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  1. 4 hours ago, (PS4)Hikuro-93 said:

    Honestly, the fact that it's about heavy rng makes me happy the ephemera is being moved. Even if it's late.

    Some poor sods spend ages trying to get it, all those ESO runs to level 8, just to leave empty-handed. Meanwhile, me, this very guy here, only rarely plays ESO. I don't really like it, and I use it mostly to level up frames (So, regular SO).

    Yet, I've had Blazing Step drop to me 4 times now. Now that's what I call unfair, specially since I can't even trade them to other players.

    The best part is. It's moving to a game mode I love to death. Arbies>eso. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, PatternistSlave said:

    Appealing to a wider audience.  Makes sense in a f2p power fantasy looter.  Not so much in the completely different game you're envisioning, but DE might as well just release a completely different game at that point.

    Is chasing the dragon of "challenge" worth sacrificing the entire casual community though?  Probably not.  Will challenge be more likely achieved through mechanics as opposed to numbers like Pablo said anyway?  Probably.

    but if players were to go though mechanics diffculty. casuals like you would still whine towards anything that isnt press 4 to win. this community was crying over a damn glass maker puzzle. wth do you think pablo's idea is going to do. 

  3. if DE wants power phantasy in the very beginning. Then why does the YEARS worth of nerfs say otherwise?  They contradict them selves for saying that after going on a nerf fest with limbo and support frames in general? I think DE is too afraid to admit to their players. They have no true idea what the he'll to do with this game anymore. 

  4. 12 hours ago, fatpig84 said:

    The thing is DE has made hard content but people don't procure it for whatever reasons. Some people live and breathe in Arbitration or ESO.
    But most of those who go but "muh hard mode" rarely appear in those at all.

    I love arbies solo. Nothing but a rush when you stay a while. Also great way to earn kuva. 

  5. As someone who plays MELEE saryn. how about remaking this mod as a whole and have her one give you a armor  buff for every time you spread the spores. keeping the infection up for a long time. you get higher and higher armor. any team mates that are around the spores. will get a armor buff and continue to go high as long as the saryn keeps spreading near them. 

  6. 1 hour ago, DrivaMain said:

    If a warframe or weapon outclasses everything by a large margin. Players will start thinking “Why use anything else?”. OP things like Saryn, Limbo, etc kills variety if left unattended for too long. Variety is the secret sauce of warframe because you make you own way to play. How are you supposed to do that if the option you created got left behind in the dust by some META builds? And because the unnerfed META builds haven’t been touched for a while players will start demanding challenge surrounding those builds, making the non meta builds even more useless.

    This guy #*!%ing gets it. This is why as long as i have interest in warframe. I will rant and rage about old frames get fixed until something happens. Or until pso2 comes around and takes me away forever. Another loss and disappointed customer, DE.  You had 7 years to fix this game and now have the guts to added in hard mode long after people got used to having noobies everything handed to them without stress. Mark my words, hard mode will be another flop like with coop elite alerts. Where you have to go solo in order to play the mode intended. 

  7. 1 hour ago, (PS4)DoctorWho_90250 said:

    I'm in the stop nerfing the player camp. I don't seeing any player item, be it frame or weapon etc., get nerfed. Feel I'm in the very tiny minority that doesn't want anything nerfed. Ah well. No one listens to me. I'm not loud enough. 

    Im not in what ever camp people think im in. I just want OLD frames fixed. I'm not asking for ANY frame to be nerfed. If DE gives up on adding diffculty, the least they can do is to try to fix frames that need attention. DE giving up on fixing old crap made me leave this game almost for good. Revisited brought me back. Any person that has been on the forums and even in game for years would know that NYX and chroma are the kind of frames DE has thrown into the game and just forgotten over time. People have put time and money into these frames as much as I have with my saryn. Everyone derives to have fun in the smoothest way possible. No nerfs. personally, im in the camp of DE putting a halt on new frames in general and fixing the ones we have in game. I mean if we get new frames like wisp that has made a frame like hildryn forgotten in only a few months. Dont you think there is something wrong with who ever is planning out these frames? I do and i say someone at DE needs to get a team together and start looking over what frame is in a good spot and the frames that arent. THEY NEED TO FIX. sick and tried of frames being added in for the sakes of money and useless gimmicks. 


    Tldr: what if we had more dynamic small missions that are optional to do?

