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  1. Bumping, since this wasn't addressed in the latest hotfix.
  2. Hm... I'm not sure that giving operators more lines (in their current style) would be great. It's disliked by numerous players because the lines rarely fit the context of the situation and don't match what the player's thinking at all. On the other hand, I think there's a lot of potential to be had in using Operators for "voice commands". So we can hit a button, and then your Operator pops up on the side and says "Need healing!" or something. Team Fortress 2 executes this flawlessly, and games like Overwatch use a more simplified version of this that would fit very well into Warframe.
  3. Toggles are always a nice option. That, or adding a "Player Ephemera" slider in the Audio tab, so the ephemera's sfx can be noticeable without being obtrusive. (Bonus points if it only mutes our own ephemera, without affecting other players'. It's only obtrusive because it's an endless buzzing noise right in front of the camera.)
  4. So, let me start off by saying that this ephemera is bloody fantastic, and when this issue is fixed, I will be equipping it on literally everything ever. HOWEVER, my one gripe with this ephemera is that it produces a wide "glow" (dynamic lighting) effect that harshly flickers on and off, illuminating the character and the surroundings, as the electricity arcs. This is already straining to look at on its own, and it produces a very nasty "rippling" effect (from the top of the monitor to the bottom) wherever screen tearing is an issue. Now, Warframe is a game filled with bright flashing lights, but the sheer harshness of the rapid glow flickering (and the fact that it's attached to your character, i.e. it's really close to the camera and it doesn't go away) makes me concerned that this effect is more seizure-inducing than the rest of them. I don't have epilepsy, but I'm noticing much more eye strain than usual just by equipping this ephemera and walking around the orbiter. SOLUTION: Turn the dynamic lighting glow into a "constant" effect-- i.e. let it always be on, so there's no flickering. Alternatively, instead of flickering between "bright" and "off", let it flicker between "bright" and "slightly less bright". (The sparking effect itself is fine!)
  5. Crimson Dervish's what now EDIT: So it looks like "sliding heavy attacks" are just the second swing in the "heavy attack combos". That's way less exciting than I thought it was going to be.
  6. Yeah, WF's playerbase has always paid little to no attention to melee stealth attacks, despite them being as powerful as the most popular crit builds for as long as they were. Note the past tense, by the way-- DE has slowly but surely stealth-nerfed the crap out of stealth attacks to the point that it's difficult to rely on them, let alone build around them as your primary source of damage. Stealth mechanics have always been inconsistent between major updates, and over the past year, these changes (undocumented, of course) have been almost always for the worse. I am 100% in agreement that stealth melee needs to be made more viable. Maybe not by straight-up allowing multiple consecutive stealth hits from invisible frames (cue Loki + Telos Boltace flashbacks), but... consistency has been a worsening issue for a long time now, and even the best stealth frames are currently kinda crappy at what they do. Examples of unwelcome undocumented changes (some bugs, some not) that I'd like DE to revert: Blinded enemies become completely immune to stealth damage bonuses while affected by a Blast proc. Blinded enemies will often stop receiving stealth damage when knocked down via some other method (e.g. Slash Dash, Void Blast), but... inconsistently. Enemies are completely unable to receive stealth damage bonuses within 5 seconds of spawning. (This destroys the viability of stealth-melee builds in modes like ESO.) Non-Blinded enemies are unable to receive multiple consecutive stealth multipliers when knocked down or ragdolled. (This destroys any ability for Invisible frames to land more than a single stealth hit. Formerly, you were able to knock down enemies with a silenced Blast proc and then enjoy consecutive stealth hits before they stood back up. This was the only way that Loki/Ash/Octavia were able to compete with the likes of Excalibur in terms of stealth damage.) EDIT: This seems to have been reverted since U26.0, but who knows how long it survives before it's removed again. It's a shame that stealth melee is in the dismal state that it's in, because