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  1. ljmadruga

    Akimbo rework

    With regards to the Dual Toxocysts, I tried my hand at making them so that the player doesn’t have to get carpal tunnel in order to use them effectively. Probably would benefit the least from the rework but that’s just how it goes sometimes. With regards to the akzani, the weapon in the main hand remains on the crosshairs as normal while the weapon in the offhand gets an aimbot. I couldn’t really think of a unique mechanic for the twin grakatas so I just stuck that one there for fun-factor, not necessarily effectiveness. Now with regards to recoil, I’d guess that the recoils for the two weapons would be tracked individually as separate variables, but the recoil experienced by the player would be the minimum value of the two. Crosshairs would stay the same.
  2. ljmadruga

    Akimbo rework

    This is just a mechanical change. Although even if you could, (which I HIGHLY doubt they would do) I would still make the two match anyways.
  3. ljmadruga

    Akimbo rework

    Changed the Aklex buff to better characterize it. Clarified the Dual Toxocyst description.
  4. ljmadruga

    Analysis and thoughts on Titania

    Titania’s archmelee may not have good stats, but it does have a decent enough status chance to reliably use healing return.
  5. ljmadruga

    Analysis and thoughts on Titania

    How about making lantern into a deployable that stays in its exact cast location luring targets and clumping spellbind targets closer together? Combine this with giving Tribute he Desecrate treatment (toggle that only drains energy when an enemy is killed, granting the buff) and boom; Titania is fixed.
  6. ljmadruga

    Akimbo rework

    Intro After messing around with kitguns and their absurdity, I naturally came to the conclusion that my heart desires to wield two of them at the same time. However, I knew in my soul that I wanted something more fun and mechanically complex. Akimbo weapons for the most part are just straight upgrades of their single counterparts with no actual gameplay differences to make them stand out. This rework is for the purpose of making akimbo weapons more unique while also making a solid baseline for further mechanics between each set of weapons. The Rework All Akimbo weapons lose the ability to aim down sights (ADS). Instead, that button becomes the fire button for the weapon in the offhand, while the normal fire button fires the weapon in the main hand. Tapping the reload key will reload whichever weapon has the least amount of ammo in its magazine. Holding the reload key for half of a second will reload both weapons at the same time. Both weapons share the same ammo pool. Weapon changes (Primes/Wraith/Vandals receive identical changes unless otherwise stated. Feel free to let me know if I missed any) Afuris- Reloading one weapon is instantaneous while the other is firing. Can be equipped with winds of purity. Akbronco- Damage for one of the weapons is doubled when the other lands a hit. Akbolto- Alt-Fire will create a hologram of your Warframe for 20 seconds that fires where the player is firing using one of the weapons while the player remains mobile using the other. Telos Akboto center their syndicate proc on both the player and the hologram. Aklex- Zoom is moved to the alt-fire button. Akmagnus- Each weapon reloads its bullets one by one. Aksomati- Critical damage increases by 50% when both weapons are firing simultaneously. Akstiletto- Damage increases as bullets are emptied from each weapons’ magazine. The damage boost is affected by its base magazine size, not its modified one. Akvasto- Magazine for the opposite weapon is reloaded by 2 every time a target affected by a slash proc is hit. Akzani- Alt-Fire will allow the weapon in the offhand to aim independently of the weapon in the main hand. Pair with Mirage for absolute mayhem. Dual Cestra- Accuracy Increases when the magazine is full, but base critical chance increases by 20% as it empties. Dual Toxocyst- Each weapon is fully automatic. Their unique buff applies to both weapons simultaneously when it activates. Regulators- While technically an akimbo weapon, are not affected by any of these changes whatsoever. Staticor- Each Weapon can be charged and fired independently. Twin Grakata- While airborne, firing both weapons simultaneously will thrust the user in the opposite direction. Twin Khomak- Status chance increases by 15% while both weapons are firing simultaneously. Twin Vipers- Kills made with one weapon will deal 10% of the enemy’s health per bullet with the opposite weapon. Possibilities Akimbo kitguns- Any pair of kitguns can be paired, but the reload speeds are added together when reloading simultaneously. Akimbo kitguns can equip a maximum of two Arcanes. Asymetrical weapons- Combine a pair of single weapons with different purposes for a unique experience. (Ex. An automatic pistol with a semi-auto shotgun) Combining weapons- Weapons that are otherwise identical combining together with the alt-Fire button to create a different weapon entirely (Ex. Two semi-auto pistols combining into a sniper)
  7. ljmadruga

    Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.3

    Oh it will be back. Just like Dark Sectors and Trials!
  8. ljmadruga

    How about a Cephalionic Warframe ?

