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  1. They both do, yeah. I don't think Deconstructor has ever exploded, though, even with pre-revamp Power Throw. Which is a bit of a bummer. I'd love for this to get fixed/changed.
  2. I was just about to make a thread on this, thanks! Another comparison for Saita Prime armor: Old: New (my screenshots just now; ignore the slightly different colour selection): The new version looks like a budget rubbery Halloween costume of the old version. Even the metallics on the shoes look round and squishy compared to before 😂
  3. ... Honestly, I actually really enjoyed the brief moment where normal maps were missing for Operator faces. The current appearance is VERY reflective, to the point where you can make out individual light sources reflecting off their face. It makes operators look very "oily" IMO. Or like they have a thin layer of saran wrap hugging the surface of their skin. Maybe you could do a Vindictus and add an "oiliness" slider (i.e. intensity of normal map) for operator skin/face customization? Aside from that: Thanks for the update, DE!
  4. Part of the reason Stropha works so well is that whenever you destroy a shoulder, any "overkill" damage from that hit is received by the main body. So even if your weapon doesn't have any AoE or punchthrough, you can still technically oneshot Necramechs if you hit them in the shoulder hard enough. (I have a super nice Velocitus riven, and it's been working wonders.) Also: From my experience, enemy necramechs have a really annoying habit of activating their Storm Shroud while your Defy is charging up, and your Wukong is just hitting that instead. In my case, it's usuall
  5. Are you, by any chance, running Deconstructor on your Helios(P) and wanting all of the hits to trigger Shattering Impact? If this is the case, you can equip an unranked Targeting Receptor so that only the Impact part is thrown. (Having a less-than-maxed Targeting Receptor causes your helios to attack more quickly with NEGATIVE attack speed, though, for some reason. I don't have the faintest clue as to why this happens.)
  6. It was changed because finisher animations take an average of 9999 years to execute, and in that time players could have killed a roomful of enemies with basic melee attacks. Moving Finishers to another button (as is the case in other games like Dying Light) made more sense, as players can now actually choose between which move they want to use. OT: You can disable the 'Use'-to-reload in the Options, and just use the dedicated Reload button for reloading instead.
  7. With that first bit, you make it sound like we can only CC or oneshot a single enemy at a time or something. The "interesting enemies" can come in ones or come in droves, but it makes no difference if they all die/freeze in an instant. As far as enemy bulk goes, we obviously want high-leveled enemies to fall within that satisfying "middle ground" in terms of time-to-kill, at least for experienced players. But Warframe's problem (well, one of them) is that our damage output varies so ludicrously that this ideal "middle ground" is impossible to define. Even this thread's comments highlight
  8. Eh... it actually kinda does matter what the player stats are. In the game's current state, a theoretically-perfect, genuinely "interesting" enemy would still get cheesed to death immediately on spawning. We're simply too damn strong for interesting enemies to exist... unless they're straight-up immune to damage/statuses/CC/etc for the sake of creating a more "controlled" combat experience, which is an honor typically reserved for bosses. IMO, the whole "fundamental overhaul of all damage/health/energy/CC/modding/invisibility/invincibility" is unfortunately necessary for an interesting no
  9. Now I'm curious as to how the Hunhow mask will look on Loid/Otak once this drops EDIT: Come to think of it, will the necraloid skin have Otak's face etched onto the back of it?
  10. If you accidentally just sold it for credits or something, you could probably get it back from support if you file a ticket.
  11. 100% agreed! DE has tried to implement more parkour-intensive areas like the Jupiter tileset, but even that doesn't really have an effect on gameplay except when moving between groups of enemies. I would absolutely love to have more bosses where parkouring (like, ACTUAL parkouring, not just bulletjumping in a straight line) is necessary. THAT BEING SAID-- From a solo perspective... Steel Path is definitely 1 shot territory with some more specialized builds, but at that point your loadout probably has a few glaring downsides (bulk, mobility, objective defense, crowd clearing,
  12. It isn't meant to be. The only point of Steel Path is to provide stronger/bulkier enemies for players who are in the mood to fight them. While this might not be ideal for the long-term health of the game, the alternative (i.e. a fundamental overhaul of all damage/health/energy/CC/modding/invisibility/invincibility mechanics for both players and enemies) is unfortunately a wee bit difficult to implement. So until that day comes, I'm more than satisfied with what Steel Path offers, and I would like to see it available for more game modes.
  13. I feel like "striking a balance" between casual players & elitists is a different topic entirely. OP is just requesting a Steel Path modifier for missions that don't already have a Steel Path modifier. This isn't doing anything that DE hasn't implemented already.
  14. As a note for new players: Ignis Wraith is a popular weapon that costs virtually nothing to buy due to sheer supply. There will always be people trying to make a quick buck by selling Ignis Wraith blueprints for exorbitant prices. Do not fall for these scams. EDIT: The creator of the Ignis Wraith Supply Center thread on reddit just posted an updated version! https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/jr52k0/ignis_wraith_supply_center_mostly_pc_only/
  15. I'm not online very often, but if you need an Ignis Wraith blueprint and happen to catch me ingame, I'm more than happy to hand them out! Feel free to add me if I'm not online. Other sources of IgnisW blueprints: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/j6vr6o/free_ignis_wraith_supply_center_mostly_pc_only/
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