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  1. lets be honest some of us saw this happening years ago cuz as i said on many occasions ppl gave feedback for years with devs ignoring the more crucial ones and the community always going at each others neck. ppl are gonna say excuses like "ppl are playing other games, itll go to the top with the next update" like the last few major updates in the last 2 or so years that dint really do anything? that isnt how a free to play model is going to really succeed financially, with less money means less proper updates and less players which leads to a annoying micro transaction system (i get it, its free but other free games micro transaction are nothing but skins only that succeed far more). oh but they need money yea why do u think ppl leave feedback for them to improve the game so more ppl would want to play that gives the game a more stable income but instead they chose to just follow a hype train for a instant burst of cash from new players rather than just making a well made polished gameplay that can actually keep ppl around. does every feedback make sense? no, some are horrible but when there are so many obvious issues that need to fixed for years, when u have a gameplay loop that fails to keep many others engaged, when you choose hype over actual improvements to your core systems, and choose to let it fly by your shoulder then of course this is whats going to happen. ppl leave not cuz they need to "take a break", ppl leave cuz they are tired of being able to predict that nothing is ever going to change for the better when the base gameplay loop isnt that well designed in many ways after thinking this game has "potential" for 6 straight years. whats going to sustain the life cycle of warframe? im pretty sure no one really cares about that anymore, cuz ppl made their choice and this is how the game is now. its too late for feedback, many ppl tried it and left, many ppl got fed up and left. its been literal years of feebacks and even warning on what not to do for many concurrent issues that even devs admitted on existing but chose to add mini games over tackling them. i know i sound extremely negative but thats the reality of the current state and thats how its been for many other ppl, if you enjoy the game though dont think this is me saying you arent allowed to enjoy the game if anything keep playing if you do enjoy it. however for ppl like me, i think the expectation is seeing a well polished version of warframe hit its toll and that some of that investment went in for nothing, thats why even despite several millions of registered users but only a concurrent of what 30k rn while everyone else just walks away.
  2. this might sound negative but we are 90% not likely to see any improvement to gameplay cuz DE have made their choice to just release a constant stream of pointless frames/guns to make cash while calling it content, make a big hype reveal of the "next big thing" at tenno con to bring new players even though starting the game feels horrible ironically, and worry about pointless patches that isnt relevant to any major issue but how can they make the grind longer. this game is more than likely stuck with a cookie clicker style gameplay of spamming a button or two for a straight 20-40 min where u eventually get to a point that u dont even want to look at the screen anymore that u dont even care if u die. if you have any expectation of searching for engaging gameplay, well flushed mechanics, a reason to use any gear, or a GOOD endgame then its not gonna happen. so why do i sound like a grumpy old man on his porch? cuz this is how it has been for several years already with the community never being able to decide on anything but what really makes it a long feud is that de never decide on anything while dancing around the fire to just add mini games that mario kart is probly the next content update over making this game feel like a shooter at all. giving them feedback isnt gonna help anymore, supporting them isnt gonna help anymore, and even helping new players isnt gonna help for all these years cuz in its core its a broken mess every step of the way that ppl only learned to deal with because everyone thought it was gonna get better but it dint, it just slowly spread out more stuff to be wide as an ocean but shallow as a puddle. if you enjoy the current state of the game then dont let me or anyone else tell you otherwise but i will say if u have any ounce of expectation for more than just spamming gameplay with powercreep that diminish any depth it has then pull out now b4 the investment becomes a disappointment thatll hit even harder.
