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  1. It saved many rando pug defense missions. Any kind of clone bp, to be frank. Also, sometimes it's fun to bring out all the specters and summons, just to play tower defence. And yes, i like to be drunk.
  2. I barely finished this section: And you won my kudos.
  3. As soon as i saw your sketches, this German gentleman popped into my head: LINK I have no intention of advertising his channel, but if i remember correctly this is the video, where he goes over the technical details of how it works. Maybe it helps you in the design process. I'm intrigued about the future of your concept, please keep thinking about it! ps: i love those gifs!
  4. I really did become rusty then, for some reason, i was certain they reset the same time. Sorry for the misinformation then.
  5. Then why do we even have timers for Sortie and Kuva missions? It aligns with the Sortie reset, that's that. Your request may be redundant, but nonetheless it's a QoL change.
  6. True to the Zweihander, i presume you based it on that. You incorporated the Lotus symbol well enough, for my tastes. Little subtle, but surely noticable. This one looks actually something you could wield and use efficiently. Like, it is noticable it has greater mass than a regular sword, but the Tenno should have inhuman strength... it fits nicely. Altough the pommel looks a tad bit small, again for my tastes. All in all, a very promising concept, i am not a huge fan of Tennogen, but you got me hooked. You don't have to consider the following link, but i believe it may help, if not for t
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