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  1. SortaRandom

    TennoGen Round 15 - Accepted Items!

    NIGHT HUNTER MADE IT IN WOOOO!!!! But, I'm super bummed that the Excal Blade of the Lotus skin (+ the Blade of the Lotus syandana) didn't make it in. Were there technical issues with the skins or something? Because the preview images look fantastic and they don't seem out of place compared to the other BotL skins that have already been accepted. Come on, DE! I need this in my life!
  2. SortaRandom

    Redeemer Prime glitchy or just shortest reach wep in game??

    Combo-crit, on... the weapon whose charged shots have a 0% crit chance?
  3. SortaRandom

    So, the Brakk. What's the point?

    You'd think so, right? But no, disposition passes have been virtually nonexistent. I think the pass in U24.0 was the first true dispo pass since riven dispositions were introduced. To my understanding, Brakk was assigned a crappy disposition in 19.0.6, received a slightly-less-crappy disposition in 24.0, and that's literally it.
  4. SortaRandom

    So, the Brakk. What's the point?

    To be fair, that dispo pass was very... conservative. Not a single weapon changed its disposition by more than a single "pip" in the arsenal. It felt as if DE wanted to show that they're capable of making changes to rivens, but didn't want to make the changes so extreme that riven marketeers start rioting. But yeah, overall, I'm still as baffled as you are that the riven disposition is so stupidly low on such a crappy weapon.
  5. OP's picture didn't do a great job of showing it (I had to pop into the game to check for myself), but (Solaris U spoilers):
  6. SortaRandom

    So, the Brakk. What's the point?

    The dispositions aren't refreshed procedurally. The weapon could have literally zero players using it, and its disposition wouldn't change unless DE deliberately updated it. I know this doesn't explain why the disposition was so low to begin with (considering that the Brakk's popularity plummeted long before rivens came out), but riven dispositions make very little sense all-around. DE claims to have set the dispositions based on weapon popularity, but didn't define what exactly they mean by "popularity"-- for instance, they made no mention of the timeframe over which the weapon usage data was collected, or how much of the disposition-selecting was purely arbitrary.
  7. SortaRandom

    Redeemer Prime glitchy or just shortest reach wep in game??

    As someone who doesn't have Redeemer Prime and hasn't used Redeemer in a long time, how exactly is that build garbage? Seems pretty standard to me. Although I'd definitely replace ViciousFrost + VolcanicEdge + DriftingContact with PrimedFeverStrike + WeepingWounds + BodyCount or something. What would you have instead?
  8. SortaRandom

    So, the Brakk. What's the point?

    Brakk used to be one of the strongest weapons in the game, thanks to its high damage per shot and insane burst DPS. This was WAAAAY back in the day, though, during the glory days of the Acrid (i.e. during the days where all weapons were actually capable of bypassing armor simply by adding Armor-Piercing damage). Damage 2.0 (November 2013) changed up damage types so that you couldn't just attach a "lol ignore armor" mod to your weapon, which basically took away Brakk's ability to deal with armor. In the years since then, many weapons gained access to new ways of mitigating/ignoring armor (e.g. 100% Status, Hunter Muntions), but the Brakk kind of... didn't. Even its one niche (high burst DPS) has since been overshadowed by numerous shotguns and crit weapons. Why is its riven disposition still low if its popularity peak was in literally 2013? Who the hell knows.
  9. SortaRandom

    Vauban the interception GOD

    I mean... that takes, like, ~15 casts (i.e. literally 1500 base energy) for each of the four interception terminals, doesn't it? Excluding the time lost from throwing down all those vortexes in the first place? On the other hand, Bounce pads last 300 seconds by default and have half the energy cost of a Vortex. And you can just throw down three or four pads at terminals that see a lot of traffic, to offset their weakness of having 4 charges each. Don't get me wrong, Vortex is great, but Bounce just seems like the definitive interception-cheesing ability to me.
  10. SortaRandom

