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  1. Melee. A lot of combos have free movement enabled, so you can freely sprint forward (or in any direction, if "align attacks to camera" is disabled) while attacking. It's not a gamechanger, but it's surprisingly comfortable to be able to chase down enemies while using your strongest combos, instead of having to weave in a gap-closer every time you want to move five feet.
  2. Basically every other invisible frame in the game already has unlimited invisibility. Ash and Loki recently got the ability to recast risk-free (since invisible frames now remain untargetable for ~0.5s after invis ends), and Octavia has been able to do this since her release. All of this while being able to use Zenurik. I do 100% agree that there should be drawbacks for unlimited invisibility, though, so I'm not sure if buffing Prowl's mobility is the best way of bringing it in line with the other invis abilities. Rather, the others should be toned down-- enemies should be able to shoot you during those 0.5 seconds if they're already looking in your direction, for example.
  3. When Melee 3.0 Phase 2 hit in U26.0, I could swear there was a brief glorious period in time where autoblocking was finally decoupled from aimgliding. And then it stopped working shortly after. Does anyone else remember this, or am I just insane?
  4. They already have an independent "Heavy Attack" button in the keybinds (I have it bound to a key that isn't Secondary Fire), but yeah, it's really silly that we can't do anything with that button if our melee isn't already out. Unfortunately, DE got a lot of positive reception for the removal of hold-to-heavy, which means that they're probably ready to shift all attention to something else and not fix Melee 3.0's remaining problems until like 2025. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. But, like... why couldn't they just split it into two separate functionalities, similar to "Sprint" versus "Sprint / Roll"? As in, creating a new optional "Melee / Heavy Melee" binding that uses the old functionality, without affecting the "Melee" binding that we use right now. We all know that WF's engine is extremely finicky and I don't doubt that a straight-up "toggle" is difficult to implement... but even in the worst case scenario, surely it can't be impossible to just create a copy of an already-existing functionality, modify it slightly, and just leave it unbound by default?
  6. The major changes I'd make are: - Lose Fast Deflection. Iron Skin should be up at nearly all times, so a lot of experienced Rhino players eventually lose the Redirection+Vitality as well, as their shields/health should never be receiving damage in the first place. (Having either Redirection or Vitality might be helpful, but both is typically overkill.) - Get a bit more Power Strength in there! Intensify is always a good start. - Taxon (the baby's-first-sentinel) is surprisingly helpful for Rhino, since he will slowly build up a layer of Shields that can save your life if your Iron Skin goes down unexpectedly. - I cannot stress this enough: Get an augment for Iron Skin. Rhino is only tanky beyond medium levels because of these augments. Most people build Rhino for pure Strength with Ironclad Charge (which is technically a Rhino Charge augment, but it's used purely for boosting Iron Skin), often coupled with Iron Shrapnel for on-demand recasts. I personally run with just Iron Shrapnel and just a single power strength mod, which leaves enough room in the build for things like Range and Efficiency.
  7. If you had a Zaw with Exodia Triumph/Valor, channeling gave a decent boost to damage. In any other situation, though? Almost completely useless, except for using LifeStrike. (I think it stacked additively with combo multiplier, i.e. you were almost never getting anything close to 1.5x damage.)
  8. Interesting. Maybe it has to do with whether you were holding "Sprint/Dodge" versus a dedicated "Sprint" button?
  9. I'm not sure whether you're referring to hold-to-sprint or just Cloudwalker in general, but I can absolutely 1000% confirm that you could freely enable/disable sprinting in Cloudwalker if you used sprint toggle. No "snapshotting" of any kind.
  10. Sometimes I feel like the only Wukong player who cares about Cloudwalker's up/down motion being forgotten during the rework. The speed/acceleration improvements only applied to WASD, while trying to move up/down still feels like a dead snail swimming through molasses. But yeah, thanks for listing all these bugs in one place! While DE is "fixing" CW, the least they could do is fix some actual bugs as well...
  11. Just from reading through your post, I found myself MUCH more drawn towards the previous version of the Abilities UI. It shows plenty of the information we need without being cluttered or overwhelming. I'm speaking as a person who has no experience in designing a UI-- but I'd imagine that the whole point of a UI is to make the interaction convenient and intuitive for the end user. That is, the "conversation" approach should NOT be taking more steps than necessary. We already saw from the previous UI that the conversation could be as simple as: Player: I wanna see the boost that Vex Armor gives to my weapons. Maybe see how much this hurts the energy cost of Effigy too, idk. Game: Okay, here's a page showing the stat changes to all of your abilities. Boom. Done. Whereas the new UI is more like: Player: I wanna see the boost that Vex Armor gives to my weapons. Maybe see how much this hurts the energy cost of Effigy too, idk. Game: Okay, here's the Codex diorama of a pretty fire-breathing dragon. Player: Vex armor, please. Although I still kinda want to look at Effigy. Game: Okay, here's detailed information for Vex armor. Player: Aight, cool. Time for Effigy. Game: Here, take a look at the pretty dragon again. Appreciate it. Player: ... Effigy, please. Game: Okay, here's detailed information for Effigy. It's cumbersome. And this is just the Abilities UI; like holy hell don't even get me started about trying to look at weapon stats in the marketplace. From your screenshots, we can see that the new UI does get a lot of things right (e.g. hover-over videos, more details available when explicitly requested by the player, showing old/new stats at the same time, etc), and the old UI does get a few things wrong (e.g. screenshots that provide more visual noise than useful information, only ~6 lines for stat details, not enough room for tips). However, the overall concept of the old UI-- that is, "here's a nonzero amount of the information you just requested, right when you requested it"-- felt infinitely better to use. I'm fine with hover-overs and clicks being required for seeing the space-consuming, nitty-gritty details of what the player wants to look at (e.g. ability videos, long flavor text, ability tips). However, the basic information that every player cares about (i.e. stats, the item name, and maaaaaybe short descriptive text) should be in plain view from the get-go, just as it was before.
  12. SortaRandom

    Loki Decoy

    ... as opposed to allies getting hit because they're visible and being shot at?
  13. DE, if you're going to "fix" Wukong's Cloudwalker, then at least have the decency to... you know... actually fix it in its entirety. During the U25.2 rework, Cloudwalker was improved to have greater max speed and to not have an ultra-slow acceleration. However, these changes did NOT apply to jumping/crouching motions. Moving up/down in Cloudwalker hasn't been improved since literally 2015. Not that I'm bitter or anything. No siree.
  14. If you prefer melee, then Wukong is a surprisingly reliable option if you let the clone use an armor-stripping AoE weapon. Phantasma with Vicious Spread is amazing for this.
  15. According to this thread, there was no bug (i.e. people could sprint in Cloudwalker regardless of whether they used sprint toggle), contrary to DE's claim. I can't verify this myself, since I use sprint toggle, but some input from a hold-to-sprint person would be nice. In any case, even if this is a bug, it's one of those bugs that makes a frame funner without harming anyone's experience in any way. That's the kind of bug that should be turned into a feature-- there's nothing to gain by fixing it.
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