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  1. YES YES YES. my speed built saryn and I had a blast doing that. Not going to lie. It felt like a self time speedrun and I hope to god we get more missions where we play up to warframe's strengths. Combat and speed!
  2. I love this meme. If DE wants me to play railjack. Give me ship crew AI so and the lech system like in tennocon. Because the mode to me is still a big pile of NUTTIN.
  3. If DE doesn't like to buff or fix up old frames. Make warframe rivens. fix nyx, chroma, or just give them any low teir frame a rivens. popular ones ( mesa, saryn, etc) are cut out. i mean its that or to just have DE fix whatever frame needs fixing. At the end of the day, DE dug this hole themselves for not not fixing frames sooner and the overall meaning to be challenged since the majorly of players are casuals anyway. im one of those players that loves the movement and combat system. not sit in a corner camping like its CSGO with mesa.
  4. The game updated on my end and I login to see no nightwave? help!
  5. We have one too many frames that can just turn off ai and one shot everything with nukes. Plus, lvl 100? Is that best you can do, DE? Im just hoping we get some extra challenges between this mode. But I'm being reasonable with my expectations. DE, your going have to do alot more for some challenge to mean something.
  6. "They are rage. Brutal and without mercy. but you. you be worst. RIP and TEAR. Until its done."
  7. No, not as bad as inaros. at least she actually helps the team and is F U N. she isn't a mesa that takes the gameplay away from everyone.
  8. Because Warframe is too good to have one. this isn't a pvp game anyway. if you want that. go play the thousand that tried to beat fortnite, pubg, apex and DIED right after. Also, I love space ninjas. but That "ninja" lad I don't. at all.
  9. It's the age gap. Gamers from current gens have grown up around the time of instant gratification. Alot of games made today tend to be made for the majority who don't want to engage with more challenging experience. I'm ok with that because we got millions of games to play that all give us what we went. The issue with warframe is that DE tries to appeal to every gamer around the spectrum for years. Now days, they found out it's alot more easier to please casuals then vets who want a challenge. So when they do take a risk and try to please vets. ( old railjack, arbies, etc) it somehow always back fires because it's yet another mode being rushed into development and the diffculty ends up just being patched away because so few players want to be bothered.
  10. Mag is God teir. I can solo elite alert interceptions like a boss. A frame so good, I'm shocked she is made for noobs. Top 5 fav of all time. X3
  11. Hit the Hammer on the nail perfect.
  12. I want a general idea out of this community. The need for difficulty. Nerfs or buffs. Humans are complicated. All I want is old content being fixed and I'm happy the next update is that.
  13. I felt good beat doom 2020 on nightmare then most long runs in warframe. I do feel good beating arbies in short busts. Mostly cause I'm rewarded for my time.
  14. This is the worst ideas of reworks I've seen. You know not all frames are DPS right? Also mesa and inaros really could use more interactive changes to make them less boring imo.
  15. I made my own endgame with surviving solo in arbies. If I wanted a challenge, I got other games.people who play this game don't know Wtf they want. I do so I go elsewhere.
  16. Ill stand by you. until they start adding in crew mates and HALF of what we got at tennocon. I'm not touching it. I want a crew of my own. ( no players.) which is why I can wait for the kuva system to be added into that. plus that, When I think of warframe. I think of mainly wanting to play with my frame. not with a giant clunky ship.
  17. Mesa is fine but boring. before we even think about rework her in the slight. lets fix nyx, she is S#&$ in every other form.
  18. I got saryn who I mainly play and some riven mods on my favorite weapons. I have arcane energize and the 2nd arcane slot for whatever I feel like putting there. I'm good with damage for the most part. I mainly play solo now for the most part and even got a ghost clan. Adding on to elite alerts would make alot of players happy to play more modes in a hour. It kills me a bit that I log on for a few mins at the end of an hour and see a mode I don't like get brought up next. I just quit out and wait some other time. Having a list of modes out would be a neat qol change in my opinion. Also your welcome!
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