    What if we had the objective have more worth while hidden objectives that made it worth bringing every frame into relevancy. ou know how catches works right? What if on all maps we have another hidden objective that rewarded you for taking your time playing. It's optional. So you don't have to do it. You and your squad have to find a key. It's location In grineer or corpus based maps is randomized. So it's never in the same area. Once you try to unlock the the box. Ordis tells you reinforcements are coming your way to stop you. The mission itself turns into a mini defense that a high number of foes comes toward you squad.Have a few mini bosses too  It's lasts a min. But the payout is good. You unlock the lost cargo and are rewarded with a random warframe augment (2 on hard mode), one FULLY made warframe customization helmet, a weapon based off the faction you are fighting against.    you get grineer weapons if on a grinner map or a corpus weapon on a corpus map.)  or some new fashion frame gear executively made for hunting down these "cargos". i feel like honestly this would make replaying alot of the maps in game worthwhile and allowing ALL frames to have their use. 


    I want to draw a comparsion to Deep rock galactic, a game i find similar to warframe in some parts like how the caves are random generated. allowing for the game to have INFINITE replay value. , where you and your 4 beard drawfs with four different skill sets, ( one being a heavy gunner, engineer with sentries, a CQC driller, and the speed scout.) this game does a GREAT, GREAT job of having all four of this characters work together when all put into the same setting. although you dont have to use all of them. ( some missions can be done solo if you want to.) what makes the game work for me and alot of the players playing is that the devs put into hidden objectives and content that REWARDED the player for going though the extra mile of exploring the map. in the game there are some hidden boxes and crates that need to be unlocked by finding a key that is hidden somewhere around the map. once the key is found, players are rewarded a core ( the games versions of warframe's mods) that give the player hair styles or sometimes weapon core buffs! that is only one of the "hidden" objectives that is found within the game. Warframe has the tools to make playing old content more dynamic and worthwhile as well as allowing every player who enjoys playing their frames of choice to have fun!  Just my two cents. 

  9. 1 hour ago, zhellon said:

    Pablo said that he nerf only those things that people use for automation or too strong that leave no choice. So I don't think it's going to be "massive nerf hammer" or anything like that. Most likely, there will just be a 1-4 synergy nerf, because this is the only broken thing. But if you use spores without 4, you can see what active gameplay Saryn provides.

    As someone who goes melee saryn, she is ALOT more then a nuke. She is a rip and tearing machine with her 2 and 3. NO NERFS PLZ! 

  10. You know how catches works right? What if on all maps we have another hidden objective that rewarded you for taking your time playing. It's optional. So you don't have to do it.  You and your squad have to find a key in order to find .  It's location In grineer or corpus based maps is randomized. So it's never in the same area. Once you try to unlock the the box. Ordis tells you reinforcements are coming your way to stop you. The mission itself turns into a mini defense that a high number of foes comes toward you squad. It's lasts a min. But the payout is good. You unlock the lost cargo and are rewarded with a random warframe augment (2 on hard mode), one FULLY made  warframe customization helmet or some new fashion frame gear executively made for hunting down these "cargos".  

    Tldr: what if we had more dynamic small missions that are optional to do?

  11. 19 minutes ago, Felsagger said:



    If you want a cake walk, then this should not deserve the name of video game. This is a 3d display of a "captura' digital action figure toy environment. Is this the product you want? 



    Rest in Peace War Frame. 



    Agreed, im just riding this ride until the new war ending. got to see where this train ride ends. 

  12. 46 minutes ago, anarchy753 said:

    I'm going more with what the consensus in the video seemed to be; game's probably not going to be "challenging" and most of the people looking for that have exhausted all other content in their multiple thousands of hours. It's more about accepting that than deciding it's a fault that a game can't be infinitely rewarding.

    They quitted trying to please anyone that wants challenge. I mean if players cant even solve a simple puzzle in nightwave. what makes you think most want diffculity. 

    43 minutes ago, (PS4)LeBlingKing said:

    It just seems that now, more than ever, Warframe is moving away from its roots to become something that tries to satisfy every possible playstyle. I mean, we went from basic corridors and mission-based gameplay to endless dungeons, bosses, open worlds, spaceships, etc. However, even with all of those gamemodes being added, one thing that keeps drawing controversy is the gameplay itself.

    I can't think of any way that people who have poured thousands of hours into the game looking for challenge can just easily "accept" that the difficulty of this game has shifted, seemingly irreversibly, myself included.

    I'm. disappointed. i felt kind of lied to in a sense that i was in on a game that was meant to challenge my skill of combat and movement. nah, lets just camp into a corner and play like zombies. GGman was right. DOOM eternal really did ruined my need for a thrilling shooters. I'm just glad that a few games coming out this year might end up giving me want. I dont mind if DE wants to please a different kind of playerbase. I just waiting until the end of the new war so i can see where this ride is stopping.   