  3. I think i want to add more to the conversation by giving op a general idea of walking towards a good difficulty system as @TheKazz91 excellently explained the do not do of game design. all they had to do was follow literally the most basic concepts of combat in gaming such as aiming, dodging, blocking, timing, awareness, and on some cases would be special interaction. aiming - so far we probly made it clear that aiming is a good thing especially when nox is considered a good enemy type by ppl. however it important to note down that nox is given multiple ways that they can be handled by cc, headshot, but they still take some form of dmg on body shots despite reduced dmg, while drones adds in invincibility which ruin the concept and chasing around a tiny unit isnt considered combat compared to an enemy using actual mechanics trying to kill me. even tho physical/appearance designs is usually preference sometimes, but in warframe it can feel off that it actually effect gameplay which they should take into consideration more often. dodging - now this can go two ways which is both for the player and the enemy. mobile enemies can be borderline a sin because if its handled wrong can be considered a sin because as i said they need clear animations but since there are many bad effects/design cluttering the screen most of the time makes mobility units harder to have a place, if there were a reduced amount of this cluttering with a purposeful to their mechanic then itll work which is why you dont really see ppl complaining about manics but dont really praise them either. giving a enemy with abilities that makes the player required to dodge is also good which is why i personally love the artillery bursa in fortuna but also gives a some what more clear effect of its ability unlike eximus units. blocking - many games have a good shield unit and is considered good difficulty most the time because they can be handled multiple ways but still give a incentive challenge because you can use abilities, aim for poking out head, or flank its position. warframes case gives a little lancer with no incentive of really doing any of that for its size, ai, lack of functionality on opposing said warframes kit which pretty much applies to most enemies and why we keep cheesing everything aside from other factors such properly scaling our gear and abuses such as nuking or other cheesy mechanics where we just abuse cuz enemies are too dumb that scale insanely so cheesing is all we know. timing - a somewhat example would be ancient healers primarily in higher levels, their aura ability giving a need to use radiation procs to counter this, focus fire this unit, or lock down. timing is about learning when to use the mechanical uses given to you in a sense of urgency however if we go back to the cc topic we see where this enemy is still flawed in some way but could has still done better. other games also have timing systems such as parrying a attack at the right moment to reflect a attack back with depending how big that window is changing the difficulty feel or some games that require alot of rolling creating a small window to make sure they dont get hurt from big attacks. awareness - ai oh boy is it bad not only do enemy have the slowest reaction timing and shoot as bad as a storm trooper while they do basically useless animations, such as trying to dodge without the real incentive of dodging. enemies in other games are aware of your position and act accordingly whether their job is to rush you, flank you, making formations, avoiding abilities, or be backline dmg but enemies in warframe arent even really aware of anything besides running to their death in which they get dumber against stealth frames which doesnt make for the best design. then there is nothing for the player to be aware of besides spamming buttons which made this droll combat loop. interaction - is a very special case where this is about refining specific scenarios, mechanics, or clashes. invisibility is op without a doubt but the problem is that op doesnt = good design, there is no real reason to use them (backwards sins) as the same can be said about many stuff in the game such as why should we be a tank besides the factor of just being alot more extra lazy of avoiding bullets opposed to the role of a tank being useful against some system (not bad scaling). tho i still believe armor and scaling needs to be fixed, a good example is creating interaction is ash seeking shuriken that penetrates through broken armor scaling is how you create a good need and urgency for a specific interaction. warframe overall even with these is a special cases, they need to understand what are the players kit which they basically shot themselves in the foot with creating too many to really fine tune it out or the joke that ppl say DE doesnt truly play their own game to take a step forward in what is truly needed to challenge the player in warframe very special case. they need to know what can fairly challenge each warframe through good mechanics, what kind of cheeses are we using to fight against it, what is bad design in order to properly change/adjust it accordingly cough* nukes cough*(i hate nerfs but u gotta be realistic u think top tier games is about pressing a singular button a hundred times with no skill to map clear like cookie clicker is good then idk, atleast in other games there are skilled based aoe abilities with several factors to why not a lazy answer like DE idea of slapping on self dmg weapons). although im gonna give abit of a negative attitude here so sorry but i said this in a earlier thread but im pretty sure its too late for feedback, to improve the game design, to fix all the rough edges because DE is so set on releases that basically no one asked for in order to make cash and we get it u need cash but chasing it is how many companies fall when all you had to do was refine your game with a clear intent of making your creation in the best form it can be and ppl will follow. enemy design/difficulty alone is already a big topic to truly tackle, dissect, and implement but this is only 1 of several issues within the game that all can be just as a complex topic since even every special enemy mentioned currently feel as if they should of been as common as fodders that run to their death. all while they focus on stuff that isnt even needed instead of core issues that for years ppl had begged them to fix while the community tear at each other with ideas, stances, and ideology. i only at this point leave these ideas cuz i want to imagine what kind of game warframe could had been but more than likely it feels disappointing that we wont see these kind of improvements.
  4. crowd control - games had made cc good when there are ways to break out of them or because animation/effects/combat isnt so cluttering or random that they are understandable and planned rather than being in the wrong place at the wrong time by luck to be stuck in a loops ability disruption - disruption on abilities are annoying in a adrenaline paced game but it could be done better if they had more of a blocking effect rather than canceling effect while nullies and drones are artificial answers that "solves" the problem by just standing there rather than making sheer mechanical base ways to do so or atleast broken for different roles of different cheese one shot - again is artificial difficulty where fixed scaling is something ppl had been asking for but when warframes dont infinitely scale as well, they give u boring enemies that let u go hours in where u need to learn to cheese to play rather than walk away from it mobility - the problem with mobility in warframe (although personally i do enjoy some) is again its nothing but a screen clutter of animations/effects/design but mostly they need to be predictable which ill get back to in a minute invincibility - again its a adrenaline based game so putting a wall instantly out of no where feels like crashing a race car, u can break up several GOOD mechanics in the game giving different roles to different enemies with each having different ways open on how to be handled without being cheesed aiming test - i see no problem with this for how much ppl love the nox, it may be annoying on eidalon because again its invincibility phases so the most efficient and only way are one shot snipers and its a singular boss that doesnt involve every other mechanic the game focus on ignore powers - if EVERYTHING ignores EVERY abilities then the only value is having high ehp which again back to scaling when tanking is a strange concept in warframe as where tanks in other games have a role of body blocking, taking aggro, or maybe make an objective like reviving more easy but who needs that wen u have operators pure difficulty and FAIR difficulty are entirely 2 different things when it comes to game design. pure difficulty is simply making your experience as rough as possible that give players a sense of challenge BUT this style works better for games where players arent power hungry and in a slower paced environment like dark souls or say call of duty. fair difficulty is about creating good but predictable mechanics, this mean the layout needs to be given on simple understanding to the player with multiple mechanical plays to focus on and allowed multiple ways to go about them. fair difficulty is making sure everything has a purpose to use but at the same time making sure nothing is abused but in warframes case everything is divided where dps just go here to nuke cheese, tanks just be go be invincible to look pretty there cheese, stealth is op but honestly for the time mark ppl play why stealth wen u can map clear. theres no absolute reason to be any role but u shouldnt create the pure difficulty system thats sole purpose is to cancel out that style to play but to give it a challenge to play that style but give more importance to use other style of play along side each other giving actual relevance to use something as the same to exactly everything else to create a well balanced gameplay loop. in warframe even i absolutely hate the idea of nerfs im gonna be honest for a fair difficulty system both enemies and our kit need to be properly adjusted such as scaling as a whole works in the game or instead of just nuking we have kits where players need to be active in some way to deal said GOOD dps unlike ember which was just a stat change with still lazy mechanics that isnt even really good to begin with. though honestly difficulty can relate to one thing for sure endgame and to what degree is difficult enough is hard to say sometimes since not every single person is the same but i can definitely they can do alot better in thier current state by mechanics, ai, or abilities. atleast thats how i see it in my own opinion~
  5. did we basically asked for it? kinda. did DE give us that polish we asked for? nope. we got new modes, new frames, new weapons, new bosses, some events, a story quest, weekly dailies, and open world but were any of these sustainable content? no. why? because the gameplay itself is mostly a broken mess that become more noticeable when u find it and stare at it for so many years. did we get damage 3.0? completed melee 3.0? fixed scaling? well made enemies? proper ehp values? adjusted nuking? improved gun play? tuned mechanics? consistent lore? better progression? good pvp? raids 2.0? or even a reason to even play besides cheesing everything? nope. the game has issues every stage of the game from starting as a new player with no incentive objective or story thats interesting with just a confusing sandbox gameplay that leaves ppl thinking