    Vauban the interception GOD

    I feel the exact opposite way about Interception (in solo, at least). The fact that the 4 points are so spaced-out means that the player is forced to move. Picking a frame that can cover wide distances (e.g. Nova, Zephyr, low-str Excal), or simply maxing out Mind Step + Void Flow, makes solo Interceptions a billion times easier. More enjoyable too, IMO. Squad interceptions don't discourage mobility either-- rather, they simply open up the option of each player camping a point. The option for a player to patrol the whole map (like you would in solo) is still very much viable, and a fast enough player can easily carry their squad to victory with this method. OT: Does Bounce not work anymore? Seems like it would cheese interceptions much more easily than Vortex, since it lasts 6 minutes rather than 12 seconds.
  11. SortaRandom

    How to use Redeemer Prime?

    More than 5 years later and this is still a misconception. DE should seriously get to representing stealth bonuses in some way other than yellow numbers. But yeah, basically what GearsMatrix301 said (crit thing aside). Attacking enemies while stealthed will grant a stealth damage bonus (+700% final damage, stacking additively with crit damage), which is what does the bulk of the work when people show videos of them oneshotting heavies in the simulacrum. Basically, if your melee weapon doesn't rely on crits, landing a stealthed hit effectively multiplies your damage by 8x. It's hilariously effective on status weapons like Redeemer and Lesion.
  12. What. Nova's the antimatter frame. Actual novas in real life (not to be confused with supernovae) are indeed nuclear fusion, but Nova the warframe most certainly isn't. OT: I'm always down for more astro-themed frames! The abilities definitely need some work, though. Flat damage simply doesn't work in this game, what with armor scaling being the way it is. None of Sol's abilities will be viable at high levels, especially against Grineer. All four of Sol's abilities do nearly the exact same thing (radprocs, with a decent amount of damage at low levels). Just on different scales. Sol's only role (radproccing enemies) is kind of already invalidated from the get-go by Nyx (Chaos), Loki (Irradiating Disarm), or literally any frame with a pure-status Ignis/Phantasma. All of these options seem to have better survivability as well. There's a lot of potential in this frame, though! Not that WF is a scientifically accurate game or anything, but the concept of stellar fusion could be baked into the abilities somehow! Nuclear fusion in nature happens when gravity presses gas together so hard that it starts, well, fusing together. It'd be cool if there was a gravity-based ability that sucks enemies in and then detonates, dealing damage based on the number of enemies or something! Nuclear explosions are pretty, well, explosive. Having abilities that proc both Blast and Radiation at the same time would be interesting! It would be criminal to have a star-based frame without a Blinding ability (EDIT: Just noticed that your proposed 2 already had a blinding effect, sorry!). Upon thinking about this a bit more, having melee slam attacks briefly Blind enemies would be a really fun passive!
  13. SortaRandom

    Why PVP would benefit DE (not a rework conclave post)

    - deleted double post -
  14. SortaRandom

    Why PVP would benefit DE (not a rework conclave post)

    You need to understand-- PVP isn't considered unfun because partners don't play it. Partners don't play PVP because it's considered unfun. If you want to make WF's PVP more popular, simply encouraging people to play it won't help. You need to make it actually ENJOYABLE, and for that, a rework from the ground-up is needed. PVP in its current state is simply more frustrating than enjoyable for the vast majority of players for a wide variety of reasons.
  15. SortaRandom

    Make-your-own Peculiar Mods!

    "Archimedes, NO!" OT: Peculiar Salvo: Gunshot sound effects are replaced with a voice saying "pew!", "blam!", "yattattattatta...", etc. depending on the weapon type. Peculiar Spectator: Upon the player being knocked down or falling out of bounds, a laugh track will be played. Upon failing a hack, entering bleedout, or being ragdolled from a K-Drive, a longer and more emphatic laugh track will be played. Example: