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  1. Thank you thank you thank you DE! I have been LOVING Xaku, and totally agree with what has been said in this post. I'm so glad the QOL changes I and others have been asking for are being . Already I know this is going to make Xaku MUCH smoother and even more fun to play. Their cast speeds...suck. And the fact everything is getting sped up as well just...I'm excited! Thank you! Those random explosions never felt good This improves Xaku's control even more. It's a permanent disarm regardless? Or do enemies regain their ranged weapons with the recast? Either way this has such syne
  2. I don't know if anyone else has run into this but there seems to be a glitch with limbo's kit that makes him incredibly inconsistent and hard to read in the cambion drift. Sometimes the issue fixes itself with dying but it's not like anyone wants to really do that to fix a glitch XD. But there's instances of the stasis and cata being active and those inside remaining in the physical plane/moving. There's also strange instances of the rift state more or less being flipped. you'll have the animations for the rift but not be in the rift or vice versa. It's all terribly confusing and makes playing
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