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  1. iirc the reason I took this screenshot was to show that if you preview a mod config for Skana with the Skana conc skin attached, it previews the Chroma deluxe sword
  2. Nope, just a blank gear wheel. iirc, it just goes right to emotes in regular PvP, but I might be misremembering since it's been so long.
  3. I guess while we're tallying for our own sake, you can open your gear wheel in Lunaro. Happy anniversary, everyone.
  4. Well, we're nine days from the anniversary of this thread and the new Catabolyst and Proboscis Cernos made it in with all their effects and damage levels intact from PvE. https://gfycat.com/femaleimpolitegrasshopper https://gfycat.com/naiveorangeguernseycow Why should I format the bug report properly if this hasn't been opened for a year?
  5. This looks really cool! I always felt glaives were missing some sort of oomph in PvE, and this is sure to make me break out my Glaive Prime riven more often. I do have a quick question, though: How will glaive explosion buff and no falloff be balanced for Conclave? In balanced lobbies, glaives can generally be decent, but if they get set to the PvE minimum falloff damage for the explosion like Tigris Prime and Vectis Prime did in PvP, this is sure to lead to another abusable mechanic.
  6. Type: blessing Description: blessing buffs carry over to Conclave Visual: (placeholder until videos are ready) And here's the video: https://youtu.be/mXCPviaispU Reproduction: activate a buff, then compare to prior stats or arsenal stats Expected result: At this point, I didn't really expect anything, but I was still... Observed result: ... I was just sad, really. Reproduction rate: it's hard to get reproductions because you need MR30s for them, but I have no doubt this is very much so active across the board for any blessing. I don't mean to
  7. It appears there's yet more, putting us close to 20 unresolved bugs in this thread. Type: weapon modding system, blocking, channeling Description: Heartseeker, Impenetrable Offense, and Stand Ground all deal with % blocking when that's no longer relevant, and Mortal Conduct mentions channeling when that is no longer usable Visual: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Mortal_Conduct https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Heartseeker https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Impenetrable_Offense https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Stand_Ground It isn't worth opening Warframe just f
  8. We have reached the third page on the unofficial Conclave Bug Megathread, updated frequently by members of the Conclave community. Sixteen posts adhere to the bug reporting format; most of the remainder are about a single bug that has persisted since The Old Blood that can be fixed by changing a single value (according to dedicated server logs). Anything would be appreciated.
  9. Type: in-game, Telos Boltace (deserves its own category tbh) Description: Telos Boltace lost its six-second cooldown at the release of Melee 3.0 as well as the rest of its balancing Visual: gif above Reproduction: slide twice in quick succession with Telos Boltace against one or more players Expected result: six-second cooldown where slides behave normally Observed result: no cooldown Reproduction rate: I can't find Conclave lobbies without Telos Boltace so I haven't come back since the release of Deimos lol Congratulations on the third page, everyone!
  10. We've surpassed the amount of posts and views of an official bug megathread! We've put some great effort forward, and even if it isn't addressed, coming together to make something this popular is something to be proud of. On another note, Telos Boltace is a frequent topic here, and I found more evidence supporting the claim that its current ragdolling mechanic was unintentionally introduced to Conclave with Melee 3.0. The Conclave-specific wiki page has not been changed since April of last year: And this is its description as of that time: The ragdolling outwards
  11. 2:54 looks reportable enough. Type: in-game, collision Description: buggy collision with rim around outward-facing part of Navigation Array Conclave/Rathuum map Visual: above at 2:54 Reproduction: it seemed to require hitting a "sweet spot" between the top and bottom of the girder, achieved by bullet jumping towards it and then rolling into it (rolling may be necessary to change hitbox size) Expected result: bouncing off map pieces for momentum Observed result: stuck in collision with map piece Reproduction rate: this is the first mention I've seen of it befo
  12. Got a heads-up from a fellow player since I've quit again due to the state of Conclave. Information on this bug is relayed to me and I cannot verify, but have asked for the details to write this report. Type: in-game, melee range, melee punchthrough, damage values Description: melee attack connects with target over ten meters away through walls if combo that would've connected is interrupted, then followed by another melee attack Visual: https://gfycat.com/ultimateeasyamericanlobster Full lead up to the incident: https://gfycat.com/competentillinformedindianabat Reprod
  13. lol whoops I'll keep the thread up so at least one gets seen.
  14. xpost from the conclave subforum It wasn't mentioned in the patch notes that it was being added and the other new Kuva weapons aren't added in, so presumably this is just another bug like Pennant. Here it is in action: https://youtu.be/62GVUqM1t9k That's a time to kill (ttk) of zero - it's instant, unavoidable (7m blast radius), and simply not counterable if the player is decent enough at parkour and bow accuracy. If you plan to fix this, please take a look at these as well:
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