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  1. It would have made more sense to tap the imbue and hold for fhe execution The problem with this system is the onetime disposal clunkiness of what already the weak abilities for the ultimate 4th ability takes so long and annoying to the point youre just better off using weapons instead Therefore the imbue system should be permanent until the player decides to switch, which wont hurt the pre existing gameplay at all; instead makes it better in so many levels what do you think?
  2. No but like why even make these stuff in the first place these are not contents but purely chores Guess you can put grinding a chore but not when youre enjoying it no time limited what soever. I can grind when i feel like it and get rewards but this??
  3. @TyeGoo well the key word here is time gated play everyday for 20mins can get you anywhere but i could play 24hrs in some days yet insufficient of the task
  4. Its just not fair to people who cant log in daily within the limited time regardless of how HARD you try
  5. As were all suffering from not having the primed sure footed mod already There were couple of times I've reached over 25 but the time-gated nightwave just had to be reset to rank1 in every season These time-gated chores are what made me quit certain games like WoW I know there are other contents, but the ultimate goal is you want to get a hand on those umbra forma to get an actual progress in your account ja? which is just not happening at all for a person who cant log in everyday Having returned to the game; with absolute no clue of the season's schedule just makes me wanna quit in the first place to avoid futile efforts made TLDR the very least they can do is keep the progress reserved just like the weekly tasks did ja? what are your thoughts?
  6. should make sentinels invincible too. enough with being one shot yeah slap on the primed regen to expand its life 2minute longer
  7. Feels like manning a gun specificly for crewships is just not enough and lame; its a chore when you solo and have a pilot npc driving that hardly shoots the nose gun at all. If one out of 4 player is idle due to pilot taking both guns would be a problem so make more than 1railjack present in a game cuase why not? but ofc limit the npc crewmembers if anything concerns balance or the swivel gunner can have access to maincannon simultaneously and autoshoots when market by pilot when crewship is vulnerable and stuff eitherway i guarantee you this would make so much better gameplay than what it is now just dont wanna man the mk1 apoc turrets anymore tho
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