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  1. Auto-mantling would be fine if we were able to cancel it (e.g. by inputting Crouch or a direction opposite to the ledge). Other platformers with mantling (e.g. 3D Mario games, Mirror's Edge, Dying Light) have this as part of the player's core movement options, and I'm frankly baffled that WF's devs never thought to implement such a basic feature. Just fix all the bugs associated with it. Mantling should never occur while an ability is being cast or while in Void Mode, for example. If DE were to implement these two changes, then 99.9% of the problems with mantling would be solved IMO.
  2. I'd honestly like to see the numbers simply "truncated" with a letter indicating magnitude such that each tick shows three digits and nothing further. So for example, a tick of 9341 damage would turn into "9K", a tick of 125761280 would turn into "126M", etc. It would look cleaner than scientific notation, even if only a little bit.
  3. All I want is for them to do a single "flap" whenever the user doublejumps or bullet jumps. I'm not sure about whether they should be folded when idling (since that would instantly break, like, 99% of the "angel" loadouts that everyone and their grandmother has equipped right now), but it would be nice if they folded when shooting and aiming, instead of being completely outstretched and having to awkwardly transition between visibility/invisibility based on enemy proximity.
  4. Interesting! Is Twitch Drops 1.0 being phased out the instant 2.0 drops? I enjoyed twitch drops being claimed automatically, so I'm honestly tempted to just leave it at 1.0 for as long as possible purely for convenience.
  5. BLESS. I'm super hyped for Corpus railjack, but: I am also unbelievably excited for these. Tiny lil decorations that fill my heart with joy 🤗 新年快樂 ~ !
  6. Helminth came with the Deimos update, and yes, it is mildly gamebreaking 😂 There are a couple of catches to Helminth: it can be expensive resource-wise each frame has a single, specific ability that can be Helminth'd onto another warframe. Mesa's is her 2, so you're actually able to put Shooting Gallery onto literally any warframe you want! SIDE NOTE: You could also sacrifice a Banshee to put (Savage) Silence onto any warframe you want! I haven't played a lot of Mesa so idk how good Shooting Gallery is, but what I love about Silence is that it works on an unlimited
  7. I'm not sure how far you are into the game, but it sounds like you would get a lot of mileage out of using the Helminth system to transfer Banshee's Silence (or Savage Silence) onto another frame. Savage Silence is absolutely bonkers with a good melee weapon, since it adds a +700% stealth damage bonus to all of your melee attacks (stacking additively with crits) on stunned enemies. If the stun runs out before you can kill your target, no problem, just back away and close in again to reapply it. Aside from that, maybe consider: Nova: Her 4 is one of the best crowd-control abilities i
  8. This literally is not how bleed damage works, but ok lol
  9. I didn't read the full thread, but this alone gets a big fat +1 from me. Warframe's movement feels very imprecise compared to what you'd expect in nearly any other game, and our awkward pseudo-camera-dependent 4-directional dodging system is one of the most glaring reasons for that. We should roll in exactly the inputted direction, and then have the warframe's somersaulting/siderolling/backflipping animation selected based on that direction. Not the other way around.
  10. Those are part of why I made this thread. We all know about the Navigation consoles in dojos / relays and such, but as you say, hardly anyone ever uses them. Oh no, I was actually suggesting that the relevant locations simply appear in Navigation. Just so that players can choose to head directly to a specific Relay after a Railjack session, for example. Nothing fancy. The fewer items we have in our Esc Menu, the better 😆 I was actually intending for the "amenities" to remain unique to each hub. So a player on a Relay would have to return to their Orbiter to craft something
  11. First off-- thank you for creating this subforum! I hope that my feedback can be of some use. My suggestion aims to improve the player's sense of immersion with relatively little effort in terms of development time. These tweaks will simply improve the "feel" of integration between player hubs (and the content islands that they represent). THE PROBLEM: The player's Orbiter is the single hub that the entirety of Warframe revolves around. DE's goal is to make Railjack a core part of the game, but doing this is difficult when the Orbiter is essentially Warframe's "main menu"
  12. This is great news! I've definitely had issues with other LoS-requiring attacks/abilities getting blocked by negligible bits of terrain as well. Melee attacks primarily. If LoS mechanics are changed overall for Whipclaw and such (e.g. instead of drawing a single line between the AoE "origin" and the target, having multiple "origins" around the true center of the AoE that do LoS checks as well), is there any chance this could be applied to melee attacks in general? It's a bit annoying when a large melee weapon physically passes through an enemy but deals 0 damage because there's a tin
  13. Kind of! Warframes are actually only able to have one active Electric proc at a time. What happens when we're hit with a second electric proc is that its damage per tick is simply added to that of the first proc, and the duration is refreshed. As an example, let's say you're hit with an Electric proc of 50 damage/tick. And just before it ends, you're hit with another Electric proc that does 40 damage/tick. The end result is that you now suffer from a single Electric proc that does 90 damage/tick for the entire duration of the proc (as opposed to the 50/tick wearing off and leaving
  14. I meant during the phases on the central platform where you have to shoot the weak points on its back 😂 But also, if the flying phases didn't require void damage, I'm sure Bonewidow would still be able to take them out pretty easily. Just jump really high (with a slide cancel for momentum if necessary) and start smacking.
