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  1. wow just wow i really commend you. . .cuz now i know how gordon ramsy feel dealing with a stubborn failing restaurant owner LOL not only have u failed to counter argue ANY the giant list of validated issues i listed but also u will deny with all your soul even after giving the most simple number explanation that arguably denied your point, u still believe this is like some game journalist mumbo jumbo conspiracy rather than actual players who dedicated themselves their time into the game and giving actual feedback just wow LOL yea despite the fact i tend to even reference others games on aspects where they succeed but warframe fail to realize, into proper categories might i add but no its all a big game journalist conspiracy for ppl to make some random game company fail (when ironically there hasnt been a single bad gaming article yet) not actual players voting with their own 2 feet. cuz yea sekiro sure took the biggest hit ever after bombardment after bombardment of game journalist even after winning game of the year award. alright then you win ill hush with all this "negativity" about the game ill take my feedback else where and you can go enjoy whatever you do cuz there is no point in this for me ill let the game play itself out cuz i can only laugh at this point lmao
  2. wow talk about an ostrich with their head in the ground. ppl REALLY think when those content creators say something that its the sole reason the game dies? wrong in fact that argument destroy itself cuz guess what ppl like yong yea, jim sterling, skill up, and angry joe all of which get 10-20 TIMES MORE views than yur average warframe channel and all of em did nothing but PRAISE the game. yet look at how many ppl register over how many ppl just straight out leave and stay, with as much publicity they got of course they have a few thousand players but many more times than that just leave without any interaction to the community, most dont see the post like these, most dont see videos, most vote with their feet to play something fun and i see it with my own eyes on several ppl i invited into this game. if anything its ppl like YOU who hurted the game by trying to invalidate any sensible feedback, they may have been on for 7 years but half of those years will always be wasted potential cuz they had the biggest window of opportunity than any indie developer had and slowly threw it away.
  3. no thats simply the honey moon phase, that "complexity" was only appealing at the start for a niche amount of ppl bcuz no really understood any of it so most of us were in nothing but dream land thinking this was a high iq game when really it dropped to like 100 iq. this game had millions and millions of ppl trying the game and even if it has more numbers since the early start, really they lost the biggest opportunity by not holding a fraction of those numbers. i never watched a single how to guide, i used the wiki and hours of testing so no the videos u speak of arent the issues cuz ppl will open their own eyes in the end. many new players were easily turned off for MANY reasons (friends i included had no video spoilers with me mostly just walking by next to them) but for vets it wasnt some magical journey that ended but rather its a very slow realization of the truth. i can make an essay on about every issue in the game but as more issues pile on top of each other and time passes by for players to figure some of this out more everyday, the devs are in a race with time to fix some of this stuff but its like they barely even tried to. there is a difference in implementing complexity with a purpose in order to structure a game for its core and adding complexity to make it look like some fancy cherry topping, trust me warframe is just a pretty cherry rn. making a good game is about having a clear vision, structuring it, then polishing it to create a experience thats genuine not blind side ppl like how ea try to pass off loot boxes as "surprise mechanics". but rn they dont even have a vision on what they want the game to be in the first place and when the first step is nothing but a blurred fog then everything else surely falls. yur right about 1 thing though that at this point warframe 2 would be the only thing to save it cuz from modding as a whole, the far attached gun/melee combat, ehp stretched values, atrocious damage system, frame gameplay balancing, enemy scaling system, bad enemy design, visual screen cluttering, poor story transition, new player experience/tutorial, non existent endgame, extremely heavy grind, pvp that no one wanna touch, open world only being a sandbox, ocean of dead modes, bugged events every corner, and so so so much more. so much need a full revamp while they barely tackle any of it to only release more pointless content that only makes the spaghetti code they already have even worse. but none of that probably matters anymore bcuz this is the state were in and it doesnt look like its gonna change that itll probly do the game a bigger favor by telling ppl not to get their hopes up over hyping these players with a broken promise.
  4. but in warframes case its complexity only makes it worse. destiny, borderlands, and helll ill even say starcraft dint fail for simply keeping round numbers on that simple resistance/damage system but even succeeded far more than warframe (while i can dish out feedback for those games as well those would be on entirely different topics otherwise in this department they did it right). warframe become nothing but a empty husk of cheesing everything not only just from lack of enemy designs but also because of how stacking, scaling, and multiplicative numbers made everything into a hot mess. MOST importantly though is that this complexity is not done RIGHT is where this specifically makes it horrible cuz as op said it runs down to only very little options in the end leaving a majority of that "complexity" nothing but a useless systems that further complicates for devs to really do anything anymore like how impact and puncture is still a joke as how most the damage system is. one of the many reasons on why we can never have an "endgame" by my theory is because the damage system is as bad as it is. scaling things exponentially with others things scaling additive somehow leaves the game in this loop of enemies will always either be 1 button nuke to spongy tanks (which ultimately ended the same for frames as well even further, especially when adaptaion was released) that in the end still only do nothing else at all so this complexity created nothing more than a number game that takes no skill to play. its a bloated "complexity" where a majority of it is done poorly or just even labeled useless no different than the topic of having several hundreds of game modes but ppl barely truly enjoy any of them. modding percentages is also an issue when in reality it should of been flat numbers to manage rather than percentages that make things scale exponentially and we saw how that does very badly with armor on enemies for so many years. complexity in warframe is a very sugar coated word rn bcuz this mean in order to master warframe all u need to do is master the wiki page and put in the right numbers and several hundreds of hours of grind, not skill, not practice, not even engaging with the game or any of that at all but only homework. warframe doesnt have a emphasis on gunplay, story, exploration, or even parkour for ppl to really tune into if anything im pretty sure most ppl only play warframe for how it more so properly handle it loot system and setting at most over actual gameplay. in the end this created warframe to be hard to learn but easy to master but what does this line that i been spouting everywhere i go mean? it means average players are pushed away because the gameplay loop doesnt rely on actual gameplay itself and they need to study for a gameplay that is very droll yet confusing loop that takes no effort in doing anything which even leads to frustrated hardcore players bcuz that complexity and learning curve just goes straight down the curve into the toilet cuz its now nothing but cheesing everything. all that only leads to a complete divide of players on almost about any topic on how any form of balance or mechanical issue works at all now or just a mountain size gap between players just for gear setup rather than how they actually play when gamplay itself already has a mountain of its own issues. this also what lead to ppl only showing things in the simulacrum there is no endgame with definitive numbers so ppl just go there where it quickly give high lvl enemies to test what give the "what is fastest kill time this give" rather than actual ttk statistics like how u kno most shooters try to polish.
  5. really? but theyre the ones to blame for creating the game to become that way. if content creators are being forced to do this then im not gonna lie in my personal perspective i find that pretty petty. they dint want to make an endgame, they dint want to give us high lvl enemies, they dint want to make enemies even fun to fight, they dint fix the atrocious damage system, and they dint get rid of nuking as a whole yet so what is the real point in showing a "actual mission". an "actual mission" is just as dull as staring at stood still enemies but way faster or even more cheesy to top it off is much more blurry to watch with several abilities animations covering the screen rather than knowing what the player is actually doing/thinking. the game isnt about skill or practice or even being engaged with the game, its more about more who has more knowledge to cheese the game b4 even starting the "mission" hence why its a game thats hard to learn but easy to master. everything in warframe is out of wonk that to effectively test things we need a CONSISTENT way to test on stuff to find the most effective number output cuz thats all they made the game into, who can bring the biggest numbers or have the fastest way to kill. most shooters care about ttk and mechanical design but warframe case is just "does it kill fast enough" bcuz how everything scales to even mechanically functions is out of wack. it isnt the fact that players dont respect the designers, while a touch up on graphics is nice but graphics dont determine a game (if anything i just prefer graphics upgrade over new modes bcuz these modes are never up to par) if anything GAMEPLAY matters. we gone on and on for several years about gameplay and now they find it upsetting on why we do what we do? i usually want to be fair to DE cuz they are good and hardworking ppl but i feel things get abit more petty every year lately, we get it not every player makes sense and many others are just plain intolerable but where is the focus on the game itself? you can only lead a horse to water but u cant make him drink, DE if u want player to actually go into a mission then give us a real reason for us to WANT to go into a mission to have "fun".