aside from "special" weapons like Redeemer, stealth damage bonuses have been basically the only way to make pure-Status melee builds viable. With the recent Condition Overload nerf (i.e. with status builds losing one of the only damage multipliers they had), this has become even worse. Stealth attacks need a rework. Players should be able to activate them more consistently, without having to be shoehorned into a "blinding/sleeping" (Excal, Inaros, Ivara, etc) or "invisible" (Loki, Ash, Octavia, also Ivara, etc) frame. If I were somehow in charge of a rework, here are some of the mechanical changes I'd make: Hitting an enemy from behind will always produce a stealth bonus, regardless of the awareness state of the enemy. Smaller weapons (daggers, dual daggers, fists, etc) will have a "backstab cone" of nearly 180 degrees (similar to Spy in Team Fortress 2), whereas larger weapons (polearms, whips, heavy blades, etc) will have a much narrower cone. Each enemy's "backstab cone" will become wider when they're not specifically targeting the player. When hitting / bumping into an unaware enemy (e.g. from being undetected, or while Invisible), enemies will only become "aware" (i.e. stop taking stealth damage) after ~1.5 seconds from the first contact. Reduce the time taken for this to "reset" from 3 seconds (current) to 2 seconds. Enemies will always receive stealth bonuses while affected by "Lifted" status. Enemies will always receive stealth bonuses while affected by an Impact proc. Expand the variety of abilities that force enemies to become unaware; e.g. Bastille, Spellbind, Stomp, etc; such that Blind/Dessicate/SleepArrow/Rest aren't the only options in the game. Very minor, but add a melee equivalent of Hush/Suppress. (Melee weapons DO make noise when colliding with terrain, and the only current way to nullify that is by playing Banshee or Hushed Loki.) EDIT: Sorry for kinda dumping all that into your thread! TL;DR: Melee stealth damage has become crappy and inconsistent, even for the frames best suited for it. It needs a rework.
  7. Would be nice if holding 4 instead of tapping instantly set Exalteds to "dedicated melee" mode.
  8. Y'all need to rely on the wiki less. The less talked-about mechanics in this game are often poorly tested, if even that. In this particular case, the Wiki correctly (albeit a bit unclearly) states that "Sprint speed" (i.e. sprint-exclusive) is a distinct stat from "speed" / "movement speed" (i.e. walking/aiming/sprinting). Sources of the former (e.g. Rush, Sprint Boost, and Amalgam Serration) will have no effect whatsoever on walking speed. Dispatch Overdrive, Arcane Vanguard helmet, and Kogake Prime (I think? Never tested) are all sources of "movement speed" that didn't come into my head at the time. On top of warframe base stats, of course.
  9. To my understanding, all of the Sprint Speed mods only affect sprint speed. The only way to increase your walking speed is getting a buff from an allied Volt/Wisp/etc. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong, though.) Thankfully, it becomes a non-issue if you play with Sprint as a toggle rather than a hold. Just turn it on at the start of each mission and never worry about walking speed again!
  10. lolwut??? No. Finishers are a fundamentally different type of attack than regular swings, and players need to be able to choose between them. I have played zero other games where players are unable to choose between a basic attack and a slow-but-strong attack. The fact that it took so long for Warframe to solve this problem is complete insanity. Stealth finishers and "non-stealth" finishers are identical in every way except for the conditions under which the prompt appears. And stealth finishers appear by default on any unalerted enemy if you're behind it; do you genuinely think this is more "chosen" than manually casting Dessicate on a dude? More importantly: the new system does not make any changes to the viability of finishers! It's literally just moving them from button A to button B. Nothing else has changed. If you really wanted to do a finisher but your target died too fast, you should probably ask yourself whether a finisher was necessary in that situation in the first place. "Seamlessly mow them down with finishers"? What game are you playing? Finishers are the slowest melee attacks in the game and affect a maximum of one target at a time; there is no "mowing". Also, if you're deadset on using Finishers for mowing down crowds... you can still do that just as fast as before the update. Literally just press X instead of E, my dude.
