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  1. agreed 100% it does retain players but not only that if they were to atleast do a REAL rework before a new skin or prime release (reminiscing vauban passive change labeled as a rework) then they would of actually make some more money cuz u know thats how marketing works. technically should even be less work atleast to do a rework and to release a skin than making a whole new frame entirely since to rework a frame, they atleast already have a understanding of why a frame is bad and to put in some proper tweaks while a skin is just a costume to look pretty all while fashion framing is a big part of the game but to release a new frame means to think of a whole new kit and design that is going to be a hit or miss completely which they still tweak out cuz of feedback. im not too sure if DE understand the full value of reworks tho cuz i only see them release new things in rapidly from new frames and modes while everything else just pile up a ton of dust for the past couple years.
  2. absolutely NO there are number of ppl who would play a very meh frame so they can cheese low lvl stuff (cough* ember cough*) and there are good frames who only really shine into very high lvl but they still refuse to give us hard content that atleast start above lvl 100 wen ppl are capable of over that several times over so disposition of usage isnt going to determine if a frame is good or not. now i want reworks to the point im sick and tired of seeing a new warframe release but to follow the riven formula only makes the same problem as rn where there are some rivens made no sense to be nerfed only cuz it was used often where any weapon can 1 shot every enemy on the map.
  3. I can agree zephyr isn't as bad as some ppl say she is but technically what you're asking for is still a rework but I can completely agree with most of this but I hope you don't mind if I toss in some suggestions. Tornadoes: definitely need better tracking, control, and synergy so Im thinking what about adding in when aiming will quickly (and by quickly I mean they really need to increase the travel speed of these things by ALOT) bring all the tornadoes on the map to the aimed location possibly add in a small dmg boost cuz why not we got most frames pure map nuking anyway. Airburst: I think should have the ability to go through some objects but if the tornado change above is added makes it alot more easy to increase their size. Although I'm still bothered by the fact they increase in height and not width but maybe they should atleast also add more speed added like I mentioned above idk.
  4. Feedback and criticism will always be apart of any business and industry sometimes you find incoherent ones but that isn't always the case. I'm OK with grind in fact I love grindy games as they just help me kill off time but I feel ppl look at "grind" complaints all wrong. It isn't a matter grind alone but the grind itself is boring I mean why should a player spend so many hours JUST to get into the story for example. Then there's the factor enemies seem so dull to fight from their design to how they fight, everything just seem like trash fodder which feels even worse after you collected everything with full min max gear. Ppl will spend hours and hours on a game grindy or not but it all depends is it fun enough? As you said its subjective but by majority of gamers dint see it that way for Warframe as again as you said friends leave. Millions and millions of registered losers but our concurrent player count won't ever pertain to the big games which varies from f2p to p2p games so ppl should really stop using f2p line. F2p means ppl will be lenient to microtransactions and abit to grind but honestly the fact they're f2p only means they have bigger shoes to fill since they need a large amount of players to really sustain. It's partly true they answered alot of feedback but ironically they never answered core feedback the ones that has been repeated over and over such as fixing new player experience, challenging endgame, enemy improvement, consistent story writing, polishing combat, having decent pvp maybe even pvevp, and uneven scaling that most the ppl asking for those already left. Ppl want well balance releases/fixes that there are even a small amount of ppl asking to not release stuff like new frames cuz they just want them to focus on fixing the game that bad. If ppl wanna leave harsh criticism then so be it if I don't agree then I'll try hand out a logical maybe Abit heated debate. As ppl are free to enjoy the game with no one really telling them they aren't allowed to, ppl should be as free to voice their harsh opinion of the game but obviously if it's just incoherent cursing we can all agree that isn't constructive in way. Cuz again in the end it's a business and they have to understand if they want their business to grow, they have to understand their faults rather than close their eyes and ears.
