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  1. If it's any help, by aiming with the tranq rifle the animal should glow a bright gold when visible, it would be great if DE could make it similar to the mining tool, showing you how near you are to your target in meters, hopefully they do that. I also agree with not making animal conservation a mandatory activity, aswell as fishing, it's all just grind that most people don't have any reason to do.
  2. I understand the whole "Can`t please everyone" thing, creative freedom is sorely needed in games as ambitious as Warframe. But what about that time when the game only had one companion with Vacuum? Or that time when the game had broken enemy scalling? Or even those times when a weapon is released and it`s either too OP or underpowered? These things wouldn`t be fixed or improved if players didn`t go out of their way to give criticism. Some feeback can be considered bad (at least in the context of video games) because of a restrictive nature, most notably seen in the form of suggestion
  3. Trust me when i say that i can feel this issue when playing WF, there really isn`t any motivation to play it other than to get rewards, and at first I felt like that was a stupid complaint, WF is an MMO after all, but after playing it for so long, I kind of lost motivation to keep playing unless it was to check out new content. Immersion can make WF into a sort of persistent game, where the player will play just because he feels like it rather than because he`s working up to something, kind of like Rockstar`s open worlds where it`s just fun mess around in it (That`s the only way I could c
  4. Aside from the introductory phase of the game, this is the second biggest issue new players have and it worries me that they haven`t mentioned this at Tennocon. Hopefully they will notice this issue and try to find a way to fix it. They have been quite keen on reworking and re-using old content recently, I hope that direction sticks for a while until the game has an actual foundation to build things on top of.
  5. Warframe has always played like an MMO, as in you begin a mission without really caring for it`s context, which hurts the player`s immersion (reminds you that you`re playing a game). This isn`t an inherently bad thing, it doesn`t really make the game worse by any means, but it does help to maintain player investment, aswell as adding a notable polished feel to the game, when it`s done right. As much as it`s a little thing, giving context for what we`re doing (even if minor) in a multiplayer game can add huge ammounts of immersion, most notable examples being games like Rainbow Six Siege (
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