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  1. ljmadruga

    Pair 2 frames together an explain the child they would make

    Parents: Excalibur and Ash Child: Kirito from Sword Art Online
  2. ljmadruga

    Equinox Rework Concept

    Equinox has parts to her that are good individually, but together don’t really mesh well. A rework for her would not necessarily replace her existing powers, rather blend them together and make them work together. An example I just thought off the top of my head: Passive- Equilibrium, but now the conversion is 1-1 Ability 1- Metamorphisis Shift between day and night. The transformation bypasses the “in between” state and simply changes straight to the opposite form. Day form gains 30% increased sprint speed and 50% bonus damage (stacking additively with serration). Day form has 150 shields and 450 health. Night form gains casting speed, increased shield regeneration rate, and and increased overshield cap (power strength). Night form has 450 shields and 150 health. Ability 2- Rest and rage Same as is, but the duration on affected targets refreshes every time a new target is affected. Ability 3- Pacify and Provoke In addition to the current damage reduction and power strength buffing functionalities, enemies within the radius are drawn towards or away from equinox depending on which form is activated. The effect of this ability is conserved between transformations while its active. Ability 4- Mend and Maim The effects now last for a set base duration of 30 seconds Mend now deals impact damage and grants shields and overshields based on the amount of damage dealt. Transforming will change the function but preserve the enemy hp counter. Recasting Maim will refresh the duration and distribute enough damage to kill enemies in range. Recasting Mend will refresh the duration and grant health, shields, and overshields, draining from the counter based on how much is actually given to allies.
  3. ljmadruga

    Ember Bad even with the ARB +300%

    Before the changes to world on fire, Ember was a heaping pile of trash with her ultimate being the only thing somewhat useful on lower levels. After the changes, what has happened? Her damage is still mediocre (barely even that). Her range is strictly worse. Fireball, an ability constantly mocked for its terrible damage, got a charge mechanic lazily tacked on. Fire blast still sucks in general. Her passive is niche and useless (unless you have a javlok). Ember already has a deluxe skin and a prime skin. Unless there is some sort of wave of Tennogen artists that would like to see and Ember rework, I highly doubt anything will change about her. In the meantime, Equinox will be eating into what used to be ember’s niche with no consequences whatsoever.
  4. ljmadruga

    Arbitration mission modifiers do not work

    Nova’s Molecular prime doesn’t slow enemies properly with the bonus.
  5. ljmadruga

    My Warframe Academia

    Which warframe(s) fit best with the characters from the show based on their power sets or personalities? Froppy/Tsu = Ivara Ground Zero/Bakugo = Nova Uravity/Uraraka = Zephyr Yaomomo = Gara Todoroki = Equinox Kyoka = Banshee Mashirao = Wukong Iida/Ingenium = Volt Tetsutetsu = Rhino Kirishima = Atlas
  6. Okay so far so god on the Arbitrations as far as I'm concerned. The bonuses to certain frames for the missions really changes things up. Also the new arbiter drones really change up the gameplay quite a bit. However, there seems to be several bugs with certain frames. For example, during a survival I got the 300% strength bonus on my nova. As such, I thought "Oh, I'll just bring my speedva setup so that I can benefit from the other stats!" As it turns out, I was wrong, because the bonus was not taking effect leaving level 60+ moas with even more movement speed instead of slowing them to a crawl. Antimatter drops worked fine, but the bonus was not affecting molecular prime.
  7. ljmadruga

    Exalted Weapon Swapping/Holstering

    Yeah, Valkyr was a little tricky. But in all technicality, Hysteria is an exalted weapon, albeit heavy on the energy drain and with the added minor bonus of total invincibility.
  8. ljmadruga

