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  1. 46 minutes ago, trst said:

    "Hard" content can't exist without balance.

    Please explain exactly how content can be "hard" when we can effectively have infinite health, damage, and CC before even considering that this is a co-op game and all four players are capable of this. Inflating numbers just makes things more tedious and restricts options as there is no challenge inherent to the gameplay.


    The unfortunate reality is that we are just way too overpowered for difficult content to even exist. DE would need to nerf the absolute hell out of players in order for this to be possible, and we all know how Warframe players are about nerfs.

    Of course, there's always the solution of treating boss encounters the Maplestory way-- i.e. make bosses COMPLETELY ignore CC, and deal percent-based-damage to players with every attack, with only their health pool scaling with level. It's... not ideal.

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  2. One thing that really bugs me: The attacks only deal 1 instance of damage per swing.

    IT'S A BUZZ SAW! The rotating blade should be dealing multiple hits in very rapid succession during each swing! If I wanted to swing a super slow weapon and produce one large damage number, I'd be using a heavy blade instead.


    For example, here's how I'd change the first hit of the Rictus' Wrath Combo.

    • BEFORE:
      The user lifts up the weapon, revs the engine, and performs a wide swing.
      Deals 300% damage 1 time during the swing.
    • AFTER:
      (Animation unchanged.)
      Deals 75% damage 6 times over the course of the animation, including the initial engine-revving, dealing continuous damage to anything in contact with the blade.

    As another example: let's look at the entire Ghoul Rush combo.

    • BEFORE:
      Each time E is pressed, the user revs the engine once while walking forward.
      Deals 100% damage 1 time each time it's revved.
    • AFTER:
      (Animation unchanged.)
      Deals 25% damage 4 times each time it's revved.

    Et cetera for all combos. You get the idea.


    I like that the weapon feels slow and heavy, but each swing dealing 1 tick of damage is frankly what you'd expect if the sawblade weren't rotating at all (i.e. if the engine were turned off and you were swinging it around like an axe). As a buzz saw, each swing of the weapon should feel slow and heavy while dealing numerous small hits in a short span of time!

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  3. If you don't mind binding Fire Weapon to your scroll wheel (and using Primed Sure Footed), then I'd honestly recommend giving Epitaph another go. My biggest issue with this weapon was how slowly it fires, but binding it to the scroll wheel means that you'll actually be able to launch the explosions as quickly as described in the stat window.

    It sadly doesn't come close to the sheer number of procs that the Kuva Nukor can dish out (where spraying an enemy for like 0.00001s instantly gives 10+ procs on all elements), but it makes up for this with sheer ease of use. Shooting it in the general direction of a crowd will affect everything, without ever having to waste time aiming, and with free guaranteed Cold procs as a bonus. The ease of use is even more valuable now that Kuva Nukor only affect 3 enemies at a time (punchthrough aside).

    Strongly recommend.

  4. I feel like it's worth noting that Zenurik's Temporal Blast seems to work for nearly the full duration, which lasts for so long that you can use it after it expires without the diminishing effects kicking in.

    It's basically a ridiculously strong CC with nearly 100% uptime on nearly any frame. Just make sure that you don't use it on a target while it already has the debuff active, since that'll trigger the diminishing returns.

  5. 15 hours ago, [DE]Dudley said:

    Hi Tenno, please have no fear! We will be brining it back next year. We have always said that this was a temporary Ephemera to celebrate the Tactical Alert. 


    Have there been any talks about letting all "seasonal" cosmetics (pool donuts, pumpkin heads, moustaches, etc) return during all seasonal events, rather than being restricted to the corresponding annual event? For example, moustaches being wearable during christmas, and pumpkin heads being wearable during easter?

    Team Fortress 2 has a system where all "seasonal" cosmetics do not disappear from players' inventories, but are simply invisible when equipped unless a seasonal event is active (or unless it's a full moon in real life). This way, players can set up cosmetic loadouts full of wacky seasonal gear, and use them during full moons and holidays, without conflicting with the art direction during most of the year. I feel like Warframe could benefit from something similar!

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  6. 1 minute ago, Blood_Poppy said:

    I wish i can do that, but my hand coordination are so bad, the highest point i ever made are 600++

    Yeah, it takes a bit of practice to get the timing. Getting 600+ is already pretty good, though; you just gotta keep doing it until you can nail the jump more consistently XD

    If you haven't already, try doing it on perfectly flat ground. Lakes in both PoE and Fortuna work really well for this!

  7. If your left arm isn't easily able to move/jump/crouch simultaneously, you might have better luck with the "bunnyhopping" method where you can maintain score without needing to grind on railings. The left hand (assuming you're on keyboard) only needs to move and jump, albeit with strict timing.

    If moving (i.e. holding W and doing nothing else) is the only thing your arm is allowing you to do, you might have better luck temporarily moving Jump to one of the mouse buttons before trying this method. It's clunky, but it should be sufficient since your right hand will be doing all the work.

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  8. The reason your score is resetting in your clip seems to be that you're cancelling the grinding before your jump. Try doing your tricks again but don't let go of the grind button until after you're in the air.