  5. Ripline: tbh I can't think of any way for this ability to truly be good but ppl always seem to use it for fun, interesting ideas tho. Warcry: armor stripping sounds good as one of Valkyr down points is not being able to efficiently put out status procs when you already have excal but he doesn't require running to enemies either. Double duration I'll take but not double slow range, I need enemies to run to me as fast as possible to keep up dps to gain more orbs to stay in hysteria longer so I run negative range for a reason. If anything i would prefer if say in hysteria mode would trade armor buff for a attack range buff. Paralysis: gonna be honest this ability need more improvements still. Cast time is bad, with hysteria energy drain barely gonna use it anyway, and is only set to a cone when other frames have full 360 nuke. Hysteria: removing invulnerability is very very very bad especially for an endurance Runner since she is one of the few frames that have to get up close to enemies that can 1 shot you. I'll name off this ability weaknesses such as energy cost (i can work with at times but probly most annoying downside), low status (when others garenteed procs for less work), her attack range (again others get full map dmg when she has to run to each one), finishers aren't gonna beat other frames finishers like Ash for example cuz covert lethality that takes less work to get done, and stance as a whole might need work as in a real try hard endurance run I only find spin to win really useful. It doesn't really need to get over complicated cuz all they need to do is understand what are her weak points, what she falls behind in compared to others, and what role is she meant to play. From there buffs/fixes are enough bring meh to really good almost the same can be said about most low tier frames.
  6. i just hope with more difficulty they bring some better enemies with higher the lvl into the game cuz most the time we just see nothing but the same trash mobs that die instantly to anything that required less than 2 brain cells to fight. when are they gonna make some enemy mechanics that can counter some frames so its not just spamming to map clear/freeze, enemies that require more skill/aiming to actually take down, or some enemies gaining/giving buffs example maybe do bonus dmg to tank frames so u do more than stand there to look pretty (and yes im aware most frames will just get one shot anyway but tanks take waaaay longer to which honestly kinda put a improper balance). when are they gonna work on enemy visual/physical design i mean look at shield lancers why is a shield unit so small when their purpose is to block fire, why do everything look the same when enemies should be distinguishable from each other (im especially staring at eximus leech units), and arbitration drones are more of an annoyance than difficulty as their mechanic isnt how you instill fun difficulty but their design really for a unit making everything invulnerable to everything isnt made easily recognizable? then scaling oh how scaling is so screwy not only on enemies but our gear as well that is badly balanced out that it actually manages to trigger some ocd in me somehow. when are we going to balance out armor, shields, health, and even abilities on everything so frames are doing more than just map nuking, armor stripping is more useful to more than just grineer (which sometimes i wonder what is the point when they enable 4 cp stacking), and ironically make infested/corpus less idk insta killed kinda like how fortuna made them tougher. i just want some combat/difficulty that require my attention more especially when you can cheese out missions still falling half asleep or without having to spend a couple hours in a singular mission to finally feel some challenge but at some point only felt extremely repetitive doing the same thing over in a dull manner despite everything is capable of giving you a 1 shot death.
  7. Don't worry about the white knight cultist so much the game has quite a few of em for some reason. It has been a meme for ages on how bad new player experience is and I'm pretty sure plenty of ppl can agree it's just that they aren't playing the game to back this up, I mean how many million registered users but only how many few thousand concurrent players? While back there were even number statistic over half quit under the 10 hr mark. It has nothing to do with who is better cuz as you said the game give players no consistent story pacing or direction. nor does it explain many of its unique systems more clearly such as modding to new players. Even the market still try to bait new players with plat when it should still be made clear they can get stuff for credits. Open world areas was meant to make the game appealing to new players (even Tho most ppl agree it shouldn't be a new player focus) but on top a rocky foundation few new players already had only made it more rocky for them to add more to their plate right off the bat. while I remember making a new account couple years back junctions feel like wall blockers no different than Anthem tomb doors instead of making them real story checkpoints that could clear things up for ppl so they want to go to them. New player experience is a headache I wish you luck if you decide to go through it, then you can have the headache of a veteran player cuz they still refuse to give us challenging endgame lmao
