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  1. Index Gas City has music, but the Conclave version of the map has no music.
  2. Oh, apparently it doesn't show for other players in relay, in profile, or in sharing looks. If Fashionframe is the endgame, surely this is the sort of bug worth fixing?
  3. Conclave syandana does not show its flames in relays.
  4. Got another two! Maps in map vote not displaying, and: From the 17-second to the 21-second mark, character makes motions of movement despite not moving. This is old footage, but I doubt it's been fixed, since it may be more related to the spawn point than anything "normal".
  5. Type: Warframe abilities Description: Nova's Antimatter Mine augment spawns mines in different locations for client and host Visual: https://gfycat.com/maturethunderousbelugawhale Replication: use mine with two observers, one to lay the mine and one to watch it Expected result: consistent placement, hover, and detonation locations Observed result: placement and detonation appear differently from the hovering location, which has impacts on gameplay Reproduction rate: not my footage Welcome to page 4, everyone!
  6. EDIT: forum didn't show feedback that it posted, accidentally multiposted
  7. And now, time for the squeakquel! Type: mission loading/ending Description: upon finishing the Neptune defense Railjack node in solo, the mission cannot be loaded out of or aborted Visual: Reproduction: I'd guess queuing up for the mission in solo mode with a full crew and doing 10 waves would reproduce this, since that's what I did Expected result: return to Orbiter Observed result: there's no escape Reproduction rate: unknown
  8. EDIT: forum didn't show feedback that it posted, accidentally multiposted
  9. EDIT: forum didn't show feedback that it posted, accidentally multiposted
  10. Type: arsenal, maybe? Description: I was finishing up the cosmetics and armament for my crew when I went over to the contracts screen and, when I selected my Perrin operative, saw a Bo sticking out of him Visual: Replication: unknown at this time, steps to achieve listed above Expected result: stuck in faction pose Observed result: s t a f f Reproduction rate: unknown Got time for this one? Hopefully you also have time to disable Telos Boltace and Tigris Prime in Conclave! We also have a slew of other bugs, as listed here: There's even a new one
  11. Type: Warframe abilities Description: Zephyr's 1 has its new damage values from PvE in PvP Visual: from max height in Canyon Replication: use Divebomb in Conclave Expected result: scaled-down damage Observed result: something like 4x the max eHP of any frame? Reproduction rate: I saw a few visuals like this from when it was tested, so it seems reliable
  12. Type: UI/HUD Description: red outline around player characters not present in Conclave; intended to be for visibility Visual: (spot the Warframe in the picture below) (it's here) Reproduction: enter a Conclave match with more than one individual in the match and position them against a low-visibility surface, preferably at a distance; alternatively, use Argonak, which also is supposed to provide the outline Expected result: outline Observed result: no outline Reproduction rate: reliable Originally reported at: EDIT: Oops this was already
  13. Type: UI Description: the mission type tab of the Codex has a listing for Team Annihilation with inconsistent spacing in the third sentence Visual: Reproduction: open the Team Annihilation article in the Codex Expected result: consistent spacing Observed result: inconsistent spacing Reproduction rate: reliable
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