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  1. A good revision should include: Story Mode/New Player Experience - no news since Tennocon...and, story mode should include old operation that are meaningful to understand the current storyline QoL - like getting rid of stasis for companions and duplicate modes necessity for sentinel weapons REWORK/Rebalance of all the rewards, because some rewards are silly either in quality or quantity...also move some ephemeras from drop tables and give them like the esotic stuff Revitalize syndicates with new stuff like armors, unique weapons, operator suites Tenno Reinforcements - avaibilty of weapons used by enemies in game, from Cadus (Trinity Specter) to Nox goothrower, to Ghoul weapons, to new Corpus weapons Remove wall-hopping and return to wall running Rework Operator movement animations because they're not very good and operator moves like a baboon Also, uncap purchasable loadout slots, or at least allow us to buy slots for each Warframe released (not counting primes)
  2. There's something going on between my PS4 and the Bramma Whenever a Bramma is wielded (by other players, a Lich), the fan of my PS4 goes totally crazy, it is not even necessary that a single shot is fired, it just needs to appear on screen and my PS4 gets over excited I tried lowering the particle fx down from ludicrous to every other setting, with no sign of improvements My PS4 is a Pro, 4 years old but in pretty good shape, clean and without considerable amounts of dust and it behaves like this only in this occurrence or when it's Summer and the temperature is around 38° Anyone else?
  3. The change would be a benefit for everyone You know what people doesn't need? The arrogance of people "this won't happen to me, it happened to you because you're x or y or z" Give this actual system a couple of months, I'll read complaints and I'll be here with my "I told you" Because it WILL happen to those arrogant ones too because it's like when you jump on a rope and you didn't want to, it's like when you reload and you have a life capsule behind you and you activate it and so on; the problem of the ropes and capsules though, won't force you into a 3+ hours of grind Honestly, who does say no, hasn't experienced the game enough to realize where real problems lie
  4. Geez, but can you imagine how deep in your nose you can reach to take a pickle in 3 seconds? You're underestimating man 😄
  5. Do you...I mean...live in real life? Or are you just an algorithm? Because if you live in real life I can imagine you kicking the granny that doesn't let you what do you have to do and slows you down for 10 seconds 3 seconds "I'd rather not have my game (and everyone else's) slowed down with a dialogue box or a "hold to complete" for 3 seconds" -> you do really have a problem You're saving 3 seconds every time you want to hunt a larvling, like once...twice a day...good luck spending that hard earned time
  6. See, I paid a lot of attention I had more than 30 runs without a mistake and mine wasn't a mistake, it was a command to do something that overlapped with the kill larvling, and the latter was prioritized even if it was off-screen This is the kind of "you're dumb" until it happens to you, and you realize that you hadn't been dumb at all, it just happened, period.
  7. I see some people like you and others understand the point and so many fails Some didn't even read the post I think, or if they did, they didn't understood what happened Anyway, my Lich is still there and I haven't even farmed a murmur
  8. I understand why DE doesn't want to use that mechanics, and overall I agree with that decision, because it would be too convenient but simply "hold to spawn" like "hold to refine" would definitely help
  9. Yesterday I was running Adaro to spawn a Larvling with Kuva Bramma (the only Lich weapon I still miss) I did the same 2 days ago...countless runs to have the Larvling with a Bramma but nothing...but that's not the point The point is that I spawned the Kuva Lich unintentionally I was playing with Volt (need Electric Ephemera too), using the shield + Kuva Nukor mostly I had just downed a Larvling and it had the Shildeg, meanwhile a Drahk Master picked up my Nukor, so when I fired I shot with the Primary and dropped the shield, I picked the shield again, and even though the downed Larvling was in the opposite direction I was facing and off-screen, I killed the Larvling instead of picking up the shield It was maybe more than the 25th time in a row I played Adaro to have a Bramma Larvling (plus the times of the previous day), I skipped 2 Chakkhur, 3 Nukor, 3 Kohm, 2 Ayunga that I would have picked up to boost the stats of my current ones, but I wanted the Bramma...unintenionally I got a Shildeg...not even with an Ephemera That was depressing, really With the "hold x button" to spawn Lich, that wouldn't have happened Mind you, if you play on a pad, you could even mess up by reloading your weapon, as it is the same button to kill the Larvling
  10. Nukor Crita-visitis - 1800 plats - maxed and unrolled +114.9 Crit damage +223.5 Crit chance +326.8 Damage -44.7 Grineer damage
  11. SO? What does your sentence want to prove? That a statistic on a small part of user base is verbatim? @corpusbonds is 100% right about you "you aren’t getting it"
  12. Don't use the "WE" I prefer to have a stable game rather than cross-save Assuming everyone wants cross-platform/cross-save is pretty wrong
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