  11. You know exactly what he's referring to. Don't be that guy.
  12. EDIT: To clarify: - It took more than five years for them to tweak useless / outright-detrimental Melee 2.0 mods (April 2014) - Still waiting on improvements to many Damage 2.0 mods (November 2013) - Still waiting on improvements to (or removal of) Melee 1.0 wall attacks (???????? 20??), which are still largely untouched since DE has ignored them over two separate melee reworks I love DE to death, but unfortunately I'm expecting them to drop this project and move their attention to something else before even a third of the necessary improvements are made. It's pretty much their M.O. at this point.
  13. Finishers being moved to X means that they no longer get accidentally activated when doing basic combos. This doesn't slow down the pace of gameplay, this prevents the fast-paced gameplay from being broken up by unwanted snail-paced Finishers. There's nothing "slower" about the current (improved) system, except potentially the player's reaction time when they realise that E is no longer the correct button. Once you get used to it, this is no longer a problem. Also, splitting Finisher controls on the basis of "stealth" versus "not-stealth" makes no sense. The only distinction between the two is the circumstances under which the Finisher prompt appears; there is no mechanical difference between "stealth finisher" and "not-stealth finisher" in this game.
  14. They could've just fixed the interaction between Maiming Strike and Blood Rush and fix the fact that MS is so boring. There was no need to remove the only additive crit-chance mod that melees have. Like... Instead of being "+90% CC on slide attacks", they could've instead made it "+90% CC on slide attacks, slams, air attacks, heavy attacks, and wall attacks" instead. As in, an additive bonus that works on every melee attack except for basic combos. Now that MS is no longer additive, and Condition Overload has been absolutely crushed by the nerf hammer (i.e. pure-status builds are no longer viable), we have this super fun situation where any melee weapon with low base CC cannot be used for anything except pure-status builds, and are therefore not viable. Great for build variety! /s
  15. Amen. The current "gunfire-button-for-melee" toggle just isn't cutting it, since attempting a Hold/"Tactical" combo will just fire the gun instead. The "quick melee" and "dedicated melee" modes should have separate keybinds, just like the olden days.
  16. Cheers! I also just tested this myself ingame, and I can confirm that CO is scaling to at least 7 procs for me (as opposed to the 3 that the dev workshop stated). I haven't bothered testing with higher proc counts since that's a wee bit more difficult to do, but it really looks like CO doesn't have a status cap.
  17. Okay, this is a little bit off topic, but-- I've been seeing people saying that they've been enjoying the "gunfire-button-for-melee" option since the update. Is it really that great? Like, I've been trying it out, and it works nicely when in "pure melee" mode, but the default behaviour (i.e. quick-switching to melee from guns) still has the problem of being unable to use Hold combos, no? OT: We need some more flexible Melee keybinds for sure. Instead of having a "gunfire-button-for-melee" option, we should instead have separate keybinds for quick melee (E by default) and "melee-mode melee" (E by default, but bindable to M1).
  18. Oh, yikes, I hadn't noticed that. That's... a damn shame. Heavy melees are still quite a bit slower than other weapons of the same speed, right? They should definitely have higher base damage to make up for that. I hope their stances still have good multipliers...
  19. So, as most of us know by now, Condition Overload has changed from: "multiplies final damage by 1.6 per status proc" to "adds +120% base damage per status proc". (Yes, it's additive with Primed Pressure Point. And yes, this is an indirect but extremely harsh nerf to Chroma.) But does anyone happen to know what the cap on CO stacks is post-U26? Or whether there is a cap? The melee dev workshop clearly stated that CO stacks up to 3 times, but the U26 patch notes contain this lovely table: which suggests that CO can still stack upon itself for a larger number of procs. So... which one is it? I'm too tired test this out ingame right now, but if anyone is able to do the testing (or if anyone has already done it), could you post your findings here?
  20. As someone pointed out on the first page, Condition Overload now stacks ADDITIVELY WITH BASE DAMAGE (i.e. adds on top of Pressure Point rather than multiplying it). Regarding communication: I have mixed feelings. On one hand: y'all should've told us about this prior to the update. Your wording made it seem as though CO was still going to be multiplicative with other damage boosts, which I'm sure was deliberate. On the other hand: I kinda understand why you didn't tell us about this prior to the update. There would've been an insane amount of backlash considering that nobody had actually tried it out yet. Regarding ingame balance: Still mixed feelings. On one hand: CO builds are objectively much, much weaker than before. Pre-nerf CO was the only thing that made pure-status builds viable, but those are effectively no longer an option. Assuming you've only got Primed Pressure Point equipped and are hitting a target with 4 procs, your effective damage multiplier has gone from 17.4x (base * PPP * 1.64) to 7.45x (base * (PPP + 1.2*4)). That's a bat-crap crazy loss in damage. And if you're running a build that stacks base damage (e.g. rivens, Spoiled Strike, Chroma, etc), then this loss in damage only becomes even more extreme as CO is increasingly subject to diminishing returns. I mean, Chroma mains ought to be on suicide watch right now, yikes. Their melee damage just decreased by about an order of magnitude (again), and their frame doesn't exactly have much utility to make up for it. Ironically, crit builds (the meta for melee) are affected by this change the least, since they tend to have less base damage stacked up (i.e. CO can have more of an effect in comparison)! On the other hand: Pure-status builds got completely shat on, but so many weapons have had their base Crit+Status buffed that hybrid builds are easier to make than ever. Also, more importantly: Prior to the update, CO made some melee builds so powerful that there wasn't much reason to even think about using a gun. The gap between the two has dramatically decreased (which was obviously the intention of the nerf in the first place), and I mean this in a good way. It actually feels like there's a choice between melee and guns now... Pre-U26 meta builds like hybrid polearms are still powerful, but they no longer hopelessly outclass every ranged weapon. Overall... melee is more balanced now, but this came at the cost of build variety (with pure-Status builds being completely nonviable), and an indirect-but-harsh nerf to Chroma (with CO barely having any effect due to the extreme amounts of base damage). I think that CO should still be an overall damage multiplier, rather than a base damage boost. Tweak the numbers so that it's still balanced (e.g. "80% final damage per status, stacking up to 6 times" or something). The current formula makes pure-Status builds and Chroma unviable for melee, which is the opposite of the diversity that this update was striving towards.
  21. Amen. Discovering that they moved Finishers from E to X was an extremely cathartic moment for me.
  22. Oh, that's because you're not. The "12x" only multiplies the damage of heavy attacks-- your regular attacks have 1x damage the entire time. (The ~3x buffs to base damage across the board makes up for that.) Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds still scale from this multiplier, though. (Specifically, this multiplier minus 1, according to the new Blood Rush / Weeping Wounds buff icons.) Regarding the crits... I haven't tested this myself, but I have a strong suspicion that Blood Rush now applies after other crit boosts, rather than before. So additive bonuses like cats and Harrow will no longer be multiplied by BR. It's a huge loss in damage, but IMO it's a bit of a well-deserved one (and I'm honestly surprised that interaction lasted for as long as it did). Additive crit chance sources turned literally any melee weapon into a red-crit monsters when combined with BR, whereas now it seems to behave more in line with how guns do.