  8. Okay to start i want to say ive been skeptical of new game modes way too often even before onslaught, even before arbitration, and even before railjack is out yet on how they might be poorly made objective wise as a game mode to what most are looking for (dont get me wrong they are still fun at times if you enjoy them then more power to you but i mean for a hardcore veteran player looking for a "endgame" is what most of them are probly not we were after). disruption for the first time after a looong time looks like it has potential for once (but as we know potential doesnt always mean on the mark as we have seen a few times already) and i want to point out what i see potential in for them to maybe focus on more and worries that i hope they think on about just abit more, now these are only opinions we all them got in different ways i only want to talk about it so that they can polish it more before its actual release so it doesnt just end up as another "new mode" in the game as we seen in the past. OBJECTIVES The objectives of the game in my opinion are simple but really well placed because not only is it survival where you will need dps frames but as a semi defense mission is gonna be a need for cc/defense frames again as a whole and maybe even supports as we might split off making things really hard. this is really important as this finally gives significance for the roster as a whole again and they can objectively rework/tweak frames by seeing what they need abit more instead of seeing frames shine in 1 missions type only but fail in another. team play might be more of a thing again as well as you can set up multiple points with different buffs to game as they occur through gameplay causing for more a mix up rather than setting for random certain buffs to specific frames before the mission start which made no sense, no surprise, and set to specifics so this new way might make it more interesting. LEVELS Okay now this is where im gonna be abit worried and its the level of enemies and difficulty system. lvl 35 is not hard one bit maybe it was a joke i really hope so, even with a higher scaling cmon we are more than capable of reaching lvl 200 after all the power creeped gear they handed us through the years. atleast give us the option to set them to higher difficulty/level for the hardened veterans because as ppl has said before we do not want to wait a few hours in a single game to reach something we find difficult. its no different than how statistically ppl working capability begin to whittle down after putting in too many hours straight ppl need breaks, pause time, stretch sessions because sometimes requiring a attention span too long easy or hard is more wearing than a shorter duration requiring alot of your attention span. ENEMIES Amalgams are the new enemies we are going to be facing but even if we havent yet, they just dont look like they are bringing to the table in terms of difficulty. ppl have been going on about for improved ai and enemy mechanics for awhile but amalgams dint look like they brought much of that objectively as an enemy. to start i absolutely hate the arbitration drone not for how annoying it is but how it is designed as a enemy unit by being a tiny unit that fly away from you to giving PURE immunity to enemies, im fine with nullies but drones is not how you should make enemies give a "challenge" to your players because we are over powered doesnt mean immunity against us is always the answer . nullies are gonna need a quick fire weapon while being easy to locate, ancient healers will need radiation procs to help prevent dmg reduction, and heavy gunners are just bullet sponges but atleast it gives us incentive to use armor stripping abilities. we rarely see them and tbh we are gonna need even more specialized units but this time please think of something that counter different type of abilities in different battle mechanics instead of end all be all or just trash mobs that just are very boring to kill. what about a unit that cleanse status procs to counter saryn/volt so they time their ults or learn prioritize targets, units that setup locations to detect invisibility frames like loki/ivara so they are atleast more wary of their movements, units that can hinder field of view abilities like octavia/mesa so they dont only sit in 1 spot to see everything die, units that gain a large bonus dmg boost against tanks like nidus/inaros so they need to do more than just face tank and learn to dodge like every other frame, units thatll maybe become a immune bunker upon cc so frames like nova/limbo arent safe 24/7 and try to stop them before getting too close, units that will block bullets for small groups to give frames like chroma/mirage incentive to flank, or maybe even units that turn invisibile to give more purpose detection mods or pets even(if they stop dying). im not sure how they should handle units maybe my ideas are bad but we do need better enemies in some way, shape, or form as they are the focus of combat more than our frames since they are what we face as a player. i even think if DE manages to come up with a large variety of well balanced enemies that the game mode can change up what enemies are being brought out to counter whatever playstyle the player and team are doing for a more engaging game that require you to pay attention more instead of expecting the same thing every mission. FACTIONS This might be out of place but im wondering if they will atleast bring other factions into this? kinda like