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  1. ljmadruga

    Corpus Bosses out in normal missions

    I understand that, but what about Jackal and raptor? What I’m saying is that they should be given some more appearances.
  2. As title says. I’ve always wondered why Lotus tells the player that the Jackal has taken out a bunch of operatives out in the field, yet it’s never seen outside of its boss fight. Maybe even have them like syndicate assassination squads where they are dropped in randomly in a mission. All of them would make sense being completely disposable (with the exception of the Sargent) I’m thinking like having 3-4 jackals drop in randomly and you and your team have to take them out. Maybe even a pack of hyenas or even 3-4 raptor variants.
  3. ljmadruga

    Verdant Refuge [Semi-Open roleplay, Revamped]

    The Nekros slowly shook its head. It sat down, still searching for something.
  4. ljmadruga

    How Long Are You Just Gonna' Let Ember Rot?

    Wow, a low level fissure lasting only 2 rotations on the starchart. Nice Truly “Massive” Damage. Her damage is negligible at best in higher levels (see: armor) and she goes down if an enemy even glances in her general direction thanks to the range reduction on her 4. Accelerant is decent for the damage buff and some cc, but one good power does not make a good frame. Even when comparing to other damage frames, Ember falls way short. Mesa, for example, can deal truly ludicrous amounts of damage that can completely mitigate armor that is only limited by line of sight. She has a damage reduction through her 3. Octavia has infinitely scaling damage through her 1. She can turn invisible. Even Equinox, who has more range on her 4 at base, has a damage reduction through pacify.
  5. ljmadruga

    Inaros synergy adjustments

    If an enemy is marked by devour, casting desiccation will mark enemies behind that enemy but within desication’s range for devouring. Devour will draw in multiple marked enemies at once. Sandstorm no longer rag dolls marked enemies, and the damage increases by the health and shelds of enemies killed. Marking an enemy with devour while it is under the effect of scarab swarm marks all enemies under the effect of scarab swarm for devour. Scarab Swarm’s duration refreshes anytime inaros uses an ability
  6. ljmadruga

    Weapon Concept- Pyrosludge

    Primary fire is a liquid sludge that falls and covers the ground, slowing enemies and dealing damage over time Secondary fire is a flare with a guaranteed heat proc Firing the secondary fire into the sludge ignites the sludge and deals high damage in a large area, but can also deal self damage
  7. ljmadruga

    Limbo Rework

    Okay. I'm not even going to sugarcoat it, this rework is complete and utter trash. Changing banish into a pull is completely overpowered and gives limbo absolutely no reason to leave the rift, making him completely invulnerable to any kind of damage. The proposed to change to cataclysm is really bad as well. A high range cataclysm needs to have a method of disabling it by the enemies themselves, otherwise it completely throws balance out the window. Changing rift surge to the proposed ability would be a HUGE downgrade from what it is right now. 4-3-4 is great because it allows for rangeless map-wide lockdowns in missions where that is needed, like interception, mobile defense, and excavation. With this combo, enemies have a 0% chance of hitting me on the opposite dimension. I would get behind this if rift surge allowed ally fire through the rift 100% of the time and if banish instead gave allies limbo's passive for the duration.
  8. ljmadruga

    Weaving Volt together

    Volt’s abilities are good and serviceable as they are, but there aren’t many ways that they work together. This is just a list of synergy suggestions. - Speed should also increase casting speed by 25% - Speed’s multiplier is increased by 50% when passing an enemy affected by discharge. Doing so also allows Volt to “carry” the charge to other enemies if Discharge is still active. - Shock’s damage is increased by 20% per enemy affected by discharge. - Casting Shock on an enemy affected by discharge refreshes the duration on that enemy as well as connected enemies.
  9. ljmadruga

    Beyond Frustrated with Normal Onslaught

    Have you tried capacitance Volt? Mod for range, efficiency and duration but don’t let your strength drop below 70%. I can solo to 8 on normal just fine.
  10. ljmadruga

