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  1. Ok so 1. Any updates on upcoming Warframes being reworked/revisited 2. Pets 2.0 and melee 3.0 update 3. Melee weapon buffs (Fists, Brawling, rapiers, etc.) Most of the "lesser" used weapons 4. Incoming additions to PoE for more "activities" 5. Making plague star as regular occurrence as Ghouls/ rewards for ghoul completion 6. Tweeking or reworking the sortie rewards system. Example you get an ayatan sculpture or 4000 Endo which is a bit redundant. 7. Revisit alot of mods that will be affected by the melee 3.0 rework 8. What will the reworked parkour system effect? 9. Slow down on the deluxe releases as it seems to effect content dates "seems to" 10. More info on activities for Fortuna other than k-drive and poop scavenging.
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