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  1. Namely, releasing two new modes of play and putting almost all their support towards those new pieces of content. I bet the first few releases of New War are going to be focused on fixing the quest as well. It's unlikely we'll see any notable changes until these have been polished to a glimmering finish.
  2. Conclave 1.0 had unrestricted gear. It made such a poor impression that most veterans never gave Conclave a shot after that, even when it was reworked, and created a culture where mentioning Conclave was taboo. Rahetalius also overlooks the fact that the core gameplay of Conclave is tight: a loadout/arena shooter with off-the-wall mobility. The suggestions I've seen involve implementing a ranked system where players are matched against others of similar skill. Ideally, this would remove the need for any major reworks because players would go up against others of a similar skill level. While it may also encourage a "meta" in loadouts, high-skill players already use a variety of weapons, so it's unlikely anything major would change at that end of play. In addition, balance passes towards addressing AoE and melee weapons would go a long way towards improving subpar gear and nerfing OP gear. Towards semideum, Conclave is currently the only mode that retains larger squads of eight people. The maps are still relatively small compared to a mission so that players compete over pickups, bringing them together. Larger maps like Compound already are not favored by the community at large. As for Conclave augments being usable in the base game, I'm all for it - Conclave is largely cut off from the rest of the game and more ways to earn plat are always welcome.
  3. Thank you so much for the Conclave fixes! Anything helps and is usually immediately appreciable from the cyclical nature of Conclave. We still have a few issues around, noted in these two threads: We understand that your priorities are elsewhere, but just a few little fixes each patch (or even every couple of patches) will really add up.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to polish your game modes! I imagine a lot goes into making an entirely new mode for this feature-filled game. People will surely be playing it for years to come, especially with how Railjack already has tie-ins to The New War! I'd also like to thank everyone that's already cleared and farmed the new content while keeping an eye out for bugs and optimizations to provide helpful feedback. The two-way communication between Warframe's staff and players is unlike anything I've seen in anything at this scale of popularity. That being said, there are some older modes that haven't received a lot of attention lately, and recent changes to melee have greatly affected them (and unfortunately, for the worse 🙁). Is there any ETA on these reported bugs? We're thankful that the Nova mines are now visible, but there's still a bunch of other bugs, especially the Telos Boltace ragdoll effects, that have changed the landscape of PvP drastically. Anything is appreciated! 😀
  5. Telos Boltace ragdolling players out of bounds is still present.
  6. New (or possibly old) bug: Nightwave challenges that require kills with abilities or weapons aren't tracked in Conclave.
  7. As of 27.0.8, all the bugs originally posted in this report are still ongoing. This is also not the first report of the Nova mine bug: I haven't played enough recently to check for the rest.
  8. Not sure if this has been seen yet, but there's some game-breaking bugs in Conclave right now. Any changes will be appreciated!
  9. You can also shoot while being ragdolled, which currently is the closest thing to a counter there is to Telos Boltace.
  10. Normal bug reports go unread, so I figured a fun title might attract more views. Hi DE! If you see this, there are more important bugs to squash right here:
  11. Here's an example of this in the first 30 seconds: https://streamable.com/utowb In the original poster's words: "when you can press 1 button and you turn into "can't touch me" I say that's kinda unbalanced"
  12. I think the +mag cap not being fully loaded might be a new bug altogether for the list. Post it in!
  13. Here's a thread with a great video showing the current state of affairs. A notable new bug mentioned in it is that blocking is determined clientside, making for shots that look like they should register on the shooter's side not registering. While this may be intended in PvE to ensure that the player is able to properly use blocking, in PvP it means that already OP builds (usually single-weapon builds like just Telos Boltace or just Wolf Sledge) are ensured even better protection than believed before.
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