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  1. Fixing old content. I'm done with new frames.
  2. Too much. Way too much and it's ALWAYS with the female frames. *wink*
  3. Ofc, the "power fantasy" whiners show up to trash anything that is challenging. This game looks RAD. The first "souls"game besides godfall. I want to play. I'm so happy other game studios are looking at everything warframe is doing wrong.
  4. agreed, these casuals may be the population of the game. but they are doing so much harm as of killing it.
  5. you know this is going to last for a month, right? chill.
  6. Elite alerts solo are all I do nowadays. Just grab my melee saryn and push myself to see how far I get. ( for 2x the fun factor. Have some fitting music in the background. I play DOOM ETERNAL ost for the most part.)
  7. Im under the need for a artist. Open for pm. I'm looking for an artist that can draw my favorite frame! Ty
  8. You never played the newest doom then. Especially not on nightmare.
  9. they need to end this game after the new war.
  10. I got the arcanes I want a long time ago. I've been casually playing this game while waiting for new releases. This event never appealed to me anyway thanks to railjack.
  11. just lurking around. I saw DOOM and was interested. ( I also just finished the game a day ago.)
  12. Doom eternal is a game that's not afraid to break the player's balls. some people who never bothered to play on nightmare. ( just beat it on that mode today btw.) will say its a easy and simple game. its not, its a fast paced, first person, character action inspired shooter that ID themselves talk about the game being a combat puzzle. on lower difficulties, anyone can use the first shotgun you get and cheese the game that way. not for me. Being a fan of ID's work in the past, walking into doom eteneral thinking it would be a cake walk even at higher difficulty modes. I WAS WRONG. playing on nightmare is a day and night compare to hurt me plenty. In this mode, every weapon you get is used and are SO fun to play with as well. even my first shotgun was used pretty much as a nade launcher to troll kill the marauder . ( felt like I was playing with the zarr at times.) speaking of that, you have enemies that you got to think about using weapons for and taking out first. (arch-vile are a PITA if you don't kill them first.) you also got to think about the location you'll be fighting on and how to take advantage of the situation. all this and your moving at a break pace speed. Doom eternal is a single player game that is more well thought with how to challenge the player. compare to the ongoing casual train wreck that is this game. DE can't seem to both understand how to take ideas from other games without having to screw it all up and come up with anything remotely challenging and F U N . ( people will always complain if something is HaRD. its irrelevant for people who enjoy a challenge if its F U N . ) DE needs to fix up a lot of elements of the game before adding in anything new taken from other games.
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