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  1. 7 hours ago, mutt93 said:

    I dont play enough excal to vote on changing his 1. I suggested the change to rhino because I love playing him and want him to be the best he can with his kit and frankly his passive is annoying but I was also inspired by the actual rhinos he takes his name from. I will play him eather way I just hate to see any warframe that has a completely useless ability.

    Rhino doesn't have any useless abilities, only a useless passive.

    I'd personally really enjoy if he had an increased melee Slam radius based on height or something, just to maintain that "heavyweight" theme. Or maybe let Rhino deal damage + ragdoll enemies by sprinting/rolling into them (e.g. it deals the same amount of damage as a regular melee swing, affected by mods, but with innate ragdoll and pure Impact at base), which could change up his melee gameplay a bit.
    There are loads of things that could be done with Rhino's passive that I would be 100% happy with. His ability kit, though, is already damn near perfect-- even his 1, which serves as an excellent mobility/crowd-gathering tool if you didn't go with negative Range or something.

  2. I don't want to make giant walls of text so imma cherrypick one thing. (I mentioned this in my previous post, but deleted it to make the wall of text more palatable lol)

    3 hours ago, LazyKnight said:

    Most of the CC warframes scale to level 9999 (or pick you realistic number that you can stay awake to find) and the tanks falls off at around level 200 for everyone save Revenant, tell me what one is a bigger issue? And this does apply to solo, as well but the limiting factor is player skill. 

    If you're planning on doing 999-hour Survivals or something, then obviously you're going to hit a point where CC'ing enemies becomes more viable than tanking. But it's hard to think of this as a balance issue when there is literally zero incentive to play at such a level.

    Yes, CC technically scales better, in the sense that utility scales infinitely and a big fat number doesn't. That doesn't mean it's less healthy for the game as a whole.



    3 hours ago, LazyKnight said:

    Warframe is out of whack, and any argument I have about it will be called meta complaining because it is several system interacting that are broken and not just one. it just not simply fixable by making every warframe as durable as Excalibur and calling that a fix. What that will accomplish is increasing the skill level required to play the game but it would not necessarily do anything to make the game more engaging.

    Unless DE reviews how they want the game played, any fix with armor and damage are at most a band-aid for the challenge issue.

    This, I can agree with. Maybe not the band-aid part (since player/enemy scaling are the backbone around which a healthy game should be built, and this backbone is hella broken right now)-- but once scaling is given a fundamental ground-up rework, addressing our insane CC options should follow soon after.

    I just think that addressing CC first is silly, because many of our frames need their insane CC just to not get instagibbed. Nerfing CC before fixing scaling will only further limit the number of viable warframes.

  3. 11 hours ago, LazyKnight said:


    This thread is talking about the enemy/player number-scaling problem in this game, and tank warframes are almost unkillable in 99.99% of this game's content, while many non-tanks get oneshotted in the same content. Similar problem for player damage. This problem has reached such an extent that it's almost completely impossible for DE to create any enemy that represents a "fair challenge", a "test of skill", yadda yadda; because your choice of warframe will always determine whether you trivialize that content or get trivialized by that content.

    That, to me, is borked. It's broken on a very fundamental level. It is the big poo poo.
    I mean, seriously, I have never experienced a game where inter-class balance was so bad that it was literally impossible to create an enemy that feels truly satisfying to fight against. And this is from a solo perspective; don't even get me started about how braindead missions become when there are 4 of you.


    I can understand why CC poses a balance issue as well, but it's just... not nearly on the same level as the big fat numbers problem. Definitely not an order of magnitude worse, at least not when you're playing solo.

    • CCing enemies requires that the player press a button on each new group of enemies. That right there is already 999x more interactive and 999x more risky than tank gameplay.
    • CC abilities tend to have limitations-- e.g. range, LoS, Nullifiers, etc. It's very easy to have at least one dude in the map unaffected by CC, and this is more than enough to kill you at higher levels. This is what I meant when I mentioned being "punished".

    The point is, if you're running solo, then CC has a few small downsides and weak points. Big fat numbers (be it damage or bulk) have neither of these things, and big fat numbers are something that every experienced WF player has sitting in their arsenal.