  6. honestly thats on them cuz thats how they basically made the game though cuz what i call warframe is that its a game thats hard to learn but easy to master. they made it into a game that doesnt need any skill or practice but rather turned it into who has the bigger numbers so of course ppl will run to the simulacrum cuz in reality actual mission gameplay is as boring as staring at stand still enemies in the simulacrum anyway just 10x faster bcuz everything is low lvl around the whole starchart. endgame doesnt exist and probly will never exist (for several in game issues that exist rather than the fact that they just dont want to) so what else do ppl run to find if something is decent without needing to waste several hours? instant high lvl that can pop out of no where with the press of a button simulator.
  7. im not saying any of yur ideas are wrong and i agree with most of em, its just i want to point out that they probly need more of a further look and implementation than that. adjusting enemies would require a adjustment of a our gear as well where numbers can cross between the fine line of whats overtly brainless to overtly spongy as to why i suggest they start using flat numbers for once. as the same with status if they ever want slash to stop being king then they need to adjust how the all the status procs function as a whole to where there is meaning in changing yur setup but not the pure determining factor of being able to do anything. i agree they need to remove double dipping but tbh they need to probly remove those damage types as a whole and properly fix just armor, shields, and health or even the other way around which is like i mention how borderlands or destiny do theirs right cuz they dont try to do both and focus on improving what they are trying to be in that regards. also love the enemy ideas, i always wanted enemies that are in different variants in doing a job they were made to do well at but DE would probly be too scared to ever touch cuz they prefer releasing the same thing gameplay loop of speed run, nuke, repeat but call it innovation simply cuz its a new mode by name. ive given so many ideas on what they could had also done for enemies into a fair/difficult manner but so far zip none.
  8. 1) very true and tbh the concept of damage reduction shouldnt even exist in the game for how wonky it makes everything kinda like how adaptation only furthered the gap of durability between frames by hundred of miles apart. not only that but the other problem also goes onto our gear because they scale exponentially with percentages rather than flat numbers and it shows trying to scale everything exponentially just doesnt work which ill get back to later. borderlands uses armor, shields, and health concept pretty well while destiny uses enemy types are weak against certain damage type but both of them use more flat numbers for everything but as warframe likes to do is mesh everything together into one ugly mess and the results is what you see. 2) status procs are a further mess down the road right now while yes viral and corrosive are good since they scale really well compared to many base damage types cuz again they need to make it all even out and use flat numbers for once. puncture, impact, and slash had also been a mess for so very long while now they refuse to budge on changing impact or puncture (in my theory because of how everything scale would make everything many times more broken cuz stacking is a thing) when what they should of done with these is make the damage type status base on that damage type number alone so slash would only deal slash procs based by the slash damage on the weapon then make impact and puncture decent. stuff like blast and magnetic are also stuff that could be talked about but then this could turn into a college essay. 3) this one is hard for me to come into terms with because while yea specifically in warframe i can agree we want faster weapon switches to enable good dps but if look at warframe as a shooter at all then no. my take on it isnt the weapon switch but rather many of the game mechanical design as to why we want a faster weapon switch and thats because they made it too much into a easy mode, fast pace gameplay where we only care about getting stuff out of the way as fast as possible to either overcome a heavy grind or in reality combat has little to no detail and spending time on any enemy just open our eyes more to how dull they are. anyone remember when scott said he hate the idea of ppl always running to the simulacrum well thats cuz they created the game to be that way, they created a game based on no skill but big numbers alone, they made a game that is hard to learn but easy to master so the only thing that matters is finding the biggest numbers that is efficient and thats it.
