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  1. Oh it will be back. Just like Dark Sectors and Trials!
  2. With regards to Nyx, I’d like to see the damage multiplier be applied to targets affected by chaos while MC and Chaos are active so that they take increased damage from all sources. Combined with PB and Absorb, it makes for terrific synergy between the two abilities.
  3. Granted, but that’s an inverse Eddie Brock. I wish I wasn’t full of BNHA references
  4. Granted. They post endlessly about it in the forums, on reddit, and on YouTube. I wish Valkyr Prime’s butt and Saryn’s Boobs has jiggle physics.
  5. Granted. No catch, but it ruins the point of this thread. I wish RWBY volume 6 makes Jaune Arc x Weiss a canon ship.
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