    The idea of a cephalon Warframe is quite interesting now that I think about it. While your ability concepts are a bit flawed here and there, there is plenty that is salvagable to create a more unique frame. Passive- Enemies killed by Gnosis are scanned into the codex. Ability 1- System Override Gnosis assumes direct control of a target, giving him the ability to move, attack, and interact with the environment. No duration, works on enemies within 15m, and outgoing damage is multiplied by 5x (strength). Rolling cancels the ability. Ability 2- Manifest Gnosis summons cephalon Maraval for 30 seconds. Maraval draws aggro heavily towards himself and is completely invulnerable to damage. Maraval will also hack terminals and open locked doors when in range. Maraval also summons enemies that have been scanned into the codex to defend Gnosis. Maraval can be directly controlled via System Override for undetected passage through laser barriers as well as direct control over Maraval’s abilities. Maraval can be commanded to hold his position. Ability 3- Protobarrier Gnosis summons a barrier around himself for 20 refreshable seconds. The barrier grants him immunity to the next 4 (strength) damage types that he receives. Those same status effects are reflected back at the enemy they came from so long as they are within 20m. Applying status effects to an enemy (or Maraval) then using System override on the target will grant immunity to the applied damage types. Ability 4- Datascape Gnosis creates a 20m AOE simulation of Maraval’s datascape that lasts for 40 seconds. Inside the datascape, Debuffs are applied to all enemies that enter and buffs are applied to allies. Datascape is centered around Maraval if he is active. If not, it centers around Gnosis.
  9. ljmadruga

    Rhino Rework Concept

    1- What you are looking for is Inaros. 2- Hard? Surviving as Rhino? Really? I hit 60k Ironskin regularly with him. The problem is not that he needs a rework. The problem is your build and how you play him.
  10. ljmadruga

    Sentinel mod concept: Stabilizer

    Wyrm’s Negate precept already does what you describe and more (granted with a 3 sec cooldown).
  11. ljmadruga

    Rhino Rework Concept

    So nerf ironskin and replace it with a FAR inferior self heal than even healing return? No. Rhino is meant to be a tank first and foremost. He currently does that extremely well. In addition, his kit is straightforward and new-player friendly. He does NOT need a rework as much as other frames (see: Vauban, Ember, Titania, Khora, Revenant’s not bad but he is boring, same with Octavia admittedly)
  12. ljmadruga

    Puerta: The Doorframe

    Passive: Puerta is a Door Ability 1: Open Ability 2: Close Ability 2 Augment: Slam Ability 3: Lock Ability 4: Unlock
  13. Sung to the tune of “Countries of the World” from Animaniacs Theres Banshee, Excaliba, Frost, Chroma, Gara, and Trinity’s got healing to boot! There’s Rhino and Harrow, Inaros from Baro, Ivara and Mesa can Shoot! There’s Loki, Volt, Oberon, Nezha slides on and on, Atlas can hit like a truck! There’s Wukong and Nidus, A child inside-us, and Mag with Counter Pulse won’t suck! Oh, Limbo’s the god of a mobile defense, While Titania shrinks down and flies, Vauban’s just there throwing balls all around, While Ash makes sure everything dies! Now Valkyr’s a-harmin’ While Nekros is farmin’ As they’re blinded by the light of Mirage, But aren’t they darin’ When they’re joined by a Saryn ’Cause Ember is flaming garbage And Hydroid is wettin’ and Zephyr is jettin’, Octavia’s writing this tune! And Nyx is a peepin’ at Equinox sleepin’ and Nova just makes things go Boom! Oh, Warframe’s a world with bound’ries untold, with Cetus and Corpus gas city, and also there’s Ballas who’s really quite callous so Umbra stabbed him in the kidney! There’s Revenant and Khora Whom you can ignore-a and let’s not forget ‘bout Garuda, and of course the Triuna and the guys from Fortuna and Ordis, Simaris, and Suda!
  14. Passive- The Warframe gives commentary on its actions and is completely invincible while the chatbox is open. Ability 1- Alphabetize: Absorbs letters from various sources including UI text, transmission text, and subtitles. Ability 2- Summon: Summon an enemy to fight alongside you or any weapon from your arsenal depending on 1- If you have the letters to spell its name, 2- The object in question is in your inventory/ scanned in the codex, and 3- in the case of weapons, they are at max rank. Toggled ability. Energy drains faster with more summons.
  15. ljmadruga

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    With regards to Nyx, I’d like to see the damage multiplier be applied to targets affected by chaos while MC and Chaos are active so that they take increased damage from all sources. Combined with PB and Absorb, it makes for terrific synergy between the two abilities.