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  1. Because of the way SSDs work, not only does data not become fragmented, but running a defragmentation utility will actually burn through the program/erase cycles. What warframe does is exactly defragmentation in hopes to clear space between sectors in order to improve loading times (on hdd) here and there. On nand technology the cells can be as far as they can from each other and there wont be any performance difference, it simply wont do anything but waste cycles. A simple toggle option wont kill anyone but it will make the experience better for many. I once optimized over 4.5GB while on hdd - no difference at all.
  2. SSD/Nand technology simply doesnt waste any bit of space unless intentional. The only thing that it does is harm and shorten the life of cells inside. Simple check option to have it on or off as a pop up option will be amazing.
  3. Can we finally have an option to remove this pop up? Ppls like me on SSD/NVME have no benefits out of this, it is super annoying to have a pointless pop up before starting the game. Please.
  4. Larvling Lich creation will be truly opt-in. THANK YOU
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