  23. "ALIGN MELEE ATTACKS TO CAMERA" SETTING: I've been trying to bring this to your (DE's) attention for a while now, but unfortunately this wasn't addressed in the update. I play with this option disabled (as is standard in any "monster-hunting" type of game, e.g. Dark Souls / Monster Hunter / Dauntless / Vindictus). This worked fine with Melee 2.0 since most weapons/stances didn't have directional combos. However, now that every stance has its own "Forward" / "Forward Technique" attacks, the new melee style unfortunately doesn't support this option very well (i.e. all "forward" combos only activate when holding W, but not A,S,D). Could you give the "align melee attacks to camera" option a very quick review, so that it's properly compatible with Melee 3.0? The only change necessary is to let A,S,D activate the "forward" combos in addition to W when "align melee attacks to camera" is disabled. EDIT: Some general melee feedback: Finishers have been moved to Contextual Use (X) instead of Melee (E). OH MY GOD HOLY CRAP ^ literally me right now THANK YOU DE, AND GOD BLESS YOUR SOULS MAY THE GROUND YOU WALK QUAKE AS YOU PASS Some feedback about stances themselves: Some "Neutral" combos restrict movement too much, and should be switched with the "Forward" combos. When players use Neutral combos, it's often because they want to strafe left/right/backwards while attacking. However, most Neutral combos lock the player's legs, while the Forward combos will more-often let players WASD freely during the animation (despite W needing to be held to activate them). Some examples: - Iron Phoenix (Longsword) - Carving Mantis (dual swords) Simply switching the "Neutral" and "Forward" combos around would make the stances feel much more responsive to the player's inputs. Many "Neutral" combos restrict leg movement, but they often shouldn't have to. I get locking the legs when the character is twirling/flipping/kicking/etc, but there are moves where the legs look like they should be freely controllable, yet the player cannot WASD during the animation. This is especially bad for "Neutral" combos, i.e. the combos where the player is most likely to want to WASD while attacking. The most egregious example I can think of: - Swirling Tiger (dual swords); first attack of "Neutral" combo. (The worst part is, you used to be able to WASD during this move in Melee 2.0!) (potentially difficult to implement, but) Add option to opt-out of certain combos? I know there are players who are going to love most of a stance except for a certain clunky combo that gets in the way. I think it'd be cool if players had stance-specific options to completely disable certain combos, or otherwise tweak the controls of that stance. Perhaps add customization options (saved locally for each individual stance) to the "Melee Combos" window? e.g. If someone loves Iron Phoenix but hates its Neutral Combo (as I do), then allow that combo to be disabled entirely (such that the Forward combo is activated instead). Here's a quick UI mockup: EDIT2: Some feedback about specific stances: Shimmering Blight (Polearms) is AMAZING. For those who haven't used it: It's missing a Forward combo and Tactical combo. Its Neutral combo allows full WASD movement, and both its Neutral and Forward Tactical combos have nice, wide hitboxes. It's simple. It's effective. It's hella fun. I am not being sarcastic when I ask that y'all please do not touch this stance further (aside from maybe a fix for the first Neutral swing stepping to the right for some reason-- same applies for Bleeding Willow). That being said... Bleeding Willow (Polearms) feels like a strict downgrade to Shimmering Blight. Its Neutral combo is identical to Shimmering Blight's... but its Forward-Tactical combo, when compared to Shimmering Blight's, - has roughly the same speed - leaps roughly the same distance - has the same number of forced bleed procs (i.e. one) - does only a single hit on the first swing (albeit with a somewhat higher multiplier that doesn't quite make up for it), versus Shimmering Blight's many hits - has a somewhat narrow hitbox on the first swing (versus Shimmering Blight's 360-degree helicopter twirl) - does not inflict Lifted status, whereas Shimmering Blight does with no other significant advantage to back it up. I think it'd be great if Bleeding Willow's Forward Tactical combo, instead of being "mobile swing + a few stationary swings", was simply the last 3 swings of its pre-U26 "hold E" combo-- that is, three mobile swings in a row. Less power, more mobility-- just like before!
  24. You are misunderstanding. While this is all subject to change with Melee 3.0, polearms tend to have moderate attacking speeds and no stance multipliers to speak of (with the exception of Twirling Spire, which has big damage at the cost of nonexistent mobility). Shorter-ranged weapons, on the other hand, tend to hit much more quickly and with better stance multipliers... and if DE's Skana preview is any indication, mobility should no longer be a problem for them either. Basically, polearms will always be great for sweeping up crowds, whereas daggers will deal more single-target DPS as long as DE handles the stance multipliers well. In the end, both will (ideally) be equally viable, with players picking a type based on preference.
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