    Warframe needs Endgame

    Because higher level enemies grant a decent amount of affinity allowing players to level their weapons faster and get an actually decent amount of focus through regular gameplay.
  9. There are times in warframe where I have a minor inconvenience when swapping out exalted weapons, most often with Ivara and Mesa. A good example of this is when I have Artemis bow equipped with Ivara but I need to swap to my Talons (don't judge me they're really good weapons). In order to do that I have to disable Artemis Bow, then swap from my Baza to my talons with my normal weapon swap button. Now, If I want my Artemis bow back, I simply hit 4 again but I need to get an energy orb first because I had the buff active on the original bow before I disabled it. The solution? Seamless swapping. If I activate Artemis bow on Ivara, Artemis bow occupies my primary weapon slot, allowing me to swap to my secondary or melee weapon should I need it. It still disables energy regeneration as if it were equipped even if it's holstered until I disable it by pressing 4 again. This can be extended to all frames with Exalted weapons - Excalibur's Exalted Blade would still drain energy while holstered. Can be wielded with a one handed secondary weapon. Occupies the melee weapon slot - Mesa's Peacemakers would only have this feature with the Mesa's Waltz equipped. They also drain energy while holstered, occupying the secondary slot. - Valkyr's Talons also drain energy while holstered, but will only make her invincible while in use. Occupies the melee weapon slot. - Wukong's Iron staff drains energy while holstered. Occupies the melee weapon slot.
  10. ljmadruga

    Warframe needs Endgame

    The problem with having an endgame in warframe is that it gets removed 100% of the time after a period. Dark sectors? Not in the game anymore. Long endless runs for a reward? A shadow of its former self with the advent of Void 2.0. Trials/Raids? Fun while it lasted. Everything that requires cooperation or even a semblance of strategy in this game gets shafted, dumped, and discarded. There will never be a true endgame in warframe, and if it does come, it will be gone within a year or two.
  11. ljmadruga

    Slight Frost rework?

    Frost is one of those frames that with every new frame/rework that comes out becomes more and more obsolete. For example, - In defense/mobile defense, I usually eat a Frost's lunch when it comes to defending a point just by placing down Limbo's 2 and 4. I usually run with the 4 augment on Limbo so I don't have to refresh it often. - Gara also has an exceptional ability to defend a point because she effectively uses the enemy's health as her defense, along with giving herself, her teammates, and defense objectives 90% damage reduction. - Octavia's metronome comes in handy for corpus sortie defense missions because not only does it have enough damage potential to kill enemies on sight, it also pops nullifiers. - Heck, even Khora can defend a point pretty effectively because her Strangledome draws aggro to the targets it captures. In the crowd control department, Frost isn't too hot (heh) either. - Frost's crowd control renders enemies immune to status effects and strips their armor by 40% for a duration. - Vauban's bastille suspends enemies in the air without making them immune to status effects and can be spammed to make up for the number of enemies each one can cap. - Limbo's stasis stops enemies in their tracks without making them immune to status procs (as a matter of fact it makes all status procs last until stasis is disabled) - Banshee's soundquake can CC enemies continuously at a higher range - Equinox and Ivara can both sleep groups of enemies at once and keep them immobile for as long as they desire, while opening them up to finishers and not rendering them immune to status effects - Rhino's stomp works in a larger range and while it does have a shorter duration it can be spammed to keep enemies locked down. - Oberon's hallowed ground provides good enough CC to defend a point. He can also strip armor completely and permanently - Nyx's unaugmented absorb can act like a channeled frost bubble that is remarkably effective. Also ^There is zero point to this argument because there is no need to shoot enemies outside of Limbo's cataclysm because as soon as they enter, if stasis is up, they are immediately frozen until the bubble shrinks over them.
  12. ljmadruga

    Smakticor- Ragdoll cannon with a twist

    It's basically a sonicor if the sonicor also knocked you back
  13. ljmadruga

    Smakticor- Ragdoll cannon with a twist

    This opens up an interesting parkour build where it's made up of mods that are hardly (never) used on other weapons. Assuming its a primary weapon, the build would be running flight speed, holster speed, reload speed, magazine capacity, multishot for a chance for double (or triple) knockback force, and firerate. Also, I just realized since the knockback velocity is affected by flight speed, a setup with this weapon and Zephyr's 3 augment would be absolutely hysterical.
  14. Basically, an arm cannon with recoil and knockback so intense that it sends the enemy flying while the player is sent backwards relative to the direction of fire, the velocity affected by flight speed. Holstering the weapon grants a third mid air jump.
  15. ljmadruga

    Stealth frame which one to pick

    Or just be in and out in 10 seconds before the enemies have a chance to react.