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  1. 9By4Ks.jpg


    So I did this twice on this tile of the europa set. With the artemis bow equipped, I shot cloak arrows into the water next to the terminal. It did not create a bubble so I shot another one. After that I could no longer shoot anything from my bow or use any quiver skills. Artemis bow remained stuck on my character and I could only melee and use prowl.

  2. What a lovely day for a space walk...




    So during today's Tellurium alert I got to experience a number of bugs. First, the knux would not lock on for melee. Then it moved me inside one of the bigger mobs. When I died and was ressurected, I could not use my weapons or abilities. Then I died again and respawned without my wings.

    Archwing... always fun.

  3. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/688270348716595314/49618425E8F423C36E07912058D4503069A8D9E8/


    This was a perrin syndicate survival mission on a hive map. One of those orange shipping containers fell on me and pushed me into the ground.


    Revive just put me in another stuck location.




    Oh and here is another stuck location on the ice planet map:




    Can we get an unstuck char function already, please? Sigh.

  4. My chat window keeps getting locked/unusable if I click somewhere else while I have text in the box that I did not send off yet.


    How to reproduce:

    - open chat

    - write something but don't send it off

    - click somewhere else so the text field deactivates

    - open chat again

    - chat now cannot be used until you deploy into a mission

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