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  1. So, when are we going to excplicitly quote someone from DE? I'll gladly be a scapegoat, just to get the required attention and maybe something in the lines of; "We'll look into it." I'm on a semi-break for about three years, doing only daily logins and this-and-that missions, but i get bored pretty quickly. Yet up to this day it's still the first game i launch. Having hope, that the damage system get's a revisit similar to this is already making me anxiously excited. Maybe that way i can bring back a few of my friends... I would be lying, if i were to say that i understood every last word of this brainstorm, but the core concept is clear as crystal. And i love it.
  2. Why is it, that whenever i see a genuine and well thought out post, it barely get's ANY traffic..? If implemented properly, this will feel just as good as the whole weapon number rebalancing update. It made me dust off a lot of my fodders and they felt something that worth putting forma into. So yes, you have all my kudos and this would certainly alleviate many of the single choice power creep weapons. Sure, the vocal minority will cry as always, but screw them! Even i invested a few formas here and there in meta weapons and i am starting to get bored of them. But i don't care about 'losing' their edge to other contenders. I wholeheartedly wish something like this, or exactly this getting implemented, because i never enjoyed shooting bullet sponges. Side idea, since we are looking for reforming damage dealing, we may have the chance to get a more refined AI. Not sure how would that turn out, but since you are clearly better with math than me, i feel safe that your suggestions would be applicable and enjoyable.
  3. Or you know, DE just could do it like others do, leave the shop running for an additional week, without letting players earn currency for it..?
  4. Lightly caress her head with a slam attack. Most specters as far as i've seen are prone to slam attack stunlock.
  5. Yeah, it really seems they will get a bit more depth in the game, if only for a few moments. But at the end, when Kahl offered his sacrifice not to the Queens, but for his Brothers, that was the point i got goosebumps. Initially i was not really a fan how we interacted with the Grineer and the Corpus, especially with the The Gradivus Dilemma. Now, years later i am so wishful to receive that part, not just as a quest, but later possibly as a mission type. And i dare to say, in some way that could also replace PvP. Because it seems that those elements - since they are 'newish' - would be much easier to balance. edit: Altough i don't really understand the Corinth Prime at the end. A Grineer gun would be less epic i guess, but much more fitting?
  6. Well, the way i see it, console Tenno would have a chance to obtain Tennogen stuff, but i may be wrong here. But if i'm not mistaken, then i am HAPPY for them! Sharing is caring. edit: Nevermind me, should have checked before commenting.
  7. Don't trust the guy above me. Every Warframe has it's use somewhere - in gameplay -. You just have to discover your need and understand how to use him properly. Many a Tenno possibly made videos about Hydroid, he can be a farming tool, to boost drop chances, but if i remember correctly Khora can outperform him. My fun playing him relies on being in the puddle and grabbing all the enemies inside. If you play with friends, having a disarm Loki would do wonders. This is just one example, i am certain more helpful Tenno can and will show you more ways to play Hydroid. Also remember, no one can take away your fun playing whatever the hell you enjoy in Warframe. And we have many things in our disposal to spice things up. Have fun Tenno!
  8. Being this fixated about your principle, while ignoring my whole reply to your post. Surely it would make sense to continue this meaningless conversation with you. People debating should be willing to admit their wrong, i told you earlier if you can convince me to rethink my ways, with evidence as fact, i don't see why i should object. With the way you phrased your sentence, i could easily turn it back to you; "Every game dev should abide this sacred principle, no one shall dare make exceptions!" See? That also looks way too foolish. Now, will you please address properly my reply? Or shall i take you've given up on discussing your claim on the end of the debate?
  9. It would make sense only, if we were to had any kind of Competitive Leaderboard, where the rankings would give you rewards exclusive to that gamemode. I may lack knowledge about Conclave, but as far as i know, all the mods are now also usable in PvE, the cosmetic rewards are just cosmetic, crying about it is meaningless, so the Only real Conclave related reward remains the Syandana, which lights up after completed tasks. Now, i can't say i played that much in the recent years, but since the introduction of that Syandana, i saw that once of twice overall? Correct me if i'm wrong here, but after maybe half year, not many people may be bothered about lighting up the flames again. In essence, this game was built on PvE foundations, and back in the days when we had no PvP, some people wished to have kind of like Dark Souls PvP, saying that thanks to the PvP, that game is still alive nowadays. And the direction of implementation and new content steered still towards heavy PvE focus, while the PvP systems were left to rot. (i would love to have something similar to the invasions like in Dark Souls, but the base game is nigh impossible to balance to provide a FAIR PvP experience - hence it's been avoided, and there is also the fact that not really many players wish to engage in PvP) And if i may ask you, please do NOT bring up cashgrab type Gaggle Games. Many mobile platform based games are just an empty shell to obtain as much money with the least amount of effort as possible. They may serve as comparison, but i would only see them in a bad colour. Warframe in early days won the players heart by compassion and trust. I'm not here to debate if that was the right call, i felt that way so it's my opinion - which can be wrong - but they really intended to provide a unique experience. So far i've seen a few tries in regards of space ninja shooters, and other than the Destinies, many of them fell flat (Anthem, if i remember correctly?). The thing is, success factor means something at least for me, even Warframe had it's downs and ups. Yet even after 9 years, it is still the first game i launch, once i can play. What i'm here to say is that by comparision, other games may provide better PvP elements, if that's your thing, consider playing them for PvP. No one forces you to participate in this PvP, and i personally wouldn't mind a more fair PvP in Warframe. But if you were to implement something to ease access to Conclave mods and also then provide means to obtain Standing, i don't see why it should be excluded, if it was once possible to do so. Given the current situation, i doubt that PvP will be expanded further ,since DE is still focusing on bringing out new-ish Warframes and keep on expanding on the universe. Teshin now teaches us the way of the Steel Path, so the NPC is not without any motiv and that being said, i wouldn't be surprised if this is an attempt to bring Armstice to Conclave as well. In conclusion, once it was possible and it is named Universal Medallion. I'd wager many people would not care much about obtaining Standing with the UMs, given how rare they still are. Warframe is not based around PvP and we don't have competitive leaderboards, so no need for harsh restrictions like in other 'games'.
  10. Don't point at me, expecting me to quickly 'fix' that. Besides, i've seen that 'Syndicate' pop up only a few times, yet all the other Syndicates are not timed apperances. You can reliable obtain standing points for them. And many others stated that before me that the Universal Medallion is already hard to come by, so i STILL don't see any issue with it. But you still did not disclose your reasoning, why you think it should not allow you to obtain standing points. You just declared the end of the debate, without providing valid reasons as to why. I'd be glad to admit i was wrong, once you prove that to me.
  11. Universal Medallions are not used in different type of games, so i'm still not convinced.
  12. With all due respect, then why it is named Universal Medallion?
  13. There is a huge elevator at the back of the 'room'.
  14. I dare to say, that when you are not capable of dealing that needed damage, but doing the missions in coop regardless, just support them! And i am not joking here, try to buff their damage, no one will say no to a tasty Rhino Roar, or some Equinox' Sleep. Hell, even a Trinity can go miles keeping alive the carry, if it happens to be an unfortunate moment when they got downed. Try to discover how can you help and what do you enjoy at the same time. What i'm trying to get at is, that if you know your group in advance, bring what they lack. After all, this is a co-op game, in my opinion, not everyone is supposed to dish out damage. I for one, loved to do randoms with low level players, and i deliebrately brought along frames that gives out damage boost to my teammates (Ember, Frost, Volt, Saryn, Oberon - their first ability augment is a BEAST!) and i was standing by to revive them, if they needed it. I really enjoyed being the one that ensured the mission success, but not 'carrying them' in the original sense.
  15. Here, i have this bread, but it's missing it's yeast yet, and i have not put it in the oven. But it's edible! Trust me, please buy it! - Pre-orders and other whales are the ones allowing this kind of mentality to exist in the first place. Well, Dauntless has that kind of Battle Pass, and i heard it works out, since you get 950 plat from the BP and you need just as much to buy it, so once you buy it and don't spend elsewhere, you have endless BP. Might work, but i'm not behind that idea.
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