    As an unrelated tip, try not to spam the same trick multiple times in a row. Repeating a trick right after you did it will count as a "Copykavat", which is worth little to no score. You don't need to get fancy or anything; you can just alternate between flips (jumping) and spins (aiming) and that'll work just fine!



    10 minutes ago, DeckChairVonBananaCamel said:

    I have also noticed some wonkiness with the tricks system, but an old trick still works, thankfully.

    If you jump the moment you hit the ground it doesn't count as landing and you can keep a trick-chain going without having to use grinding

    Also, ^this! I think the timing for this became much tighter sometime within the past year or so, but it's still possible. With a bit of practice, you can easily max out your score without ever needing to touch a rail (which is what I personally did for this quest).

  9. Holy crap. I was genuinely not expecting DE to ever address Deconstructor stat sticks, but I am genuinely impressed that yall are actually doing so.

    It's going to suck for numerous players (e.g. myself) who abused the crap out of this mechanic/oversight, but melee weapons are still going to be absurdly powerful overall. Fixing stuff like this is important to the longevity of the game, and will be well worth it down the line.

    Thank you DE!



    Now that I think about it, it's a bit weird that only melee companion weapons are receiving this fix. I get that melee will still be absurdly powerful compared to guns, but I think it would be good to fix the equivalent set mods on ranged companion weapons as well. (While this will obviously be a straight nerf to guns, it'll be easier to balance them properly in the future when there are fewer exploits that need to be accounted for.)

    Similarly, I'd love to see a fix to stat sticks for Warframe abilities (e.g. high-disposition melee weapons with powerful Rivens for Khora's Whipclaw). Warframe abilities should have their own set of mods, and should not take on stats from the user's melee weapons.

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  10. QRET6sU.png


    Pink = selling/팔다 ("WTS", or "Want To Sell")

    Green = buying/구입 ("WTB", or "Want To Buy")


    If you use Google Chrome, this may help with translating: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-translate/aapbdbdomjkkjkaonfhkkikfgjllcleb

    Also, Korean Warframe forum is here: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/315-한국어/

    Sorry if I misinterpreted, I do not speak Korean 😂

  11. 19 minutes ago, (PSN)GEN-Son_17 said:

    Ahh, I get you but, I think it's not really needed anymore because your non stamina boosting covers more ground now.

    It's not about whether it's needed, it's about whether it's enjoyable.

    The old mario-kart-esque drift boosting was engaging, and that (IMO) made it fun as hell. DE decided to remove it since "it could often lead to unintended collisions", as though colliding with things while learning the movement system is somehow out of place for this movement-based game.

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  12. 15 minutes ago, (PSN)GEN-Son_17 said:

    Maybe I'm missing something but I was using drift boosting yesterday. Perhaps I'm thinking of something different but all of my speed boosting abilities are the same as old Railjack, minus the stamina.

    Drifting is still there, but not the sudden boost of forward momentum you'd get upon ending the drift.

    It used to be like Mario Kart, where ending a drift launched you forward based on how long you were drifting... but that's unfortunately gone now.

  13. I would re-implement the speed boost after Drifting, which DE removed in U29.10 at the request of literally no one. Even if it meant we got the stamina bar back, I would still accept that in a heartbeat.

    Movement in the Railjack feels like such a slog now. Drift-boosting was the one thing that felt "interactive" when maneuvering the railjack, since the player had to get a feel for how much drifting is required for their desired boost distance. Now, Railjack piloting is just... WASD, and nothing else. No player engagement, no learning curve, nothing.

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  14. 1 minute ago, 4thBro said:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, you know what? Are those for Weeping Wounds & Blood Rush?


    (If so, why are there 3 buff icons?)

    I think that third one is from the Gladiator mod set. It still applies even if the mods are on a companion (e.g. Gladiator Vice on a helios' Deconstructor or something).

  15. Loving the new background!

    This is a minor nitpick, but:


    The "WARFRAME" logo kind of blends in with the background in the Dark theme. Any chance it could have white text instead when the Dark theme is used?

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    • +Magazine Capacity (REQUIRED)
    • +Status
    • +Multishot
    • +Cold
    • +Toxin
    • +Heat (only if paired with +Status)
    • +Elec (only if paired with +Status)

    Any combination of the above will do, as long as +magazine is in there.



    • -Damage
    • -Multishot
    • -Status Chance
    • -Status Duration
    • -Ammo Max


    Feel free to PM me on the forums if you have an offer!

  17. 28 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

    More updates to the Chat Emoji faces & Recruiting Emoji!

    BLESS. The updated emojis are still a bit generic IMO and could use a bit more unique "style", but they're no longer creepy/horrifying to look at, which is a huge plus!

    For those curious, here were some of 29.10.5's emojis:


    And here are the same faces with 29.10.8's emojis:



    Thank you DE!

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  18. More emoji changes in Update 29.10.8!

    22 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

    More updates to the Chat Emoji faces & Recruiting Emoji!




    Huge improvement! Thanks DE 🤗

    I still feel that Warframe's emojis could go for a more stylized approach, but even if these most recent ones are still a bit "generic", it's nice that they get the job done without making me feel uncomfortable.

