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  1. I've been using a standard hybrid build with a comfortable amount of attack speed, and as much Range as possible. Naramon version (~infinite combo duration, 100% status, pure Slash): Zenurik version (decent combo duration, status, and Slash ratio): I want my hitboxes to be as wide as possible, so having both Primed Reach and Spring-Loaded Blade is practically mandatory for me. Shimmering Blight has a simple moveset with decent multipliers, wide hitboxes, and excellent mobility; and Primed Fury gives a very comfortable amount of speed for this stance (Berserker introduces motion sickness for me). I also have Arcane Fury on my warframes for a bit of added base damage (so that oneshotting weak enemies is easier), and a status shotgun (e.g. Phantasma with Vicious Spread) to soften up extremely tanky enemies. The whole thing pairs particularly well with frames like Wukong (sprays Phantasma passively) and Rhino (increased bleed damage thanks to Roar double-dipping on procs). End result is an extremely mobile, wide-ranged helicopter propeller of armor-ignoring goodness. is nice 👌
  2. That riven is amazing. The thought of that combined with Primed Reach is making me drool. I'd honestly advise losing the Corrosive damage. Reaper Prime is blessed with having incredible crit, status, and Slash ratio, making it perfect for dealing most of its damage through slash procs. Melee weapons should rarely, if ever, be using Corrosive for the sake of stripping armor-- especially if they can make use of slash procs as well as ReaperP does. As a rule of thumb, if your melee weapon is successfully stripping an enemy's armor, that's only because it isn't killing the enemy fast enough. I'd personally: Replace Primed Pressure Point with Primed Reach, to instantly give yourself one of the widest-reaching melees in the game. If oneshotting mid-leveled enemies is a priority and you don't desperately need your arcanes, then get your base damage through Arcane Fury. Replace Shocking Touch with Weeping Wounds. This alone will get you to 100% Status at 9x combo. Final slot can be any of: Primed Fever Strike (best raw damage + ignores shields, BUT harshly lowers bleed-proc chance). Focus Energy (maximizes Heavy Attack efficiency with Zenurik + allows you to maintain combo indefinitely by using a heavy attack if no enemies are nearby, BUT slightly suffers against enemies with high Shields or Alloy Armor [not that it matters if you use Heavy Attacks]). ^ Goes best with Amalgam Organ shatter. Buzz Kill (completely obliterates armor and is decent against shields due to the sheer number of slash procs, BUT the lack of proc variety may scale poorly with Condition Overload if you don't have a status gun handy). ^ Do not use if CO is your only source of base damage. Primed Pressure Point (a bit more bleed damage, BUT without the reliability of Buzz Kill).
  3. Eh. Sigma weapons are strict downgrades to all of the others (aside from Zekti's heat accretion), and if you're deadset on not using Zekti, then you'll still probably stumble upon a few Vidar/Lavan weapons within a few missions. Even if Sigmas are cheaper to craft, you can still save yourself those resources by just joining squads for a couple missions until you get the good stuff. Considering that there's no downside for joining a squad (aside from bugs and occasionally dealing with a poorly equipped ship), this is definitely more worth it IMO.
  4. I'd recommend against this-- mk3 guns are VERY common drops in the veil, and you'll probably find yourself swimming in mk3 zetki cryophons within your first mission there. Sigma weapons aren't really worth it.
  5. Yeah, that's pretty much the go-to. Personally I have Reach as a top-priority mod, but if I were to squeeze it into this build, I'd replace an element with it first. Ideally, though, you could always save a mod slot by getting that stat from an external source. e.g. you could use Arcane Fury to free up PPP's slot, or use Naramon to free up Drifting Contact's slot, etc. Wait, actually? I've never heard of this being the case, although... it would definitely explain the unexpected differences in attack speeds for several of my Zaw builds. Dang, TIL. 😮
  6. Organ Shatter not being in the build is an absolute travesty. They're basically cutting the OrthosP's damage into less than half by excluding it, and adding attack speed when an attack speed mod is already being used definitely won't make up for it. Diminishing returns and all that. (Similar story for Pressure Point and Condition Overload, although stacking both at least gives the benefit of oneshotting trash mobs for quite a bit longer.) Also, OrthosP is one of those weapons that's so fast that "too much attack speed" can become a very real issue. Berserker alone can break your basic E-spam combo unless you mash very quickly, and in my experience can cause a bit of motion sickness when using Shimmering Blight's Hold combo. IMO, a second attack speed mod will only make the weapon harder to control while not adding much in the way of damage. You'll be far better off using that extra mod slot for Primed Reach or something.
  7. How on earth are yall hitting level 10 in things I've done >15 hours of railjack missions (the last ~5h farming intrinsics on 2x affinity), and I still haven't reached R7 in anything. Nobody else seems to be struggling with getting intrinsics at all, which baffles me. Yall need to tell me your secrets
  8. Some obvious reasons as to why we don't have a compass: it's in space, where exactly would the "north" be pointing to? it's in space, where exactly would up/down be pointing to? And to that, I say: Just wrap a coordinate system around whatever large celestial body is nearby. If a planet is nearby: Compass is relative to the rotational north/south of the planet in the skybox, with "down" pointing towards the planet. Basically our geographic coordinate system that we're all used to, except REEAAALLY high off the ground (which will be readily apparent in Earth Proxima missions). For the sake of being intuitive, rotational poles are considered rather than magnetic poles. If a planet is not nearby: Same as above, but relative to the sun instead, with "down" pointing towards the sun. HOWEVER: I get that it's important to have the planets gracefully appearing in the skybox as you spawn in, and that players will often want to orient themselves in the plane of the compass (i.e. place the planet beneath them). This could be problematic. So, alternatively: make the compass relative to the centre of the galaxy instead. ALTERNATIVE 1: "Down" pointing towards centre of galaxy, "North" pointing toward the north galactic pole, and "South" pointing toward the south galactic pole. (Geographic coordinates, just like above, but centered around galaxy centre.) ALTERNATIVE 2: "Up" pointing towards centre of galaxy, "North" pointing toward the north galactic pole, and "South" pointing toward the south galactic pole. (This is similar in setup to the galactic coordinate system, which is used for locating extragalactic objects in actual astronomy. Very different in execution, but similar in setup.) At this point you may be wondering: "But SortaRandom, who the heck will care where the centre of the milky way is when playing a Railjack mission?" - some dude, 2019 To which I say: exactly. Since the Milky Way doesn't appear in any of our skyboxes, and the players typically won't know/care where the centre of the MW should appear in the sky, it would be easy to get away with setting the in-mission compass to some completely random orientation and explaining it away as "it's galactic coordinates, don't question it". Bonus points if Cy gets a dramatic "CALIBRATING TO GALACTOCENTRIC COORDINATES." voiceline when first launching the railjack. ~~ TL;DR ~~ - Align the compass to the nearest planet. OR, - Point the compass in some random direction, and pretend it's a modified galactocentric coordinate system. (Maybe give Cy an extra voiceline to explain away any confusion.) Thoughts?
  9. Having played a lot of Rhino, my only complaints about his kit are that: - Rhino Charge is purely horizontal and can't be aimed up/down at all - Iron Skin requires an augment - His passive, of course, is hot garbage Aside from that, though, Rhino's kit is... well... perfect. He's a heavy all-rounder with an extremely simple, robust, and reliable kit. He has a nice variety of specialized builds at his disposal (tanking, damage-buffing, solo stealth, etc), which is a luxury that many other frames don't have. I'm not joking about the stealth thing, by the way. Rhino is deceptively one of the best frames in the game for both Spy missions and stealthy Adaro runs (for weapon-leveling purposes). Rather than asking people what's good about Rhino (because the answer is, well... everything), could you be a bit more specific about what you think is bad?
  10. Dropping the update and patching this late? Y'all are insane! EDIT: According to a teammate, it seems like per-mission Revives are not being refreshed between consecutive Empyrian missions (i.e. launching into space and doing multiple missions without returning to orbiter). This seems to have been the case even when returning to Dojo after a failed mission.
  11. This accomplishes basically nothing while introducing a crapton of downsides. - each weapon now only has 1 proc - elemental mod selection is now meaningless - what if i want blue fire - who even uses element combos amirite this is literally what multishot is It doesn't affect your status chance or crit chance at all, except in the way that you'd expect from simply firing more bullets in the first place.
  12. WALL ATTACKS (melee 1.0) STILL EXIST. They have survived two full-scale melee reworks over the course of >6 years, with virtually no changes from their initial state. They provide no mobility, are horrifically slow, and briefly freeze the pacing of the gameplay. They have been this way since I first used them in 2013. I don't recall the last time I activated a wall attack on purpose. I don't ever recall activating a wall attack and then thinking "hey, that was useful". I don't think other players do, either. DE, if you're reading this... please remove wall attacks from the game.
  13. YEP! The source of Maiming Strike's overpoweredness has always been the fact that Blood Rush multiplied it. With that calculation obliterated (at last), Maiming Strike in its pre-nerf state would've been perfectly viable without being overpowered. DE has repeatedly said that they don't like MS because it promotes a boring playstyle... but surely they could've just fixed the "boringness" of the playstyle instead of effectively deleting the mod? For example, BEFORE: Maiming Strike adds a flat +90% CC (additive) to slide attacks. AFTER: Maiming Strike adds a flat +90% CC (additive) to slide attacks, air attacks, slam attacks, wall attacks, and heavy attacks. (Basically, anything other than conventional combos.)
  14. It's frustrating that it's been well over half a year since DE introduced this system, but they still haven't properly separated autoblocking from aimgliding. The weird part is, when U26.0 dropped, I could swear there were moments where autoblocking in midair didn't force an aimglide (as it should be). Haven't seen that happen in a while, though.
  15. It makes me really happy to see another player point this out. Finding a fellow player who plays with "align attacks to camera" disabled feels like finding a damn unicorn. This issue could be hugely alleviated by just letting "forward" include A,S,D in addition to W when this option is disabled (since those will all be "forward" relative to your character), but I guess there are so few of us that DE doesn't consider it worth the effort.