    11 hours ago, LazyKnight said:


    It's hard to imagine anything being "fair punishment" in a game where you can die 3 times in a minute without affecting the mission outcome.

    WF is a casual game, so I'm not asking for WF to suddenly have Dark Souls levels of challenge (at least, not at starchart levels for newbies), but playing WF should feel engaging. Hard to make engaging content when player stats are this out of whack, though.

    - TL;DR - 
    WF's stat scaling is so insane that the concept of "challenge" does not exist. WF's CC issue is somewhat less insane.
    Stats need to be normalized so WF can offer engaging gameplay for both casual and hardcore audiences.

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  4. 2 hours ago, LazyKnight said:

    Tanks are not the problem so much as the CC Warframes. Warframes with CC can avoid all damage entirely and it doesn't even mater if you go into a mission with 1hp or 200hp or if the NPCs are level 5 or 5000. Try playing railjack with any warframe that can CC and it easy mode even more so than playing Inaros. 

    DE needs to decide if they have warframe like Loki and Ivara or if they want to have a game that can ever be balanced at all. 

    Eh. Multiple things can be overpowered.

    CC frames are a bit less of a concern in my book since it's actually possible to screw up and be punished for it (unlike tanks, which pretty much have god mode enabled as long as they don't fall off the map or waltz into a Nully bubble). I do agree that invisibility=invincibility is a problem, though (although good luck rebalancing invisibility without a full-blown scaling rework first-- Ash/Ivara/Octavia/etc simply wouldn't be viable at high levels otherwise).

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  5. 1 hour ago, (PS4)sister-hawk said:

    Yeah I was not happy about that either. Enemies already oneshot you at level 100 anyway. Why are we looking to make that situation worse?

    It almost seems like they don’t understand the point of rebalancing armor. It’s not to make enemies easier to kill. Very few enemies are actually bullet sponges in this game. We can already kill enemies easily enough. The point of reworking armor would be to make corrosion or viral/slash builds less mandatory when fighting high level Grineer.

    You don’t need to make enemies more lethal to balance them being easier to kill. In fact I think that mentality is exactly what got us into the situation we are in now. Either the enemies die in one hit, or you do. DE needs to pull away from that play-style, not double down on it.


    I find it genuinely amazing that DE continually releases new enemies that straight-up oneshot half of our warframe (and now archwing) roster, and they decide that enemies apparently need to deal even more damage. I feel like the people in charge of these decisions need to just... like... randomly select a warframe (with their favourite build+weapons for that frame) and use it for a bit in high-leveled content like Veiljack. Do that for a couple hours. Just to get an idea of what the scaling in this game is like, without relying on devhacks or tanks (which might as well be devhacks). THEN, they can think about what changes need to be made to ensure a funner experience for everyone.


    The root of the issue is that player scaling in this game (in terms of both damage and Effective HP) is completely out of whack. It's damn near impossible to create a meaningful "challenge" at high levels if our damage/EHP are not normalized.

    In literally any other game, you'd expect "tank" classes to have maybe ~3x the EHP of a standard class. Yet in Warframe, the difference between a tank and a Banshee is, what... two or three orders of magnitude? With classes set up this way, the devs really have three options:

    1. Balance enemy damage around the non-tanks. (Result: Tanks are boring to play.)
    2. Balance enemy damage around the tanks. (Result: Non-tanks are damn near unplayable.)
    3. Balance enemy damage somewhere in between. (Result: Tanks are boring to play, and non-tanks are damn near unplayable.)
      ^ This seems to be where Railjack enemies are sitting.

    Same goes for damage. If DE doesn't drastically tone down players on both fronts, then there's really not much they can do to create a satisfying, "balanced" sense of challenge. (Unless they go the Maplestory route and make every boss deal %HP-based damage or something, but it really shouldn't have to come to that.)

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  6. I didn't notice any mention of it whatsoever during today's devstream, despite the attention it received at the top of the Devstream 136 thread ("Ask your questions here!", it says). Literally the first and most-upvoted comment, and it's not even a particularly difficult topic to address or anything, yet it was completely ignored in typical DE fashion.


    I'd love for this to get fixed. Same goes for the probably-very-very-related bug where Aim manages to toggle itself on during melee attacks despite M2 not being pressed. But alas, Melee 3.0 is now in the past and DE has their sights set on something new and shiny.

    If this issue doesn't catch DE's attention again while Melee 3.0's "demon mode" is being implemented, then I wouldn't be surprised if we had to wait another half-decade for Melee 4.0 or whatever until this gets fixed.

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  7. 27 minutes ago, ShichiseitenYasha said:

    The community has had ideas similar to this for a while, DE just doesn't seem to care. 

    I think it's more that this suggestion isn't particularly popular (let alone necessary) to begin with. As a person who plays a decent amount of Excal/Rhino, I would absolutely hate for either of their 1's to be moved to Sprint or Dodge.

    Sprinting/Dodging/1 are completely different mobility tools that can (and should) all be used in conjunction with each other. The thought of replacing one with another seems incredibly silly to me-- you might as well replace Zephyr's Jump with Tailwind or something.


    Don't get me wrong, I think we can all agree that Rhino's passive is ass. But replacing his Sprint or Roll with his 1 is not the answer to this problem.

  8. 25 minutes ago, Hawk_of_the_Reborn said:

    There shouldn't have been worry to begin with. It was plainly stated that any reactors with lower-than-the-new ranges will all be bumped up to the new minimum, while those which were already within the new ranges are(supposedly) left completely alone, untouched and unlooked at.So either way, Saske's post or Reb's, it's still a buff through and through.

      "A buff is a buff, so how DARE you worry about your max-roll turning into a trash-roll at the whims of a redundant RNG check!"
    - everyone in this damn thread, apparently


    Emphasis on the "redundant" part. The RNG check for rolling OP's reactor stats already happened when he picked up the item, and numerous players like him spent hours upon hours trying to get a decent roll. These players have every right to be worried about their hard-earned stats being scrambled for no reason, even if the boost to base stats make up for the player's potential stat loss, and even with Rebecca's proposed "safety net" system (which would still turn many Vidar "god rolls" into "meh rolls" post-update). Simply rescaling the rolls along with the new base stats (as Saske stated DE will do) seems like it would be the most obvious and fair way of handling base stat changes, so I cannot for the life of me understand why so many folks in this thread are against it.

    And for the love of Cain and all things holey, y'all need to stop being so aggressive about it! Go outside. Eat some food. Take a nap, idk.
    OP's not hurting anyone. OP's not suggesting something that would hurt anyone. Chill.

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  9. 20 minutes ago, Hawk_of_the_Reborn said:

    No it is not, now read my post again.

    I mean this in the least condescending way possible, but dude, you gotta take a step back from your desk for a bit. Breathe. Relax.

    Now, when your mind is more clear, read [DE]Saske's post again. He says-- very clearly and very explicitly-- that stats are being remapped rather than rerolled. That is, a Zetki reactor with 50 capacity (current max) will turn into a reactor with 80 capacity (new max).



    16 minutes ago, Hawk_of_the_Reborn said:

    So either Reb's comment about the future railjack components balancing was wrong, or Sakse was still unlclear on what he meant. Take your pick

    Saske's comment is newer and was made to clarify a concern about Reb's comment, so I'm immediately leaning towards the updated version. Not sure why one wouldn't, really.

    It's entirely possible that Reb made a mistake when explaining the numbers (which happens very often with DE-- recall Synoid Simulor, Chroma, Condition Overload, etc).
    It's also entirely possible that Reb was correct, and DE's plan for reactor stats simply changed over the past day.
    In either case, Saske just gave us the newly-updated version. It's silly to ignore it.

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  10. 5 minutes ago, Hawk_of_the_Reborn said:

    I read the whole thing, unlike everybody who thinks their reactors are gonna "Scale" up. No, they're not.

    If you have any reactor that's below its new MINIMUM range, it will be pumped up to that number now. If you already have any reactor that is already within its new range, it WILL. NOT. BE. AFFECTED. AT. ALL. 

    Meaning no scaling buffs or nerfs, it's the same exact reactor as before

    Meaning that if you have a +49 cap Zetki mkIII reactor, it's not gonna scale up to the new range by being buffed to +79(near limit of new MAXIMUM range). No, it's just gonna go to +70, that's it. 

    This is literally the opposite of what @[DE]Saske just said. Which, if I may emphasize, is DE's most recent official clarification on the matter.



    The amount of toxicity in this thread is baffling. OP's request is essentially "I worked for hours to get myself a max roll, and I would like it to stay as a max roll once the base stats are buffed". Which is a perfectly reasonable request-- and it's the system that existing Riven stats have been following for years, by the way-- yet everyone's screaming and frothing at the mouth as if OP personally requested that DE murder their families or something.

    Nobody is getting punished by reactor stats being remapped rather than rerolled. Y'all. Need to. RELAX.

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  11. 18 hours ago, 844448 said:

    corrosive for stripping armor with condition overload for stacking damage bonus

    A rule of thumb I like to follow: If your melee weapon is successfully stripping armor with Corrosive, then it's probably not killing fast enough.


    Critless status weapons reeeaaallly got the short end of the stick with Melee 3.0, and of course DE's probably not going to do anything about it until like 2025. Until then, the best thing you can do with these weapons is find a way to give them some sort of crit multiplier-- e.g. with Harrow/Adarza (which give additive crit chance), or with forced stealth bonuses (which give additive +700% crit damage regardless of whether the weapon actually crits-- e.g. Sleep, Blind, Savage Silence, etc).
    Unfortunately, with DE slowly stomping the life out of stealth damage over the past year (with zero mention of it in the patch notes, of course), our options for reliable stealth damage are becoming... increasingly limited.

  12. 31 minutes ago, LostSeeker0 said:
    • Blast: Knocks down both the target and all enemies within 5 meters of the target. Procs can only affect again when the enemy is trying to stand back up

    A bit off-topic, but is this the case ingame once again? Because Blast procs broke in late 2017 and I don't recall them ever being fixed (i.e. enemies couldn't be knocked down again while the "icon" was still active-- meaning you could blast-proc an enemy 99999 times over the course of an hour and only the first one would actually cause a knockdown).


    But yeah, damage types are a wee bit of a mess. ESPECIALLY the nonsense with Condition Overload, which destroyed the viability of nearly any non-crit melee weapon.
    Unfortunately, DE's attention shifted away from Melee 3.0, so we can expect to see zero changes to this problem for the next seven years...

  13. 52 minutes ago, [DE]Danielle said:

    We are doing just that in the Hotfix we have planned on PC coming up real soon! We've added permanent in-world markers on Avionics and Salvage so that you and your squad mates can't miss them - this has been a huge request considering how important loot awareness is in general, and especially important since Avionics are such a core component to your Railjack. This is in addition to also adding Battle Avionics as potential drops from Elite Fighters in Deep Space. 

    As for the discussion on the Railjack's vacuum range, that is something we are currently reviewing! 


    Regarding the vacuum-- playing as a gunner can be pretty frustrating since you'll often see useful drops but be unable to pick them up. Has anyone brought up the idea of giving gunners a way to pull loot towards the ship? e.g. By aiming to produce a cone-shaped vacuum?

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  14. 4 hours ago, Quimoth said:

    the former simply looks to me like to much coding and to much bugfixing to be worth investing in for DE.

    Implementing a system where players can swap out parts of an ungilded zaw might be a bit hard to do, considering DE's spaghetti code. BUT, the game already keeps track of what parts each player's Zaw is made out of-- so it should be exceedingly simple to implement a "Disassemble" option (i.e. delete an un-gilded zaw/kitgun, and add its three components to the player's inventory) as a workaround.


    Bonus points if this "delete weapon and refund parts" workaround is disguised as a proper "Swap Parts" UI. Example implementation:

    • Player clicks on hypothetical "Swap Parts" button from Hok's menu, and selects the un-gilded Zaw that they would like to modify. The game opens up the already-existing build-a-zaw interface, but with the current parts set to those of their selected weapon.
    • When the player hits "Save customized Zaw", the game deletes the Zaw from their inventory and gives them a brand-new one from the selected parts (adding/removing parts from their inventory as necessary). This gives the impression that the player's Zaw is having parts swapped out while resetting its rank to 0.

