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  1. (PS4)OmegaSlayer

    PBR treatment...still waiting from 2015

    Have checked and some stuff has been updated, but with questionable quality 😞
  2. (PS4)OmegaSlayer

    PBR treatment...still waiting from 2015

    @NightmareT12 It must be noted that I'm on PS4, maybe some asset wasn't transfered to the build? It's a possibility... Will check anyway
  3. (PS4)OmegaSlayer

    PBR treatment...still waiting from 2015

    Are you sure about Hydroid? I'd swear the helmets at least haven't received the treatment Sure, will do Can't remember those but will check and eventually remove them from the list, which I'll update
  4. A new thread about PBR pass not finished yet. Why now? Because in the last Devstream DE said that the new operator hairstyles will get the new treatment JUST LIKE PBR did. What lack of PBR in some item means...like clearly shown by @Sirabot You can see by yourself the difference between Ash vanilla helmet and his Primed body. This is a link to what PBR is if I got your attention https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physically_based_rendering PBR is a different way of handling the textures by the game compared to the way the game handled it before update 17 which was released July 31 2015 Anyway, every object past Update 17 have been released already in PBR, many items where left and DE promised to complete the treatment overtime, but as today, 3 years later many items are still missing the PBR treatment We all know DE is busy with new stuff, but this needs to be completed after 3 years and a half and I think someone must remember it to DE consistently, and, as I said, DE basically called this unto them in last Devstream, we're not blind and we remember, and I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets picky about this. Again I resort to @Sirabot (thanks a lot to you and @NightmareT12 , btw) who made in April this year a comprehensive list of items that still lacks PBR, many items of which are sold in the market for Premium/Platinum Since the topic always gets archived, I'll repost the list Warframes and Cosmetics *indicates questionable quality and/or doubt of PBR textures or needs service Ash Base Helmets And Body Rhino Base Helmets, Body and Rubedo Skin - Also Rubedo skin still conflicts with Rhino Prime Decals. Valkyr Base Helmets and Body Trinity Base Helmets and Body Nyx Base Helmets and Body Nova Base Helmets and Body Nekros Base Helmets and Body Mirage Base Helmets and Body Ember Base Helmets and Body Vauban Base Helmets, Body and Phased skin - Also Phased skin still conflicts with Vauban prime Decals Zephyr Base Helmets and Body All Immortal Skins Armor *indicates questionable quality and/or doubt of PBR textures or needs service Daedalus Armor Edo Armor Eos Armor Illiac Armor Harkonar Armor* Targis Prime armor Syandanas *indicates questionable quality and/or doubt of PBR textures or needs service Asa Syandana Harkonar Syandana* Hecate Syandana Illiac Syandana Imperator Syandana Pyra Syandana Yamako Syandana Asa Phased Syandana Sugatras *indicates questionable quality and/or doubt of PBR textures or needs service Daman Sugatra Pazza Sugatra Pyra Sugatra Suraka Sugatra Tantu Sugatra Vala Sugatra Prime Sentinels *indicates questionable quality and/or doubt of PBR textures or needs service Shade Wyrm Carrier Dethcube Colteck Cosmetics Chrysalis Cosmetics Dome Wings Capsule Tail Para Cosmetics Diamond Wings Hunhow Mask Ictus Cosmetics Jet Wings Carabus Dethcube Skin Sprite Shade Skin Weapons and Cosmetics *indicates questionable quality and/or doubt of PBR textures or needs service Attica Amprex* Akstiletto Akzani Amphis Ankyros Atterax Ballistica* Bolto & Akbolto Bronco & Akbronco Cernos Cestra & Dual Cestra Ceramic Blade Cronus Dera Drakgoon* Dread Detron* Despair Dual Ether Dual Ichor Dual Zoren Ether Daggers Ether Reaper Ether Sword Fang Fragor Furax Glaive Grinlok Hate Heat Dagger Heat Sword & Dual Heat Swords Hek Hikou Hind* Jaw Sword Kestrel Kogake Kraken Lex & Aklex Magnus & Akmagnus Magistar Mire Nami Skyla Nami Solo* Nukor Obex* Opticor* Pangolin Sword Pyrana* Scoliac Serro* Supra Stug Telos Akbolto Torid Twin Vipers Tysis Vasto & Akvasto Vaykor Marelok Venka Vulkar Shock Camo & Desert Camo weapon skins Phased weapon Skins Sigils Cycuta Prime Velorum Prime PS4 Exclusive Obsidian Skins XBOX One Exclusive Jade Skins I'd like to have a reply from the DE team about this, or better a Dev Workshop with a plan...it would even be ok to get some pieces in each update, as no one with a sane mind would ever require to do everything at once. I think DE could probably ask for Tennogen artists help, as a form of outsourcing.
  5. (PS4)OmegaSlayer

