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  1. Was expecting Queenpin/Lavos devstream...sounds like a nope With all the due respect to the sound team, that's not what many were expecting
  2. Nightwave store missed Grendel, Gauss and Xaku alt helmets Is it intended or not?
  3. Look, I'm nottrying to rush them per se, I'm waiting for an answer, like "we can't do it with a hotfix, we must wait the next update" That would be something, but a problem that probably is just some turning of knobs, not being addressed with comunication in 2 weeks is obnoxious
  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand...does your whiteknight spirit feels better now that you went out of your way to post in a thread not concerning the platform your account is on?
  5. No backlog of Tennogen items from previous releases and still missing for Consoles?
  6. One of the reasons I'm most annoyed for it, is that I rushed Nezha Prime and threw 50 plats in the bin If you check my post history, I have been asking for more loadout slots for at least 1 year and a half, made threads, asked on devstream announcements thread, begged on twitter...so when I had the opportunity, I rushed stuff, just to be disappointed because the feature doesn't work
  7. -News about Lich and Railjack "reworks" to bring them to the standard you hyped at past Tennocons? Command Intrinsics? Lifting the whole? -Syndicates expansions (new items, new cosmetics, etc...) -What's the plan for the new consoles? -Any news about wall running? -Any news on when you will put back old events in the game, make them in game lore (no, wikipedia is not story mode) and have a solid story mode? -When will we see noggles for the frames that still don't have one? -When will we get all the weapons that enemies have and are missed? (Nox gun, Corpus flamet
  8. No news? If it takes so much time, it won't surely be fixed with an hotfix, it'll require an update
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