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  1. I would like to offer a suggestion on how to change this feature to make it a bit more appealing. Instead of blessing everyone who happens to be on the Relay the exact moment I use the feature, I would like to choose a blessing for myself and all squadmates who are in a mission with me will also get the booster for 2 hours after they or I leave the squad, or... Once I use the feature, the booster will remain active on that relay for 3 hours. Everyone who enters the relais will also be give the booster even if I already left. This would require some UI indicator telling you which boos
  2. The "cloth" on the Ransha Prime shoulder pieces doesn't seem to have the correct physics, especially with the Nezha Deluxe skin. It is slightly better on other Frames but the cloth seems to be hovering about 10 cm above the actual model and it just looks really weird imo.
  3. 25% for everything (health, shields, affinity etc.)
  4. I was wondering if there might be any chance for wukongs clone to use some of the other warframe abilities. It wouldn't make sense for the clone to also cast for example Trinity's "Well of Life" or Nyx's "Mind Control" since they need to be cast on a specific enemy. Even directional abilities like Nidus's "Larva" or Harrow's "Condemn" won't really work with the clone since you can't control his movement or aim. But it would be really nice if he could use abilities that emanate from your frame like Wisp's "Breach Surge", Gauss's "Thermal Sunder", Excalibur's "Radial Blind" or ones t
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