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  1. I was just about to make a thread on this, thanks!

    Another comparison for Saita Prime armor:




    New (my screenshots just now; ignore the slightly different colour selection):



    The new version looks like a budget rubbery Halloween costume of the old version. Even the metallics on the shoes look round and squishy compared to before 😂

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  2. 18 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:


    • Fixed missing normal maps on Operators (leading to faces looking off, i.e scars not looking right). 

    ... Honestly, I actually really enjoyed the brief moment where normal maps were missing for Operator faces.

    The current appearance is VERY reflective, to the point where you can make out individual light sources reflecting off their face. It makes operators look very "oily" IMO. Or like they have a thin layer of saran wrap hugging the surface of their skin.

    Maybe you could do a Vindictus and add an "oiliness" slider (i.e. intensity of normal map) for operator skin/face customization?


    Aside from that: Thanks for the update, DE!

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  3. 42 minutes ago, (PSN)Negus_Shardyx said:

    I personally use the Stropha, I forgot exactly why it works well, but it melts Necramechs.

    Part of the reason Stropha works so well is that whenever you destroy a shoulder, any "overkill" damage from that hit is received by the main body. So even if your weapon doesn't have any AoE or punchthrough, you can still technically oneshot Necramechs if you hit them in the shoulder hard enough.

    (I have a super nice Velocitus riven, and it's been working wonders.)



    56 minutes ago, (PSN)crashteddy03 said:

    Things I've tried...

    • Someone suggested using Wukong's Defy (I'm assuming max strength build?). Tried this and it also did nothing.

    From my experience, enemy necramechs have a really annoying habit of activating their Storm Shroud while your Defy is charging up, and your Wukong is just hitting that instead. In my case, it's usually because I deactivate Defy too late, and the necramechs (which are finishing their bomb-vomit attack) have time to perform a new action before my hit lands. It certainly doesn't help that Storm Shroud doesn't have a telegraph or a startup animation; it just activates instantly.

    As long as the enemy Necramech doesn't have Storm Shroud active, Defy will ignore their shoulders/weakpoints and deal damage directly to their main body.

  4. Are you, by any chance, running Deconstructor on your Helios(P) and wanting all of the hits to trigger Shattering Impact?

    If this is the case, you can equip an unranked Targeting Receptor so that only the Impact part is thrown. (Having a less-than-maxed Targeting Receptor causes your helios to attack more quickly with NEGATIVE attack speed, though, for some reason. I don't have the faintest clue as to why this happens.)

  5. 16 minutes ago, Hierarch777 said:

    Used to be, we executed finishers with melee button. Why did DE change that, idk. It was far more comfortable. 

    It was changed because finisher animations take an average of 9999 years to execute, and in that time players could have killed a roomful of enemies with basic melee attacks. Moving Finishers to another button (as is the case in other games like Dying Light) made more sense, as players can now actually choose between which move they want to use.


    OT: You can disable the 'Use'-to-reload in the Options, and just use the dedicated Reload button for reloading instead.

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  6. 2 hours ago, taiiat said:

    one of them.
    but the maximum concurrent Enemies is over 40.

    it's a non issue. this isn't Hellblade, individual Enemies do not have any Narrative value, and it's expected for them to be able to be dispatched with relatively quickly. that's why there are dozens of them.

    it's not a problem for one Enemy to not be a significant hurdle. just as long as an individual Enemy isn't also just to soak up one bullet either, then it's probably a good middleground.

    With that first bit, you make it sound like we can only CC or oneshot a single enemy at a time or something. The "interesting enemies" can come in ones or come in droves, but it makes no difference if they all die/freeze in an instant.

    As far as enemy bulk goes, we obviously want high-leveled enemies to fall within that satisfying "middle ground" in terms of time-to-kill, at least for experienced players. But Warframe's problem (well, one of them) is that our damage output varies so ludicrously that this ideal "middle ground" is impossible to define. Even this thread's comments highlight this-- we have a bunch of people saying that Steel Path enemies are spongy and boring, and we have a bunch of other people saying that Steel Path enemies get oneshotted anyways and are therefore boring. Shockingly, none of these people are having fun.

    That's why I think a scaling overhaul will eventually be necessary. If the "floor" and "ceiling" of player damage output are brought closer together, then it'll be easier to balance enemy bulk accordingly.