its pay to win for reasons. going into mid game where ppl finally click is still off cuz there is nothing interesting but dull enemies that give u this sense of power like its suppose to be a sugar rush that they expect to last for a long period of time doing the same dull grinder and not have ppl feel a sugar crash later. then finally as a veteran what is there to do? whats the point in using most your gear if u can just insta clear the whole map at once, whats the point in playing if u just become tanky/invisible to basically do nothing till enemies scale hard enough to one shot u with a random bullet with a screen cluttered in mostly unclear animations and effects or u camp in a corner with a repeated pattern to cheese harder doing the same thing for hours, even against dangerous high lvl enemies i dont feel motivated to look at the screen anymore but just shoot randomly hoping self dmg doesnt kill me first. is there tough accomplishments with a clear set pallet you should be learning to utilize everything u own in some way, shape, or form, by actual gameplay? lets talk about the old raids and why they werent as popular, for one most ppl just started the game so obviously they werent jumping for raids right away but also the gameplay still wasnt the greatest but it was the farthest you could had gone especially when it was compared to cough* destiny raids cough*. pvp, even quake fast pace gameplay was more organized than conclave but even then that game barely struggled, from the fact u need to mod to mobility to abilities to maps to gunplay to everything! feels horrible. Lets be honest though, im pretty sure it might be too late to give feedback cuz ppl had been for years and itll end the same with ppl giving a bunch of random idea with many making no sense and others simply saying nothing needs to change at all then de makes a change no one asked for and they desperately release a hype video that spike its player base to all only leave in about just a month until they run out of new players to look for. if they wanna keep the gameplay in a droll loop state then id say let em cuz i doubt anything will change anymore. if you enjoy the current state then youre more likely to be lucky to enjoy it as you always had but if u have any kind of expectation that they basically tease u with everyday with vast systems and mechanics that feels unfinished then its best to pull the plug.
  6. gonna be honest i think both are pretty damn horrible to keep players engaged within the game. alerts are nothing but lucky moments to be on certain days for potatoes and annoying nitain farming, while stuff like credits are just wasting ppl time when players should really be running to the index or hieracon atleast. nightwave are just renamed dailies with a time gate back onto reused dull content that try to encourage you to get on a constant basis like phone games try to make ppl login each day using the fear of missing out tactic when the irony is that there isnt really anything to miss out on but would add more pressure in a progressing type rpg compared to a pvp game where u jump in instantly. neither are made to heighten the game experience or keep you engaged by real gameplay, theyre just there to try to keep player count up abit more or give a fake cardboard carrot on a stick for ppl with absolutely nothing to do. i dont really care if either exist or not, they arent even hard if i dont feel compelled to do them then i just dont do them but i can atleast say objectively for designing a game its either bad for longevity or kinda lazy. i know the real reason they made it and it was someones idea which i wont name but lets be honest DE should of thought it through with a magnitude of ppl outside of their studio even really. if anything i still think they should of focused on the many existing issues with the game that been relevant for years already rather than creating something pointless and controversial that doesnt portrays to the game overall design philosophy very well.
  7. True it would seem that way to spend money on potatoes to feel wasted but if I had to choose one of their un needed microtransaction to go, I'd have to choose slots or maybe their wait timers. Ppl can say DE needs to make money all they want but they make plenty and there are plenty of games that make more than enough just by skins alone. If they aren't making money then they arent properly managing it like say making a new game that disappeared or pointless content no one ask for. Or maybe cuz they don't retain players that well new or old since ppl always say to leave the game rather than voice the many existing issues so we spend money elsewhere. Well my bitter side leaked out abit but yea they could make some stuff feel less annoying like equipping the prime on the normal variant like a skin (since it basically kinda is) when it finish building in like half a week that'll attach it's barely noticeable bonus stats.