    Considering that un-gilded Zaws can't be coloured/potato'd/forma'd/named/etc (i.e. the player won't have any customizations that they'll notice disappearing), it should be virtually indistinguishable from a true part-swapping system. From the player's perspective, at least.

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  15. 30 minutes ago, (XB1)Thang Hung said:

    @SortaRandom That is hilarious because that was exactly my setup when I logged back in! Plague Kripath with Twirling Spire. Mind sharing your Orthos build with me?

    I've been using a standard hybrid build with a comfortable amount of attack speed, and as much Range as possible.

    Naramon version (~infinite combo duration, 100% status, pure Slash):

    Zenurik version (decent combo duration, status, and Slash ratio):


    I want my hitboxes to be as wide as possible, so having both Primed Reach and Spring-Loaded Blade is practically mandatory for me. Shimmering Blight has a simple moveset with decent multipliers, wide hitboxes, and excellent mobility; and Primed Fury gives a very comfortable amount of speed for this stance (Berserker introduces motion sickness for me). 
    I also have Arcane Fury on my warframes for a bit of added base damage (so that oneshotting weak enemies is easier), and a status shotgun (e.g. Phantasma with Vicious Spread) to soften up extremely tanky enemies. The whole thing pairs particularly well with frames like Wukong (sprays Phantasma passively) and Rhino (increased bleed damage thanks to Roar double-dipping on procs).

    End result is an extremely mobile, wide-ranged helicopter propeller of armor-ignoring goodness. is nice 👌

  16. That riven is amazing. The thought of that combined with Primed Reach is making me drool.

    I'd honestly advise losing the Corrosive damage. Reaper Prime is blessed with having incredible crit, status, and Slash ratio, making it perfect for dealing most of its damage through slash procs. Melee weapons should rarely, if ever, be using Corrosive for the sake of stripping armor-- especially if they can make use of slash procs as well as ReaperP does.

    As a rule of thumb, if your melee weapon is successfully stripping an enemy's armor, that's only because it isn't killing the enemy fast enough.


    I'd personally:

    • Replace Primed Pressure Point with Primed Reach, to instantly give yourself one of the widest-reaching melees in the game. If oneshotting mid-leveled enemies is a priority and you don't desperately need your arcanes, then get your base damage through Arcane Fury.
    • Replace Shocking Touch with Weeping Wounds. This alone will get you to 100% Status at 9x combo.

    Final slot can be any of:

    • Primed Fever Strike (best raw damage + ignores shields, BUT harshly lowers bleed-proc chance).
    • Focus Energy (maximizes Heavy Attack efficiency with Zenurik + allows you to maintain combo indefinitely by using a heavy attack if no enemies are nearby, BUT slightly suffers against enemies with high Shields or Alloy Armor [not that it matters if you use Heavy Attacks]).
      ^ Goes best with Amalgam Organ shatter.
    • Buzz Kill (completely obliterates armor and is decent against shields due to the sheer number of slash procs, BUT the lack of proc variety may scale poorly with Condition Overload if you don't have a status gun handy).
      ^ Do not use if CO is your only source of base damage.
    • Primed Pressure Point (a bit more bleed damage, BUT without the reliability of Buzz Kill).

  17. 8 minutes ago, Forblaze said:

    I feel like Zetki guns are kind of bad. The cryophon specifically may be the least bad, but sigma weapons are like half of the cost of anything you'd have to repair and perform perfectly fine. I did all of my the veil with just sigma weapons and components.

    Eh. Sigma weapons are strict downgrades to all of the others (aside from Zekti's heat accretion), and if you're deadset on not using Zekti, then you'll still probably stumble upon a few Vidar/Lavan weapons within a few missions.

    Even if Sigmas are cheaper to craft, you can still save yourself those resources by just joining squads for a couple missions until you get the good stuff. Considering that there's no downside for joining a squad (aside from bugs and occasionally dealing with a poorly equipped ship), this is definitely more worth it IMO.

