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  1. "Good" and "bad" are both subjective terms, not objective. As for Conclave being a "horror", I would point us towards an observation made by Andrew Smith: "People fear what they don't understand and hate what they can't conquer." I believe you can surpass your fears and no longer hate it if you begin your ascent of the mountain. It is a rocky trek, but a worthwhile one.
  2. [Prisma] Shade's special Simaris augment gives additional weapon damage upon uncloaking, and contrary to bug reports I've seen here, Ghost triggers infrequently but still enough where you see it. And with melee, it's not like you need Carrier.
  3. Adarza Kavats give a base 60% additive crit chance, so that may be a better pick.
  4. This has been reported multiple times. Here's another shot in the dark. Not tagged as Conclave because that seems to be a death sentence for anything Conclave-related. Just saying.
  5. To expand upon what Kontrollo said, this isn't a misplaced suggestion thread or a cosmetic glitch. There's a multiplier on dual swords stances that ends up doing 3x the eHP of any frame in the game; the only thing that can survive a single Dual Keres spin is a Rhino with Iron Skin. The only conditional oneshots that existed prior to this were Nova's Antimatter Mine (still bugged) and sniper/bow headshots (which require some decent skill to pull off). And in case you needed any more Telos Boltace footage, here you go: Featuring my honest reaction to the situation.
  6. We are going on the five-month anniversary of the first Nova mine bug report: And the 3.5 month anniversary of most of the issues with melee weapons: Please let us know if these have any ETA for being fixed. While the Nova mines being invisible does make them pretty cheesy, there's nothing quite like trying to load into a lobby of your favorite arena shooter and getting COD-knifed by a Garen player using Dual Keres, especially when your playstyle is more close range.
  7. I'm not sure if I fully understand. Have you tried dojo dueling? You get PvE stats on everything and usually an absurdly low ttk for that reason.
  8. Thank you for removing Bramma from Conclave (for now)! The implication that it will eventually return in a balanced form is also very promising. We can't thank you guys at DE enough for maintaining Conclave, but there's still more to be done. As mentioned previously in this thread, there are still many easy one-shot weapons (the entirety of the dual swords and tonfas categories on slide attack, for example). This discourages players from branching out and learning. Nova's mines are still host to no less than two bugs, both invisibility for the majority of its lifespan after a few seconds of visibility and the fact that mines laid in a past life can damage a Nova in a new life. Nightwave and Shawzins are also still nonfunctional in Conclave. Telos Boltace still throws players out of map bounds, Ivara Prime may or may not be able to equip Power of Three now, and Biting Piranha's aerial attack likely is still missing. Magazine capacity mods also appear to have some inconsistencies, as previously mentioned here.
  9. Thank you for the fix! Bramma will no longer be the scourge it was, and that's more than enough reason to update the game for me. There are still more Conclave bugs, though! If you can ever get around to these, we'd greatly appreciate the changes.
  10. Still haven't seen any DE response to this. I just heard earlier about a group of MR3s enjoying themselves in Conclave when a high MR player came through and thoroughly stomped them with a weapon that simply can't be countered favorably, even with a full arsenal available. You guessed it: Bramma. Imagine how that experience is going to forever shape their opinion of a mode that needs all the new players it can get to grow its community. From another angle, there are several up-and-coming Warframe content creators in the Conclave who depend on the presence of others to be able to make content. Without players, they simply cannot make content, as their audience isn't interested in watching PvE. I watched one streamer, Sanghije, sit in empty lobbies for an hour and a half, switching between dedicated servers and regions repeatedly. EDIT: This same streamer needed to switch to a private lobby comprised of NA and EU players in order to avoid Brammas in both regions. Bramma, Telos Boltace, and Dual Keres et al. have made many regulars (especially 2.0 Conclave melee users) go to ground at least until these exploits are updated; for some, their absence will be indefinite. This includes at least one content creator, Sbjkt. It isn't possible to stress this issue too much, Conclave needs this addressed.
  11. You can improve! Farming standing isn't the answer, especially if you want the endgame content that Conclave is. Taking strides to do better by reading guides, consulting with other players, and simply practicing will be enough where you can pick up the mode. For some people, it takes weeks; for others, years. It is possible to learn, though.
  12. Not sure why the thread is asking for PvP when it's already been delivered on. You're in the Conclave subforum. Up until PoE, Conclave was at the very least maintained, if not given a lot of attention. It had plenty of time to attract people in a balanced environment, but they didn't want to improve or face a learning curve, so they left. Now, because of this vicious cycle where a lack of attention from players leads to a lack of attention from devs, which in turn reduces player count, it's unbalanced beyond recognition of what it used to be. Instead of a meta of entire swaths of the hundreds of weapons available, a handful are chosen from, the vast majority melee due to its lack of balance. The issue isn't the development of PvP. People just recognize the name "Conclave" because any time they mentioned it in the past, people say not to play it because it's "bad", without giving a decent reason why other than "it's hard". Then people just parrot the same line. Do you have any stats in Conclave? Have you played in the last month? If not, you're likely unaware of the issues that face the mode, and asking for PvP when you won't play what exists means that you are the problem, not the solution.
