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  1. Pink = selling/팔다 ("WTS", or "Want To Sell") Green = buying/구입 ("WTB", or "Want To Buy") If you use Google Chrome, this may help with translating: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-translate/aapbdbdomjkkjkaonfhkkikfgjllcleb Also, Korean Warframe forum is here: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/315-한국어/ Sorry if I misinterpreted, I do not speak Korean 😂
  2. It's not about whether it's needed, it's about whether it's enjoyable. The old mario-kart-esque drift boosting was engaging, and that (IMO) made it fun as hell. DE decided to remove it since "it could often lead to unintended collisions", as though colliding with things while learning the movement system is somehow out of place for this movement-based game.
  3. Drifting is still there, but not the sudden boost of forward momentum you'd get upon ending the drift. It used to be like Mario Kart, where ending a drift launched you forward based on how long you were drifting... but that's unfortunately gone now.
  4. I would re-implement the speed boost after Drifting, which DE removed in U29.10 at the request of literally no one. Even if it meant we got the stamina bar back, I would still accept that in a heartbeat. Movement in the Railjack feels like such a slog now. Drift-boosting was the one thing that felt "interactive" when maneuvering the railjack, since the player had to get a feel for how much drifting is required for their desired boost distance. Now, Railjack piloting is just... WASD, and nothing else. No player engagement, no learning curve, nothing.
  5. I think that third one is from the Gladiator mod set. It still applies even if the mods are on a companion (e.g. Gladiator Vice on a helios' Deconstructor or something).
  6. Loving the new background! This is a minor nitpick, but: The "WARFRAME" logo kind of blends in with the background in the Dark theme. Any chance it could have white text instead when the Dark theme is used?
  7. I had a similar problem back in like 2007 where the power would instantly shut off after several minutes of Youtube or Maplestory. Turned out to be overheating.
  8. DESIRED STATS: +Magazine Capacity (REQUIRED) +Status +Multishot +Cold +Toxin +Heat (only if paired with +Status) +Elec (only if paired with +Status) Any combination of the above will do, as long as +magazine is in there. CURSES THAT I WANT TO AVOID: -Damage -Multishot -Status Chance -Status Duration -Ammo Max Feel free to PM me on the forums if you have an offer!
  9. BLESS. The updated emojis are still a bit generic IMO and could use a bit more unique "style", but they're no longer creepy/horrifying to look at, which is a huge plus! For those curious, here were some of 29.10.5's emojis: And here are the same faces with 29.10.8's emojis: Thank you DE!
  10. More emoji changes in Update 29.10.8! Aaaaand... Huge improvement! Thanks DE 🤗 I still feel that Warframe's emojis could go for a more stylized approach, but even if these most recent ones are still a bit "generic", it's nice that they get the job done without making me feel uncomfortable.
  11. This is very well said! And now I feel bad for not wording my post more politely 😓 Also, some more feedback about updated emojis from the subreddit, for those curious:
  12. Hello. That is all. Seriously, though, I'm... really not digging the visual style of these updated emojis. I only showed 4 of them above, but honestly, they all look just about that bad. It's difficult to describe why this botched pixel art is so viscerally horrifying to me, but if I had to list a few things... If I had to suggest improvements: Lose the shading. Having shading for the sake of shading is just adding needlessly risky complexity onto what should be a bunch of simple icons. Please make the eyes smaller! I beg you. Not only do small eyes tend to be cuter for simplistic designs, but having large eyes on so few pixels is very, very difficult to pull off. Stylize them! It's easier said than done, but having all of the emojis conform to a unique style will keep facial proportions consistent between emojis, and it'll make the faces uniquely Warframe-y. As an example, here's what emojis look like in Vindictus: And here's what emojis used to look like on Android (albeit with more pixels to work with): They're unique, they're expressive, they're consistently proportioned, and they're ADORABLE AF. IMO, this is the golden standard that Warframe's emojis should strive towards.
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    [deleted; I posted in the wrong section...]
  14. Is... is there any chance that this "face lift" could be reverted? Because, uh...
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