    2 hours ago, taiiat said:

    if people are going to copy pasta parrot "you can't have interesting Enemies if you have a variety of Gear" - idk, get real or something. there's just no conversation to be had with people that have decided that Video Games can't be something that their own claims are already defeated by other games that already exist.

    it's a real thin knife edge to try and stand on when there's no shortage of examples showing that it isn't true.

    Weirdly condescending reply, don't you think? 🤔

    I'm sure there are a bunch of more-engaging, better-executed power fantasy games out there. But repeating what I said above-- even if WF's damage variance problem was solved, the difference between WF and those games is that any enemy that doesn't get oneshotted can be stunlocked with the click of a button anyways.

    DE could copy-paste a genuinely interesting enemy design from another game, and it would still fall flat because haha rhino go stomp.

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  7. 9 hours ago, taiiat said:

    just make interesting Enemies. 'power fantasy' and Gameplay engagement simultaneously.
    doesn't matter what the Player Stats are if the Enemies are fundamentally not interesting to engage with.

    Eh... it actually kinda does matter what the player stats are. In the game's current state, a theoretically-perfect, genuinely "interesting" enemy would still get cheesed to death immediately on spawning. We're simply too damn strong for interesting enemies to exist... unless they're straight-up immune to damage/statuses/CC/etc for the sake of creating a more "controlled" combat experience, which is an honor typically reserved for bosses.

    IMO, the whole "fundamental overhaul of all damage/health/energy/CC/modding/invisibility/invincibility" is unfortunately necessary for an interesting non-boss enemy to exist in the first place.

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  8. 11 hours ago, -CdG-Zilchy said:

    It's not even that the game needs it's missions that allow us to actually use skills learned.


    Just as 1 example imagine a boss where we are actually required to parkour through sections while trying to damage the boss, operator mode disabled and no shortcuts with things like cloud walker. And if it's too hard for some well too bad, that's what's being suggested with applying Steel Path to new content as it is, it will be beyond your low level players which I'm fine with but I'd prefer if it were skill based not gear based.

    100% agreed!

    DE has tried to implement more parkour-intensive areas like the Jupiter tileset, but even that doesn't really have an effect on gameplay except when moving between groups of enemies. I would absolutely love to have more bosses where parkouring (like, ACTUAL parkouring, not just bulletjumping in a straight line) is necessary.


    11 hours ago, -CdG-Zilchy said:

    Steel Path is still 1 shot territory, the only thing it does is pigeon hole build choices if you still want to speedrun it or you can choose to play it with less OP gear and take longer per kill, that's about it.

    From a solo perspective... Steel Path is definitely 1 shot territory with some more specialized builds, but at that point your loadout probably has a few glaring downsides (bulk, mobility, objective defense, crowd clearing, crowd control, etc) that you'll need to deal with. And these weaknesses are going to be a lot more noticeable during gameplay since there are more enemies that each deal more damage.

    From a squad perspective, there are literally zero missions that won't be a snoozefest for veterans anyways. Not without reworking the fundamentals of the entire game, at least.


    But yeah, adding decently-bulky enemies as a gear check is literally all Steel Path is intended to do in the first place. And that's fine-- it doesn't pretend to be anything else, and it's fully optional to boot. 
    It's not intended to be a substitute for skill-based game modes, and IMO it could coexist with these modes just fine if DE ever decided to implement some 😠.

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  9. 2 hours ago, -CdG-Zilchy said:

    Not quite sure what you mean by this, what I'm saying is that this isn't the solution to making more engaging play for future content releases.

    It isn't meant to be. The only point of Steel Path is to provide stronger/bulkier enemies for players who are in the mood to fight them.

    While this might not be ideal for the long-term health of the game, the alternative (i.e. a fundamental overhaul of all damage/health/energy/CC/modding/invisibility/invincibility mechanics for both players and enemies) is unfortunately a wee bit difficult to implement.

    So until that day comes, I'm more than satisfied with what Steel Path offers, and I would like to see it available for more game modes.

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  10. 2 minutes ago, (PSN)Madurai-Prime said:

    Videogames will never cater completely to end game vets and elitists. They are a minority by nature. 

    Games try their best to strike a balance or add something for everyone, but the meat of development is for the main audience to be involved in. 


    I feel like "striking a balance" between casual players & elitists is a different topic entirely.

    OP is just requesting a Steel Path modifier for missions that don't already have a Steel Path modifier. This isn't doing anything that DE hasn't implemented already.