  15. I'd love for this to be extended to enemies with weakpoints in general. Bonewidow vs. Tusk Thumpers is similarly disappointing, and I imagine that Bonewidow vs. Lephantis/Ropalolyst/etc will be every bit as useless when they become available. As long as Bonewidow's sword is physically connecting with a weakpoint hitbox, it should do damage, regardless of whether it hits an "immune" hitbox first.
  16. You would need, like, 250% power strength for Warcry to even be on par with Berserker. And that's not factoring in the fact that it stacks additively with other speed boosts, rather than multiplicatively like Berserker does. In terms of raw damage output, the absolute best case scenario is that you put obscene amounts of power strength into your Wukong, and Warcry might save you a single mod slot on your melee weapon. On the other hand, Roar just straight-up multiplies your final damage by 1.3 unmodded. Melee and guns. That's nice as hell. There's also the fact that: - it double dips
  17. ... I don't know much about optimization, but DE's dedicated servers literally already handle players' "movement and vectors and whatnot". Just with walking/running animations instead of the proper bullet jumps, slides, and rolls. Also, many idle animations are far, far more complex than bullet jumps, slides, and rolls. Like, I'm pretty sure that a person with Wisp Agile would actually be lessening the strain on your system by spamming bullet jumps instead.
  18. Is rendering bullet jump animations really going to be that intensive compared to rendering idle animations?
  19. Physics time! All objects accelerate downwards at the same rate, regardless of mass. If a 10-pound bowling ball and a 300-ton Tusk Thumper are launched into the air at the same speed, they'll both hit the ground at exactly the same time. Humans are basically hardwired to understand this at an intuitive level, regardless of whether they learned it in a classroom setting. Like, if you see someone throwing a ball, you will instinctively figure out (from its initial trajectory) where+when the ball will hit the ground. The mass of the ball doesn't matter-- aerodynamics aside, the result w
  20. Sorry about the incoming wall of text-- I got a bit carried away when responding here 😂 - true lol - I'm fully aware that the lack of player animations is for optimization purposes, but I personally feel that it's not worth it. Granted, I know very little about this area, but I feel as though sending a single packet saying "I just started a bullet jump" whenever someone does a bullet jump or something is not going to destroy DE's dedicated servers. - It's the player's character, it's heavily involved in gameplay, and it literally has mid-mission dialogue by default, wh
  21. I'm sorry, but... god no. The game is already enough of a cakewalk without us being able to remove any weaknesses of our builds mid-mission. The only place where such a feature would be appropriate in this game would be with player-captured Corpus bases on Venus when there are no enemies nearby. And maybe in Railjack when all mission objectives have been cleared and all enemies have despawned. Both of these would be purely for convenience's sake and wouldn't make the game any easier than it already is.
  22. I feel like I'm not really understanding-- Could you elaborate on what you mean by this? Destroying crew ships shouldn't require much movement from your railjack at all. You kinda just rotate to face the crew ship, and either Artillery or Slingshot into it. No need to get close or anything.
  23. This doesn't really change the fact that Drifting is still objectively the best option (i.e. slightly cheaper and MUCH faster than boosting) whenever your stamina bar isn't empty.
  24. ... Did drifting recently break or something? It's been at least a month since I last played Railjack, but I've never had any problems with using drift maneuvers to get around, both in combat and out. EDIT: Just hopped onto my railjack ingame and tested it out. Drifting's stamina cost hasn't changed-- that is, it still drains slightly less than regular boosting (with R7 piloting, at least), plus the initial stamina cost for dodging. I frankly have no idea what people in this thread are talking about. Drifting is by far the best option for moving quickly and efficiently, and alway
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