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  1. Type: visual Description: lighting issues, possibly stemming from energy color, on spawn in Conclave Visual: Replication: unsure, occurs on spawn, does not necessarily persist Expected result: player-set color scheme and recognizable texture Observed result: WHAT ARE YE DOIN' IN MY SWAMP Reproduction rate: not my footage Page five and 100th post; good work, boys.
  2. This bug may have been fixed with a recent update.
  3. All new armor sets from syndicates are tradable, while Conclave's armor sets are not tradable. Does this count as a bug?
  4. Ambassador was in Conclave before the first Sisters of Parvos hotfix, and Cadus still is, presumably with PvE stats intact. Please rebalance these instead of just yoinking them. We haven't gotten any new toys in a while 🥺
  5. Weird three lines on the Jat Kittag Conclave skin texture, not sure if bug or not, but to be safe, I'm putting it here. Looks like it was part of a wrap-around Conclave sigil.
  6. It's also worth documenting here that the bugs shown in this thread are only part of what DE has been made aware of by the Conclave community, as there was a more comprehensive bug list sent to DE by prominent figures in the Conclave community several times. Several of these have made their way unedited into this thread, but I do not have full access to this document.
  7. A fix from 6/10 stated the following: "Fixed long standing Dynamic Resolution related problem with motion vectors - characters would reproject wrong with Temporal AA and fall apart. Scale velocity by resolution scale fixes!" However, this does not seem to have affected Conclave's flickering issues, according to self-report from other players.
  8. With this removed, we could even talk about removing shieldgating and getting conc closer to what it used to be. Because of this, it seems unlikely. ☹️
  9. Index Gas City has music, but the Conclave version of the map has no music.
  10. Oh, apparently it doesn't show for other players in relay, in profile, or in sharing looks. If Fashionframe is the endgame, surely this is the sort of bug worth fixing?
  11. Conclave syandana does not show its flames in relays.
  12. Got another two! Maps in map vote not displaying, and: From the 17-second to the 21-second mark, character makes motions of movement despite not moving. This is old footage, but I doubt it's been fixed, since it may be more related to the spawn point than anything "normal".
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