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  11. As a note for new players:

    Ignis Wraith is a popular weapon that costs virtually nothing to buy due to sheer supply. There will always be people trying to make a quick buck by selling Ignis Wraith blueprints for exorbitant prices. Do not fall for these scams.



    The creator of the Ignis Wraith Supply Center thread on reddit just posted an updated version!


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  12. 43 minutes ago, Upright1 said:

    This looks really neat but with these changes, the gun+glaive combo ends up serving no purpose.I suppose it's a cool reference or something but I think it should have an impact on gameplay beyond just looking cool

    That's basically the point. Pistol+glaive will continue to look dope af, but it removes the awkward lack of consistency that glaive gameplay had. (The only "inconsistency" remaining is that pistol+glaive will have is autoblock, which I personally think should be applied to most other 1-handed melee weapons as well.)

    I'm personally 1000% hyped for this!

  13. In favour of Guandao Prime:

    • Does around ~25% more raw DPS than OrthosP (~45% more damage per swing, but 17% lower swing speed) when using the exact same build. (This is calculated assuming 12x combo with Blood Rush and Organ Shatter.)
      • Enhancing crit stats (e.g. with a full Gladiator set on a Deconstructor) will negligibly widen this gap.
    • With Berserker, OrthosP's speed is so high that combos break for many players (since they can't comfortably mash E fast enough to keep up with its swings). If this happens to you, then OrthosP's speed advantage is worthless.
      • This is especially important when using Warframe abilities that boost melee speed.
    • The extra 1 second of combo duration will make your life a bit more comfortable when using any non-Naramon focus tree. It'll be very noticeable during Defense missions, where combo can be lost between waves if you're not careful.

    In favour of Orthos Prime:

    • OrthosP has nearly double the Status Chance.
      • More procs = more armour-ignoring DPS from Slash.
      • It also means you'll be stacking Viral procs a lot more easily, if that's how you build your melee weapon.
      • If you build for pure Slash, you're much more likely to land at least one Slash proc on each hit (in comparison to GuandaoP). This makes it easier to hit a weak enemy once and then move on while it bleeds out.
    • Faster attack speed is always nice to have, provided that your fingers can keep up with it.
    • OrthosP also has a somewhat easier time building up Condition Overload stacks on each enemy, although this is much less significant if you already have a source of base damage on top of it (e.g. Pressure Point, Arcane Fury, or a gun that peppers enemies with status effects before you hit them with melee).
    • Much higher Slam attack damage than GuandaoP (702 vs 480), for some reason.
    • Somewhat higher Riven disposition at the moment.



    As someone who runs Naramon and has no trouble with putting Berserker on OrthosP: I feel that OrthosP is better overall.
    Having nearly 2x the Status chance makes a drastic difference, in both the consistency and the overall damage output of the weapon.

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  14. 2 hours ago, Denizium said:

    This is unavoidable as upgrading the driver wipes the shader cache for vulkan and dx12. 


    Though they could make it optimize the shaders in the launcher instead of on the fly, it'd take a minute but it'd look better than random stutters.

    Ah, that's a shame. I'd definitely prefer a launcher option instead of having to go through the whole set of ingame stutters every time.

    Thanks for the info though 😀

  15. This is awesome news!!

    3 hours ago, [DE]Helen said:

    Please keep in mind that several optimizations are still in the works. For example, the new driver does not yet support the shader cache that’s automatic in DirectX 11 drivers. This difference means that as you play, the DirectX 12 driver must convert shaders from a generic format to versions optimized for your specific model of graphics card. Depending on your system, this process could appear as micro-stutters the first time a shader is needed.

    Out of curiosity-- when you say "for your specific model of graphics card", will this be tied to the driver version as well? i.e. For someone who keeps their drivers up to date, will they have to go through each of the shader micro-stutters again each time they update their GPU driver?

    I'm only asking because this is the case on the Wii U emulator that I use, and it's a wee bit tedious to go through every time a new driver comes out 😢

  16. 40 minutes ago, Tricky5hift said:

    I think there should be a way to have both wall-running and wall-hopping at the same time like tapping spacebar or whatever your jump button is against a wall will let you wall-hop while holding spacebar against the wall while moving in any direction will allow you to wall-run.