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  19. 12 hours ago, Aeoni said:

    Ugh. My friend and I spent a very long time in game trying to come to terms with these emojis. They are mildly less horrifying in white (instead of yellow, etc.) but even then they are still too huge and shaded strangely and just... no.

    In the end we both decided to turn them off, at least as far as the conversion of what we type goes. (So :D stays :D and does not turn into a slightly unhinged picture.) Still going to see other people's emojis and, for example, be terrified by the one that is supposed to look scared instead of scary. Or the :P that looks like a lot of things, but not like someone sticking out their tongue. But that's bearable.

    Should these be merely bearable though? Why put in effort to improve them but then not make them actually better than they were before?

    I love the OP's detailed review and suggestions. I am way too tired and generally incoherent to do something similar. Plus it's already here.

    Just... If there's no time or manpower to do it better, maybe the old ones would be preferable, huh? If you cannot create something that works with your brand, then simplicity is key. Like the default emojis in this very forum. They're not bad. (I mean the yellow ones that appear to be the Windows Unicode version for me. Not the white ones that... are clearly added by you guys.)

    Of course, if your goal is goofy and/or mildly nauseating rather than something that can be used to express emotion, that's probably been fulfilled. (Not being facetious. Clearly people have different ideas of what works.)

    I hate that I sound like I am being mean. Someone probably did their best here. It's just... not a good change. Sorry.

    This is very well said! And now I feel bad for not wording my post more politely 😓


    Also, some more feedback about updated emojis from the subreddit, for those curious:




  20. Hello.


    That is all.




    Seriously, though, I'm... really not digging the visual style of these updated emojis. I only showed 4 of them above, but honestly, they all look just about that bad.

    It's difficult to describe why this botched pixel art is so viscerally horrifying to me, but if I had to list a few things...



    • Certain emojis have yellow pixels jutting outwards for no discernible reason, causing them to no longer be circular. Are those supposed to be eyebrows? Why are they beside the leftmost face's eyes? Why are they on top of the second-from-right face's head?
    • The new "shading" on these faces is wildly unnecessary, and poorly executed IMO. The depth of shading on these emojis makes it seem like these faces are peering out of the shadows, like a monster crawling out of a child's closet at nighttime.
    • The facial feature proportions are horrifying. They're also inconsistent, which makes them even more horrifying. Add in the freaky botched placement of individual pixels, and baby, you've got a nightmare going.
      • Nearly every face (across all of them, not just the 4 shown) has the black oval eyeballs "fading" into the yellow, causing the eye sockets to appear much more empty and cavernous than they should.
      • Certain faces have a couple of "brightened" pixels on their face, which give the illusion that these features are catching the most light from an above light source.
        • This worsens the "empty eye holes" illusion on the second-from-left face.
        • The second-from-right face has bright pixels on the corners of his mouth, as though the corners of his lower lip are drooping or something.
      • Certain faces have oddly placed dark pixels, e.g.:
        • the leftmost and second-from-left, around their open eyes, jutting into their otherwise-circular heads.
        • the rightmost, below the eye on the left. Makes it seem like he's squeezing his eye shut, which makes his wide smile seem unnervingly forced. Seems like he could be a monster crawling out of a child's closet at nighttime.
      • Why does the rightmost face have such gigantic cheeks? The depth of shading on the cheeks also make the mouth look much larger than it is on neutral expressions. He looks like he's satisfied because he's about to unhinge his jaw and swallow a sleeping child whole.
      • Why does the leftmost face have his eyes so far apart? Why does he have an extra yellow pixel at the top of his upper lip?
      • Why does the second-from-left face have a single eye stretching so wide that it edges onto the opposite side? Why does he have one eyebrow? Why is that eyebrow so thick and faded? It seems like a monster imitating a human's face that's trying to coax a child into their dark closet at nighttime.
      • I don't want to talk about the second-from-right face.
        Not his weird horns.
        Not his gigantic gaping maw.
        Not his gaunt, mummified silhouette.
        Not his freaky outward-turned chameleon eyeballs that take on the same colours+shading as the rest of the face, in lieu of having visible sclera.
        • Seriously. He looks like he'd devour a child at any time of day, under the hopes that doing so will quench his endless physical agony.



    If I had to suggest improvements:

    • Lose the shading. Having shading for the sake of shading is just adding needlessly risky complexity onto what should be a bunch of simple icons.
    • Please make the eyes smaller! I beg you. Not only do small eyes tend to be cuter for simplistic designs, but having large eyes on so few pixels is very, very difficult to pull off.
    • Stylize them! It's easier said than done, but having all of the emojis conform to a unique style will keep facial proportions consistent between emojis, and it'll make the faces uniquely Warframe-y.

    As an example, here's what emojis look like in Vindictus:


    And here's what emojis used to look like on Android (albeit with more pixels to work with):


    They're unique, they're expressive, they're consistently proportioned, and they're ADORABLE AF.

    IMO, this is the golden standard that Warframe's emojis should strive towards.

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  21. [deleted; I posted in the wrong section...]

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