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  18. 8 hours ago, oreom said:

    I usually go Organ S. plus berserker, I find Reach to be good value but only after damage/speed mods are in place

    Yeah, that's pretty much the go-to. Personally I have Reach as a top-priority mod, but if I were to squeeze it into this build, I'd replace an element with it first.

    Ideally, though, you could always save a mod slot by getting that stat from an external source. e.g. you could use Arcane Fury to free up PPP's slot, or use Naramon to free up Drifting Contact's slot, etc.


    8 hours ago, Oldskinzz said:

    I believe the reasoning behind this build of double speed mods is because P fury actually stacks multiplicatively with Berserker. So it is a better bonus than simple addition stacking like PPP and CO.

    Wait, actually? I've never heard of this being the case, although... it would definitely explain the unexpected differences in attack speeds for several of my Zaw builds.
    Dang, TIL. 😮

  19. Organ Shatter not being in the build is an absolute travesty. They're basically cutting the OrthosP's damage into less than half by excluding it, and adding attack speed when an attack speed mod is already being used definitely won't make up for it. Diminishing returns and all that. (Similar story for Pressure Point and Condition Overload, although stacking both at least gives the benefit of oneshotting trash mobs for quite a bit longer.)

    Also, OrthosP is one of those weapons that's so fast that "too much attack speed" can become a very real issue. Berserker alone can break your basic E-spam combo unless you mash very quickly, and in my experience can cause a bit of motion sickness when using Shimmering Blight's Hold combo. IMO, a second attack speed mod will only make the weapon harder to control while not adding much in the way of damage.
    You'll be far better off using that extra mod slot for Primed Reach or something.

  20. How on earth are yall hitting level 10 in things

    I've done >15 hours of railjack missions (the last ~5h farming intrinsics on 2x affinity), and I still haven't reached R7 in anything. Nobody else seems to be struggling with getting intrinsics at all, which baffles me.

    Yall need to tell me your secrets

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  21. Some obvious reasons as to why we don't have a compass:

    • it's in space, where exactly would the "north" be pointing to?
    • it's in space, where exactly would up/down be pointing to?


    And to that, I say: Just wrap a coordinate system around whatever large celestial body is nearby.

    • If a planet is nearby:
      • Compass is relative to the rotational north/south of the planet in the skybox, with "down" pointing towards the planet.
        Basically our geographic coordinate system that we're all used to, except REEAAALLY high off the ground (which will be readily apparent in Earth Proxima missions).
        For the sake of being intuitive, rotational poles are considered rather than magnetic poles.
    • If a planet is not nearby:
      • Same as above, but relative to the sun instead, with "down" pointing towards the sun.

    HOWEVER: I get that it's important to have the planets gracefully appearing in the skybox as you spawn in, and that players will often want to orient themselves in the plane of the compass (i.e. place the planet beneath them). This could be problematic.
    So, alternatively: make the compass relative to the centre of the galaxy instead.

    • ALTERNATIVE 1: "Down" pointing towards centre of galaxy, "North" pointing toward the north galactic pole, and "South" pointing toward the south galactic pole. (Geographic coordinates, just like above, but centered around galaxy centre.)
    • ALTERNATIVE 2: "Up" pointing towards centre of galaxy, "North" pointing toward the north galactic pole, and "South" pointing toward the south galactic pole. (This is similar in setup to the galactic coordinate system, which is used for locating extragalactic objects in actual astronomy. Very different in execution, but similar in setup.)


    At this point you may be wondering:

    "But SortaRandom, who the heck will care where the centre of the milky way is when playing a Railjack mission?"
    - some dude, 2019

    To which I say: exactly.

    Since the Milky Way doesn't appear in any of our skyboxes, and the players typically won't know/care where the centre of the MW should appear in the sky, it would be easy to get away with setting the in-mission compass to some completely random orientation and explaining it away as "it's galactic coordinates, don't question it". Bonus points if Cy gets a dramatic "CALIBRATING TO GALACTOCENTRIC COORDINATES." voiceline when first launching the railjack.



    ~~ TL;DR ~~
    - Align the compass to the nearest planet. OR,
    - Point the compass in some random direction, and pretend it's a modified galactocentric coordinate system. (Maybe give Cy an extra voiceline to explain away any confusion.)


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