  8. ive had over 10 ppl try out this game and where most of them quit was after beating vor or the 2nd dream but if i had to be honest they would had probly quit on earth. the first that they said it looked boring at the start and thought it was pay to win. ppl thinking its pay to win is more likely the shop but getting items sounded like a hassle when other gives u a ton the entire time. they could had just made a full separate credit blueprint section and platinum section in the store without throwing the buy plat stuff in their face at the start of the game. the boring aspect is well it doesnt start u off with any urgency or explanation of whats going on but starts u off in a dull place with a robotic like mom that just tell u to go from a to b without saying whats b really. open world made things confusing cuz i had to explain to most what they had to do and how it works which they then slowly got annoyed with the time gate standing stuff. part way through a couple mentioned that the story felt pretty weak with little to no guideline. story is fragmented and after thinking back on it, its just really fragmented and even if its not known for its story if it isnt following a consistent flow then it fails to be there at all. stuff like dark souls make it work cuz its meant to be dark, mysterious, and poetic while keeping it together with immersion the whole time. the 2nd dream felt really good to veterans but it dint hit with new players probly cuz they dint have that long awaited feeling of finally learning something while if veterans felt the quality of quest gone down after that i can maybe imagine for newer ppl (and not quality on budgeting but quality of writing choices). while not being able to play some quest with friends also turned it off for some ppl and thought they just wanted to play together. gameplay isnt as solid as you think especially when u look at other games cuz yes we do play other games. warframe combat just feel like a mix and mesh of a bunch of random things meant to toss it at you just for the sake of tossing it at you rather than making good gameplay. they have no solid formula on how to make combat so u simply jump anywhere u want, spam anything u want, and do whatever u want while u could say it gives freedom it also gives no impact or reasoning to do anything either. talking to yur friends about flanking, what to focus, what to do, planning it out is one of those best moments u get in gaming to have fun with each other but the whole thing with friends in warframe is mainly just to figure out what to talk about outside the game to delude yurself that yur doing a dull grind. when u have zero amount of urgency, complexity, or difficulty then of course ppl are gonna get easily bored, u dont have to make it dark souls hard but if 3 ppl can afk with one doing all the work without a sweat kinda shows something. back to the aspect of loot, it feels too much like a chore than something to look forward to. slots felt more impact since gear needs to be leveled up so u kind of build a relationship with yur gun that u throw away if u got none, they should of atleast been more generous with like 2-3 more slots at the start. it was annoying for them to just to get a decent amount of guns too which i found ironic and was confused. 1 person said why could they atleast get one each of a sniper, shotgun, and assault rifle just to have the general feel of them and i thought damn its probly felt anthem being greedy with loot and they probly could of just be slightly generous with loot at the start to keep ppl happy. i get they need to make money and some ppl say dont give free stuff so they have stuff to do but well everyone quit before even getting half the loot in game anyway so why not just let them be happy with having extra loot at the start to maybe let them feel abit more invested. then there was pvp in short it was awful and even though it gave a few laughs or a round of entertaining lunaro but no one can really see playing it again. some of them got curious about the pvp system, i told them to be ready for one of the worst pvp experience they ever had. ppl can say its not a pvp focused game but really i think thats what alot of ppl wanted, seeing destiny pvp alone does better than warframe overall kinda shows even if u dont wanna hear it. itll give ppl something to do, it can work as endgame, and even feel invested in if it had felt any good at all and all these years a chunk of the community tried so hard to be against it not even alot of ppl but just a small portion screaming no as hard as they can and my thoughts then why not just dont play it at all then. currently the game takes zero skill to play where there are no hard raids for ppl to show they did something like in wow or pvp to show ranking has left some ppl who just think hours and mr makes u the better player wen there are funny times high mr players with alot more hours have less skill and knowledge than someone with lower mr and hours so ive seen a unfair system of high mr players saying low mr shouldnt even talk. even if no one likes or agree with these, they atleast shown a good amount of times. what makes it worse is that each one on its own has a big list to be worked out till they are really fixed/completed and it also leaves me wondering if warframe will ever get itself together cuz in these 6 years it felt like many stuff i was just learning to deal with rather than really putting my time and effort into something.
