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  1. You mix up loadout slots and weapon modding slots
  2. In the devstream it wasn't mentioned if we will get more Loadout slots to purchase For many it's more relevant than appearance slots
  3. In the devstream it wasn't mentioned if we will get more Loadout slots to purchase For many it's more relevant than appearance slots
  4. Make Melee 3.0 similar to how Black Desert melee combat looks and works
  5. Loads of things I asked have already been asked, I'll add more LOL - Ephemeras out of loot table and acquirable via syndicates - Nox, Machinist, Ghoul weapons acquirable for our arsenal, plus the Cadus, the staff used by Trinity Specter - Noggles are still missing for loads of frames and this is really bad - A customizable hyena pet, why not? - Solve the conflict of mods between sentinel weapons and equipped weapons
  6. It would be nice if Affinity and Credit boosters in Prime Access would rotate with Resource and Resource Drop from time to time Some have stacked 140 days of Affinity and Credit Booster which become obnoxious
  7. Had 3 disruption runs with no rewards yesterday Same issue
  8. I still don't get why DE doesn't offer Resource and Resource Drop boosters in the PAs I have stacked like 140 days of Affinity and Credits boosters...MR27 and 115mil credits...those boosters are a total waste for people in my situation
  9. Loads of people who maxed Conclave played in close lobbies trading kills So yeah, it's really unfair for them There's load to do in Warframe and Conclave is the less entertaining thing in a toxic envyronment
  10. I really didn't like the skip Ash and Trinity should have been released before Saryn, and Vauban and Nekros before Valkyr But yeah, finally, hopefully the Vaults are cycling at the right pace
  11. I can't believe it There was ONE cool thing in this update that I was really looking forward to, and it was the chance to purchase more arsenal loadouts, and you didn't put it in Disappointed at highest levels
  12. Maybe I'm a minority, maybe not But I think that stuff like 7 years ago with DE or stats, which are undoubtely interesting, should be forum posts, even with more data, but not Devstream material
  13. Basically it's one devstream a month now
  14. People exploit it because it's nonsense grind that ceases to be fun 8 hours of playtime + loadings and Kela same blabbering in 10 days to collect everyting new, which means more than 1 hour a day, and seriously it's not enough fun to justify 1 hour of playing that Prices insanely high Reward is low and doesn't incentivate to play, if a kill would equate to a pearl, it would incentivate people to play My idea is to let the alert last all the month of August, so people that farmed like crazy don't feel scammed, even if they have burned out FOREVER and at least the other can take it easy and not burn out
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