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  1. Thanks but no need to. And update, I finally got a male kavat on my last attempt. So indeed RNG have been terribly bad for 3 days to me
  2. Huh... thanks. I thought it’s something else. The nice color scheme or skin threw me off
  3. Anyone knows what is the weapon that rhino is holding in the new title screen? Can’t find it anywhere in the codex or market
  4. Interesting... I’m gonna update soon as I’m trying this again today. Feels bad for you man
  5. Well that still didn't answer my question. Anyways... I'm gonna try breeding tomorrow and hope this isn't some bug and RNG finally stop messing with me
  6. Wait... so... 12.5% to get male kavat using the same 2 imprints that is from female?
  7. From guides and wiki Genetic Code Templates(GCT) should not carry over gender from the parent as gender is random with combined incubation but I'm having a major issue as I'm trying to get my own male Adarza Kavat. It's been 3 times in a row now I've been using combined incubation with 2 same GCT that I get from the parent which is a female. First one is female, second with 2 GCT taken from the first is female, now third with 2 GCT taken from the second is also female. Is this a bug in the system or RNG is trolling me? Edit: I do not wish to waste anymore kavat dna and time just to get the male Adarza I need. Anyone is experiencing this issue too?
  8. Mastery Rank: 22 (about to change to 23)Country: MalaysiaPrevious clan: ClanlessDo you have Discord?: YesAnything we should know about you?: Nothing much atm. I just wanted to join Celestial Gladiators because of one of my friends there. His name is BlackxxOut I do hope there's still vacancy
  9. Hello, it's been a while that I've looked for a certain strain for an Adarza kavat. I'm willing to pay 80-120p for 2 imprints which have Ball Ears, Mermaid Tail & Orange(perferable) or Yellow energy. Anyone happens to have these on their kavat?
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