  9. I disagree that press 4 is to help us get past a monotonous gameplay but rather the cause of it. If a player uses absolutely no effort in the game then there is really no drive in my personal opinion. It's like asking why play any game where I shoot, jump, and run when I can play cookie clicker cuz it give me free cookies and I win by pressing a button. Challenging enemies are a whole other topic of its own and again just cuz it isn't mentioned doesn't mean it's not on the list of several issues to be looked over. Edit: also idk about u but even in those modes frames like equinox and saryn are still top tier that still takes less effort to play than majority of frames
  10. The general idea with snipers was for a counter onto tanks but as the way they exist currently or any enemy that simply does dmg in Warframe is more effective against a squishy frame, which in turn doesn't really leave threats for undying builds. tbh I was thinking they should also do true percentage base dmg but was unsure. For stuff like Shields I think it would turn out better as theyre under valued compared to health and armor so they won't have to worry about adding shield gating to make it more effective, as for dmg reduction stacking honestly that stuff makes ehp a nightmare. While u are right Warframe mobility makes them less efficient, stuff like AI/mechanical movement and targeting can still be improved for such scenario if they get a overhaul. Invisibility is strong but the problem is that it isn't very active in the game, this is a concept for more of giving it more a reason to use especially in team settings. If there is an enemy type easily capable of turning off invisibility then we'll it leaves them in too deep a rut but give them something to fight against would be better for an active flow of combat. Really these are simple ideas and any other given strong mechanic would each need their own counters but counters don't mean it's the end for the player. I don't think counters will necessarily break certain styles so as long they make sure there is something for every type and as long as there is still a way to beat each enemy in a fair manner. It's more of a way to set that the player don't over abuse such given mechanics over trying to render their setup null and void. In payday, destiny, halo, borderlands, call of duty, gears of war, vanquish, overwatch, battlefield, far cry, bioshock, fortnite, about any shooter I've gone in has shown enemies can be both simple and complex but something important is that the player needs to atleast be immersed and paying attention to what going on and what they're doing as gameplay. Warframes case doesn't have that since nothing really gives a threatening presence I've gone missions of just spamming 1 or 2 buttons for good 30 min, that I'm more likely to destroy myself with self dmg weapons than enemies cuz I'm running/shooting at random. Well sadly I can't agree to enemies being too simple cuz it show most ppl can't be excited for any form of content as it is or even be able to have an "endgame" for those who wants one. The amount of cheese we are capable of is pretty crazy when we can go several hundreds worth of enemy lvl for repeated hours. The only way overly simple enemies will work in my opinion is if they nerf about everything we own or the combat flow will feel completely too far off. Even then though I think it still shows that if u put Warframes enemies side by side in other games enemies, show they still lack relevance which portray alot more in a game where 10x more power is given to the player. Maybe if they had a difficulty slider then it would be more easy to resolve such issue. These are just different opinions so I can just say we got different taste.
  11. While anything ehp value related are more of something that needs to reworked entirely rather than a few abilities while stealth I also think need tweaking as a concept just cuz I don't mention them doesn't mean I think they could use work. But wen u have something that u can just spam while reading a book for a good half hour show nuking is probly more of a problem than the other 2 given.
  12. Gonna be very honest I don't see a point in making all the augments part of the ability right away. All it'll do is just power creep them even more than they already are and we know how well that turned out for the game. Especially when equinox is one of the best dps with a lazy nuke concept. If anything i just wish they mainly turned her 4 into something more skilled base to use that isn't just center aoe map clear. Same to other nuke abilities as well tbh. Tho for appearance it would be nice to have 2 color scheme but don't think it need seperate skin/attachment and the whole gender thing well she a girl that's it nothing much about it, it's even been confirmed.
  13. well when i say countering i dont entirely mean if as a certain frame then u cant beat a certain enemy and thats really important to note actually cuz where does it then fall within the line of FAIR difficulty? this idea of mine actually falls kinda like my thoughts of ai, that they need a complex meaning but a simple implementation and nature in order for it to work. so whats needed is a concept on how to challenge the player where its mechanics lay but it needs to be simplistic enough that the player has more than one way to easily go about it which is also important as i talked about a wall and ramp earlier in the post. so stuff like nullies/drones are really annoying cuz they will disrupt the flow of combat with a lazy concept to basically be a counter for everything on its own which gives it this wall like feeling not only by its ability but because its too far a sense compared to everything else around which kinda also show how in halo 4 on why ppl hated the enemies since there is 1 specific annoying enemy that creates more and is the must need focus. so i atleast want to give a few example on my idea of countering but hopefully maybe thats fair enough that still hold to its intention of challenging the player. example like how other games have a bulky shield unit thats meant to block bullets but what if in warframes case they made it where it can also block only projectile type abilities so not only can it imply a useful act of other frames but anything it counters can still be managed so as long as the player moves to the side or behind. or just like snipers in other games what if in warframe was made so that they can temporarily delete ones armor made to be alot more effective against tank frames giving a sense of urgency but not made to completely overthrow even squishy frames since they already have low armor value (ehp probly have to tackled first but its only a rough concept). or what is an assassin type have the cloaking ability like in other games where its still barely noticeable but if warframe made a special interaction where invisible frames gain the ability to see them instantly by being in invisible mode to give more urgency and a role for the mechanic. the list can go on for quite awhile into more complex stuff as well as smaller topics like melee combat systems but then itll go completely off topic. if they seem like bad ideas i can understand but theyre just rough drafts i havent touched in a long time but mainly i think its still important of these set roles as u mentioned earlier but still need some form of complex mechanic given a simple nature so the player isnt just cheesing but interacting with the enemy. i also think its important each one have something special like like this though so the combat loop doesnt feel too distanced as it does now. that extra layer of complexity is mainly to fit into how warframe feel as a whole into its specific power nature but with atleast learning of basic foundation work like other games. im not sure if u would still agree on this still but i hope this might atleast clear my intentions up alittle more.
