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  1. Eudico said in one quest (can't remember which one, sorry), that the people of Fortuna takes pride in their enslavement. She may be, but i would wager some will be way happier with their They may have no choice at the moment, but in the long term, if the Tenno were the good guys, we could free them. As far as i can see, we are not really planning on doing that.
  2. You want to, and should remember, why Ballas turned on the Orokin and became the man we know now. They killed Margulis. Her Margulis. In Warframe, there are no moral high grounds, we all are bad guys, there is no helping it. I might be a tad bit biased, but i am always down to learn more and broaden my views. Also seeing him going through with that sentient pet BS is infuriating. He even helped us with his blade, we all make mistakes... Poor lad.
  3. Blaming others for your lack of skill and experience is not a good thing to do. You are not Forced, to qualify instantly, you can practice as many times as you Want. You can learn the map, the spawn locations of the Orbs and so on. Rather than ranting on forums, where you paint yourself a complete doofus will not bring in help, but hate and encourage toxicity. Please refrain from doing that. You may also want to check out this: MR 17 test on Wiki
  4. I have a hard time not to insult the looks of that weapon. The blade texture is one hell of a mess as well. I am far from hyped, or hoping, yet i still get disappointed by how little effort is being put into the game lately. It looks like it's almost intentional, to f@ck up everything new coming out from DE's hands.
  5. In the past maybe two years, i have not farmed directly anything, just played for the jist of it. My hardcore farming days are probably over me, i sometimes just linger in lobbies, doing one or two missions, so my uptime ingame is probably less than yours. I'm not spending more money and/or time on this game, but that is for another topic. What my initial intention was, that if one pack from out of the three offer something, and the other two also has similar weapon categories, i don't get it why it couldn't be included as well.
  6. In more detail, i am sort of a player, who plays PoE and sets the game for solo self-found.
  7. Title is kind of self-explanatory. After all these days, the evergreen login rewards still does not give you kitgun rivens. I would have guessed, that this may be a semi-guaranteed way to obtain them, without relying on pure luck (i am not a huge fan of selling and buying). Guess i was wrong again. I know my chances, that this post will be seen by someone who actually can change it, hopefully it is intended to be changed though, is slim and i don't really expect anything. Just putting this out, maybe other Tenno agrees with me. Or not, not a big deal.
  8. NW credit system in itself is flawed and should not exist. I rest at prestige rank 11. DE will have a hard time convincing me to play their chore.
  9. After 7 years, and almost hitting 1800 days in the current daily login chain, this is still the first game i launch once is start to play any game. Yet, i don't feel, that my invested time is as valuable, as in the earlier years. I don't feel like my enthusiasm and efforts are meaning anything. The game became a brainless slaugtherfest, sped up way too much to my liking. There are little to no reason for me to play the game, but i still Want to play it. The devs are all over their heads, making promises that are not fulfilled still. I am starting to lose hope, but i still want to make mys
  10. Set her Blessing range to the classic 50 m range. It shouldn't be that hard and her playstyle would probably remain the same. I have a hard time recalling how a negative range Trinity can work. To the OP, yes yes and YES. It should have worked like this since the start, this is a long overdue QoL change. But since we are all fellow Tenno, i would go to the extent that All mission mode should have this loot share. You can gather Syncidate marks, while i do the objective, or vice versa. Excavation would be also something that can be sped up, since i wouldn't have to run between the extracto
  11. I could see some use of it, the suggestions looks tasty. Allow me to take one step further. Make the augment heal you, but not to your health, but to shields/overshields. That way, you still can benefit from their healing, and that will go to your shields, further enhancing the survivability.
  12. Apologies, but i don't have more interest reading further into your post. Good luck convincing others, though.
  13. I wonder why Several Sarpa out of ammo bug threads got archived even before any kind of meaningful dev response. Those threads were also this detailed, with video and multiple Tenno stating they encounter the same. The other day i checked, if i can still bug the melee weapon out. 100% reproducable. I apologize for the out of topic message, but this one bugs me, i'm sorry. I know... i know, Sarpa is not a brand new shiny thingy...
  14. Don't take it in the wrong way, but at the moment we have waaay more important things to fix beforehand. Words are not something to be offended by. We are humans, we will make mistakes. We have to be understanding to each other. At some point in the future, they may fix it, but i would rather have them focus their attention towards progression blocker bugs. For example, yesterday i was not able to crack isolation vaults, symbols were misplaced, T1 failed because of that, then T2 and T3 got insta-failed somehow. I would say, i miss my earned resources more, than those few letters.
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