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  1. Summary of things still juggling in the air... -A proper story mode containing the old events -Wall running still not a thing -UI still unfinished -Operator/Focus revisit -Command wheel for pets -Leverian not seeing any entry for a while -Many new frames still don't have noggles -Gunplay rebalance -Drop chances revision -Rage melee mode -Modulary archwing -Archwing melee revisit -Old fames next revision pass .Many enemy weapons not available (loads of new Corpus ones, Nox goo launcher...) -Railjack integration wi
  2. Cambion Drift Endless Bounty needs a serious revision in the drop rates Aside from the fact that some mods (Jugulus and Saxum ones) are obtainable only through that mode, the drop rate is SEVERELY skewed towards Amber Ayatan Stars I played for nearly 2 hours yesterday, 15 rounds as excavators take up to 4 minutes each as cell carriers don't spawn (alone, because no one is crazy to do that bounty) and 41 rewards out of 45 have been Amber Ayatan Stars Also, the additional bonus drop for completing the rounds and meeting the requested criteria doesn't work
  3. Kinda seems that when they nail or quite nail an update, it's something random, because the following devstream they let everyone down...just to be forced to track back and multiply "times 2" the development time because they make the wrong thing then they have to fix it, instead of doing the right thing straight away Without the 3 iterations of Railjack and 3 of the Liches, we would have already played both The New War and Duviri Paradox
  4. As you said in the Devstream, the game grew faster than your development team I think some of your conception about the game have become obtuse, borderline arrogant towards the playerbase If you don't want to listen to the playerbase, hire someone new that will give you some new perspective, because you're always heading to the same kind of obtuse problems that you'll fix one or more years later (or leave them boiling them to infinity and beyond), because of stubborness The development reached crawl speed because you have to revisit old thing that were born criplled because of l
  5. While I like where you're heading with your work/development, which is the most important thing, I'm utterly disappointed with the streams With the latest 3 streams the hype I had for the devstreams is dead, next times I'll probably keep twitch open in some windows, do other stuff and read a recap, because latest devstream would have been fine as a workshop instead of an hour of chit chats
  6. Make syndicates jumpsuit available for operators in syndicates' stores
  7. Because there'll be a devstream with the announcement date before release, and next week has no devstream
  8. I do really think DE has to make clear what Residual/Theorem drops where, because, in the current state it is a complete mess. In game it seems that all tiers drop the same stuff, the drop rates on the drop pages are all over the place and don't even overlap with the wikia. If someone (like me) wants to complete a set, (for completionism perhaps, as they're not the most useful arcanes) it's almost impossible to clearly understand which Bounty/Tier has to be picked, and it's frustrating, even because, while the drops are generous, it takes at least 30 minutes to complete Iso+1 Arcana
  9. Chance to dodge when in V-Tol mode, just like Hyldrin during her 4th
  10. Honestly I'm not fond at all at the idea to release 29.10 and 30 on consoles in a single update I totally get that splitting the release would inevitably delay update 30 Still we console players will skip from content drought to content overload, and I say it as a MR30 player, so I can imagine how much more steep it will be for players with less hours in game There I said it, it would lead to nothing, as, I repeat, I understand the developers' reasons, but I had to voice my polite concern
  11. One devstream each month can't be a Q/A A proper Q/A can be done even "offline", gathering questions on social media then replying to them in a forum thread Besides that, loads of good talk that has loads to prove, and it's about "game feeling", so it's talking about "wait till you get your hands on it", which is totally ok, but it's not stuff for a devstream, especially if there's only 1 devstream per month
  12. -What about having special alerts to rescue crew members for railjack? -Will the Operator get some animations refinement? They move like baboons, not very "Void Demon-ish"...also expansions in what they're able too, maybe some sort of a coming of age story line in which they learn to better use their ability -Syndicates expansions (new items, new cosmetics, etc...) -Any news about wall running? -Any news on when you will put back old events in the game, make them in game lore (no, wikipedia is not story mode) and have a solid story mode? -When will we see noggles for t
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