  13. This is what we need fixed. thank you
  14. lol whoops I'll keep the thread up so at least one gets seen.
  15. xpost from the conclave subforum It wasn't mentioned in the patch notes that it was being added and the other new Kuva weapons aren't added in, so presumably this is just another bug like Pennant. Here it is in action: https://youtu.be/62GVUqM1t9k That's a time to kill (ttk) of zero - it's instant, unavoidable (7m blast radius), and simply not counterable if the player is decent enough at parkour and bow accuracy. If you plan to fix this, please take a look at these as well:
  16. The variants in general were the most balanced iterations of Conclave, and they're presumably still sitting on a hard drive somewhere. I wonder why we don't see them around anymore.
  17. Looks like it's time to bump this thread again. Something worse than Telos Boltace and Dual Keres has slipped in as part of the Kuva Lich overhaul: For reference, many blast weapons require multiple shots to kill, have damage falloff, and require LoS from the explosive to the target. Many of these shots are at least 2-3m away from the target and still instagib players. Also, the previously mentioned fix to the Nova mine either didn't happen or has reverted. The only bug addressed so far has been the reload while holstered, and that also has a PvE component. We're not asking for the mode to be the center of attention for Warframe, but these are some egregious issues that make any lobby with the slightest bit of anger escalate into just another farm.
  18. The issue with the Conclave section is that it's primarily ignored by most players unless they want a one-way communication (i.e.: "how to fix conclave!!!!!!"); getting the message out to more people, especially the devs, is the goal here. Conclave bugs are still bugs, and are arguably more prevalent and meta-changing than PvE bugs. See: Telos Boltace, Dual Keres
  19. Good to see more Conclave bugs being addressed!
  20. Thank you for fixing the reload while holstered bug! That allows for so many more varied loadouts to come back into play. However, we're not in the clear yet! There's still plenty of bugs to go around. Telos Boltace is still a scourge: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1163022-telos-boltace-even-more-broken-than-one-could-think/ Dual swords aerial slide attacks are, as well: https://gfycat.com/competentinconsequentialleafhopper Nova's mines can still damage her if she dies, the mine persists, and she rendezvouses with it. No Nightwave challenges for bullet jumps, kills of any kind, etc. count anything done in Conclave. Shawzin is still unplayable in dedicated server lobbies. In addition, slam roll cancels have made certain strategies much more viable than before, specifically Hydroid being guaranteed to get a tentacle per slam. EDIT: Recently noticed:
  21. Namely, releasing two new modes of play and putting almost all their support towards those new pieces of content. I bet the first few releases of New War are going to be focused on fixing the quest as well. It's unlikely we'll see any notable changes until these have been polished to a glimmering finish.
  22. Conclave 1.0 had unrestricted gear. It made such a poor impression that most veterans never gave Conclave a shot after that, even when it was reworked, and created a culture where mentioning Conclave was taboo. Rahetalius also overlooks the fact that the core gameplay of Conclave is tight: a loadout/arena shooter with off-the-wall mobility. The suggestions I've seen involve implementing a ranked system where players are matched against others of similar skill. Ideally, this would remove the need for any major reworks because players would go up against others of a similar skill level. While it may also encourage a "meta" in loadouts, high-skill players already use a variety of weapons, so it's unlikely anything major would change at that end of play. In addition, balance passes towards addressing AoE and melee weapons would go a long way towards improving subpar gear and nerfing OP gear. Towards semideum, Conclave is currently the only mode that retains larger squads of eight people. The maps are still relatively small compared to a mission so that players compete over pickups, bringing them together. Larger maps like Compound already are not favored by the community at large. As for Conclave augments being usable in the base game, I'm all for it - Conclave is largely cut off from the rest of the game and more ways to earn plat are always welcome.
  23. Thank you so much for the Conclave fixes! Anything helps and is usually immediately appreciable from the cyclical nature of Conclave. We still have a few issues around, noted in these two threads: We understand that your priorities are elsewhere, but just a few little fixes each patch (or even every couple of patches) will really add up.
  24. Thank you for taking the time to polish your game modes! I imagine a lot goes into making an entirely new mode for this feature-filled game. People will surely be playing it for years to come, especially with how Railjack already has tie-ins to The New War! I'd also like to thank everyone that's already cleared and farmed the new content while keeping an eye out for bugs and optimizations to provide helpful feedback. The two-way communication between Warframe's staff and players is unlike anything I've seen in anything at this scale of popularity. That being said, there are some older modes that haven't received a lot of attention lately, and recent changes to melee have greatly affected them (and unfortunately, for the worse 🙁). Is there any ETA on these reported bugs? We're thankful that the Nova mines are now visible, but there's still a bunch of other bugs, especially the Telos Boltace ragdoll effects, that have changed the landscape of PvP drastically. Anything is appreciated! 😀
  25. Telos Boltace ragdolling players out of bounds is still present.
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