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  1. Please reconsider this. The Helminth has had me dusting off frames and trying new and interesting synergies because of their unique quirks, like how Ember's power strength can increase to ridiculous levels when a bunch of enemies are on fire, or how Limbo's damage buff from rift torrent can make him slaughter enemies in and out of the rift with certain abilities. What I'm getting at is that the Helminth system is great for trying out fun and interesting builds. Having the duration freeze on Xaku's Vast Untime gives them a great reason to be used as a "base" for certain builds. Edit:
  2. Why would I bother with the Helminth system when 1- It’s a heck of a grind to get right now 2- Most of the abilities I wanted to get have been nerfed, killing any and all excitement I had for this system 3- The rest of the abilities (Decoy, Spectrorage) are undesirable at best The nerfed abilities are still a better choice for most Warframes than any of the other (unmodded or even buffed) abilities, making the decision on which ability to pick not as difficult as it should be. None of the abilities should have been nerfed at all because the builds for different Warfram
  3. Still disappointed with the nerfs on the Helminth system. It was literally the only thing I was looking forward to.
  4. For anyone who has not seen the most recent update to the Helminth system, click below I, for one, am very disappointed that they decided to nerf the abilities that everyone was looking to farm and put on their warframes for various reasons. I firmly believe that they shouldn't be nerfed, but rather the rest should be changed or buffed to their level. This is by no means an end-all-be-all, but it is a start. If a frame is not mentioned, it is because I think the ability is fine as is or I don't think anything can be done in their case. Ember- Fire Blast/Healing Flame- Subsumed fire
  5. After seeing the Tennocon announcements I was actually hyped and was getting back into the game a little bit. I actually got together with my clan and we farmed out 10-12 frames over a weekend. All this announcement has done is remind me why I started to put the game down in the first place; hardly a reason to progress past MR 14, and every new update is catered to new players.
  6. I took inspiration from Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. I wanted him to be something like a houseplant that gets out of control over the course of a mission.
  7. I actually made a similar (now archived) concept to this one if you want to look at it for more inspiration. It has numbers for balancing and such.
  8. I for one am very excited for the coming update just because of this feature. One suggestion though; can the casting time for Revenant's Reave be reduced by half or elliminated entirely? Its animation is just long enough that it feels a little clunky to use on Revenant when he is not in his 4, let alone other frames.
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