  13. 19 minutes ago, Hypernaut1 said:

    Fortuna was pretty difficult at first...nerfed.

    Truth is, any advantage the enemy is given, people will call it cheesy. 

    Players dont want enemies to CC us, do too much damage, counter or resist our abilities, have armor, have weak spots, etc. Yet they somehow want enemies at a great disadvantage to somehow outsmart the player. These very same players seem to have a hard time trying to "outsmart" the enemy with a simple bubble that can be popped from a distance. 

    The players WANT bullet sponges. 

    The enemies in this game are actually VERY varied if you look at what they can do. We just don't get to see it too often because anytime they are effective, people rush to forums to call it unfair. 

    Ancients were dangerous close range- nerfed.

    Snipers were dangerous - nerfed

    Bombards, manics, bursas, even rollers were once a problem- all nerfed. 

    Corpus scrambas, combas were dangerous and switched up the battlefield focus when they appeared- nerfed. 

    Nox was dead on arrival, but I see what they tried to do with him and he , unnerfed, would've been a problem. He rushed you, is tank, does high damage.... But wasn't even given a chance at being a PitA.

    I say bring most of those enemies to pre-nerfed state and have them go after us like they were intended. That would be an interesting hard mode. Let's test player awareness again.

    Look at the first page of this thread, I say you hit the hammer on the nail greatly! These players that cry for challenge are the same that had alot of what made fortuna fun for me nerfed. welcome to casualframe

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  14. 5 minutes ago, Gabbynaru said:

    If I were a meta addict, I would be using Saryn and Bramma or something like that. I use Mirage and Cassowar, cause I like having fun. Enjoying killing things as fast as possible doesn't mean I'm numbers driven. I'm just a sadistic mofo who expresses that sadism in the game rather than in real life.

    Plus, as I said above, if the number of spawns on Mars were equal to the number of spawns on ESO, I'd be playing Mars, no hesitation. I don't care about the meta or whatever, I just enjoy seeing a crapton of fools being turned to ribbons as fast and as fun as possible.

    Focuing on BIG numbers and dmg. take the term.  its ok mate. You and I are different types of players. 

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  15. From the looks of this thread. People are ok with letting frames that arent nukers be dead in the water. Screw fixing nyx and chroma. Got to live out the power fantasy of stand around pressing four. Unless we get better missions layout. A great amount of frames will be useless because if you can just nuke to win. No point of thinking. I'm disappointed tbh.  If I want to play a "idle" game. I got forger on steam.  When i got to this game, it was for the fast paced movement and combat. But seeing this interviews and the current devstreams. Casual frame is what this game is now. camping is meta, nuking are meta. why even have 40 freaking frames in this game if people dont want to play for fun. damn, just when i had my hopes for the game.  I feel like the reasons for me to continue is getting less and less as the weeks go on. returning to this game in 2016 was amazing, so much to learn, so much to do, and that feeling of freedom you have where you can play any mission as any frame in high level content. Most importantly, It was the movement and combat that kept me glued for years.  it wasnt perfect, but, i was alot more optimistic for DE and this game. the thrill of challenging content that puts me to the test. may never come because people favored just camping in corners with mesa with the same braindead youtube builds. 

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  16. 1 hour ago, Traumtulpe said:

    Not trying to diminish you fun, but am I really that jaded?

    When I look at Railjack, I see a single exterminate mission where you also have to hack a bunch of consoles. Before the changes, you had to headshot every single small fry 80 times (which was awful), now you use AoE to kill anything currently spawned instantly (which gets boring fast).

    Enemies don't use any tactics, fighters pose no threat (nor do crewships, once you have gear), the missions have no rewards aside from the occasional Forma blueprint, movement is still awkward (can't aim without rotating the ship as pilot, the ships interior is inconvenient, you have to manually disable boost to start regenerating).

    The idea is cool, it looks nice and they got rid of enough bugs to make it playable. You can have some fun with it, but I am really not all that excited about it.

    until they start adding in crew mates and HALF of what we got at tennocon. I'm not touching it. I want a crew of my own. ( no players.)  which is why I can wait for the kuva system to be added into that. plus that, When I think of warframe. I think of mainly wanting to play with my frame. not with a giant clunky ship. 

  17. Wisp is good but she is not Gara in terms of solid support for me. Wisp is easy to pick up to play. but gara givers more options to do. wisp is popular because she is easy to use. I feel like she doesn't offer enough for me to play and enjoy her. 

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