how orokin works bring units from each faction to give some combat balance as i talked about some of them above about enemies. now i dont want more regular trash mobs from each faction but i want to see the ones that can actually change the feel of combat balance of fighting enemies. as i said might be alittle out of place topic but if i think disruption to be the potential "endgame" i would find it strange to stuck to a single faction only. REWARDS I'm gonna be honest im probly gonna be one of the few ppl who care less about rewards because all i want is the potential high action, split second reaction, and engaging game play if ppl will spend hours in endurance runs just to find a challenge rather than farm for something really show at times. however this doesnt mean they should ignore it completely in fact im impressed they are having the rotations changed up depending on performance so that is a big plus but the question still is what is the reward pool? im not sure and i really hope pressure point was a joke to keep them hidden but what is something ppl would constantly farm for (but if they bring more ephemera rng ima pull my hair out). could be riven mods, more cosmetics, constant stream of new gear. hell maybe even those prime alt helmets im not all too sure ill let the community discuss that more as im not worried about it but i understand its still gonna be a important aspect. EXTRA PVEVP This is merely an idea that has been offered a few times already and if you dont want to hear then by all means ignore it but i only want to bring it up from the potential compatibility pvevp has this game mode. since there are multiple points of defense, each one bringing a buff or debuff leaves a really good layout for a pvevp format in my opinion as this open a idea of teams planning either what kind of buff they want to give themselves, debuff the enemy team, toss in bosses once everywhile, or something crazy like change the form of the enemy map to separate them. now the one thing about pvevp that would not work in warframe is invading tho as we already kno how wack the roster is when it comes into ACTUAL pvp so otherwise this is the one thing ironically that wouldnt work and the idea is merely surviving one team strategy or making the other hard as possible. something like this will bring communication and planning into big relevance for once rather than ppl becoming 1 man armies every game while some can just sit in the back to watch and i think disruption has the potential for the idea with more organizing and planning but will give endless replay ability as there are many combinations to try while the other side adapts into how to constantly survive or deter the other to make for different feel each game rather than same predictable thing every round. i had been disappointed a few times with some new "releases" and even face palm before something comes out but i really want to see some potential for disruption as i think it has. now am i putting too much expectations? yes, am i being being reasonable? probly not as i know how hard it can be working in the gaming industry to pull something like this out but i just want to be able to feel some kind of rush again with a challenge where im no longer mindlessly pressing 1 button to cheese everything with everything else disorganized. there are many ppl who love this game because we saw potential in the game several years ago and slowly saw it grow from revamping the feel of the game, to the major quest like 2nd dream, to open worlds to give us fresh air and yet there are players who lose that spark cuz the potential at times wasnt managed correctly, a few missteps, or sadly at times ignored our voices. so DE even if its alot to ask for plz let it become something big brought to the table that can reignite some lost passion for the game to let us know the game isnt going a slow downhill eventually but show that the game is still climbing through the knit and gritty for something more than itself again, its a good game it really is but there is still so much missing still and ambition isnt finishing a job half way.
  9. 1. Some parts only look better than most games. tho I don't get fps issues and aware Steve works on visuals this doesn't have to be specific. Working on optimization on just general aspect of the game should be a good focus think he just wanted to put it out there and with DE strange focus at times I understand why. 2. Idk what games you play but Warframe enemy AI is worse compared to alot of games. Enemies blatantly do not care if they see their friends murdered atleast other games have instant reaction upon vision. Their bad AI system is much more noticeable bcuz of our over power creeped gear in which they should of put accountability for b4 they snowball power creep so high. Then there is the factor there are barely mechanic based enemies in general where most are just trash fodder dulling it's own game play. Enemy design is a huge part of a game and should be taken into consideration because that is where your core gameplay lies but Warframe does not focus on this most of the time. 3. I don't know what else to say if u don't think stealth is broken unless u are still new and I consider someone a full year in new btw. Stealth has no real counter just diminishing combat in general plus pretty sure u are forgetting they have stealth multiply dmg. Hordes of enemies mean nothing when each of them are easy to kill add in dps in their kit like Octavia already busted. When a game has a mechanic, you dont make it so you can actually ignore everything but give incentive to face some form of challenge. 