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  1. Based on the devstream and the footage that we saw of revenant vs. high level enemies, it doesn’t look like he was doing a ton of damage with his 4th ability, despite what the effects might suggest. Why not scale the damage of his 4 with the total hp of his minions? Limbo rework 1.0 shows that scaling damage based on enemy health is a VERY effective tactic and could even prove to change up revenant’s gameplay a bit.
  2. ljmadruga

    Radial Javelin Redux

    I was thinking of ways to limit the Exalted blade synergy and the best I came up with was when a copy kills an enemy, it dissipates, requiring the player to refresh it.
  3. ljmadruga

    Radial Javelin Redux

    For excalibur’s Radial Javelin Ability, instead of instantly throwing 12 Javelins to nearby enemies, Excalibur summons 6 copies of exalted blade (strength) that seek out and pin enemies to the ground for a duration when they enter line of sight. When exalted blade is active, the copies no longer pin enemies but instead swing themselves at the enemy at the same time as Excalibur without producing waves allowing for really widespread damage. Radial blind would also be duplicated on all active copies.
  4. ljmadruga

    Acolyte Assassins

    Let’s be real for a moment. After you’ve done all the quests, maxxed out your warframes and several focus schools, there’s really not much you can do outside of just grinding for platinum. That being said, I’d like to propose this idea that is meant to keep endgame players on their toes. The idea is simple. Instead of the stalker showing up by himself to avenge the Sargent for the thousandth time, he also sends his acolytes along with him, one per party member in squad. Ideally, each acolyte sent has a counter for everything in an individual member’s loadout and is pretty much only killable vía another member in the party. Meanwhile, stalker and another acolyte will 2v1 the targeted player.
  5. ljmadruga

    How to put Trade Chat on your Resume

    Update: I got the job. I’m going to be working as a service engineer for GE. My interviewer looked at my hobbies section and saw the clearly disguised warframe statements and smiled a bit. He was about 30-35 ish and he smiled because he told me that on his resume, he wrote down a few sentences about runescape in the same fashion.
  6. I’m sick and tired of loading into a survival or defense mission, popping a spore on the first enemy I see with my max range min strength Saryn and seeing that there are only six (6) enemies especially after I’ve seen the game able to throw 50 enemies at me at once. It’s especially ridiculous on kuva survival. This is supposed to be the grineer’s home base of sorts right? THEN WHERE ARE THE HORDES OF GRINEER? Did they all just take a coffee break at the same time or something? This is also the reason I despise the open worlds so much. With all that space and all that terrain, there are no enemies. I could traverse the entirety of POE and only encounter three (3) enemies. I’m pretty darn sure that Venus will also be exactly the same case. To fix this problem, I’d suggest making the spawn locations spawn more often. If I can see the back of a spawn room, that’s a fricken problem. There should be enemies left right and center. I should be taking fire from all directions, unable to find cover in POE, not hunting for enemies to kill. If I ever look inside a spawn room, I should be dead instantly due to the oncoming fire for enemies above lvl 50. POE and Fortuna are fantastic locales for large scale dynasty warriors style battles. However, that simply can’t happen without truckloads of enemies spawning in at once. I should never be able to count the number of enemies in front of me with my fingers.
  7. ljmadruga

    How to put Trade Chat on your Resume

    ^BOOM thanks!
  8. ljmadruga

    How to put Trade Chat on your Resume

    I’m 22 and I refuse
  9. ljmadruga

    How to put Trade Chat on your Resume

    No, I’ve seen people put DND on their resume using some flowery but accurate language. I’m just curious if trade chat can be applied to a resume, and if so how.
  10. As above. I’m genuinely curious if you can, but I am not very good with words.
  11. Mesa is the best secondary weapon in the game
  12. ljmadruga

    Veteran Players & Exclusivity

    Not to mention all the Trial Emblems!
  13. ljmadruga

    [VIDEO] of Ember Damage. Yup, Needs a Buff

    Replace “Ember” with “Melee” and you have a more accurate title. Also, you should test in ESO and go for as many waves as you can.
  14. ljmadruga

    The Rise of the Fall

    I wrote this myself! I’m hoping to continue on with this and maybe write out my interpretation of how the Orokin empire fell; complete with obvious metaphors and foreshadowing!
  15. ljmadruga

    The Rise of the Fall

    Stars littered the night sky over Neptune. An elderly man stood by a pond, admiring the emptiness of the beautiful orokin estate. The light of 13 moons turned his grey skin into a pale gold. A young woman adorned in a white morning robe rounded a bend and joined the man. ”Ballas, why are you awake so early?” The woman asked. Ballas looked back at his wife with no change in admiration. ”I came to lay witness to the Neptunian sunrise. It seems, however, that the stars have come to join me,” He said as he gazed into Margulis’s eyes. ”Oh, you’re always so poetic. You do know that it’s not a real sun, right?” she returned. ”Yes,” he said, “but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful.” They observed the night sky in silence, listening to the quiet chirps and calls of insects. Finally, Margulis broke the silence. ”Oh, Ballas, look! A falling star!” she said. A comet had just flew by leaving behind a trail of green light as it passed. ”Make a wish!” Margulis said. Ballas looked down and thought for a moment. He smiled and looked at Margulis. ”I wish that the light of day never comes, so that we can stand here together forever,” He said. The sun rose, painting the sky violet and hiding away the stars. Flowers bloomed to life all over the garden. “Oh look!” Margulis exclaimed. “These are my favorites.” She kneeled by the pond to get a closer look. Ballas followed suit. ”These are my favorites,” Margulis began. “My colleague Sylvanna told me about these. They close their petals at night when to absorb nutrients from the pond, but unveil their untainted beauty during the day.” One of the flowers opened its petals, showing its beauty to the world. Ballas lifted the flower in his palm, careful not to touch the delicate petals. ”Amazing,” Ballas remarked. “What is it called?” ”I believe they’re called Lotuses,” Margulis said. Ballas carefully set the flower back into the pond, pushing it gently away. He stood up, offering his hand to his love. ”Well then,” Ballas said, “Shall we start our day, Lotus?”