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  1. Silly small thing that maybe has already been asked Maybe adding some XP for completing a challenge, like when you complete a challenge in mission or you unveil a riven I think that could help new players or even the veterans that are running some challenges after having used a forma, perhaps Sorry for not having read everything
  2. Why DE? It's not that hard... 😞
  3. When will you give the chance to purchase enough arsenal loadout slots to fit every Vanilla Frame? At highest MR available (27) you have 14 loadouts from MR + 20 purchasable (for 20 plats each), the number of Vanilla Frames is currently 39...40 with Wisp Allow us to purchase 5 more loadout slots ASAP, and increase by 1 the maximum loadout every time you release a new Frame I don't think it's anything absurd, but this point never gets addressed in any way
  4. I think the streaming textures tech on PoE needs to be looked at, because it's not working that great Something went wrong, there's even screen tear in the loading screen Also, loading times in the menu should be addressed a bit
  5. Guys, I think something went wrong with the update The game overall looks really better, sharper textures, better lighting, Orb Vallys looks even more awesome But the very PoE remaster looks almost like PS2 era, so I think something went wrong somewhere
  6. Thanks, but I think you handled the communication about the issue very poorly so far That has been finally corrected and it's all good
  7. Tennogen situation must be fixed Remove Switch from the access if it's what's hindering the whole process One platform is damaging two, with a much more bigger aggregate user base.; it's not acceptable
  8. The drop problem is always server side, like it was with the Eidolon Arcanes Imho, there are multiple drops that are currently bugged, from Orb Vallys rewards of any bounties (around 300 Profit phase bounties and only 1 rare archgun mod drop in my experience) to the Arbitrations, to the Wolf Of Saturn Six spawn rate I highly suggest that, in the sake of transparency, DE at least monthly verifies/tests/simulates the server randomizer to check if the results are in line with the drop tables
  9. Hmm...we still can't acquire the "Cadus", which is a weapon that is already in game and is used by the Trinity Specter in her rail Still can't figure why DE hasn't pushed it in any update/hotfix yet
  10. Please raise the amount of acquirable Warframe loadouts, so that the number of acquirable loadouts (MR level)+ purchasable loadouts equals the number of vanilla frames released (currently we're 5 loadouts short, 6 when Wisp will be released) Please share you stance on mods sharing between player and sentinel weapons (will you streamline it or not?) Please allow us to access Pets Companions at all time without the stasis gate, it's obsolete and clunky and basically discourages diversity in builds and underusage of companions against "robotics" New batch of Warframe noggles when? Hyena pet (customizable with various weapons) controlled by Ordis when? 🙂 Please, clear the situation around Wolf Sledge acquisition, it's a weapon tied to a limited time event, dropped by enemy that spawns on RNG, and doesn't guarantee parts drop; this is a poll from last week, pretty significant https://www.strawpoll.me/17693344/r In the spirit of transparency, which you have vastly proved with sharing drop tables and riven transaction, I strongly encourage you to run monthly tests/simulation on your server side to verify that the actual randomization thoroughly reflects the drop table stats
  11. http://www.strawpoll.me/17693344 Just a poll I opened here and on reddit to gather some player data
  12. They should test drop rates too...the Wolf's Sledge and Wolf spawn rate are asinine
  13. What are you doing in this 2019 in my point of view? Tennogen on console is a mess You released Nightwave, a timed event with an exclusive weapon dropped with silly rates from an enemy that for many is not even spawning...and you should check because it's NOT normal and your RNG programs failed already some times Release an operation (Shadow Debts) with something you planned so poorly (the scanning of the objects) that you had to manually change it
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