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  1. It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here (a LONG while) so forgive me if I’m not as detailed as I was with my other concepts. Stats 150 Health (450 Max) 100 Shield (300 Max) 150 Armor 100 Energy (150 Max) Passive- Goliath generates an invulnerability charge every 30 seconds that prevents damage taken from behind. Ability 1- Construct (25) Goliath summons one of four giant limbs at a target location; two arms and two legs. Each individual limb has 2500 health and will remain where it was summoned until the ability is recast. They are large enough to provide decent cover while also dishing out punishment to any enemies caught nearby. The limbs will punch, slap, and kick enemies into the air dealing 1000 impact damage. Ability 2- System Reroute (50) Goliath can enhance his damage, defense, and speed by 40% for 20 seconds with this cycled ability. Enhancing one aspect will also give a penalty to the next aspect. Damage negatively impacts defense, defense to speed, and speed to offense. Goliath’s constructs will change depending on the bonus being used. With damage, the constructs will become decorated with large blades that change the damage to slash. With defense, the health of the constructs is doubled. With speed, constructs can be used to bounce Goliath in the direction he is pointing. This can be done even if all jumps have been exhausted. Ability 3- Energy Matrix (75) Goliath generates a ball of unstable energy that generates health at a whopping 40 health per second for 15 seconds. At the end of the duration, the Matrix will explode dealing 1200 damage within 20 meters radius. This damage is also dealt to Goliath himself. This ability can be refreshed to prevent the detonation. While the Matrix is active, System Reroute’s penalties do not apply. Ability 4- Colossal Might (100) Goliath summons all four of his Constructs, using them as his own limbs and tripling his height as a result. His health gains the additional health of all his constructs. While in this mode, Goliath is relegated to punching and slamming with his hands. With System reroute, he can increase the damage he deals, give himself a shield to protect from ranged attacks, and increase his attack and movement speeds with the three different modes. Colossal Might also triples the damage from Energy Matrix’s explosion, and will blow away the limbs instead of damaging Goliath.
  2. Oh it will be back. Just like Dark Sectors and Trials!
  3. With regards to Nyx, I’d like to see the damage multiplier be applied to targets affected by chaos while MC and Chaos are active so that they take increased damage from all sources. Combined with PB and Absorb, it makes for terrific synergy between the two abilities.
  4. Granted, but that’s an inverse Eddie Brock. I wish I wasn’t full of BNHA references
  5. Granted. They post endlessly about it in the forums, on reddit, and on YouTube. I wish Valkyr Prime’s butt and Saryn’s Boobs has jiggle physics.
  6. Granted. No catch, but it ruins the point of this thread. I wish RWBY volume 6 makes Jaune Arc x Weiss a canon ship.
  7. The new skin looks nice, but Vauban is not.
  8. Granted. It’s horses. And they poop everywhere. I wish I could work for DE
  9. Banned for being a mediocre Archwing weapon
  10. With the changes in place, Limbo plays like a more tedious vauban. And I hate vauban.
  11. You aren’t the first person to suggest having stasis freeze only limbo’s projectiles. Literally every single page has a suggestion like this.
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