4. Just a general enemies are too dumb idk why it was repeated myself but yea still an issue. You don't have a innovated game with convoluted enemies that basically do nothing, that is simply bad design. It's like saying cooking tapper is a full fledge gamer game cuz its a game, it's not. 5. ESO was "supposed" to be an endgame but only came out disappointing for alot of ppl. Not only does it break their own frame roster by making it purely for dps frames. Then there is the randomized factor, throwing random maps and factions does not make for innovated focus on the actual gameplay not inconsistent gimmicks. 6. And what if you farmed/bought everything? So is that all Warframe good for? Just farm this to never have a purpose for your gear anymore? There is really no reason to return as there is no challenge/reason to. Other games can turn up difficulty for challenges while ours at best is arbitration or sorties which again their gimmick is randomized stuff thinking it'll surprise us like we're 8 opening B-Day gifts. Which all aren't hard while again option to ramp up difficulty to whatever masochistic mode we choose. 7. Wolf bring his own controversies from ruining beginners learning pace as he shows at random to whoever. Then to veterans find him dull but they should of just made him have alot more to the fight but give him a set location like how thumpers show on plain or orb fight has a specific mission. This way they don't force it on new players and maybe they can actually focus on his combat style more as a dedicated boss fight mission or so. 8. I could really care less about it but from designing a game point of view it took wrong steps. Nightwave are dailies and as dailies like seen in any game aren't meant to be compelling or hard. Dailies are meant for bonuses that you get by doing at ease task for you to choose to do whatever after. I am usually against dumbing down a game but if a game has to rely on dailies to compel players something remotely interesting is simply bad design. You compel players by good raids, high difficulty settings, engaging combat, cleverly setup events, well balanced pvp, or as other games call it an endgame. 9. Ok Im unsure what to say here I usually do endurance relic runs and I end up with so many extras that I sell things 50-100 plat off from regular prices. 10. It's not even about getting an audience DE usually ignore alot of the things they say for years now forums, videos, or streams. In fact DE thinks that if they pay big streamers to play that it'll get them popularity but we keep telling them that's not how it works. You give compelling innovated content rather than another grind fest is what ppl been asking for. 11. Arbitration could use a full revamp, you know what I call it? Glorified sorties cuz as I said randomized stuff as a gimmick where it's barely that much harder. The drones are also an example of bad enemy design since its visibility is awful when it isn't even a invisibility unit, pure invulnerability, and it's weakness is to chase it to kill it isnt what most call fun. If they want enemies to block abilities either set for specific type of abilities in certain ways or make them easily visible with a weakness involving real combat switching for engaged combat. 12. Arching rivens tbh I could care less about they're just in the game. 13. The thing with host migration is that with the amount of money they made past couple years they could of had dedicated servers for awhile now. I always saw DE as extremely disorganized but where on earth did the money went and yes paying employees, equipment, and Canada taxes were accounted for already. I think it's fine suggestions are lacking ppl been posting them for years, this is more of a note that hopefully DE see the general problems at all. Again tho grind alone is not what makes a compelling and engaged game, it's merely to hopefully entangle you to stay a long time. Why else around over 50% of registered ppl quit in under 15 hours cuz even the grind itself isn't compelling. A grind not only needs proper clarity in which new player experience fails at but a reason for set items to be used once grinded for its vets. New player experience even has walls rather than ramps or streams of consistency like junctions or requiring to use wiki nonstop. A grind should feel more natural with new maps, gears, enemies, combat learning flow subtle with tiny changes not flat walls or whole new ideas that made no sense. Lastly Yea the game has alot to offer but it barely does anything well enough from what it can learn from other games which makes it more sad that it has constant updates. I'll even start naming any game it can learn from here Vanquish is older but cleaner combat no updates, starcraft better portray character development story, borderlands has more unique enemies, Diablo has difficulty setting, division 2 made attempts at AI improvements, gta5 has more mechanics to open world, mass effect show how choices matter in quest, and he'll even destiny win at raids and pvp. There so much they can learn from and their own community keeps saying but barely ever hear us. It's feedback, it's game development, it's how any industry improve and I don't think OP should be cut short for not throwing every tiny detail on what to do.
