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  1. Yeah, it's huge But...I don't think that the seller would give a flying rat's bum But if you US "loses" Warframe, it loses Path Of Exile, League Of Legends and some other pretty big stuff...it won't be easy
  2. If you check how Hyenas are equipped, it's a bit more than Moas
  3. Not exactly, Tencent entered a period of 3 months of exclusivity to work out a deal, so they took a step that kicked Sony out of the negotiations from 3 months
  4. After getting Mechas and a full Warship, I'd say that a Hyena customizable pet is the next weeb dream Personally I'd love it with the Cephalon Simaris personality inside (but I guess that's not everyone's bread and butter), but it could be a nice end mission reward in an eventual Cephalon Simaris Quest imho
  5. Spoke with a friend that is an old time LoL player He had only good things to say about how Tencent dealt with the game, making it considerably better by any means I'd say that the only problem with Tencent is geopolitical, which means that a deal with Tencent could lead with Warframe banned on same market, India comes to my mind first
  6. I'd say to add an Augment slot that activates only past level 100 enemies You can tackle content below 100 even without augments, with a good build, but then Augment becomes relevant and players would need some extra power strength, so they can make a build taking into account that
  7. Yeah, that's something I thought about too Would really be useful with plants
  8. Something didn't work at least on PS4 Got Athodai and Staff skin the Tennocon day and didn't receive anything else from the script work Waiting for an update before filing a ticket
  9. No Hydroid, no decoration Yes to skin and pistol
  10. I must say that I'm not fond of the idea of losing the Infected Ship, not because of the tilesets, but because of the infected orokin ship concept
  11. I hope the original sketch helmet will be the alternate one, because I like it more actually
  12. What kind of voice do you think Hyldrin has? LOL
  13. What I can hope for Tennocon... The game lifted as whole Adjustment made to fulfill the promises made (Basically, the Kuva Lich system brought up to par, the other factions receiving liches, better Railjack integration and factions/map extension, Archwing rebalance, Story mode, wallrunning in game once again, etc...) I expect more that the game will become what has been promised rather than new content...and this is the perfect year to do it, considering the workflow conditions
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