    Honestly, instead of reintroducing wallrunning as a separate mechanic, I'd prefer if DE just made each wall-hop "shorter" so that it more closely resembles wallrunning. Like, if a single wall-hop takes ~0.6 seconds to do with the current system, then the shortened wall-hop could take ~0.3 seconds while moving the player at the same speed. Maybe with a bit less verticality when running horizontally, so there isn't as much "bobbing" up and down.

    That way, tapping spacebar once would produce more or less the same results as it does now (i.e. momentum canceling / jump resetting), while holding/mashing spacebar would essentially be a wallrun. IMO, it would be the best of both worlds, and with the downsides of neither.


    But yeah, the actual usefulness of it will always be a bit questionable since Bulletjump+Aimglide eclipses it in general usefulness. Wallrunning could be interesting if DE added more movement-based challenges where Bulletjumping is not the immediate solution.
    e.g. Narrow corridors with a lot of verticality? A boss that swats you out of the air if you fly in a predictable arc? Just spitballing.

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  17. 4 hours ago, IgnisWings said:

    These changes seem to make the game stagger more on traditional HDDs... is that just me?

    I have no idea if this is caused by the Great Ensmallening changes, but yeah, as another HDD user, my game has been getting hella unstable as well.

    Like, the best case scenario these days is that I'll get a few "step lag" spikes (like, momentary screen freezing) several times in a mission or in my ship. But as I play the game for longer periods of time (>~30min; even less if I spend a nonzero amount of time in Open World or Railjack), the lag spikes will rapidly increase in frequency to the point that the game feels unplayable. It "feels" similar to memory leakage, but seems to be rampant throughout the game now.

    This is coming from a system that, until a couple months ago, would stay at a buttery smooth >60FPS under nearly all circumstances.

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  18. On 2020-10-07 at 2:08 AM, Andele3025 said:

    >given knowledge of ui merging dots

    Literally already accounted for in both of our tests.

    On 2020-10-07 at 2:08 AM, Andele3025 said:

    >dot number under hood demonstrably not the same

    Literally the point we're trying to make. Multishot demonstrably increases dot damage per proc.

    On 2020-10-07 at 2:08 AM, Andele3025 said:

    >clearly totally unrelated (according to you people), in no way relevant combined with your prior admission to not actually ending the measurement at the same point because UI value same thus must be true

    Literally unintelligible.
    Seriously, I have no idea what you're trying to say here.


    On 2020-10-07 at 2:08 AM, Andele3025 said:

    Ok, feel free to believe that the earth is flat and moon fake. Just stop responding to me.

    Ad hominems feed my soul 😌👌

    Also, the irony of you accusing us of ignoring evidence is delicious. You know, considering that @taiiat and I have been the only ones providing evidence in this conversation (with easy-to-replicate testing methodologies and everything), and you've been consistently ignoring it. Like, page 2 literally has multiple instances where I displayed clear evidence of my claims, and asked you for your opinion on the evidence-- and you simply avoided responding to it, while steering the topic to something less related.

    ^ EDIT: And, like clockwork, he avoids addressing this once again 😌👌

    Buuuuut... ah well. I've already asked you (probably at least 5 times) to replicate my easy tests yourself if my claims are so hard to believe. And here we are, one new page later, where it's clearer than ever that this conversation will never go anywhere.

    Imma call it quits. Cheers.

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  19. On 2020-08-25 at 3:06 PM, [DE]George said:

    This should be fixed now.

    This is a delayed response, but when playing today, I found myself missing the good ol' days (you know, mid-August) when my beam weapons played hitsounds upon contact. The clear audio feedback made gunplay with beam weapons feel a lot more satisfying.

    To be frank, the past ~month without beam hitsounds has been a very emotionally difficult time for me. I need my fix. 😂


    I'm not sure if it's appropriate to directly quote devs for requests, but... is there any chance that beam weapon hitsounds could see a comeback? Preferably as a new Option or something?


  20. The visuals and optimization of this game never cease to blow my mind! I've enabled Deferred Rendering a few times and the difference in open worlds is night and day, but at the moment the performance cost is a bit too steep for my liking (dropping from >60FPS to a consistent ~40FPS on my system). I look forward to when the new lighting system is optimized even further!

    Thanks DE!



    1 hour ago, Damelije said:

    I have a nvidia 960 GPU will i still be able to run the game?


    Also using a GTX 960, and this is a mood for me 😂

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