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  1. #*!% it, let's get rid of every frame but the nukers. They are the ones mainly played and are better ways to save time playing.
  2. Fav frame. Use her almost daily since release. My only issue is that her interactions with hp based enimies with infested. but that's more of a nic pic. as I can just kill them anyway.
  3. just do what I did to someone on here and block each other. At this point, you two are just fighting and nothing isn't getting resolved.
  4. I accepted it a long time ago for her to stay the way she is. would I still like for this game to have some form of balance. yea, but like endgame. its never happening.
  5. He came after me belittling all of my past efforts just because I have a opinion of a frame.he come off entitled and self centered. I responded back as such.
  6. I ain't going to let you belittle my past accomplishments. I get you may have some different tastes. But with how you came after me saying such crap. I won't waste anymore time. I and many others have all rights to play this game anyway we want. Not all of us are interested in going in that far in mot. I get it you hate tank frames. But like my feelings with saryn, you just got to deal with the fact that people have set their ways of playing the game.
  7. What's wrong. Salty because I bet your unskilled self just plays nuke saryn and thinks the game is challenging. #*!% off. You are worst if you think so. You are on a thread targeting me on a frame everyone knows cheeses the game without help. Inaros doesn't get threads about destroying people's experience because he has limits. Same with hildryn. Saryn kills offs targets quite easily on ANY mode Without players knowing. Get off your high horse, clown.
  8. I've killed one of the baby eidolon with my inaros for the lols. Beaten interceptions on elite alerts as mag solo Have solo mobile defense shorties before as equinox night without having to fire a bullet thanks to sleep and peaceful mod she got. Did a three hour long endurance with valkyr prime in a group when she first came out. ( got carried around the third hour but everyone was getting tried and dropping like flies so we got out) Had done solo endurances as inaros and hildryn. Speaking of hildryn, I've solo that new game mode on Jupiter as her while crying nuke mains compain about how foes now counter their powers now. Along with my Hilda being the champ of elite alerts as while as shorties with gara. I've done so much S#&$ to challenge myself and still do. Please, say more jokes. I live for clowns who think I don't challenge myself in a game where everyone holds themselves back.
  9. Wtf made you think I like or play cod. Players want challenges and fixes. But don't want to accept the reality that this game's design is trash.
  10. I called out my thoughts with the game with a clown picture. Go read that because I'm burned out on this topic. Talking to DE and this community is like slamming my head to a damn wall. Thank god, I got other games to play.
  11. This game is played by clowns. These people would not know what is balanced or challenging without whining to DE to let their favorite nuke frame kill everything. This is why i barely play unless we get some real updates.
  12. well, we do. Support is niche and unneeded for the most part. People play nukes to by pass the grind. Come on man, you know this.
  13. Warframe varation is dead. Support frames easily be replaced by a simple pod, mod, and mainly my operator. I mean, Equinox is only mainly played by one side. Her night side offers a refreshing take on dmg. But no one hardly uses it. We live in a era were it makes sense for frames to have scaling dmg and ablities. Trin losing her nerf does nothing more but kill frame varation. The thing that made me love playing this game. Plus, it was so nice to see a trin back then.
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