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  1. Passive) Unstable Integrity: Low integrity increases power strength, at the cost of reduced power efficiency (from the void energy leakage). Integrity can increase or decrease from ability usage. Damage taken reduces integrity. Left alone, integrity will recover. 1) Void Lash: the tendrils holding the frame together lash out in a cone, dealing damage and knocking back enemies. At lower integrity, the cone is shorter and wider, and has a higher status chance. At high integrity, the cone is narrower and longer, and has a higher crit chance. Using this ability lowers the frame integrity a little bit. 2) Consolidate: the frame pulls itself together, recovering lost integrity and gaining a temporary defensive buff (like armor and/or more shield capacity/overshields). 3) Vent: the frame expels unstable void energy, gaining two buffs: a speed boost, that increases with high integrity, and a radial damage aura, that increases in width and damage with low integrity. Holding the button down rapidly lowers integrity but increases the power of the buff. 4) Scatter/Focus: - At low integrity, Scatter. The fragments that comprise this frame individualise, locking the frame at minimum integrity for the duration of the ability. Each fragment will flail out with void tendrils and bursts of random damage types, targetting enemies in the immediate vicinity, prioritising any who attacks the frame. Void Lash becomes a 360 degrees attack. - At high integrity, Focus. The fragments of warframes meld together, temporarily, into something greater than the sum of its parts. The frame is locked at maximum integrity for the duration of the ability. Shooting while the ability is active will shoot beams of random damage types towards the target, while meleeing causes short void lash-like tendrils to strike at the target. Void lash becomes a linear, long range attack. Explanation: The idea is that, the frame being a "broken frame", its abilities depend on how broken it is. On a low integrity state, the frame is barely holding together. The void stuff leaks out. It loses the ability to focus on single, distant targets, but the individual fragments are able to multitask, making it a short-range AoE specialist. On the opposite side, by maintaining its integrity and keeping the pieces together, the frame can efficiently take down more distant targets, at the cost of a lessened ability to sweep up nearby enemies in a maelstrom of void energy. Ideally, this would encourage players to either specialise in either "form" (high/low integrity) depending on their preference and/or the mission they're doing (low-integrity might do well against infested for example, but not so much against corpus, or in open worlds); or learn to switch quickly from low to high integrity (and vice versa) within a single mission to deal with different situations. It turned out to be a bit of a mix between Equinox and the new Ember (two forms and meter management respectively), but I hope it's distinct enough (equinox has completely different abilities for each form for one), and that it conveys the theme well.
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