if enough people +1 it, ill add it to this thread, and hopefully, DE will be inspired to take one of the many ideas that are hopefully implemented here...


    start thinking peeps


    first idea by @bernad2218

    " Global Leaderboard and Ranked Matchmaking, rewards are based on the leaderboard position."

    sounds legit, nut i was thinking more gamemode style of competitive...  but i would appreciate this too

    2nd idea by @Nazrethim 

    First: new gamemodes

    -Interception: 3-5 nodes (must always be an odd number). Team based, stand near the node to capture while no enemy is around.

    -Assault: one team defends, one team attacks, two 5min rounds, end of round teams swap.

    With that said. Here's the suggestion:

    Celestial Torunament

    -Similar to Sorties, players must pass a 5 challenges (that is, win a match on every mode).

    -Special match modifiers will be applied (such modifiers making the fights more difficult rather than bufing specific equipment)

    -The challenges reset weekly. Every time you completed you get a point. After 3 weeks the tournament closes for 3 weeks. (so it's 3 weeks tournament, 3 weeks with nothing, thne again 3 weeks tournament, rinse and repeat)

    -Rewards depend on how many points you got: 1P=Orokin reactor/catalyst/Exilus adapter. 2P= Orokin reactor/Catalyst/Exilus adapter+Conclave badge. 3P= Reactor/Catalyst/Exilus+Conclave Champion badge+Celestial Champion Syadanna. Badges appearance change slightly with each completion (like the Stratos) and the Syadanna you get it once.

    more from the N man 

    -Gamemode Assault: One team attacks, one team defends, every player has 3 lives except the "defense target" which has only one. Two rounds, round ends after 10min, all players on team are eliminated or the defense target is eliminated. Defense/Attack roles are swapped between teams each round. At the start of each round a random player on defender team is selected as "defense target", he must survive at all costs and his team must protect him, if he/she dies the attacking team wins the round. Defense target gains 150 Overshield to compensate for his "only 1 life" condition.

    -Challenges Reset daily: each completion awards 1 point. You get rewards for getting 5, 10 and 15 points troughout the tournament.

    -Special match moddifiers will be applied that make the matches more challenging instead of buffing specific parts of the loadout (Toxic/Magnetic clouds and Fire/Ice patches, -0.2 mobility for Ceph Carriers, Health orbs only heal half what they usually do, No energy surge, etc.)

    -Rewards: 5P=X amount of Standing/Credits/Ducats+3 Random Rare stances+Random reward (Pool: 100xRare Fusion Cores, Legendary Core, Random Primed Mod [daily tribute prime mods not included], Orokin Reactor/Catalyst blueprint, Exilus Adapter [built] ). 10P= X amount of Standing/Credits/Ducats+3 Random Rare Stances+Random Reward (same as '5P')+Conclave Challenger Badge (upon reaching 20 badges an elaborate Conclave Challenger Sigil will be awarded). 15P= X amount of Standing/Credits/Ducats+3Random Rare stances+Random Reward (same as '5P' but excluded the Rare Fusion Cores)+Conclave Champion Badge (upon reaching 20 champion badges an elaborate Conclave Champion Syadanna will be awarded)


    i really like the ideas of modifiers, but maybe nothing too game changing like reducing movement... 


    this is an idea by @Loxyen 


    The old 1.0 round based 2v2 Conclave mode was really fun to play. Maybe DE can add this again and/or bring other round based game modes. (4v4 included) Like good old cs style plant the bomb or something like that. That would be a nice alternative to the ongoing kill-die-respawn-kill-die-respawn-and so on from the present gamemodes.


    Why not fuse the bomb side retake with mob def? There are 2 teams. The moon "M" and the sun "S".

    At start everyone can choose a team or if there is no decision will be set automatically. - Or it will be balanced automatically by Conclave stats over Mastery Rank?

