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  1. Can you guys PLEASE fix the codex. Some of the plains animal scans were taken away from me. The kuakas, condrocs, and mergoos still do not work at all. No matter how many times you scan them they do not fill in the codex. There is also extra blurred out versions of both condorocs and kuakas. The vapos condor dropship and vapos elite condor dropship are not in the game at all. I believe when you guys changed gas city tiles that the open air spawns for these 2 ships were not added. I have run hours apon hours of gas city tiles trying to find them. The one that pulls into the big hanger bay tile may be it but it is not scannable. Thereare also some enemies that are not even scanable in the game anymore; Artificers, carabus, datalyst, nightwatch carrier, and tomb gaurdian. Therfore they can not be spawned into the simulacrum. I have been playing this game for 3 years and the codex has never been 100% fixed. Filling it is the last thing i need in warframe (not counting primed chamber) XD. It would be really great to get all of these things scanned. Thank you for your time.
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