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  1. I just played an hour of the event and encountered 2 major Bugs that lead to a Mission failure. -.- During the Space part of the Event we were at 4/5 murex. We got boarded by a sentient ship (the ship-model is stuck in the wall of our railjack… Nothing new) Then we got a critical failure and the leak we had to fix with our omnitool spawned behind the sentient ship-model wich made it impossible to fix. So we had to watch the timer drop to 0 resulting in a Mission failure. During the groundmission we were at 13/17 Condrix. Suddenly the Condrix disappeared and we were told all 100 murex have been defeated (I still think there shoudn't be a Relais-Murex Limit forcing you to leave your Mission but whatever) but when I got back to the Relais it was telling me the Relais was at 51/100 murex. So at this Point I was not sure whether it was a bug and I could keep doing Ground missions or if I was sent to a different Relais. If that happened and I played another Mission all my progress towards my Victory payout would have been lost. So I just stopped playing for that cycle because I didnt want to loose my Points. I know you are working on fixes and I really appreciate that but this should have been a non-issue from the start. The state and amount of Bugs and Problems including balancing of this and past releases does not make me and others look forward to new stuff. For the future, can we please make sure that the next release is READY to ship (or at least one patch away from being finished instead of a Proof of Concept) before anouncing the relase after that. Again, Steve said in the last Devstream that there will always be network problems when you ship an update and lots of people start playing it. I get that, but there were a lot of obvious bugs and balancing problems not related to the network that should have been found and fixed in advance. I am really sorry about the rant in the end but I am just fed up with content releases over the last 6 months. A majority of what was shown in streams about an update did not ship in the "final" release or did not work. 😕
  2. I would love to see a Frame that has a lot of depth to his abilities. I know this thread is all about the Concept but just talking About the Concept without talking about potential abilities makes a Frame sound way less interesting imo and doesnt really convey the idea behind it. And since this is the second community based Frame having a Frame that is special in a way would be nice. This Concept isn't original. A lot of other People talked About it before but a war/fighter/battlefield themed Frame could be really cool. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Bellum" was an orokin soldier who fought during the old war agains the sentients. She was one of the unfortunate test subjects to undergo the infested Mutation into a warframe during Ballas's Experiments with the Helminth strain. Her human side still hears the echos and screams of her fallen friends and comrades during the old war that manifests in her ability to summon vague replicas of them from her memory to fight by her side. She uses a long lost Relic as an exaulted weapon that can change shape depending on the wearers will. This weapon was build by the orokin in belief that different fighting stiles might help overcome the sentients quick adaptation towards certains weapons. Energy: 300 Health: 740 Armor: 300 Shield: 300 Sprint: 1.1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With your 4 "Versatile Relic" you will be able to cycle between 3 different exalted weapons. (Sword&Shield, Polearm/Lance and a Gunblade) Each weapon-type will Change your passive. Performing a slide attack has a unique effect for each weapon but will consume 10 mana / use. Sword&Shield : Taunt enemies within 10 meters for 6 seconds. Polearm : Just a normal slide attack but during the slide your Polearm will have a 60% increased range and 20% more dmg. Gunblade : Charges a deadly shot dealing 200% dmg and giving your weapon a flat 60% status and crit chance/dmg boost for the next Basic ranged attack. "Versatile Weapon" lorewise is just one orokin weapon (3k Mastery) that can change its shape depending on the wearers will. You will be able to mod each weapon independently though so you can choose when to go for a Status/crit or hybrid build. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Sword&Shield will be your defensive weapon. The Polearm is your offensive choice with more range than the Sword&Shield. The Gunblade will be your ranged Option in situations where you dont want to fight the enemy close range. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your 1 "Support" will summon a Phalanx of 5 Ghost-soldiers in front of you that can attack enemies who will be using your currently equipped exaulted weapon type. Enemies can not walk through the Phalanx similar to Atlas's wall.The ability lasts for 45 seconds. Depending on your weapon the Phalanx will give certain Benefits. Sword&Shield : The Phalanx will block projectiles behind it. Polearm : Enemies in a 8 meter cone in front of the Phalanx will be dealt 1 slash proc/second. (slash procs deal 30% of your Polearms max dmg as slash dmg) Gunblade :The Phalanx will shoot a basic ranged attack with your Gunblade (mods included in the dmg) every 3 seconds in a 15 meter cone in front of it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your 2 "Tactical Advantage" will let you command/move your Phalanx to a different Position by Pressing it and lets you dash towards it by Holding the key. Dashing towards your Phalanx will grant you a small buff based on the weapon type and knock back every enemy within 10 meters of your Phalanx. Allies who are within 15 meters of your Phalanx will also get the buff when you dash towards it. Your Sword&Shield will give you a 30% Damage reduction buff for 10 seconds. During the Duration you will also Regenerate 10% max. Health / second. Your Polearm will increase your Damage by 20% for 15 seconds and will also increase your exaulted weapons range by 2 meters for that Duration. Range increase will be granted for all exaulted weapons for the buffs Duration. Your Gunblade will give you 40% evasion for 10 seconds. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your 3 "Strategy Shift" will break up the Phalanx and make your Soldiers walk around autonomously similar to Nekros's 4. While not in Phalanx-Mode the dmg Output is higher but does not allow you to dash towards your Phalanx thus not being able to get the buffs and knockback.(To make it slightly balanced) Can be recast on a specific loaction to go back to Phalanx-Mode at that location.(So you can choose where to knockback enemies once you dash towards your Phalanx) While your Soldiers are autonomous they will also perform the special ability on your Slide attacks.(Your Phalanx wont) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your Passive will also vary based on your current exaulted weapon type. Sword&Shield : +400 Armor and 400 Health Polearm : 30% Attack Speed and +1 Meter Range Gunblade : 20% Movespeed and 20% Bullet Jump velocity, Roll distance, Aim Glide duration, and Wall Latch duration. (To increase the ranged/gunslinger like playstyle)
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