  16. The double-proc thing is always nice for Condition Overload builds. I mean, less nice now, but still nice. Also, the CC effect itself can actually be a nice bonus against tankier enemies. It's never been useless, regardless of how often people parrot the "death is the best CC!!!1" thing. I do wish that they'd revert the stealth nerf, though. As in, the literal "melee stealth bonuses are disabled against Blast-proc'd enemies" nerf, which was coincidentally never documented in patch notes. ... And the fact that enemies are immune to Blast's knockdown effect if they already have a Blast icon active. You can continuously land a million Blast procs over the course of ten minutes and the enemy will only fall down from the very first one. (Been a problem since, like, late 2017. Still waiting for this to be fixed, DE.)
  17. I mean, you're not wrong, but I don't see this as a problem. Every Archwing map in the game (including space, and especially in open world) has a clearly defined up/down orientation, and all enemies spawn / move / are oriented accordingly. It's basically just Warframe's usual level design wearing a space flight costume. So, it should use a movement system that's well-suited to such a design-- i.e. running and jumping, but wearing a space flight costume. Warframe is very fast-paced and has always been characterized by sudden, sharp changes in direction and speed. Archwing is no different, which makes the slow gracefulness of "rolling" and "banked turns" and all that jazz VERY unsuitable. Unless literally every aspect of Archwing is fundamentally rebuilt from the ground-up to accommodate a flight-sim-like playstyle (including map, mission, and enemy design), giving it flight-sim-like controls would never work out well.
  18. I feel like you're misunderstanding. I've only been making suggestions for afterburner-- NOT the dodge/backflip/blink/etc functionality. Those should remain bound to the Dodge key (tapping "Shift" by default), as they always have been. Right now, pressing down+up (ctrl+space) while on foot produces a Bullet Jump. I would like pressing down+up (ctrl+space) while in AW to produce an Afterburner.
  19. Hm? The dodge binding is exactly the same, though? EDIT: To clarify, I want up+down to activate Afterburner. Just like how up+down activates Bullet Jump on foot. Dodging (i.e. tapping the "dodge" button, where AW's forward dodge has been replaced with a Blink) works wonderfully already, and should stay the same as it is right now.
  20. I mean, AWs punish collisions a bit more than warframes do, but otherwise they'd be practically identical. The control scheme I'm suggesting is literally identical to the other 99% of the game (aside from the additions of "sprint up" and "sprint down"). - If you activate press Ctrl+Space, you launch yourself in the direction of the camera. Just like bullet jumping. (It's sprinting that shouldn't be camera-locked.) - If you want to "sprint up", you simply hold Space (up) while sprinting. Just like you'd hold WASD while sprinting to "sprint fwd/back/left/right". - If you instinctively try to bullet jump upwards by looking up and hitting Ctrl+Space, then you'll Afterburn upwards which accomplishes the exact same thing. That's what I mean, yeah. Because it defaults to forward movement, you're forced to swing the camera around if you want to move in any other direction. Which is just silly.
  21. I feel like I'm in the minority in that I'm... not satisfied with the changes. Like, yeah, the removal of rolling (like, the 6DOF flight sim crap) is a HUGE improvement from before, and I love that up/down is now consistently relative to the direction of the camera. But "sprinting" in AW feels like total poop, because: you can only go forward. Even if you hold S and roll backwards, you're still moving forward. Not inputting a direction = moving forward. Forward input = afterburner. (Seriously, does this not feel weird to anyone else?) Afterburner is barely faster than just sprinting. Probably because it's bound to a key that we already hold instinctively. Basically, if you want to maneuver quickly, then you've got to use your camera for steering. In a shooting game. This is bad. Don't even get me started about those poor folks who play with sprint toggle. WHAT I'D PREFER: "Sprinting" lets you move in any direction you please. Just like sprinting in the rest of the game, but this time including up/down. "Afterburner" is activated when Jump+Crouch is held. Just like Bullet Jumping in the rest of the game. Afterburner speed is increased slightly. That's it. It would be consistent with the base game's controls, and it would prevent the silly issues of "sprint only works in one direction and forces me to choose between moving and aiming".
  22. Cheers, thanks! Yeah, I think that enabling acolyte mods on Exalteds should be the way to go at this point. Or just give them the "reduced scaling" like landslide/whipclaw/etc, so that Excal/Wukong/etc players don't feel pressured to use Blood Rush if they don't want to.
  23. YEEEESSS! Someone else who has witnessed the glory of Range Wukong! Bonus: Try activating Celestial Stomp, but popping into Cloudwalker before the stasis activates. Stealth damage bonus for days boiiii OT: The wiki states that Exalted melee damage still scales with the combo counter, just with much slower buildup than before. I haven't seen anyone on the forums mention this at all (including in this thread), but can anyone confirm whether this is actually true? (I'm asking as an avid Excalibur+Wukong player who literally never presses 4.)
  24. Toggles are always a nice option. That, or adding a "Player Ephemera" slider in the Audio tab, so the ephemera's sfx can be noticeable without being obtrusive. (Bonus points if it only mutes our own ephemera, without affecting other players'. It's only obtrusive because it's an endless buzzing noise right in front of the camera.)
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