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  1. I remember her. To this day many dps mains want her nerfed but keep their nuke frames kicking. Octavia and wisp are fine. It's not like people want to use their brains playing this casual fest of a game anyways.
  2. De has been killing it lately with some of these new frames of the year. Wisp is the next frame on my play list!
  3. Ah yes, nuke trin. De deleting that was their biggest mistake. Alongside with eso as a whole. That one game mode ruins the whole nature of the game the moment it came out. God, I hate that crap mode with a burning passion.
  4. It almost feels like never. But man, do some frames need a rework. I'll take one over a new frame any day tbh.
  5. De needs to rework the score board. It's useful only matters when I collect gear like mods anyway as a solo player.
  6. Just means we keep at it with getting more frames up to par.
  7. Who cares, it's warframe. Her kit is designed greatly to where you choose her to be a melee type or nuker. Why put time and effort into frames that have lackluster kits. Even more so when a group can't even redesigned a game's kit correctly?!
  8. So we procreate their laziness? It's a strong possibility that a new ember rework that is good will at least generate some good will back to De. A few bad apples that dont like the revision of ember will be few far between. I mean look at how many people love saryn now. I'll rather not be complacent with crap.
  9. Support frames get The limelight and this S#&$ happens. Don't be another one that nerfs frames for the hell of it. Especially the new ones. NEVER ASK FOR NERFS. I mean look at ember.
  10. This is a repost because it got moved. Saryn and nezha reworks are god teir. But nyx and ember had some awful reworks. I see new frames being made during today's stream but all I can think of is how one of the new speed frames is just another volt. I get reworks don't make alot of money for them. But what I do ask is at least care about the frames and people's passion of seeing their old favorites being fixed. Seeing the warframe feedback threads be filled with ember rework threads is honestly dissapointing and depressing. 
  11. I main hildryn because she does a little bit of everything. She can nuke, tank, and support. When I go into a session. I can play her however I want. It's all about preferences. Deal with it.
  12. Warframe mods, give me back my thread. It had nothing to do with wukong!
  13. Eso is a awful example. Saryn can do the whole work of one team while others can camp. I know, I leech for xp while camping as mag. It's my least favorite game mode due to how anti co-op it is. All while killing frame variation.
  14. That means de themselves need to step it up with frame reworks. One man shouldnt be the only compent developer to making good frame reworks.
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