  10. Mastery rank - issue is that what would happen if a high mr player plays with a low mr player? obviously even with the mathematical calculation in order to balance it still wouldnt work as the low mr is going to struggle to only hope the higher mr has to purely carry rather than learn the game at a proper pacing. thats also how the wolf argument happened non stop of nerf or buff, they need a way to separate the hardened, casuals, and newbies with either the option to pick higher difficulty if we so choose or atleast add another area that has high lvl but obviously itll still leave the option to play with whoever u choose. Modding - learning to edit your stats is "part of the game" but as you said itll either turn into power creeping or even more hellish work just to have a good weapon and both paths will go down wrong, we already had rivens give us hell of a time this will only make it worse. yes warframe has been alot of power creeping but thats one of the game biggest issues or atleast the cause of it, why do you think so many ppl eventually find the game boring or burnt out cuz it barely give us new challenges but only make it dull over time making regular content more boring and itll spiral over again into "where is endgame" into its eventual death even if its a meme of ppl saying it we all know why itll happen sooner than later. pve or pvp properly balancing a game will always be important and idc how many ppl keep saying it "doesnt matter" cuz if anyone has ever worked in game development before a important lesson is to always protect your players from themselves cuz as developers they control the flow on how the game will feel and shape by this "balance" from your gear, to the enemies, to the levels, to the mechanics, and everything on how it mesh together as the players try any way to break it if they can will ultimately destroy the experience and you cant blame a player for how its all implemented by someone else. adding or removing something from the game entirely are choices but when developing a game those choices matter so much more heavily than you think cuz not only must you be worried how it effects the rest of the game or that taking things back could end in backlash but remember stuff like this still take up resources and they dont have alot of it with many major issues that still present themselves in the game that they should cater to so they need to ask is this really needed? cuz in the end if it isnt then its wasting time with the potential to cause more trouble overall. i can agree impact and puncture are going to need a change tho as i still find it silly that there is still a "king" of status known as slash as the rest are mediocre at best. Scaling - ill admit at a certain point i thought if they put a cap they can maybe get organized on setting numbers but after thinking it over will not work in warframes distinct nature. its a scaling game technically most of the warframes are capable to reach a few hundred levels (hell very few ppl can probly reach over 1k in enemy lvl) with a very small handful unable to go above but thats because of their bad kit compared to the rest, which if ppl take the time to think about could easily fix each one on. in warframe rare case we actually need a few more bullet sponges due to the amount of sheer power we are capable of and a good amount of ppl find a game to only nuke the map is dull for "gameplay", obviously difficulty shouldnt be making things tanky alone as mechanics and ai are important but it still has its relevance. if there was to be a cap 90-100 is beyond way too low as there are several players able to reach 200 no problem and by taking this away will only destroy lvl areas of players finding anything difficult to challenge themselves (not to mention the frame roster) in which objectively will destroy a chunk of players even more than when they got rid of raids for sure. this will only take player choices and if anything they should be adding in options to start playing at high lvl to begin with. Battle Pass - tbh i could kinda care less about it but they probly made it meh on challenges and rewards is so that it doesnt strong arm ppl so much into doing it since its basically a time gate. ironically there were still ppl who did complain but obviously it would of got alot worse if they went overboard but if they did would give those ppl actual valid arguments for their complaints. look i dont want things dumb down as much as the next guy but these are just dailies they arent meant for anything insane, like any other game they are meant to log in to get out the way with ease and enjoy the rest of the day however you choose. if we want challenge that is what an "endgame" that they should be making engaging gameplay is meant for not dailies. Missions - im fine with missions being reworked as the planets has gotten stale after a few years but i dont think we need more variety, any new players want to get through the starmap as soon as possible not be stuck on more convoluted tasks. you cant focus on both quality and quantity (especially with a small team like DE) technically warframe has enough variety and should work on its quality abit more. Raids - the reason they got rid of raids is because they were screwy with coding making updating the game in general a hell hole for them, theyre gonna bring them back when you ask? i dont know but ill be patient if they can make actual quality raids and beat destiny even in that department. Arbitration - agreed im not sure what was to point in revives, tbh i dont even see much a point in arbitration to begin with tho cuz all i call them is glorified sorties since they arent hard, random stats/modes, and set on some timer trying to make us think its supposed to be a surprise next time rather than making something plan able and engaging. drones yea arent creative enemies with only the sheer purpose making things immune in hopes this is how challenge is presented. challenging enemies need proper designing atleast nullies are easily noticeable since how a unit look/present on the field itself is important, different mechanics to counter different things even a block all unit needs to have obvious weaknesses, and bring more to combat itself like needing to dodge or aim instead of chasing a tiny unit cuz that is the only way to kill everything. last time i made an idea list of enemies dint go well but i can atleast say better than that drone so i also hope they eventually make new enemies but i hope just in general and not just in arbitration cuz ppl had wanted to see even fortuna enemies over the rest of the starchart as we seen. yes you are correct we all have a different definition of "fun" i or anyone else cant take that away from you i only leave my part of the feedback as game changes effects everyone and im only here to leave view point perspective or persuade it, im not really here to argue just like you or anyone else here we just want to see a better game so i hope this isnt taken as "negative" for disagreeing with a few points.