    Nyx Redefined

    My old rework got archived but I’ve had some new ideas since then. Without further ado, lets get to it. Base stats remain the same Passive: Mind’s Eye- Enemies highlighted by Nyx’s reticle are marked on the radar and prioritized by NPC allies. The marks disappear if the enemy leaves her affinity range. Ability 1: Mind Control- Nyx turns a targeted enemy within 15m into an ally for 20 seconds. Multiple enemies can be placed under her control at once, and that number is uncapped. Mind controlling a new target refreshes the duration. Damage taken by an enemy is inflicted as finisher damage when the duration expires. Using Mind control on an already mind controlled enemy will force the duration to expire. Holding the ability forces the duration to expire on all enemies. Ability 2: Psychic Bolts- Nyx casts 3 bolts that home in on targets and implant themselves for 10 seconds dealing damage on impact and over time. The damage they deal is not affected by strength but the number of bolts cast is. Casting Mind Control on an enemy with a bolt embedded into it will Mind Control all enemies with embedded bolts. The enemies will retain these bolts for the entirety of mind control’s duration and 10 seconds after Mind Control expires. Ability 3: Chaos- Enemies within 20m are forced to attack each other for 20 seconds. Enemies under the effect of Chaos take 20% more damage from all damage sources stacking with each enemy under the effect. Mind controlled enemies increase their health, shields, and armor increased by 20% stacking with each enemy under the effect of chaos. Psychic Bolts will disarm enemies under the effect of Chaos in addition to implanting in them. Ability 4: Absorb- Nyx envelops herself in a protective bubble that stores damage that is released when she cancels the ability. While channeling absorb, Nyx can Mind Control a single enemy to completely take over their mind for an indefinite duration. She will be in total control of where that enemy moves and what it attacks. She can cast all abilities from this state, and chaos’s effect is duplicated on the captured enemy. Casting absorb will cancel the interaction. This interaction is removed with the augment. Psychic bolts will be cast radially while Absorb is channeled. They will deal 30% of the stores damage on impact. Damage taken by absorb will also be duplicated on all enemies with an implanted bolt that are not mind controlled. Enemies under the effect of Chaos will run towards the bubble, but prioritize hitting other enemies.
  11. ljmadruga

    1k+ ping

    That would imply making a host migration that, ya know, works.
  12. ljmadruga

    Developer Workshop: Saryn Revisited 2.0

    With regards to the changes as a whole, I like what I see. However, I think they need to be tuned a bit in certain areas. Spores imo are a little too strong in this state. I’d suggest giving them a duration and having them detonate at the end of that duration. Refreshing toxic lash also refreshes the spore duration. Holding 1 to detonate the spores while tapping summons more. Molt, as some have said, is a little underserved in this iteration. I get why the ability to put spores on Molt was removed, but I think it should have some utility purpose outside of being a distraction tool. I’d suggest having it act like a kickstart for spores. Putting spores on a molt should immediately detonate the molt and spread spores to surrounding enemies. Toxic lash, in this state at least, will definitely need some sort of status chance thrown into it for the forced toxin proc due to the nature of certain weapons in the game. 20-30% should be more than enough. Aside from that, it’s going to be an excellent power. Miasma’s changes sound brilliant, but I’ll need to actually see them in normal play before I give final judgment on that.
  13. ljmadruga

    [Suggestion] More Peculiar Mods

    Peculiar Flagelance: Farting noise on every kill Peculiar Scream: Nuff said Peculiar Jojo: Nuff said: Nuff strikes back Peculiar Disco: Nuff said: Return of the Nuff Peculiar footstep: Every footstep makes a quaking noise Peculiar Jazz: Kills produce music that lasts for 2 seconds
  14. ljmadruga

    General Ideas for Onslaught - adding variety

    Non killing challenges to consider: - Remain unseen by as many enemies as possible for the duration - Take damage (between all party members) to increase efficiency - Lockdown: Stop every enemy from moving