    Then starts the round. The M dudes have to activate and defend a console while the S dudes have to hack it before the time runs out. (Maybe add a limited area in that M can move while the console got activated? Should be big enough to escape from aoe spam, but small enough to prevent marathon runs. E.G. these two big Void rooms with two floors and the single console  in the middle while doing mob defs?)

    The round is won by M: When all S are dead, or the time runs out and the console was not hacked.

    The round is won by S: When the console got hacked before the time runs out. (It would be much easier/faster to hack when every M member is down.)

    After 3-5 rounds both teams change sides.

    This would be my rough idea of a new game mode. What do you think about it?

    Edit: Better make enemy projectiles from Castanas, Talons, Penta,... attackable if they lie on the ground or stick on the console. 

    i like the idea of the mobile defense idea... maybe defenders would have a stat boost and attackers would have a stat boost so if the defenders were squishy frames they would survive better :p

  7. 3 hours ago, Rhaenxys said:

    - Second wind is still not working with Inaros, considering how vulnerable to puncture he is and his shields value i dont really find any reason to be intended, even with that small hp regen passive.

    - Warcry should have its duration increased to 15 seconds.

    - For the 354456767435 time, Valkyr shields are totally drained in free for all but not in team based modes, old video (2 or 3 months):

      Hide contents


    - Trinity 1 & 2 abilities cant be cast in the air and have a fairly high cast time, it should have a invulnerability period when casting or a CC effect while applied on a target.

    - Melee based abilities (except exalted blade) are a joke with the current mobility because they are extremely easy to avoid but drain too much energy per second compared to regular melee even with channeling, the energy per second should be lowered or considering their range they should have innate lock-on in 4m.

    i completely agree with EVERYTHING u said, especially with valkyr's and wukong's ultimate

  8. 1 hour ago, Xandis said:



    This is the second time this has happened. I think I speak for everyone when I say that this is probably the most useless reward from Weekly Conclave challenges. Could it be removed from the drop table? Or at least replaced with something more useful, like Nintain?

    beats 10 argon, THAT ALL DECAY IN A DAY :sadcry: 

  9. dude, are you serious... the sonicor has like a 15m range and the dark dagger only has like a 3m with homing fang's lunge + 1 with heartseeker... plus the sonicors projectile has to HIT you to actually knock you down, are you lie standing in one place and fighting or are you just afk when you fight, if see one of these *meta* players, run! dont let their melee touch you lol, please try to counter the problem before crying about it :laugh: 

  10. 1 hour ago, Cicadeus said:

    I haven't seen this weapon do significant damage to myself nor have I used it against anyone to know.

    I have permissions too c.c


  11. 3 minutes ago, igo95862-LookingForClan- said:

    That's what happens then there is no beta testing before implementing changes and additions.

    the pvp team needs some help xD, they dont seem to understand this word called "balance"



    (P.S I see u r looking for a clan, if you contact lord_noctus, he may let you join our pvp focused clan mystere :D)

  12. anyone notice how fast it kills? its literally better than the attica in EVERY SINGLE NECESSARY WAY... and IT CAN EQUIP SOARING STRIKE, DA FUQ, im sure im not the only one who despises being knocked down by a banshee then getting spray to death by a zhuge...

  13. 1 hour ago, Pun-chee said:

    Don't want to sound mean or "toxic". But this sentence (and it's in all-caps!) only leads to one solution: Don't play it, it's not your type of game.

    But if you have hope and discover just a tiny bit of motivation:

    Go into a match, there will be at least one player that seem to always kill you regardless what you try. Take this as opportunity - don't give up. The more energy you put in to beat him, the more you learn. And eventually, you will beat him. If that happens, it should give you a "huge shower of adrenaline". If it doesn't, I don't think Conclave could ever give you fun. Nothing to be "ashamed" of, some just don't enjoy playing versus real players.

    Don't play for the rewards, that's a dead end. Play for the experience!


    i will never forget that m prime fail....

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