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  1. (PS4)OmegaSlayer

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    - PBR pass on remaining items when? - Rework of cryostasis for pets with possible availability of all pets like it happens already with Sentinels - Availabilty of loadout slots for each vanilla frame released (currently at MR26, purchasing all the slots, 4 frames are left out) - Noggles for the warframes that haven't one yet - Overall roadmap for 2019
  2. (PS4)OmegaSlayer

    The future of warframe content 2019 feedback and discussion

    First of all I think DE should get on a seasonal plan to release big stuff, example Winter - Either Railjack or Kingpin system Spring - Kingpin or Railjack Summer - The New War Fall/Autumn - Next Open World Area Between this stuff DE could scatter nice things like Jupiter rework, Cetus expansion and so on 1. Warframe viewings, reworks and revisits Wukong is first on the list and needs some good work Vauban needs to be addressed, and my idea keeps being an exalted sentinel that would work like Venari 2. Warframe augments About augments, I think we should have an item to unlock an augment slot in the Warframe config that has no drain or bonus. The catch is that this slot activates only when players start facing above level 100 enemies 3. Stance mods There are new "handles" I'd like to see Something like Rygar's shield or Kratos' blades of chaos (but with shields instead of blades), proper Axe stance (not great sword stance), Lance and Shield stance 4. Umbra mechanics I'd have preferred if Excalibur Umbra was just "Umbra" and it was the only exception I see DE wants to do other stuff, so I'llaccept what they'll be working on 5. Quest improvements Game needs a full story mode, integrating all the lore from the old events They could be a requirement to unlock the junctions 6. Game modes Kingpin system is what I'm waiting for Stalker mode...players must decide to "opt in", unless they opt in, they can't play the stalker; Once they opt in they can't backtrack The mode could have some relations to the study of Sentients' behaviours 7. High level/Endgame content for veterans As I mentioned in point 2...I'd wish we could have an augment that activates when fighting enemies beyond level 100, so I just expect a simple mode to fight those enemies straight off 8. Operator content Melee amp, mostly But I'd also like both a coming of age quest, including some Yoda like mentor, which could even be Onkko And I'd like a rework for animations which I don't like...especially evasions, we should have some kind of fast teleport to dodge laterally or back, and it would make sense as a kind of void jump 9. Syndicates Remove assassin squads and replace them with a syndicate champion (like stalker), every assassin drops parts of a unique weapon tied to the syndicate (unique, s not a variant of an existing weapon) More syndicate content like Armors and operator cosmetics 10. Operator reward offerings 11. Future open-word content I'd like to see Mars, and I'd like it to be a mix of Stargate-ish Egypt and Frank Herbert Dune (Shai Hulud/worms included) 12. Void relics system 13. Worthwhile rewards 14. Unique Weapons Not a weapon but I'd love a Hyena pet 15. Glaive & Gunblade improvements 16. Conclave Raise the amount of standings acquired in every match, lower the duration of matches to 5 minutes 17. Bugs/fixes & QOL changes Chance to purchase loadout slots for each released Vanilla Warframe (today MR26 people would need 4 more slots to fit every frame) Remove stasis systems for Pets and have them all available at once Finish PBR pass Remove the necessity to have double mods for Weapons and Sentinel weapons Give players the chance to equip arch guns instead of primary + secondary, give 0.2 malus on speed and release a Primed Arch-Gun ammo mutation 18. My sense on what`s to come I'm positive about DE work
  3. (PS4)OmegaSlayer

    Coming Soon: Devstream #121 - Happy Holidays!

    - PBR pass on remaining items when? - Rework of cryostasis for pets with possible availability of all pets like it happens already with Sentinels - Availabilty of loadout slots for each vanilla frame released (currently at MR26, purchasing all the slots, 4 frames are left out) - Noggles for the warframes that haven't one yet - Overall roadmap for 2019 Thanks, have happy holidays and a great 2019
  4. I really wish DE allows you to keep the tail that long. Fingers crossed
  5. (PS4)OmegaSlayer

    PS4 Fortuna: Update 24 (Mesa Prime + Hotfixes!)

    UI icon elements appear and disappear a bit at random, everywhere, from Foundry to the buffs during gameplay
  6. I saw the image on reddit and don't like the visor, because it's too bulky
  7. (PS4)OmegaSlayer

    TennoGen Round 15 Deadline and More!

    We don't have weekly updates like on PC. Skipping an update means at least one month, since you don't include Tennogen with hotfixes.
  8. (PS4)OmegaSlayer

    TennoGen Round 15 Deadline and More!

    I wouldn't have allowed weapon skins in Tennogen, but I don't complain about what others like
  9. (PS4)OmegaSlayer

    Oberon "Finvarra" Revised (Potential Round 15 Submission)

    Awesome, the only thing I would love more would be a skinnier jaw
  10. (PS4)OmegaSlayer

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #227!

    Tennogen on PS4 and XB1 locked with Switch is a big big big NO Honestly it's DE problem that must NOT be users problem
  11. (PS4)OmegaSlayer

    TennoGen Round 15 Deadline and More!

    Because it is. And it's not fair at all that millions of users playing for at least 4 years have to wait for the new baby Sorry to bluntly put it but your goal on equality must be your goal, not something that player base have to pay with waits Switch users will get the stuff when it will be available for them, I don't think they have invested and supported you with money so far not even in the 0.01% of what PS4+XB1 users did in these 4 years This is clearly a bad slap in the face Seriously, reconsider
  12. (PS4)OmegaSlayer


    The only annoying thing is the lack of Tennogen 14 😞 Hope Sony and Microsoft are fast so that we might get the update soon
  13. (PS4)OmegaSlayer

    MTR's Workshop - Rhino Skin WIPS

    Really like it. Too bad that you can't alter the shape of the frame, only the textures 😞
  14. (PS4)OmegaSlayer

    Coming Soon: Devstream #120!

    -Will we get an amount of acquirable loadout which is the same amount of vanilla frame released? Currently, with Garuda release there are 37 Warframes and only 34 loadouts available for MR26. It would be also nice to select Archwing and K-Drive in loadouts, because I might want Itzal when using Rhino and Elytron when using Loki for example. For high MR and people that has loads of hours, min-maxing the loadout is just as important as the fashionframe You just need to add 2 selectable things in the loadout and add some purchasable loadout slot and keep the amount of purchasable loadout slots at the pace of Frame releases -When will we be able to have all the pets available at once, same as "robotics" Vacuum was just a little piece of the stuff that made people prefer sentinels over pets. The fact that you can change Carrier, Helios or Wyrm (or the others and now MOAs) without any pain is a great part of why people doesn't invest in pets At this point...any final word on mod sharing between equipped primaries and sentinels' weapons -PBR pass on NYX and her helmets together with the rework? -Wukong rework? Not a big fan but the frame is in a bad place and many would like for it to have a meaning -New series of Frames noggles when? -News and/or roadmap on Melee 3.0, Arcwing weapons without AW, Jupiter, Kingpin system, PoE refinement? -Work on the lore for a cohesive and coherent story mode with all the past events integrated in game (with the canon results), so that new player would LIVE some of the story instead of being forced to read it into Wikia?
  15. (PS4)OmegaSlayer

    Free Zenistar Riven...If...

    Good luck at those who enter the competition. Everyone that replied is really far from the number and I might be outdated on what I know and they can be more