  14. Agreed the design structure is thrown together by pure chaos which is why in my theory many ppl have a hard time emerging into gameplay with groups usually. B4 that though scaling is an obvious long standing issue and yur absolutely right we need beefy enemies. The main problem is they would have to not only revamp enemy stats but ours as well since mods kinda almost work exponentially as well. Honestly that is where I think where they can learn from destiny atleast (god have mercy on my soul) cuz they made sure their system won't have a power creep issue in stats despite raising lvl and numbers. While they also have a well balanced ehp scaling when our ehp values are also extremely wonky that need some adjustments. Although I think I remember why I wanted spawning to go down possibly and I'll explain. Warframe has alot of variety and I mean alot of 40 or so frames while pretty much every single one is overpowered. So while I can in a way agree they need less variety types especially copy repeats which I agree put too much clutter especially for someone with bad eyes already. they need each type in with decent mechanics catered to their purpose the problem is how many that it doesn't feel out of the combat flow. So I'm not sure if common types will have a place since there might be a need to more specials. Personally I think enemies should be divided by purpose types rather than rarity types and branches from there (mainly since there are many ways to cheese). So I believe they should make what counters dps types, crowd control types, support types, defensive types, tank types, and each can branch with different mechanics to do so. However I also think small sub classes should be thought up as well that puts more value on underplayed stuff kinda like something that interacts with invisibility frames but not made to purely counter. Sorry if the last part sounds alot like mambo jumbo but I tried my hand at enemy ideas with your idea of making a roster of well tuned enemies purposely to compliment each cuz I agree we don't need 1 end all/be all enemy. What I learned with how many untuned or ignored mechanics there actually are is that there is still a decent chunk of special enemy types needed for fair challenge or we end up with more stuff like nullies/drones made to be immune to everything basically while at the same time we shouldn't be clustering everything. Thanks for yur thoughts on them as they're alot more constructive than what usually goes on in the forums.
  15. i can respect that, while the topic of spawn rate can be debated on we can atleast agree enemies would need atleast some form of improvement. personally i think small break moments are more fitting for group plays where friends or randoms can usually figure out their next move on team play alittle more in a relaxed moment where interacting becomes important but thats only my view of experience in games and i cant speak for anyone else on that. with warframes nature u would more likely to be right though and it wouldnt work being in a horde shooter probly unless they find a way to make enemies really threatening. actually this brings up a very good topic, i discussed this with a couple friends and i completely agree to this but only want to add more to that idea. even though ppl talk about good ai, apart of being good ai is actually to be easily predictable of their actions but in a effective manner to challenge the player. usually when i talk about ai what comes to mind are mechanical uses of the ai such as enemies being able to dodging side to side, melee units moving at increased speed to charge players, or specific behaviors of ability use thatll allow the play to think on how to go about it. cloakers usually wait out on certain parts being more of an assassin, snipers stay in the back being a dps to shred armor, and dozers tend to rush in on you being a beefy tank are simple yet good examples of how ai should be improved of utilizing their traits. however what i think the problem with enemies being so weak of one shot in warframe is because of our gear power giving us too much of a distance on the game overall combat feel and usually nerfing is a touchy topic if it isnt handled with care. in payday yes the specialized enemies are the threat but in warframes case even special enemies dont have any kind of impact which is where the cheesy aspects still lay because warframe power creep has gone to the point that enemies need good yet fair mechanics set with a purpose of being there. all this tho is more of mechanical problems and a long list at that than ai which i actually think should be a priority over ai but still think it plays some relevance. i appreciate yur thoughts on the topic cuz they are very good and important points, i personally just have different thoughts on how to go about them but if u feel anything else is off from my end feel free to let me know cuz i do wanna figure out how warframe should be handling its form of difficulty at times.
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