  9. i hate to look like the bad guy but im gonna have to tell you now b4 that vision becomes a even harder disappointment. they arent going to create open or dedicated servers, they had the chance to with open world to create that immersion like destiny or division or even squad link had the "potential" to be that but they arent. they had a chance to create a good new player experience by revamping and adjusting the story and tutorial but instead rather release hype announcement videos to gain burst income over real longevity while somehow making things more confusing for new players. they had a chance to improve combat from guns, to movement, to mods, and more to only ignore majority of them to only release more stuff for the sake of stuff like a dumb horse chasing a carrot on a stick to only further the grind and tire us out. they had a chance to make good enemies with fair but challenging aspects to only add maybe a few at most in the span of 7 years while leaving everything else a brainless and boring gameplay loop. they had a chance to bring raids back but instead chose to bloat the game with more and more pointless modes that wont even last that long with all that effort gone to waste, even railjack doesnt feel like anything and my prediction on it that a few denied had finally seen that it isnt that great cuz its gonna be the same pattern with these regardless. they had a chance to create a well rounded roster of frames that fit well together in the game but instead they rather make release after release to only leave obvious issues such as nuking. they had a chance to write a really good follow up story after the 2nd dream or even create astounding world building but instead release mediocre quests that just "stay tuned for the next episode 1 year later". they had a chance to revamp conclave into something worth maybe even fun to play but instead they just left it there in a ugly state cuz the excuse is "the game isnt pvp focused" as if its even good pve wise either. i can go on and on and on about many more things that are done wrong or atleast not done well but that doesnt matter because they wont change. communities spoken on issues and communities will argue non stop cuz DE wont decide on what they want their game to be, i cant even bring myself to call it a shooter. but my only advice never get your hopes up on the game for more EVER cuz itll never come and ppl praised "potential" for so many things for years, at best all i can tell u is if u truly feel content with the state now just enjoy it without thinking much on top or trust me you will have a really sour taste later.
  10. cuz everytime i see those frames it feel like we are set on game journalist difficulty mode. to have decent enemies is another thing, asking for reduced grind is also optional, even im tired of seeing new frames but lazy concepts like nuking is bad game design making the grind repetition more dull. ppl had voiced their voices for a couple years about nuking, sure we also hate nerfs but thats why ppl wanted more diverse kits that required actual skill and combos that feel more flushed out. when i play any game at all i want to actually be engaged in what im getting into whether its combat or story not to feel like i should just walk away and take a nap cuz someone else is basically already playing it for me or cuz i feel no need to use anything i have. the combat flow and style is crucial to many games but in warframes case it already falls behind in many ways and nuking only makes it worse. wanna kno why most of the ppl asking for more power really ask for it? cuz the reality is that 1) they ran out of stuff to grind, stuff to build and optimize to the max so they want more stuff to add to fill that "void" even if they dont need it 2) the grind is so heavy for some ppl that they just want to get it over with but in warframes case they cant figure to offer anything but grind 3) combat is actually dull so they want this "power fantasy" so that they dont need to waste as much time putting effort into an enemy that actually does nothing they dint miss the point in these 7 years, its really that they actually dont have one cuz DE still cant truly decide what they want the game to be. they just mesh together as many stuff together to see if it works and the results is a bloated and confusing mess and dont get me wrong they still get some stuff right but thats how it really is alot of the time. if u think about it does warframe truly shine at something specifically? is it great as a shooter? not really especially when it comes to gun mechanics/designs. is it good as an action game? not when we have nukers with boring enemies that let us sit there and do nothing. is it great as a rpg? the best it gotten is the 2nd dream that takes time to get to with little character development or world building. is it great as a adventure? putting the same 10 rooms in random order for hundreds of hours isnt a adventure. is it great at fashion? tbh when we still have meat flab and clipping all over still, not really especially when most games have skins. is it great as a mobile game??? it has almost all the aspects, yes like paying past heavy grind and random rolls or easy gameplay but phone games have a simpler design to lure the casual crowd and would actually be able to play on the phone. even something as small as parkour doesnt feel the best imo compared to stuff like vanquish or titanfall. so plz tell us what is the point we are all missing here for the past 7 years?
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