  11. its not even nullies on why there is a lack of cc theyre gonna affect both cc and dps just the same, the reason ppl taking dps is from the fact enemies are gonna insta die from most aoe attacks cuz theyre at a weak lvl with low defense. play at lvl 200-300+ its a whole different story and outlook for many ppl but warframe almost never give us high lvl content to begin with so in these 20 min 20 waves games of course all you would see is nuking cuz the numbers allow for it and its faster.
  12. Tbh they should of just kept it when spores required line of sight to spread
  13. this is basically the fair fight system implemented already in a few mmo and i almost never see it work out ESPECIALLY when players are powered above current content of the game, not only is this discouraging ppl from raising mr at all but to perma nerf your players just for simply playing is gonna end in flames. you dont put the incentive of challenge by merely punishing the player for following a system meant for the player to follow, you destroy the very reason to play in the first place to power up and face new challenges not lose your power to face same boring things in hopes itll keep ppl busy is only a shady business model. nerfs in understandable in very few scenarios but in warframes case is that they need content that raise up everything on the enemies difficulty whether by level, mechanics, design, or ai but otherwise this system is merely walking backwards in attempt to slow players due to lack of developer own ability to create actual engaging content. this is what happen when you power creep stuff w/o looking at the game as a whole cuz if they take the nerfing route itll end in backlash but if they create more engaging opposing content well itll be alot more work if done right tho will retain player morality. DE kinda dug their own hole by over power creeping on a single aspect of the game so its up to them if they really wanna dig themselves out or take a quick route to climb a rope to only leave the hole there forever that will only leave the game in bad taste.
  14. After abit of thinking i dont even think at this point was that it wasnt the wrong execution but rather i think ppl are slowly built up to be abit fed up with the choices they make, they add and change things that no one really asked for that is only more frustrating when the game still has many things needing revamping completely or things that need to actually be added like a real endgame, imagine ordering pancakes at a restaurant but got stale eggs instead somehow. arbitration lets be honest it isnt an endgame, its glorified sorties cuz its just barely slightly higher lvl mission thats filled with random modes, random timer, and random bonus stat where its not that hard but feel more annoying. we need enemies to try to counter a few frames move sets but the drones felt lazy, un inspirational, and bad design when even nullies are better designed in attempt to make it "feel" hard. an endgame need to be difficulty with improved enemies to give engaged gameplay (not a simple drone turning things immune), allow proper planning (not random modes/bonus stats in hopes its enough to keep us entertained), and giving relevance to each class of frames (not certain frames are best for certain missions). nightwave ive been lenient on cuz its just there for fun and could kinda care less about it, it doesnt force me to really do it but thats the thing its just filler content meant to keep us alittle bit busy and it doesnt truly encourage players to play by making us excited to play and engaged, its just like dailies u log in for the sake of the log in not real interactive play changes. theyre looking at the wrong games for inspirations we arent playing apex or playing devil may cry, we are playing warframe and there was no point in reviving team mates in a unnecessary way for a mode that is "supposed" to be difficult. nor have they even figure out what do they really want to be as a game still to this day so do they wanna focus on combat action? look at vanquish a 3rd person action shooter that does cleaner combat that still has depth and lots of mobility yet older than warframe that hasnt had time to impove at all. do they wanna focus on story? could even look at starcraft how well they write their characters with nice cinematic with a story that eventually comes together so well. want to have a proper difficulty system? look at a game like diablo that let players play at more difficult lvl pacing. want to do raids again? look at destiny that managed to do raids in a pretty good standpoint. want to even do open worlds? could even look at games like zelda breath of the wild to set incentive to explore and play with things in it. all