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  1. I have put my 3 extractors out every chance I remember! I was talking to members of my original clan 3 or 4 years ago and they told me that they get to deploy 4 because of a prime pack they bought. Over time I bought both prime accessories packs that contained the different extractors. Guess what I discovered? Misery! Because I wasted money buying prime packs to get the 4th extractor to only,(WAIT FOR IT!) Not get a 4th! Don't think I didn't appreciate the extra loot from prime extractors but I wanted the 4th extractor!!! Now last month a friend of mine went on vacation and I logged in for him everyday while he was gone. I also deployed extractors for him. GUESS WHAT I LEARNED? He has had 4 from the day he started. No primes either! After learning this and being mad as heck for being stupid I submitted a ticket to [DE] just to be told we don't fix problems like this from peoples tickets! He said I would have to subject myself to humiliation by writing a public cry for help on a public message board and hope that it might get [DE]'s attention. So here I am letting eveyone know how stupid I was, now will you give me my 4th extractor [DE]?
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