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  1. A lone Limbo walks into the inn. He looks around, taking in the sight. He seems aloof, not totally paying attention. He has scrapes and scars all over his damaged frame. His Epitaph is attached to his arm, but it isn't ready to fire.
  2. Name: Leon Faction: Tenno Race: Tenno Age: 24 Personality: He is very forgetful. He tries his best but his memory often makes him question when or if something happened. Appearance: When not piloting a white, purple, and gold Limbo with the Venari helmet, he is 6'1, skinny, and has short black hair that turns purple at the ends.
  3. TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: Railjack. If a client repairs an electrical hazard, the effects remain active on the host. REPRODUCTION: self explanatory EXPECTED RESULT: Electrical hazard effects should stop for all connected parties once repaired OBSERVED RESULT: couldn’t use tactical menu or read text clearly because of electrical hazard REPRODUCTION RATE: every time
  4. thats why it'd be a rank 10 intrinsic
  5. After messing about with the new railjack, I feel that the Command skill tree should be improved a bit. Here's my take on what it should be ideally. 0- Able to recruit up to one crew member 1- Able to invest up to one skill point into each crew member. Reset option unlocked. 2- Able to recruit up to two crew members 3- Able to invest up to two skill points into each crew member 4- Able to recruit up to three crew members and invest up to three skill points into each of them 5- Able to fully reset a crew member's stats to 0, giving the player to ability to realloca
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