these games and they are barely learning the aspect that could mesh into the game with proper analysis not randomly nit pick ideas from anything in hopes itll hit the jackpot by shoving it in(this goes for some random augment mods as well seriously some of em are so random). what got ppl more disappointed is that not only do ppl share a constant stream of ideas to be ignored (i can get not every idea should be taken but when ppl give actual good ideas to never be heard of again is puzzling) but they have shown us a few times that they are capable of doing what we ask for and its not a matter of players asking for the unreasonable they are just very VERY disorganized. we had mot for ages where ppl would go to survive for so many hours straight, we have seen how well they could really do events, we have seen nice quest like the 2nd dream, we have seen they can get abit creative with enemies on fortuna, we have seen them make nice action scenes with exploiter boss fights, we had seen hope in this game since the very beginning when it was a broken shell with no recognition. we simply want to see the good aspects mesh together not have something completely brand new all the time to bring brand new problems when we seen them go on the right track a few times to later derail again. i understand that they dont do due dates to not over stress their workers i even find that amazing but they need to start getting organized and start focusing on what the game really needs rn especially with such a small team with limited resources instead of these random stuff going on like frame fighter, arbitration changes, reworks that had literally no point(i want reworks just not lazy/unneeded ones), random new game modes, all we want is to see is proper organized improvement why else were ppl excited about the road map? we thought they werent gonna go off rail and put full focus into what we really asked for and seeing something that no one wanted again is what i think is why so many ppl are giving the big face palm for.
  15. either they lost most the passion or got very lucky and hoping lord rng will praise them again but instead of lazy id say they just made many poor choices instead, i also agree they have too many unfinished projects and still bringing out as many as possible that turns things into clattered messes when if they atleast focus on improving the base game would be alot better. if anything i would only be ok with 1 more attempt at an endgame (which is probably railjack) cuz sanctuary and arbitration just are not gonna cut it for the title and feel more like training grounds on the same lvl as daily sorties which are not much while the new things they brought. sanctuary was too dependent on kills that it killed cc and support frames alike unlike survival where nekros is more viable dependent on drops while arbitration drones are not what i expect from a creative enemy to give challenge even nullies are better designed as it easily gives it location and not giving pure immunity while actually fighting itself. while both sanctuary and arbitration is only about random locations at random times when it should be enemies/objectives/gameplay that make game play interactive not map/mode switching unless its all open wide areas simply for visuals. games need predictable planning but unpredictable consequences if they want to stick to entertaining pve style which is why ppl been wanting new enemies/ai. if they wanted to cater to new players then they should of worked to fix the new player experience which they still havent addressed in how many years now? instead of making something that is supposed to be some what difficult into something more easy. the game isnt hard but new ppl will not know what to do most of the time which can make it hard but that is only making a flat wall to jump rather than a ramp players need to climb. 3-9 i dont usually think are the biggest elephants that hold the game back while yes we do need raids again tho im just being patient cuz im hoping they bring some really good raids maybe just as good as destiny raids. economy i feel is a good thing going down less ppl cheated of plat, less pure grinding, and the sooner ppl have everything maybe the sooner ppl realize there something wrong wit endgame (it doesnt exist). frame reworks is a yes tho for sure, its to the point im actually hoping they take a break from making new frames just to fix the current roster than add more to the fix list. mastery rank i feel is kinda suppose to be pointless so it isnt a headache and we hear less ppl complaining of not getting it maxed out in a shorter duration when time and skill>mastery should always how it should be imo.
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