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #119

    As a console player I got a very upsetting feeling yesterday during devstream. The suspect is that DE will lock Switch updates day and date with PS4 and XB1. I remember that Steve during the Fortuna release stream mentioned that the console build was almost ready and would have been delivered very very soon. Yesterday, after a very very convoluted speech about the love towards console players and such, about the help of PC players testing builds and so on...Fortuna was scheduled before the end of the year; it was a speech that gave a very uneasy feeling. The impression I had is that DE didn't manage to "cook" PS4 and XB1 builds and send them to cert before the release of Warframe on Switch; basically if we PS4/XB1 got them before November 20th we were served, but now we will have to wait for Switch version. What I want to say is that locking 3 platforms together on update release in this case is very wrong, especially because 1 version is not developed in house and the same system has a totally different architecture. I always suspected that Switch release would have been a problem for the old console players because of this, I had expressed many times my concern that it would have held back contents for the existing console player base that have played in some case for 5 years I'm not against scheduling day and date release, but only once the Switch version is stable and proven, not on player count but on software side, but that's a target achievable in time, not by forcing other old players to wait Now, I'm sure loads of people will come in dressed in white armors to defend DE, but only facts will prove me or the white knight wrong, and that's how Fortuna update will get released...if it's day and date on all consoles we old players get the shaft I also think that no PC player would be happy to wait that DE cleans all the bugs, sends to cert, waits Sony and Microsoft, then have the PC build
  6. (PS4)OmegaSlayer

    Coming Soon: Devstream #119!

    Please remove the hostility between Syndicates, for long time players it's silly in every possible way
  7. (PS4)OmegaSlayer

    Matzan481 Workshop Trinity (WIP)

    So Russian/Slavic
  8. (PS4)OmegaSlayer

    Coming Soon: Devstream #119!

    When will you add the old events into a coherent story mode? Having it before the launch on Switch would have been a good idea. When will you finish PBR pass? Some items are premium but looks donkey, you make a lot of changes to make the game looks better but some stuff becomes a stick in the eye because they look like latex covered in vasolyne When will you allow to purchase a number of loadouts that summed with the ones given with MR allows us to have 1 loadout for every vanilla frame? Currently with MR26 and Garuda out there are 3 Frames that can't have a loadout. When will you remove the stasis gate on pet companions and allow us to access them like the "robotics"? Hyena companion when? News on Nemesis system, Pets 2.0 and Melee 3.0? Plans for Plains Of Eidolon? When will we be able to access Unum Tower? Even more important now that Little Duck is a canon character in game Would you consider to change Invasions from the 3 times x same mission into something like Assault on Pago/Kuva Fortress?
  9. (PS4)OmegaSlayer

    A question to Tennogen artists

    Thanks for understanding what I mean and for giving your reply and reasoning. By the way I think that PBR pass is just a conversion of assets to another format, not building them from scratch.
  10. (PS4)OmegaSlayer

    A question to Tennogen artists

    Not as a program, as an external help to streamline the process
  11. Maybe this is not exactly the place to ask but... Warframe has still loads of items that need a PBR pass, I wonder if you guys would feel happy to help DE to complete the PBR treatment on old items (Warframes, weapons, sentinels, some old skins) I kinda lost the hope that DE will do it because they're too busy with new stuff to go revisit those items, but I think you guys could help. For many of you, Warframe gave a lot, I was thinking if you guys can help back a little.
  12. (PS4)OmegaSlayer

    PBR on older frames Abandoned?

    I'm not a 3D but a simply curious guy, so some times ago I went to check what conversion to PBR is about. So maybe I don't remember correctly, but mostly you must define the shaders properties, so divide the tint area into "materials" defined but how they refract lighting, so, no automated process can exactly match what you want to achieve and you must manually correct the values. As I said, we know DE is very busy with new stuff, but I wonder if they can outsource to Tennogen artists
  13. (PS4)OmegaSlayer

    Arbitrations: Being a nice host is a problem

    That's why I'm pointing it out. Whatever the case, DE should at least give a look to see if there's a solution
  14. (PS4)OmegaSlayer

    PBR on older frames Abandoned?

    Not only frames, even loads of weapons, sentinels and various cosmetics/skins. We could compile a list of missing stuff. My idead is that if the conversion takes DE too much time they don't have, they could ask for external (paid) help from Tennogen artists, that have shown to be more than capable to work on that stuff. It's about time this game gets graphic consistence, especially because some non-PBR stuff is only available for plat and it's not acquirable for free This is one of my 3 Warframe battles, the other two being: having all pets available at the same time without stasis and heving the old events implemented in game as a story mode
  15. So...what I discovered at my expenses and it's pretty bad is that if you're a host, you die before a reward and let the team complete the rotation, you're cut out from replaying the arbitration. What happened, Interception on Ice Planet, I was hosting and I kept the point C with Octavia, the most hectic of the map as I'm able of keeping it alone without help, but the people kept coming to C and losing towers, so between the 2 rounds I messaged them (with PS4 it's clunky) to keep their towers and leave C to me. Well, as it is clunky (press start, open tab, type with the cursor), I was one shotted, but I let the other complete the second round. Obviously I wasn't rewrded for inactivity, no problem I thought...I'll replay, but no, the game acknowledges me as I have complete the arbitration and I can't replay it. This is very very bad, because when people will realize it, they will start disconnecting because waiting the others absolutely doesn't pay off.